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Recap: Suddenly This Summer (Ep. 25)


Zhang Yuan deals with a new employee who doesn’t even know what a game client is. (It turns out she was a design major.) In a meeting, she superficially comments on how pretty the seamless world map is, while everyone else tries to hide their laughter and one of the other employees explains the difficult tech behind the “pretty” seamless world.


Back in his office, Zhang Yuan calls Yun Wei and asks for He Luo’s phone number. Yun Wei thinks this means that Zhang Yuan has a date set for his business trip, but it’s actually the opposite: he’s not going at all. Yun Wei warns him that if he’s not careful, He Luo might be stolen away by someone else.

He Luo and Feng Xiao head to the beach after eating dinner together. He Luo’s had a bit to drink and starts talking about how she feels like she’s changed, but doesn’t know if it’s good or bad. Feng Xiao tells her that it doesn’t matter if she changes, there are some things in his heart that will never change. He takes her hands and then wraps her in a hug. She slowly brings her arms up to reciprocate, but they’re interrupted by a phone call.


It’s Cheng Jie, thanking her for the face mask she sent. He asks if she’s talked to Zhang Yuan or sent him a face mask, and reminds her that as old friends she should still try to keep in touch with him.

Wei Rui comes to find Zhang Yuan late at work. They go out to eat hot pot together and Wei Rui complains about Ma De Xin, one of their coworkers, making moves on her. Zhang Yuan tells her that people keep pursuing her because she refuses to get a boyfriend. He tells her that she should just find a boyfriend, but her face turns serious and she interrupts, asking him not to talk about these things anymore.

She tells him that he should know how she feels about him. He tries to change the topic, but finally says that she should know he has still has feelings for He Luo, and apologizes. She says he needn’t apologize: being able to be by his side like this is enough for her.

Zhang Yuan sits outside by himself, thinking hard about what to do, then finally bites the bullet and calls He Luo. She’s sleepily looking at her laptop, but immediately bolts awake when she hears Zhang Yuan’s voice.

They ask each other how they’re doing, then Zhang Yuan tells He Luo she should come back to China. He Luo says she can’t. She doesn’t have a job and wouldn’t be able to support herself. Zhang Yuan laughs a little as he says that she definitely wouldn’t be able to support herself with the way she’s always eating. She laughs a little and says that someone else has told her that exact same thing: that if she put as much effort into her studies as she did eating, she would be brilliant. Zhang Yuan asks who else has told her that. She responds saying, “My… boyfriend.”

Stunned, he hangs up.

Zhang Yuan goes to the condo he bought, which is still half-finished, and tells the workers that they don’t need to work on the place anymore. It seems like he had been holding onto the hope that He Luo would come back to him. He sadly imagines what life would be like if they lived together as he looks over the floor plan, then crumples it up.

After a meeting, Wei Rui tells Zhang Yuan that they should be able to sign a contract with an American company by next month. Their game is also finishing development, so he should be able to go to America soon. They’re interrupted by Zhang Yuan’s ringing phone and he leaves abruptly to pick it up.

The new employee wanders into the meeting room with a package to Zhang Yuan and Wei Rui from one of their college classmates. She comments on how close Wei Rui and Zhang Yuan are and asks if they ever dated. Wei Rui responds, “Of course not.”


Zhang Yuan’s phone call is from a prospective buyer for his condo. They schedule to meet later that afternoon. He pulls out a framed photo and key from his drawer and sighs heavily before putting the photo away.

Zhang Yuan shows the prospective buyers, a couple, around the condo. They seem to like it, but start vocalizing all the negative aspects of the place, in an attempt to convince Zhang Yuan to lower his price. He tells them that he’s not trying to make money off the condo — he just wants to make back what he put into it. But they continue to complain, mentioning how the name of the place (“He Luo He Luo”) is strange. Which is a mistake, because Zhang Yuan abruptly says that his condo is no longer for sale. He shows them out despite their protests.

Zhang Yuan watches a trailer for his video game during a meeting. Wei Rui happily announces that their app has hit the top 10 in the app store and should reach the top 3 soon. Ma De Xin also announces another happy bit of news: Zhang Yuan has finally finished remodeling his condo. The team cheers.

He Luo takes a coffee break with Shu Ge and complains about how busy she’s been lately trying to get some work done before returning to China for a few days. She doesn’t seem excited to go back home, and Shu Ge asks if she’s worried about seeing her ex-boyfriend. Shu Ge says that there shouldn’t be anything to worry about — chances are he’s moved on even faster than her, plus she has Feng Xiao now.


Yun Wei calls Zhang Yuan to let him know about He Luo returning to China. She gives him He Luo’s flight info.

He Luo is in the middle of packing, but still not ready, when Feng Xiao drops by to bring her to the airport, a suitcase in hand. He tells her that he’s going back to China with her. He just bought the plane tickets last night. He Luo looks stunned. It’s hard to tell whether she’s excited or upset at this change of events.


Zhang Yuan buys a new car just to pick He Luo up at the airport. He shows up with flowers and nervously waits at the gate for her to exit. But when he sees Feng Xiao and He Luo together, he freaks out and shoves the flowers into a stranger’s hands before running out of the terminal.

Zhang Yuan goes to a noodle shop to eat by himself, but Feng Xiao and He Luo coincidentally also show up. He immediately recognizes her voice, and she recognizes him from behind. He freezes and slowly stands up, turning to face them. Feng Xiao invites him to eat with them, but Zhang Yuan looks at their clasped hands and says that he has to leave. He leaves abruptly.

He Luo is surprised to see Zhang Yuan, but takes it pretty well once he’s gone. She invites Feng Xiao to her high school reunion with her, but he tells her that she should just go by herself. He believes in her and tells her that she should believe in herself.


Zhang Yuan goes out to drink with Cheng Jie and says that he can’t believe her boyfriend is actually Feng Xiao, even though he kind of suspected it. Cheng Jie tries to convince Zhang Yuan to go with him to their school reunion, but Zhang Yuan doesn’t want to go. He’s afraid He Luo will bring Feng Xiao, but Cheng Jie says she wouldn’t do that. Cheng Jie admits that he wants Zhang Yuan to go as his back-up, to prevent him from drinking too much and confessing to Tian Xin again if she’s also there. “You haven’t confessed enough yet?” Zhang Yuan responds. He clinks his beer with Cheng Jie’s and then drains the bottle.


I love what’s going on here! Everything just feels so natural and relatable to me which is why I continue to invest in this show and have committed myself to finish recapping it even though I’ve been so busy. T_T

I love love love that He Luo is finally giving herself that chance to move on from Zhang Yuan and give Feng Xiao a chance. It remains to be seen whether she really is capable of moving on or whether she’s unintentionally leading on Feng Xiao. (I mean, I think we all know that she’ll probably end up with Zhang Yuan eventually, because that’s how these dramas work. But the journey is what makes it fun!)

I was a little curious about this new employee we were introduced to early on in this episode (never caught her name — not sure if they ever told us?) She got so much screen/speaking time that I felt sure she would be some sort of significant new character (a new romantic rival perhaps?) but I don’t think that’s the case anymore because she already declared to Wei Rui that Zhang Yuan isn’t her type… but then why does she matter? Why are we not focusing more on our other characters who are actually important?



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