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Recap: Suddenly This Summer (Ep. 27)


Tian Xin picks up He Luo in Beijing. During the drive, Tian Xin tells He Luo how Cheng Jie is a hotshot film editor now but she feels like he’s been avoiding her.

Zhang Yuan gets picked up from the airport by Ma De Xin and goes straight to work. The game servers have been overloaded and everyone is busy trying to figure out what’s wrong. They think someone is trying to hack their servers. People want to know who the culprit is, but Zhang Yuan tells his employees that their priority is to resolve the issue.

After putting in some long hours, the team succeeds in fixing the game. Zhang Yuan and Wei Rui take a coffee break afterward. The whole situation reminds them of their college days, but Wei Rui points out that Zhang Yuan has changed. The old Zhang Yuan would have immediately retaliated against the attacker. She says it’s because someone has changed Zhang Yuan.

She asks how his trip home went. He responds with a sad smile, saying that neither of them are who they used to be. He changes the topic to ask about Fu Peng seeing Chang Feng in Shenzhen.


Feng Xiao and He Luo go on a date together. He tells He Luo that his parents want to meet her the next day. She tells him about her professor asking her to stay in Beijing as an assistant. Feng Xiao says that he’ll support her no matter what she decides.

The next day, they go to Feng Xiao’s house (which is HUGE). They go to chat with Feng Xiao’s grandfather who tells her that if Feng Xiao asks her to marry him, she must not accept immediately, otherwise it’ll get to his head.

He Luo goes with Feng Xiao to the airport for his flight back to America. Meanwhile, Zhang Yuan flies to Shenzhen to check after Chang Feng.

He spots Chang Feng working on the streets for a real estate company. Chang Feng sees him and immediately takes off. Zhang Yuan chases after him. When he catches up, he tells Chang Feng that he isn’t the one he needs to apologize to — Chang Feng needs to man up and go back to Beijing to apologize to “her.”


Chang Feng finds Yun Wei in her office building. Their reunion is wordless and starts off with her slapping him angrily, but they eventually embrace while sobbing.

Chang Feng texts Zhang Yuan the good news that he and Yun Wei have gotten back together. Wei Rui notices medication on Zhang Yuan’s desk and asks if his stomach is bothering him again, but he quickly changes the topic to talk about their game and they celebrate their recent successes.

Zhang Yuan’s good mood quickly sobers when he puts away his medication and sees the old framed photograph of him and He Luo, still sitting in his drawer.


He Luo returns to Huaqing’s campus. One of her first stops is the dining hall (of course). She sits down to have a drink and overhears some students nearby talking about a magazine interview with Zhang Yuan, who is gaining recognition as one of the hottest young game developers. She asks to see their magazine.

Zhang Yuan sits for an interview with the journalist, who asks him if there’s a game he really wants to make. He responds that there’s a manga he would love to make into a game. The interviewer says that he must have been a campus heartthrob during his school years. He takes the opportunity to reminisce about his youth and how naive he was then. He talks about how much he’s changed, and how he realizes how much he lost.

He Luo has to return the magazine to the students without finishing the interview. (Was she able to read everything that Zhang Yuan said about loss?!) She checks her phone, then exclaims, “Marriage?!”

Zhang Yuan calls Cheng Jie and demands to know why and to whom he’s getting married. He clearly thinks Cheng Jie has gone crazy and says that they’ll talk more when they meet in person, then heads onto what looks like a college campus for what looks like a job fair. (Hmmm…)

He Luo eats a sandwich on campus and texts Yun Wei saying that Cheng Jie’s phone must have been stolen or hacked, that’s how impossible the idea of him getting married is. Yun Wei isn’t nearly as surprised — after all, they can’t expect him to pine after Tian Xin forever. He Luo is worried about how Tian Xin will react to the news, but Yun Wei thinks she shouldn’t care.

Ye Zhi is extremely excited to be reunited with He Luo and tackles her with a hug. She feels like time has flown by and can’t believe He Luo’s been abroad for two years already. He Luo responds that now that she’s back on campus, it feels like she never left.

Zhang Yuan runs into Qing Yin (the girl from high school who had a crush on him) at the career fair. (Wow, blast from the past! I totally forgot what her name was and had to look at a past recap to remember…) They grab coffee to catch up. She seems to have matured and jokes that she’s at Huaqing for grad school because she wanted to go to Zhang Yuan’s dream school, but in reality chose the school for different reasons.

She asks where He Luo is and is shocked to find out that they broke up. Even she thought they would be together forever. She can tell that Zhang Yuan still likes her and tells him that he should try to get her back. He admits that he’s afraid of losing her completely if he fails. He asks about her love life (out of politeness) and she mentions that she broke up with her boyfriend a month ago. He tells her that she’ll definitely find happiness and she notes that was the first compliment he’s ever given her. To commemorate, she offers him a hug. He hesitates before accepting.

He Luo tells Ye Zhi about running into Zhang Yuan back in Haicheng. Ye Zhi guesses that he must have gone there just for her, but He Luo doesn’t want to read into it. They happen to walk by the part of campus where Zhang Yuan and Qing Yin are chatting — just in time to see them hug. (LOL of course.)

He Luo looks a bit sad, but quickly walks on, saying it doesn’t matter who the girl is. Ye Zhi is outraged for He Luo, but He Luo won’t let herself be petty about it. She tells Ye Zhi that she wants to walk alone for a bit.

She gets a call from Feng Xiao, who’s at her apartment watering her plants for her. They chat a little and he jokingly talks about how much he misses her. She says with a smile that she misses him too, but her face falls and she looks a bit conflicted when she hangs up.


Zhang Yuan visits Cheng Jie at his apartment and demands to have a serious conversation about his upcoming marriage and stares at him skeptically as Cheng Jie talks about how he’s dated this woman for a few months, she said she wanted to get married, so he said yes. He doesn’t look terribly joyous about getting married and tells Zhang Yuan that he’s only invited their closest friends — including He Luo. Her name makes Zhang Yuan pause, as always, and he’s surprised to find out from Cheng Jie that she’s staying in Beijing for another month. “You didn’t know?” Cheng Jie asks.

Zhang Yuan responds that she probably didn’t feel the need to let him know. Cheng Jie says that maybe it’s time he pushed himself a little to go after what he wants. Feng Xiao is a good guy, but it’s time for Zhang Yuan to think about his own feelings instead of worrying about other people’s. Look at Tian Xin, he says, she looks out for herself and because of that she’s so much freer than the rest of them. Zhang Yuan asks if she asked him who he’s going to marry. Cheng Jie responds that he texted her the news but she never texted back.

Zhang Yuan nods after a long moment, then drains his beer. (Perhaps he’s afraid that his situation will parallel Cheng Jie’s?)


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