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Recap: A Love So Beautiful (Ep. 3)


Teacher Liu tries to appoint Jiang Chen as class president after the student who was originally class president moves away. Jiang Chen rejects the position and multiple other students volunteer, so the teachers decide to let the class vote for president.

Chen Xiao Xi’s heart aches when sees her precious Jiang Chen doing menial tasks like erase the blackboard while sick. Lin Jing Xiao jokingly says that if she were class president, she could protect Jiang Chen. Later during lunch, Xiao Xi gets jealous when Li Wei asks Jiang Chen to proofread her speech. She decides that she wants to run for president.

Most of the class treats Xiao Xi’s candidacy as a joke, but her friends have her back. She experiments with different subjects and tones, but struggles to come up with a good speech. Wu Bo Song spots her practicing, and suggests that she speak from the heart.

Xiao Xi asks Jiang Chen if he will vote for her and he doesn’t give her a real response, instead saying, “What do you think?”

To everyone’s surprise, Xiao Xi leads by one vote over Li Wei after most of the class has finished voting — Jiang Chen is the only one who hasn’t voted because he’s out of class running an errand for the teacher. Xiao Xi is about to be declared the winner, but Jiang Chen returns and votes for Li Wei, creating a tie. The teacher declares that both Xiao Xi and Li Wei will be co-presidents for a week, after which the class will vote again in a runoff election.

Xiao Xi is upset that Jiang Chen didn’t vote for her and demands to know why. Jiang Chen responds that she’s simply not a good fit for president. Xiao Xi angrily kicks him then runs away. The rest of the friends start icing Jiang Chen out for breaking rank.

Xiao Xi is in charge of collecting half of the class dues, but accidentally puts the money envelope in her homework and hands it in. She panics when she can’t find the money, but feigns a stomachache so that no one else will know and only tells Lin Jing Xiao and Lu Yang.

Bo Song thinks that Xiao Xi is cramping and goes to the school doctor to get her some medicine. When it seems like that doesn’t work, he goes to the pharmacy to buy different medication.

Lin Jing Xiao and Lu Yang sneak into the security office to try and go over surveillance footage to see where Xiao Xi may have put the money. While hiding from the security guard, they get VERY close together, which Jing Xiao is oblivious to, but Lu Yang enjoys.

Xiao Xi remembers that she put the money in her homework and sneaks into the teachers’ office to try to get it back. Jiang Chen follows her and partially covers for her when the teachers walk in.

Unsuccessful in trying to recover the money, Xiao Xi is forced to admit to the rest of the class that she lost the money. Jiang Chen finds the money and shows up with it in class, trying to cover for her, but it’s too late. Xiao Xi accepts full responsibility and resigns from her co-president position. But her truthfulness is commended by the teacher and the class forgives her.

After school, Xiao Xi dejectedly tells Jiang Chen that he was right about her not being a good fit for class president. He responds that she actually did pretty well as co-president, then quickly rides away on his bike.

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