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Recap: A Love So Beautiful (Ep. 12)

Xiao Xi and Jiang Chen are walking to class when Li Wei drops some folders in front of them. Jiang Chen goes over to help her and some junior girls titter over how handsome he is and how well-matched the two look. Xiao Xi snaps that they don’t know what they’re talking about and gets dismissed by them as Jiang Chen’s fan.

In class, Lu Yang plays with Lin Jing Xiao’s hair. She gets annoyed at him, but Teacher Liu calls them out and shames them in front of the class. Xiao Xi laughs and Teacher Liu is about to yell at her too, but Jiang Chen quickly stands up and asks her to keep lecturing and not waste the rest of the class’s time, saving Xiao Xi from the teacher’s wrath.

During a break, some girls gossip about how a student committed suicide from academic pressure. Xiao Xi nods off behind them. Jiang Chen walks by and catches her head before it can slam against the table, then gently lowers it down. Okay, that was pretty cute.

At lunch, Xiao Xi gets a sudden craving for roasted pigeon. Wu Bo Song stands up and declares that he’ll take her out to get some. Jiang Chen quietly gives Xiao Xi a chicken wing from his tray, saying he doesn’t want it. Not to be one-upped, Wu Bo Song dumps a whole tray of chicken into Xiao Xi’s rice bowl and smirks at Jiang Chen. Lol.

Lu Yang reports that he overheard Teacher Liu talking about taking their class somewhere tomorrow. He doesn’t know where, but Xiao Xi is excited to just get away from school. She says she’ll go anywhere as long as it’s not here. Bo Song declares that he’ll go with her. Everyone else freezes awkwardly. Xiao Xi eats her food, but it doesn’t escape Bo Song’s notice that she picks through all his chicken to eat Jiang Chen’s chicken wing first.

Wu Bo Song loans Xiao Xi some money, then offers to go shopping with her for the big bonfire party their class is having. Jiang Chen eavesdrops jealously and then leaves.

Lin Jing Xiao follows Dr. Li to the movie theater again and reserves the seat next to him. But to her dismay, Lu Yang shows up and says he’ll take the other seat next to her. They run into Dr. Li, and Jing Xiao tries to leave, but Dr. Li convinces her to stay. Unfortunately for her, Lu Yang ends up taking the seat between her and Dr. Li. He’s also an embarrassingly active horror movie watcher.

Wu Bo Song goes shopping for fireworks with Xiao Xi. He convinces the shop owner to discount the price for her and then pays him the difference later so she can buy what she wants. But he gets called out for a meeting with the national swim team coach, and leaves her to carry the fireworks home by herself.

When Xiao Xi gets home, she finds Jiang Chen messing with the electrical box downstairs. When she asks what he’s doing, he reacts coldly and goes upstairs.

The next day, Li Wei snags the seat on the bus next to Jiang Chen before Xiao Xi can get there. Xiao Xi sits next to Lin Jing Xiao instead, but Lu Yang fights with her for the seat.

Wu Bo Song gets scouted by the national team coach, who takes a liking to him. He’s told that if he can win the next national championship, he’ll be guaranteed a spot on the team. He starts drafting a text to Xiao Xi, but then decides to go find her in person instead and heads off to school.

The other students receive physical exams at the hospital. Xiao Xi and Jiang Chen end up getting examined on neighboring beds, and make eye contact when one of their doctors parts the privacy curtain between them. Afterward, Jiang Chen gets his heart rate taken and it’s abnormally fast.

The students go to the park, where they get bored and play a game of telephone charades. Jiang Chen guesses the correct answer despite it being nothing close to what Xiao Xi acts out. They smile at each other.

Later at night, Wang Da Zhuang, the class bully of sorts, tries to bully Lu Yang, but he’s not afraid to talk back. Xiao Xi marvels at his newfound confidence. He says that he knows Jing Xiao has his back. He tries to help her open her water bottle, but she pointedly opens her own. He asks her to open his instead and she does it with a roll of her eyes. It’s a role reversal, but it’s cute, and Xiao Xi looks away.

Li Wei asks Jiang Chen for help opening her water bottle and he does. Xiao Xi frowns jealously then struggles to open her own. She holds it up in frustration, and Jiang Chen grabs it as he walks by, opening it for her before silently handing it back. Li Wei pouts. Jing Xiao and Lu Yang giggle.

Xiao Xi tries to plan a romantic firework-watching show with Jiang Chen and tells him to meet her in a clearing. But Li Wei follows him and Xiao Xi watches jealously as they chat, followed by Li Wei hugging Jiang Chen. Lu Yang, who was helping set the fireworks, sees two blurry figures and assumes it’s Xiao Xi and Jiang Chen. He sets off the fireworks, which makes Li Wei cling to Jiang Chen. Xiao Xi watches jealously with tears falling down her face. They see her and Li Wei stretches up to try to kiss Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen pushes Li Wei away, but it’s too late because Wu Bo Song shows up and covers Xiao Xi’s eyes with his hand. She doesn’t see Jiang Chen push Li Wei away and can only assume they kissed. Jiang Chen glares at Wu Bo Song, who smirks back.


I can only stomach watching this show if I watch it ironically. It’s cute, but in an overly cutesy, schoolkid way. I get that they’re in high school, but the situations and drama are so cliche. It feels like the target audience is very young teenagers. I’ll persevere in watching because this show has been highly recommended and I don’t think all the people praising it are fourteen-year-olds. But I’m also at the halfway point and have yet to get drawn in…


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