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Recap: A Love So Beautiful (Ep. 20)

Three years after Jiang Chen leaves for Beijing and Wu Bo Song finds Xiao Xi in the airport…

Wu Bo Song walks through the airport, looking cool in his sunglasses while a group of girls chase after him and ask for his autograph. His assistant drives him to Xiao Xi’s apartment, where he calls Xiao Xi and waits for her. She comes running up, saying that she just found out her father was rushed to the hospital. He drives her over and drops her off at the curb.

Xiao Xi hurries through the hospital to try to find her father. She just misses crossing paths with Jiang Chen, who has recently arrived as a new heart surgeon at the hospital. He sees a flash of her run by and looks like he’s seen a ghost. Later, in the middle of a staff meeting introducing him, he abruptly stands up and rushes out, having realized that it was her.

He spots her in the hospital lobby. She doesn’t notice at first, but then seems to sense him and looks up. The world freezes as they walk toward each other.

Bo Song enters the hospital lobby just in time to see the two of them staring at each other. He runs over and puts his arm around Xiao Xi, asking how things are going. They find out that her father needs surgery, but that the surgeons are booked for the next week.

Jiang Chen abruptly leaves without a word, but ends up asking a colleague of his to prioritize Xiao Xi’s father’s surgery. He runs into Lu Yang and Jing Xiao in the hallways. They treat him with a cold shoulder for breaking up with Xiao Xi and leaving for Beijing without a word, and refuse to tell him whether Bo Song and Xiao Xi are actually dating or not. (But it sounds like they aren’t, because Lu Yang says, “You think Bo Song and Xiao Xi are together?”)

Xiao Xi reluctantly accepts a ride home from Jiang Chen. When she finds out that he hasn’t eaten anything all day, she invites him up to her apartment and makes him some noodles. When she’s doing cooking, he’s already dozed off on the couch. She sits stiffly and watches TV while he sleeps and continues to do after he wakes up and eats.

Before he leaves, he tells her the noodles are too salty, but doesn’t say anything else. Lol.

The next day at the hospital, Jiang Chen introduces Su Mu, Xiao Xi’s father’s surgeon, to Xiao Xi and her mother. She’s young but outspoken and accomplished. Jiang Chen waits with Xiao Xi and her mother while her father undergoes surgery. Bo Song calls Xiao Xi saying he’s on his way, but Xiao Xi encourages him to stay away because his presence will attract too many fans.

Xiao Xi’s mother chats with Jiang Chen and laments how she didn’t get to talk to him more when he and Xiao Xi were dating. Jiang Chen accepts responsibility for their failed relationship, saying he was immature, but Xiao Xi’s mother says it was just Xiao Xi’s bad luck.

Xiao Xi’s father’s surgery goes well, and Xiao Xi’s mother is so relieved and excited that she fawns over Dr. Su, and when Dr. Su escapes, turns her attention to Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen asks Xiao Xi to save him, so she makes up an excuse to get her mother to leave him alone.

At night, Xiao Xi keeps her father company while he sleeps. Su Mu comes in to chat with her, asking how she knows Jiang Chen and clearly trying to scope out more about their relationship.

Xiao Xi’s mother tries to get her to send some fruit to Jiang Chen and invite him out for a meal, hoping that they’ll rekindle their relationship. Her father, on the other hand, says that as a Chen she should have some pride and not go back to an ex; Bo Song, on the other hand, is famous, good-looking, and sweet on Xiao Xi. But Xiao Xi’s mother is Team Jiang Chen.

Xiao Xi ends up going to give Jiang Chen the fruit anyway. She sits awkwardly in his office for a few moments, then excuses herself because he looks busy. Before she leaves, he asks her if she has any regrets. She says no.

Jiang Chen signs some documents, but accidentally finds himself writing Xiao Xi’s name instead of his own. Loool. He gets a phone call from his adviser (the hospital director) and we find out that Jiang Chen accomplished his residency in three years instead of four, but came back to Zhejiang instead of staying on at Xiehe like they wanted. The director asks why he came back. Jiang Chen responds that there is someone in Zhejiang he can’t let go of. He gets a message from Lu Yang inviting him to his bachelor party.

Bo Song is in the middle of a swimsuit photo shoot when he also gets a bachelor party invite from Lu Yang. Lu Yang says he should bring Xiao Xi too. Ha.

Bo Song and Xiao Xi show up late, but Jiang Chen shows up even later with his girlfriend, Zhuang Dong Na, in tow. She speaks in Chinglish, smoothly mixing Mandarin and English in a clear attempt to show off. Dong Na gets Jiang Chen to feed him, seemingly to his annoyance. Seeing them, Bo Song also feeds Xiao Xi some fruit.

Jiang Chen glares while Bo Song and Xiao Xi act cutesy like they’re in a relationship. Jiang Chen notices that Xiao Xi’s hands are juicy from peeling a clementine, so he takes a tissue and wipes her hands for her, making everyone feel a little awkward. He smirks at Bo Song.

Jiang Chen and Dong Na insist on giving Bo Song and Xiao Xi a ride home. They reluctantly accept because Bo Song can’t reach his assistant.

Dong Na plans a route to drop off Bo Song first, her second, and Xiao Xi last, but Bo Song wants to get off at Xiao Xi’s place. They end up stopping at Bo Song’s place first anyway, with Dong Na insisting Xiao Xi will be fine, and Bo Song reluctantly gets out.

Jiang Chen’s car randomly “stalls” when Xiao Xi’s the only one left. He asks her to get out and give it a push, then locks the door. She starts walking away, thinking it’s his way of trying to humiliate her and not give her a ride. He backs up and tells her to get in front. I’m pretty sure that’s not how stalling works. Definitely just a ploy to get her to sit next to him.

She gets a call from Bo Song right as Jiang Chen drops her off. He notices, then drives after her and gets out. Turns out she forgot her keys. He hands them over, then tells her that he’s a busy person. There’s some hidden meaning there but Xiao Xi doesn’t get it. He demands she apologize to him. She doesn’t know why, but says sorry anyway. Then he says, “There won’t be a next time” and tells her to come closer. He leans in and kisses her.

Epilogue: Jiang Chen purposely pulls all the junk out of his trunk and puts it in the back of his car so that Xiao Xi is forced to sit up front with them when he offers her a ride the first time around.

Okay that was kind of cute. But also not cute because Jiang Chen expects Xiao Xi to be a mind reader, and people who expect other people to read their minds instead of saying what they mean are the worst. He always talks in circles, never really says what he means, and still acts a bit like a robot. Which is not a personality. But overall I still prefer these scenes of the friends as young adults to the high school versions of them.


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