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Recap: Amensalism (Ep. 7)

You Kuan tries to protect Ke Wei from becoming another casualty of his dreams, but this time he’s learned to keep her by his side instead of pushing her away. Meanwhile, they make some crucial breakthroughs in their investigation of the car involved in Ke Wei’s parents’ deaths.


You Kuan rushes to Ke Wei’s house after she appears in his dream. She’s just finished talking to her landlady when he runs up to her and grips her face in his hands.

They stare at each other for a long moment, then he drops his hands and claims that he was just wiping some dust off her face.

He asks her she was talking to the woman at this time of day. She tells him that the woman is her landlady. Ke Wei had a minor electrical fire, but everything is okay. She asks him why he came.

He takes her out to breakfast and tells her that Chairman Xu wants to treat them to lunch as a thank you for saving him and Ming Fei. Ke Wei finds it odd that You Kuan came so early in the morning to tell her something like this; he could have easily just waited until they both got into the office. He says he wanted to see her. She’s stunned speechless.

Ke Wei asks to take the afternoon off so she can look for a new apartment to move into while her current place undergoes repairs. But You Kuan remembers his dream and tells Ke Wei to move in with him at the SG headquarters. There are plenty of spare rooms in the office. He ignores her protests and acts like it’s a done deal. She can move in today.

When You Kuan and Ke Wei arrive at SG with her luggage in hand, Ace and Xiao Mi immediately exchange a conspiratorial look and ask Ke Wei how she and You Kuan started dating. Ke Wei tells them that they’ve misunderstood: she’s only living at SG temporarily because her house has fire damage. She and You Kuan aren’t dating. But Xiao Mi says that it’s just a matter of time. If Ke Wei paid attention to the way You Kuan looks at her, she’d know that Xiao Mi is right.

Lin Chun Xiong finds out something about the 8217 car and excited yells for You Kuan, forgetting that Ke Wei is there. When Ke Wei asks him what he’s talking about, he tries to hide, but You Kuan comes downstairs and is fine with sharing information. He tells Chun Xiong to share what he knows.

Earlier, You Kuan had asked Chun Xiong to do a reverse-lookup of everyone who had accessed records for the license plate in the police database. Chun Xiong traced one of the accesses to a request by Fang Yan Hua.

You Kuan and Ke Wei meet with Fang Yan Hua. At first, he’s uncooperative, thinking they’re there as representatives of Chairman Xu. He’s ready to leave, but Ke Wei catches his attention by mentioning the car with the license plate AX-8217.

Fang Yan Hua is suddenly all too willing to talk, because everything started with that car. He explains how one day, a man drove the car into his scrapyard late at night and asked for the car to be scrapped. The car stood out to Fang because it had clearly been in an accident and the man didn’t have any papers to prove ownership of the vehicle. He ended up asking Fang to hold onto it.

Fang was suspicious because of the car’s condition, so he asked a police friend of his to look up the license plate. He found out that the car’s owner was Xu Zhao De: Chairman Xu. He managed to get in contact with Xu, who offered him an exorbitant amount of money to destroy the car. He did, but now he regrets having gotten involved with Xu, blaming that car and Xu for his son’s death. With that, he storms out.

Ke Wei is livid, and You Kuan can tell. In the car, he tells her that he knows he can’t do much for her, but he will always be on her side.

Ke Wei drives them to meet up with Chairman Xu and the others for the thank you lunch he promised. As they’re driving up, they see Chairman Xu standing in the street, near the curb. Ke Wei zeroes in on him and keeps driving forward, showing no signs of stopping as they get closer to him. At the last minute, she slams on the brakes so that the car stops within inches of hitting Xu. She and Xu lock eyes.

The atmosphere at lunch is tense. Ming Fei and Ke Wei both look unhappy for their own reasons and begrudgingly raise their cups for a toast that Xu gives.

Ming Fei comments to You Kuan that his driving just now was rather dangerous. Ke Wei asserts herself, saying she was the one driving, but doesn’t explain further. You Kuan speaks for her, lying that the heel of Ke Wei’s shoe got stuck so she wasn’t able to brake until the last minute. Yao Qing notices Ke Wei glaring daggers at Xu.

Ke Wei holds Xu’s gaze while bringing up the car accident that killed her parents nearly two decades ago. She says that if the person driving the other car had known to brake like Chairman Xu does, then maybe a tragedy could have been avoided. She asks Xu what his relationship with Fang Yan Hua is. What did he threaten Xu with? She tells him that she knows, revealing to everyone at the table Xu’s connection to the car and the large sum he paid to have it destroyed.

She guesses that Xu was the one driving, otherwise why would he use such underhanded methods to get rid of the car? While she brings up these accusations, Ming Fei closes her eyes, the memory of a sound of screeching brakes and honking horns coming back to her.

Xu glances at Ming Fei, then looks back at Ke Wei, calmly saying that one of his cars was stolen around that time, but he doesn’t remember what the license plate was. Maybe the stolen car is the one she’s talking about.

Ke Wei continues to glare, knowing that he’s lying, but Xu evenly holds her gaze. He glances at Ming Fei again, who looks like she has a headache and is feeling unwell.

Xu says that he really did mean to thank everyone with this meal, but now it seems like he’s unwelcome at this table. He excuses himself and Ming Fei, gently guiding her out of the room. Before they leave, Ming Fei turns to look at Ke Wei, seeming puzzled.

Ke Wei also storms out after they leave. You Kuan and Yao Qing follow her to the arcade, where she games angrily while the two men talk about what just happened. You Kuan asks Yao Qing what he plans to do, recognizing that there’s a conflict of interest here because Xu has helped Yao Qing in his career. But Yao Qing responds that You Kuan also has a conflict of interest: Xu helped out his family after his father’s disappearance.

You Kuan says he believes Ke Wei. Yao Qing says that even if what Ke Wei deduced is true, they acted too rashly. There’s not enough evidence to charge Xu with any sort of crime. Yao Qing knows all too well what powerful men like Xu are capable of when it comes to covering up crimes. They have to hope that there was another sloppy mistake early on in the attempt to cover up the accident.

You Kuan mentions that there is one more person of interest they can look for: the man who drove the car to Fang Yan Hua’s scrapyard.

Ke Wei finishes her game and has finally calmed down. She’s ready to tackle the case more rationally now. You Kuan says they should go back to his hometown and look for clues among his father’s records. As Xu’s former secretary, he may have known the person who gave the car to Fang Yan Hua.

Ke Wei thinks that Yao Qing is going to try and discourage her from trying to find evidence against Xu, but to her surprise, he says that he will support her.

When Yao Qing finds out that Ke Wei is staying with You Kuan, he is insulted that Ke Wei didn’t tell him, and vehemently opposed. Ke Wei says that she’ll move to her aunt’s house tomorrow, but You Kuan says no. Yao Qing tells him he doesn’t have the right to say no. He grabs Ke Wei’s hand and starts to take her with him.

But You Kuan thinks of his dream and then pulls Ke Wei away from Yao Qing. (Please, let’s keep on jerking her around like she’s a ragdoll and not a person. /s)

He tells Yao Qing that he has the ability to protect Ke Wei and he will. Because he likes her. He turns to Ke Wei, who also looks shocked, and tells her that she should stay by his side. He will do everything in his power to protect her, even if it means trading his own life.

He slides his hand from grabbing her wrist to holding her hand, then leads her away from Yao Qing.

At night, You Kuan lies in bed and asks himself if he’s doing the right thing. He turns to look at his bottle of pills.

Chairman Xu has his secretary (Jolin Chien cameo) do some investigation on Bi Ke Wei. He finds out that Ke Wei and You Kuan are living together and that You Kuan is helping Ke Wei investigate the car.

You Kuan and Ke Wei go back to his hometown, where Ke Wei meets Mama Cheng. Ace trails them like a shadow. You Kuan brought him along to help protect Ke Wei, but tells her that Ace is here to help do research because his father has a lot of things.

Mama Cheng notices how You Kuan looks at Ke Wei, and in order to test him, she intentionally trips Ke Wei. You Kuan sees it coming and flies in to catch her before she hits the ground. Mama Cheng smiles.

Mama Cheng immediately takes a liking to Ke Wei. At dinner, she insists that Ke Wei sit in the chair reserved for Papa Cheng, right next to her own seat. You Kuan is surprised, but nods at Ke Wei that she should sit there.

Mama Cheng cracks open a bottle of wine to celebrate the guests and pours Ke Wei a cup. You Kuan tells her that Ke Wei can’t drink, but they both hesitate when it comes to explaining why. Ace helpfully tells Mama Cheng about Ke Wei getting too drunk one night and sleeping over with You Kuan, which makes Ke Wei and You Kuan both glare at him. Mama Cheng nods and smiles, taking note that Ke Wei and You Kuan are familiar enough to drink together and to have slept over.

When You Kuan takes some of his meds, Ke Wei helpfully pours him a cup of water and pats him on the shoulder. It doesn’t escape Mama Cheng’s notice. She’s all smiles for the rest of the meal.

Mama Cheng tries to find an excuse to chat with Ke Wei, and has her accompany her to go fetch some of Papa Cheng’s things from a storage unit, while You Kuan browses through his father’s home office.

On their way over, we get an ominous preview of a propane tank deliverer loading up his motorcycle. He doesn’t notice the fraying rope binding the tanks to his motorbike.

He speeds down the street along which Mama Cheng, Ke Wei, and Ace are walking. Mama Cheng hears him coming and pulls Ke Wei out of the way, saving her from being knocked to the ground.

Mama Cheng and Ke Wei sit and chat before heading back to her house. Ke Wei shares her life story: how her parents passed away when she younger, how she grew up with her aunt, and how she’s now a lawyer. Mama Cheng appreciates her bluntness and can also tell that You Kuan likes her, despite Ke Wei’s protests that they aren’t dating.

She asks Ke Wei how much she knows about You Kuan’s illness, having noticed earlier that Ke Wei didn’t bat an eye when he took his pills at the dinner table. Mama Cheng explains how You Kuan changed a lot after his father disappeared. She and You Kuan frequently fought over how he would go around talking about his dreams like the truth until one day, he angrily broke his father’s chair, insisting that his father was dead. He ran away from home after that.

Mama Cheng searched for him until she collapsed. A neighbor convinced You Kuan to go home. After that, he seemed different. Since then, the two of them have pretended that nothing has changed.

Mama Cheng tells Ke Wei this because she finds Ke Wei familiar and she wants her to know what she’s getting herself into. As a mother, Mama Cheng will always support her son, but Ke Wei is different. She has a choice. Is she prepared for You Kuan to be medicated for the rest of his life? Will she be able to handle it if one day his symptoms get worse?

Ke Wei tells Mama Cheng that she has her own mental illness: she has PTSD from her childhood car accident, and You Kuan was by her side, supporting her, during one of her panic attacks. She says that she and You Kuan really aren’t dating, but also that she doesn’t think there would be a problem if they were together for the rest of their lives.

It’s pouring when they are ready to head back to Mama Cheng’s house. Ke Wei borrows an umbrella from the store owner: it’s a red one.

You Kuan is worried about where they are so he calls Ace. When he finds out that Ke Wei borrowed a red umbrella, he takes off running through the rain to meet up with them.

He runs up as the motorcycle approaches them from around a blind corner. He shouts Ke Wei’s name and motions at her, making her pause. It’s enough so that she and Mama Cheng narrowly dodge the motorcycle as it starts to lose control after a propane tank falls off. The motorcycle misses them, but ends up going straight toward You Kuan.

You Kuan wakes up in the hospital, Ke Wei at his side. He doesn’t speak when he first wakes up and instead just stares at her. Worried that his head injury is more severe than anticipated, she gets up to go find a doctor, but he grabs her hand to stop her.

“So… you’re okay?” he asks weakly.

When she asks him why he was in such a rush that he didn’t even look at where he was going, he lies and says he was worried his mother was asking her weird questions. She tells him that his mom did share with her quite a lot, including how they fought over his dreams of his father’s death.

You Kuan admits that his mother has only stayed sane these past nineteen years by pretending that his father is alive and hanging onto that hope. That’s why he stopped fighting with her about it. He’s willing to live with mental illness for the rest of his life if it means that his father is alive and well.

Ke Wei cups his face gently and tells him that he has to has to live well. You Kuan stares back at her and lifts his arm, as if about to embrace her, but instead gently pulls her hands away from his face, claiming he’s tired. He winces from back pain as he shifts, and she offers to ice his back, which his doctor suggested.

He flinches slightly as she ices him, but it’s not because it hurts. He’s actually just ticklish. He tries to deny it, but she teases him by poking him and trying to tickle him. He shrinks away and then grabs her by the shoulders and pins her down to the bed.

They stare at each other. You Kuan leans down, as if about to kiss Ke Wei… but then pulls back. She looks at him, then pulls him for a kiss.

Ace helps Mama Cheng gather some of You Kuan’s things to bring to the hospital. She asks him why they’re here looking through her husband’s things in the first place. Ace shares how Ke Wei linked the car in her parents’ accident to Xu and that they’re now looking for clues.

When Mama Cheng hears what the license plate number is, AX-8217, she has a flashback to seeing that car, muddied and hidden under a tarp, on the street outside her house nineteen years ago. And she remembers why Ke Wei looked so familiar to her. Nineteen years ago, she came down this street, asking after the car. Mama Cheng didn’t say anything then, and she doesn’t say anything now, either.

Ming Fei gets an MRI and finds out that she has no signs of brain damage, but she’s curious as to why she keeps hearing sounds of crashes and explosions. Her doctor tells her it may just be a symptom of PTSD.

Ming Fei and Yao Qing run into each other in the lobby of their office building. They greet each other with their usual cold professionalism. Afterward, Ming Fei asks Xiao Mi if she knows the man who was with Yao Qing; Ming Fei doesn’t recognize him. Xiao Mi reports that the man is an employee in the archives department.

Yao Qing looks through personnel files in Dong Di Group’s archives, taking photos of a few of them. He’s caught on security camera, and Ming Fei shows the video to Chairman Xu, asking if his actions are related to what Ke Wei said the other day. She asks why Ke Wei would say those things to him.

But instead of answering, her father counters with his own question: what was wrong with her that day at dinner? Ming Fei just sighs and tells her father that the reason she showed him this video was to warn him that perhaps Yao Qing isn’t so deserving of his favor. She leaves.

After she’s gone, his secretary comes by to report that You Kuan and Ke Wei were poking around his old hometown.

Mama Cheng withdraws some money and meets up with the thugs who came looking for her missing husband the other day. They think she’s there to pay off his debt and are appalled by the paltry sum that doesn’t even cover interest. She tells them that she’s not paying off her husband’s debt. What she’s paying is a finder’s fee. If they find her husband for her, she will pay off his debt in full.

You Kuan wakes up from a nap in his psychiatrist’s office in which he dreamed about a man limping through a field.

His doctor is struggling to wean himself off his phone. He’s participating in a 21 day phone-free challenge. It’s only day three.

You Kuan ignores him, and instead pensively says, “I lied to Bi Ke Wei.” This piques his doctor’s interest. You Kuan admits that he told her liked her and kissed her in order to avoid telling her about her appearance in his dreams. All he wants is for her to be safe, for her to be by his side, but he doesn’t know how his dreams will impact her. Some of what he dreamed about came true, but some haven’t come to pass yet. Just now, he dreamed about something that didn’t seem to have anything to do with her. But how will it affect her?

His doctor tells him that he didn’t lie to her. If he kissed her because he likes her, then it’s not a lie. Liking someone is a good thing.

You Kuan sighs and says he shouldn’t even be liking her in the first place.

Doctor He’s phone challenge has given him an idea about You Kuan’s dreams. The goal of the challenge is to develop a habit through repetitive action. Dreams are a way for You Kuan’s subconscious to express itself. If he’s aware of his dreams, then maybe he can make himself dream repeatedly about the same subject. The repetition may help him gain more clarity on the meaning behind his dreams.

You Kuan nods thoughtfully, but also thinks that his doctor is just trying to pull him into one of his studies.

Mama Cheng returns home to find her gate open and front door slightly ajar. She approaches her house hesitantly when a shadowy figure opens the door, making her step back and drop her things.

While You Kuan was gone, SG received a court summons for the lawsuit from the hired thugs who tried to obstruct Ming Fei earlier. An earlier attempt at mediation failed because You Kuan lost his temper, and now they’re trying to demand more compensation.

Ke Wei decides that she’ll go meet with the other party and try to settle this matter. You Kuan doesn’t want her to go, saying it’s dangerous. They get very close together as they argue about whether she’s fit to go or not. Xiao Mi comments that they’re so close, they might as well kiss. Ke Wei says that they’ve already done that, and Xiao Mi cheers.

Ke Wei cringes as she realizes what she said, while Xiao Mi celebrates her win: the SG employees had a bet going.

You Kuan suddenly gets a phone call and his face turns serious: something has happened to his mom.

When I binge watched the last few episodes to catch up on this show, I stopped noticing the bad acting after a while. But coming back to this episode after a break of watching a few episodes from some other dramas, it’s too much to ignore…

This episode was just teaser after teaser! First, we’re made to think that some tragedy will befall Ke Wei, yet nothing actually happens to her. Then, we’ve got the kiss — finally! But it was such a tiny kiss. I suppose it’s not a big enough moment. Maybe there will be a more epic one later.

When we first found out that Ke Wei would be meeting Mama Cheng, I started thinking that maybe You Kuan had misinterpreted his dream again, like he did with Liu Xiao Fang and Fang Jing An. Maybe Ke Wei wasn’t the person at risk: maybe it was his mother. But in the end, neither of them ended up being the victim of the accident.

I was pretty surprised that Ke Wei took what she knew about Xu’s role in the car accident and immediately confronted him about it. I would’ve thought that she would try to be more strategic with the knowledge, but at the same time, she does have enough of a temper that it seems in character for her to play that card a bit too early.


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