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Recap: Someday or One Day (Ep. 13)


“Li Zi Wei, guess what I’ve seen that’s the farthest away from me?” Chen Yun Ru asks Li Zi Wei as they sit by the ocean shore, watching the sunset.

“Is it the horizon?” he guesses. She says it’s much farther than that.

He guesses the sky, the sun, the moon, the stars. But they’re all wrong.

“The thing I’ve seen that is the farthest away from me is…”

Yun Ru thinks back to the time she walked home with Zi Wei and Jun Jie and saw how good friends they were.

And then there is rain falling on her face. She lies on the ground of the courtyard, face bloody, and opens her eyes for a moment, reaching out for something she can’t touch.

“You,” she says.

Her arm falls still. She lies splayed on the courtyard floor, rain pouring around her.

Yu Xuan wakes up with a gasp in her bedroom in 2019. She starts sobbing.


Yu Xuan goes to find Uncle Wu. When he sees her face, he knows something’s wrong.

Yu Xuan tells Uncle Wu that the one who killed Yun Ru was her, Yu Xuan. She nods and asks if he remembers what Xie Zhi Qi said at the police station the other day. He had said, “You should be asking what you did to Yun Ru.” She didn’t understand what he meant until she woke up.

Tainan, 1999: Yun Ru sees Zi Wei in the auditorium, playing a few notes on the piano and looking sad. When she sees him getting up, she straightens herself up and meets him at the door, trying to act like she just ran into him.

She smiles and says hi, but Zi Wei refuses to look at her and instead says, “Please don’t. Please don’t look at me with Huang Yu Xuan’s face.” Then he walks off without another word, leaving her crying.

Jun Jie is still thinking about his argument with Zi Wei, and Zi Wei’s words about not being able to get Huang Yu Xuan out of his mind, when he spots Yun Ru on the rooftop looking sad and talking to herself. He tries to make out what she’s saying.

Yun Ru listens to music while watching Zi Wei walk dejectedly across campus. Inside, Yu Xuan watches as images of rejection flash through Yun Ru’s mind: Zi Wei’s words earlier, Si Yuan and all her classmates saying “please don’t go back to being your old self.”

Yun Ru sighs and then starts talking to Yu Xuan. She tells her that before Yu Xuan showed up, no one had cared about her before. These past few days, when she stopped pretending to be like Yu Xuan, everyone has been worried about her and asking her if she’s okay. She’s not used to it. She knows she should be happy to know people care about her, but she’s not, because she knows that the actual person they care about isn’t her, it’s Yu Xuan.

The screens around Yu Xuan start to fill with words of despair: “I want to disappear. No one cares about me. I’m so tired. No one thinks of me.” Yun Ru says that no one needs or cares about the real her.

Yu Xuan tries to tell her not to think this way. “This is all my fault,” she tells Yun Ru. She says that she was too selfish in wanting to see Wang Quan Sheng again and shouldn’t have barged into Yun Ru’s life like this. “It’s my fault, I’m sorry,” she says.

But Yun Ru tells Yu Xuan that she doesn’t need to apologize. Yun Ru doesn’t blame Yu Xuan. Instead, she’s grateful. Before Yu Xuan showed up, Yun Ru constantly thought about wanting to disappear from this world, but she knew that if she just disappeared like that, everyone would just pity her. Her death would be just like her life: explained away with a few simple words and forgotten. But thanks to Yu Xuan, she knows that if she is murdered tonight, then the future will be what Yu Xuan experienced. Her disappearance won’t be meaningless. If she’s murdered today, she’s sure that no one will forget her. No one will blame her for being too weak or for not being brave enough. This way the Chen Yun Ru they remember will be the version of herself she always wanted to be, but could never pretend to be. She smiles to herself.

Mo Jun Jie finishes lip reading her words, then takes off running, alarmed. But by the time he gets to the rooftop, Yun Ru has disappeared, leaving only her bag and her earphones behind.

Yun Ru walks through campus and spots Xie Zong Ru. She smiles upon seeing him, then approaches him. She doesn’t say anything, just walks by with a smile, but he smirks and turns to follow.

Zi Wei is about to leave school on his motorcycle when Jun Jie catches him. Jun Jie tells him about seeing Yun Ru talk to herself on the rooftop and how she mentioned Yu Xuan’s name and was even talking to Yu Xuan. He was only lip reading, so he didn’t quite understand what Yun Ru was talking about, but the gist of it was clear. He’s worried she might do something to herself. Zi Wei suggests they split up to look for her.

Yun Ru is at the abandoned building, looking over the edge at the courtyard, then turns to face Zhi Qi as he emerges from the shadows behind her.

Jun Jie rides by the abandoned building and remembers that this is where Yun Ru was found after her attack. He parks and looks up, then sees shadows moving on one of the upper floors. He immediately dashes inside.

Meanwhile, Zhi Qi asks if Yun Ru is ready. Yu Xuan shouts at Yun Ru to leave, but she doesn’t listen. Instead, she takes a few steps closer to Zhi Qi and asks he he plans on sending her away. He pulls out a syringe, saying he’ll use the most beautiful method to make sure she leaves a lasting impression on everyone. He made it especially for her, and reassures her that he’s already tested it and the results were very satisfying.

“Will it hurt?” Yun Ru asks. He says yes, it will be very painful. But, he says, she must understand that death is only scary because it’s painful.

He draws closer and she doesn’t resist as he gently cups her face and brings the syringe up her neck, though tears fall down her face. Meanwhile, Jun Jie continues to race to find them, and Yu Xuan continues to yell at her to run away.

But all of a sudden, Zhi Qi hears, “Don’t move! Police!” In 2019, the police have him surrounded and tap him to wake him up. “No, not now,” Zhi Qi mutters as he stumbles backward and falls to the ground. “I’m so close.”

All of a sudden, he screams, “Don’t!” Zhi Qi wakes up in 2019 and tries to escape. Meanwhile, Zong Ru finally has control of his body back and stares, alarmed, at his hand that is holding the syringe. Yun Ru approaches him and pulls at his arm, trying to get him to inject her, but he shakes her off, saying, “It’s not me!” He tosses the syringe into the shadows then runs away, leaving Yun Ru looking lost.

Yu Xuan wonders out loud that if Zhi Qi has now failed to kill Yun Ru, does that mean the future has already changed?

But Yun Ru is desperate. She spots a broken piece of glass on the ground and bends to pick it up. She walks over to the edge of the building and stares down.

Jun Jie finally finds her and runs up in relief, calling her name. But he immediately freezes when she turns, revealing the glass shard in her hand.

She looks down at the glass, then up at him and begs him to kill her. When he doesn’t respond, she says, “Didn’t you say you like me? You said you’d do whatever I wanted as long as it would make me happy. If I’m not murdered today, then everything will go back to the way it was. I don’t want that!”

Jun Jie tells her to put the glass down so she doesn’t herself. Yu Xuan quickly agrees, telling her that hurting herself isn’t the answer, it’s just a way of escaping. But Yun Ru just exclaims, “You don’t understand!”

Yu Xuan tries to tell her that she does understand. She asks Yun Ru to trust her. She’s a good girl, she just has to give herself another chance and try a little harder. Things will be different. Everything will be better.

But it’s the wrong choice of words. Yun Ru asks her to stop talking. None of them understand how she feels. If they understood, then they wouldn’t tell her to try harder, that the world will be different. They don’t understand her, especially Huang Yu Xuan. How could someone like Yu Xuan understand her? Yu Xuan is someone who can have everything that Yun Ru wants without even trying. She has no right to tell Yun Ru that she understands or to try harder. Yu Xuan doesn’t know what it feels like to not be needed, not be cared about, not be loved.

Jun Jie tells Yun Ru that she’s wrong. There are people in this world who need her and love her. He needs her. He begs her to give him a chance to prove it to her, that there is someone in this world who likes her and needs her more than anyone else. He promises he’ll put all his effort into making her happy, into letting her know that the world hasn’t abandoned her, into letting her know that she deserves to be loved.

Yun Ru starts to lower her hand clutching the glass, saying, “I do deserve to be loved.”

Jun Jie agrees, saying that he likes her and doesn’t want her to disappear. He tries to approach, but that just makes her raise her hand again and back toward the railing. Jun Jie begs Yun Ru to do this for him and just give him once chance to change everything for her.

But Yun Ru just asks if he really likes her. She tells him that he doesn’t actually like her, he just wants to save her, like how Li Zi Wei saved him. He only wants to save her because he wants to prove that he’s like Zi Wei and can change someone else.

“But I don’t want to be saved!” she cries. “What I want is for all of this to end.”

Jun Jie tries to get closer, telling her to calm down, but she waves the piece of glass like a weapon, forcing him back. She brings the glass up to her throat. She sobs that she’s already tried so hard. Why is everyone telling her to try harder? To be better? To be happy? Telling her that she shouldn’t go back to being the old Chen Yun Ru? Why? Is it just because she’s not the person they want her to be?

Yun Ru asks them to let her go. She’s so, so tired. She doesn’t want to force herself anymore. Her existence in this world is just a bad dream.

Jun Jie says that he doesn’t know what else he can say or do to make her believe him. He begs, “Don’t do this to me! Don’t do this.”

Yun Ru says that she once read in a book what to do if you’re stuck in a bad dream and can’t wake up. She crawls backward up onto the railing while both Jun Jie and Yu Xuan beg her to stop. The book said to crawl up to the highest building you could find and jump off. No matter how bad a dream, it will end.

With that, Yun Ru drops the piece of glass and lets herself fall backward.

Jun Jie scrambles to catch her, but he misses. She falls. Yu Xuan sees a glimpse of the sky above, then everything goes dark around her and she’s surrounded by nothing but rain.

Taipei, 2019: Uncle Wu somberly says that in the end, the person who killed Chen Yun Ru was herself.

Yu Xuan shakes her head and says, “It’s all my fault.” If she had never entered Yun Ru’s life, then she wouldn’t have become like this.

But Uncle Wu says, “It’s not your fault. It’s our fault.” He and everyone else who knew Yun Ru were so close to her physically, yet never knew that she carried this deep sorrow within her.

But he tries to look on the bright side. Now that they know how Yun Ru died, can’t they go back and save her? It seems like every time she goes back, it’s to a time right before when she left. The next time she goes back, maybe she can prevent this from happening.

But Yu Xuan shakes her head and says that she can’t go back anymore. After she woke up, she had immediately tried to go back, but found that both the Walkman and tape were broken. There’s no way she can save Li Zi Wei now.

Tainan, 1999: Jun Jie goes down to the courtyard where he gently cradles Yun Ru’s broken body and yells. That’s how the police find him and Zi Wei sees him being taken away and the past and future go on without change.

In 1999, Zi Wei stands in the pouring rain, head lifted up to the sky, and closes his eyes. In 2019, Yu Xuan does the same.

“Does it all just end like this?” Yu Xuan wonders.

Tainan, ???: At 32 Records, a girl who looks like college Yu Xuan straightens up some shelves, coffee cup in hand. She puts on Wu Bai’s “Last Dance” and bobs around to the music.

A boy who looks like Li Zi Wei spots her and goes into the shop. He gets her attention and she turns down the music, asking if she can help him. He asks her what song she’s listening to and if he can buy it. She checks the shelves while he checks her out.

The tape isn’t in stock, so she tells him to leave his name and number. He introduces himself as Li Zi Wei while handing her back the notepad with his name and number, then waits around awkwardly for her to read what he wrote on the paper: “I really want to know you. Can you tell me what your name is?”

She tells him that her name is Huang Yu Xuan. They smile at each other. Tears suddenly fall from Yu Xuan’s eyes.

Taipei: Yu Xuan wakes up in her apartment with tears in her eyes.

She sits down to write a diary entry. It’s December 30, 2020. She dreamed about Li Zi Wei again. Ever since the Walkman broke, she’s often had dreams like these.

Flash to another dream: 32 Records. Li Zi Wei puts a cup of coffee down in front Yu Xuan with a casual, “Yo what’s up,” Jun Jie by his side. Yu Xuan looks up and smiles, asking why they’re here again. “To see you of course!” Zi Wei responds. He tells her that he learned a new song and goes to demonstrate on Uncle Wu’s guitar while Jun Jie and Yu Xuan watch and joke around.

In her dreams, Yu Xuan is in high school and knows Zi Wei and Jun Jie. Everything is as Yun Ru wanted to be, except that it’s her instead of Yun Ru. In this world, Yun Ru doesn’t exist.

Yu Xuan feels like a part of her soul died with Yun Ru that day, and at the same time, a part of Yun Ru was left with her. For example, she used to never keep a diary, yet now she does. She always asks herself, if she could back to the past again, what would she do differently? But she knows that she can’t change anything now. All she can do is think of Li Zi Wei who was once Wang Quan Sheng.

She picks up her phone and texts Wang Quan Sheng again, something she hasn’t done in over a year. She tells him that she misses him and that she wants to see him.

Yu Xuan tries again to get the Walkman repaired, but with no success. The man is able to salvage her tape, but as for the Walkman itself, she already knows that the likelihood of fixing it was low.

Yu Xuan drives out to the ocean and parks. She takes out the cassette tape then puts it into the player on her car. Wu Bai’s “Last Dance” starts playing, and she leans back to listen. Tears fall and she closes her eyes…

The music glitches and Yu Xuan opens her eyes as Yun Ru. Except she’s on the railing and finds herself falling backward. Jun Jie rushes toward her. Yu Xuan flails her arms… and Jun Jie catches her, yanking her forward away from the open air.

Yu Xuan slowly sits up, still stunned, then breaks into a relieved smile as she tells Jun Jie that it’s a good thing Chen Yun Ru had him by her side.

Zi Wei rides up to the abandoned building just in time to see Yu Xuan and Jun Jie exiting. He immediately recognizes her as Huang Yu Xuan and they hug. Yu Xuan asks how he knew; she didn’t even say anything. He tells her that she doesn’t need to say anything. He just knows. Even Mo Jun Jie smiles at their reunion.

Yu Xuan explains everything to Jun Jie and Zi Wei, including how Zong Ru was actually Zhi Qi from the future. Jun Jie asks where Yun Ru is if Yu Xuan is here. Yu Xuan reassures him that she’ll be back soon. The important thing is that they were able to stop Yun Ru’s death, so the future is now changed.

But Zi Wei wonders if the future has really changed. If Yun Ru isn’t dead, then Zi Wei will never get into the car accident, which means that Yu Xuan will never receive the Walkman and come to this time, and… trying to explain all the possibilities makes Zi Wei’s head hurt, but the main point is, if the three of them are here talking, isn’t that proof that the future doesn’t change?

Yu Xuan responds that the present hasn’t changed, but that all of their futures are definitely different now.

Yu Xuan returns to Yun Ru’s room and talks to her through the mirror. She tells Yun Ru that Li Zi Wei was right: the fact that Yu Xuan is still here is a sign that it’s not over. Maybe Yun Ru is just waiting for Yu Xuan to leave before pulling another disappearing act. Now Yu Xuan knows there’s nothing she can say or do that will change Yun Ru’s mind. She won’t try to stop Yun Ru this time. The only thing she’ll do is believe in Yun Ru.

Yu Xuan believes that the reason Yun Ru wants to disappear isn’t because she’s lost hope in the world, but because she has too many hopes for the world.

The next day, Yu Xuan is sentimental as she goes through the daily motions of Yun Ru’s life, knowing that it’s the last time she will do so. She tells a sleeping Si Yuan that he needs to learn to wake himself up because she won’t be able to anymore. When Yun Ru’s mother returns home with groceries in hand, Yu Xuan suddenly wraps her with a hug, surprising her, tears in her eyes.

Uncle Wu drops by his shop to find a note from Yu Xuan, telling him that she grabbed a Wu Bai tape from the shop and reminding him to take coffee-making classes now while he can. If he waits for the record market to collapse, it’ll be too late!

Yu Xuan puts the brand new Wu Bai cassette in to her Walkman and listens to it at the pavilion while she waits for Zi Wei. He shows up, teasing her by blocking her eyesight with a hand and then tapping her on the wrong shoulder, and she calls him childish, but it’s clear that she also loves him for it.

They ride along the shore and then walk on the beach, sharing earphones as they listen to their song. Zi Wei suddenly turns to Yu Xuan and asks, if they really changed the future, doesn’t that mean he won’t become Wang Quan Sheng and won’t meet the future her? She looks down and sighs, thinking back to earlier that day.

Earlier that day, Yu Xuan had given Jun Jie a Wu Bai cassette tape and told him to destroy it. He had asked: wouldn’t that mean the future Yu Xuan would never come back to this time?

Yu Xuan nods. She won’t be able to come back, but that means that Zhi Qi also won’t be able to come back and attack Yun Ru. But, Jun Jie says, that means he and Li Zi Wei won’t get to know her, and Zi Wei won’t fall in love with her.

She sighs and acknowledges that this is true. Zi Wei won’t become Quan Sheng and enter her life. So all of her memories with Quan Sheng will disappear when the tape does. But Yu Xuan forces a smile, saying that the future they feared also won’t happen. Yun Ru won’t give up on herself because of Yu Xuan, and Jun Jie won’t have to blame himself for Yun Ru’s death.

Now, Zi Wei asks Yu Xuan what he should do if he wants to see her in the future, if he won’t be able to become Wang Quan Sheng. Yu Xuan hands him the Walkman, telling him that if he misses her, he can just listen to the tape. She initially came to the past by listening to the song and wanting to see him. So if he misses her and wants to see her, he can try listening to that tape and see if it will bring him to her the way it brought her to him.

Zi Wei turns away from her and looks toward the sea to hide his tears. Yu Xuan can’t help but start crying too, because she knows what she said was a lie.

She pulls Zi Wei toward her into a hug and says that she knows regardless of what the future holds that he won’t forget her. She knows that he’ll find her in the end.

Meanwhile, Jun Jie unravels the cassette tape into a trash can in the abandoned building and lights it on fire.

Zi Wei pulls away from Yu Xuan and looks her in the eyes, promising that he won’t forget her. He’ll find a way to find her.

He kisses her. The burning cassette tape starts to melt away. Zi Wei and Yu Xuan disappear in a sparkle of light, like they never existed at all.

Huang Yu Xuan opens her eyes in her apartment in 2020, tears falling down her face and Li Zi Wei’s name on her lips. Li Zi Wei opens his crying, also crying, in his bedroom in 1999, and says Yu Xuan’s name.

He rushes to his art notebook and flips to that drawing of her running in the rain, but it fades before his eyes until he’s holding nothing but a blank piece of paper. He suddenly feels water on his face and looks up–and he’s suddenly standing in pouring rain on that very street, feeling confused.

Yu Xuan looks at the photos of her and Wang Quan Sheng on her wall. The photos start to disappear before her eyes. She scrolls through her Instagram posts. Quan Sheng disappears from their photos together. Her ring is gone from her finger.

She looks around her apartment and signs of their life together start to disappear. Until she’s left standing in an empty apartment. And then she disappears too.

Zi Wei continues to stand in a daze in the rain. Mo Jun Jie runs up behind him, yelling his name, but it takes a couple of tries before Zi Wei responds. Jun Jie tells him to hurry up with a smile, hop, and a wave that echoes Yu Xuan’s motions from that same rainy day before the timeline changed.

Yun Ru’s room also rearranges. The messy bed becomes neatly made, the piles of unfolded clothes become neatly folded. The photo of Zi Wei, Jun Jie, and Yu Xuan as Yun Ru disappears.

Yun Ru opens her eyes in a hospital bed, confused. At her bedside is Mo Jun Jie. When he sees that she’s awake, he immediately hugs her with a smile, exclaiming, “You’re finally awake!”

He quickly pulls away, realizing she might be uncomfortable, and apologizes, but says that he was just too relieved to see her awake. He tells her that she got into a car accident a few days ago, after he and Zi Wei celebrated her birthday with her. She looks confused.

Zi Wei skips class, lounging pensively under his tree at the park. He gets a call from Mo Jun Jie asking where he is and why he’s been skipping class so often lately. Does he really want to fail out of school so close to graduation?

Zi Wei responds that he skips class whenever he’s in a bad mood. He doesn’t know why he’s been in such a bad mood lately. It kind of feels like he’s missing a piece of his heart. It feels like someone important to him has gone missing. He really misses her and wants to see her, but who she is, he can’t remember.

After his phone call with Zi Wei, Jun Jie rants to Yun Ru on the rooftop of their school. He notices that Yun Ru looks like she has something on her mind and asks if she’s okay.

She shakes her head and says that she’s fine, she was just thinking of a dream she had while she was in a coma. She admits to Jun Jie that she was very unhappy before the accident. She frequently thought about disappearing from this world. But while she was in a coma, she met a different version of herself in a dream. That version of herself told her that the reason she wanted to disappear wasn’t because she lost hope in the world, but because she had too many hopes for the world.

The other version of Yun Ru also told her that she should know better than anyone not to take someone else’s heart and caring for granted. No matter who that other person is, she should cherish it. She gives Jun Jie a small smile.

After Yun Ru woke up, she’s been frequently thinking about what this other her said. And the more she thinks about it, the more she realizes that this world isn’t as terrible as she thought.

She and Jun Jie smile and look off the rooftop together.

Zi Wei goes to the roadside churro stand where he met Huang Yu Xuan as a child in that other timeline. Sure enough, they meet again.

They go off on a motorcycle adventure together to return her to her grandmother’s house. As they ride along the shore at sunset, we hear a snippet of their conversation, so similar to that original conversation over lunch at the restaurant, but also slightly different, because this is a different timeline.

But this time, Huang Yu Xuan asks early on, “Big brother, what’s your name?” He tells her and she responds, “I’m Huang Yu Xuan.” The name sounds familiar to him, but he doesn’t know why.

The credits start to scroll and their conversation continues.

“Do you have a girlfriend?” “No.” “Then do you have someone you like?” “Nope.” “You really don’t?” “Why do you ask so many questions? I don’t.” “Then do you like me?” “What are you saying! How old are you? You can’t just randomly ask someone a question like that.” “Why can’t I?” “You just can’t.” “Stop asking questions, just tell me exactly where your grandma’s house is.” “Then let me ask one last question… what kind of girl do you like?” “When you grow up, I’ll tell you.” “Liar! When I grow up, you won’t even remember who I am.” “I’ll remember you.”

Then adult Huang Yu Xuan’s voice responds, “Really?” “Of course,” he says. “Then it’s a promise. You have to remember me.” “I will remember you.” “You can’t forget me.” “I definitely won’t forget you.”

We pan back to our motorcycle riders and now it’s an adult Huang Yu Xuan sitting behind Li Zi Wei. They happily ride off into the sunset while the screen fades to black.

It’s over! This ending is so bittersweet, but I also think it couldn’t have ended any other way. It was a beautiful end to a beautiful story.

Yun Ru’s standoff with Mo Jun Jie in that abandoned building was really hard to watch for me because it felt like such a raw, real representation of what it’s like to live with depression.

For good shows, I usually watch each episode twice in order to recap it. The first time I’m just enjoying the episode all the way through. The second time gives me opportunity to pay more attention to little nuances and details. It really speaks to the rewatch value and quality of this show that I appreciate this episode more on rewatch.

There are still some lingering questions I have. Like what happened to the original Wang Quan Sheng? I don’t think we’ll ever know, because this isn’t his story and he could probably get a series all on his own (spin-off?). And why does Yun Ru still get into a car accident? Zong Ru saving her happened before he became Zhi Qi, I thought. What about Jun Jie’s hearing aid being found at the original attack crime scene? I thought Yu Xuan’s story about her having found it earlier was a lie, but maybe it wasn’t?

I was originally a bit confused about the cassette tape that Jun Jie burned, but on rewatch it made sense. Yu Xuan took the new tape from Uncle Wu’s store to listen to. The old tape, the one that Jun Jie burned, was the one that Yun Ru originally owned and was in her Walkman. That’s the one that Zi Wei eventually gets his hands on, and subsequently Zhi Qi. It’s the old tape that was the key to time travel.

Something else that struck me on rewatch of this episode was the thought of: how many times has this happened before? Li Zi Wei observed incremental change in his timeline, and we’re only seeing one version, the one in which Yu Xuan succeeds. But based on what Yu Xuan says to Zi Wei on the beach, it feels like she’s probably said similar things to Zi Wei before, which make him more confident in subsequent versions of the timeline. Ultimately, the power to change the future and the past lies in Jun Jie’s hands. He’s the one who destroys the tape, and maybe it’s possible that in some other timeline, he didn’t. Who knows?

I have to compare this episode to Avengers: Endgame because they both play similar roles in the end of a series and a complicated time traveling story. I really like how, like in Endgame, the episode began with failure. We see the past play out with no change, and Yu Xuan has to face her failure and the reality of what she did becoming Yun Ru.

But I thought the ending itself was perfect. The only way there could be a truly happy ending is if Yu Xuan never entered Yun Ru’s life. It’s tragic that Zi Wei and Yu Xuan never finally find each other, but if their love story never existed, and they don’t remember it, it’s not as painful then, right? Their love story still exists somewhere, and in our memories. And I think it was beautiful that Zi Wei still had that feeling of missing someone he doesn’t know yet. And it seems like he and Yu Xuan will always be fated to meet.

Some drama finales leave me feeling a lot of emotion, but this one left me feeling a bit happy but also hollow, like the way Zi Wei feels with that missing piece of his heart. But it’s also a peaceful feeling, like looking at a soft pastel sunset by the shore.

P.S. If you need a little more of the Someday or One Day cast in your life, apparently the production team shot a bonus, post-show scene as a thank you to supportive viewers after the original finale was leaked before airing. Check it out on YouTube!


5 thoughts on “Recap: Someday or One Day (Ep. 13)”

  1. This drama was so stunning:” but the thing that confuses me is why Yu Xuan decided to burn the tape? isn’t Yu Xuan originally didn’t plan to do it, let herself go back to the present, and live with Zi Wei? I don’t know it confuses me.


    1. My interpretation is that Yu Xuan wanted to break the cycle of time travel by burning the tape (which allowed for time travel). I think she recognized the role she played in Yun Ru’s depression, and realized that as long as time travel was possible, then all of the time traveling doppelgangers would be stuck living a million different versions of the same events, and a lot of people would get hurt. I think she decided to sacrifice her love story in order to save everyone else’s life.


  2. The major flaw, when the tape was burn it shouldn’t b Yun Ru who woke up from hospital, but should b Zong Ru who woke up from the street after having saved Yun Ru! That’s bcuz according to timeline, Zi Qi was the one who woke up at the earliest timeline. The ending would hav changed too tho..since Zong Ru/Zi Qi had pics of Yun Ru before Yu Xuan took over her body. That would mean Zong Ru kinda had a crush on Yun Ru, altho he might not b as psychotic as Zi Qi to kill Yun Ru, but we don’t know how obsessed he was.


    1. Really? I thought that Zong Ru only saved Yun Ru after Zi Qi had taken over his body (and that’s why he was at the scene)… but I’m not too sure. Also, I believe the pictures that Zong Ru had were from the students in the room that one time and the time with Cai Wen Rou right? So wasn’t it all because of Zi Qi? Haha time-travel concepts are really confusing so I can’t say anything for sure


  3. Thanks so much for your recaps!! The scene of Yun Ru explaining why she doesn’t want to live anymore was so well acted and written. I really felt so sad for what she had to go through. I also thought the ending was perfect and I have faith they’ll meet each other again in the future.


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