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Recap: Amensalism (Ep. 12)

Just in case the drama last episode wasn’t enough, this episode of Amensalism ups the ante even more as more truths are revealed.


Xu Zhao De warns You Kuan that if he finishes injecting the rest of his syringe into Ke Wei’s IV bag, she’ll never wake up again. You Kuan tells Xu that he doesn’t have the scarf anymore, but Xu doesn’t believe him. He makes the IV drip pipe faster into Ke Wei’s arm.

Xu’s behavior confirms his guilt in Ke Wei’s eyes. The scarf must really have some sort of evidence that will implicate Xu.

The effects of the drug start having an impact on Ke Wei. You Kuan’s heart clenches at the same time and he collapses. Xu thinks that they’re both messing with him. You Kuan says he really doesn’t have the scarf, but even if Xu kills them both, does he really think there isn’t someone else out there who knows the truth?

The SG team find Yao Qing unconscious in the back of Ming Fei’s car. When he wakes up, he remembers what happened. He left his apartment building to find Ming Fei outside. She told him that her father knew the scarf he had was fake, then offered to give Yao Qing a ride to the airport. But as he was getting in, she tasered him, knocking him out.

Now, Ming Fei shows up at the place where Xu has held Ke Wei captive. Xu is distracted by Ming Fei, insisting that his henchmen take her away. While he’s distracted, You Kuan takes the opportunity to free Ke Wei. Ming Fei asks her father to stop hurting more people for the mistakes that were made so many years ago. She remembers everything.

You Kuan takes advantage of Xu’s distraction to knock him to the ground and hold a syringe to his neck. He demands that Xu free his mother and Aunt Mei Qi immediately, otherwise You Kuan will kill him right now.

Ming Fei says that her father wasn’t the one who killed Ke Wei’s parents. Against his protests, she reveals that she was the one who was driving the car.

It was true that she and her father had argued in the car that day, but the car they nearly ran into wasn’t Ke Wei’s family. They hadn’t gotten into an accident.

Xu had been worried about Ming Fei, but she brushed off his concern, saying he wasn’t really her father. He suddenly lashed out, saying that he had spent so many years raising someone else’s daughter and it’s good that she knows the truth now. Now they can both stop pretending.

His words hurt Ming Fei and she decided to run away, driving her father’s car and wearing a scarf. That was when she got into the accident involving Ke Wei’s family. Her father had called her and she took her eyes off the road for a moment to pick up the phone. When she looked up, she saw Ke Wei’s family car and swerved, but still got into an accident anyway. She saw Ke Wei bleeding on the ground and used her scarf to try to staunch the bleeding.

Now, Ming Fei says that she really didn’t remember the truth for the past nineteen years, until the night she argued with her parents. When she visited her father in the hospital, after You Kuan stabbed him, she found the SD card in his pocket and saw the evidence of her father digging around near Papa Cheng’s grave. She realized that her father had killed You Kuan’s father to protect her, and later watched as he burned the SD card.

But she didn’t want anyone else to have to die like Cheng Da Qi, so she decided to solve the problem herself. She told Ke Wei about the scarf, lying that it was her father’s. When she found the scarf in her father’s car, she knew it was fake.

Ming Fei now lights the real scarf on fire. You Kuan tries to put it out, but it’s too late.

Ming Fei tearfully says that even though Xu Zhao De isn’t her real father, he killed in order to protect her. She has no choice. This is all she can do. You Kuan grabs her by the throat, trying to strangle her.

Xu tries to stop him, saying that he was the one who killed Cheng Da Qi, so if You Kuan wants to kill anyone, he should kill him. Ming Fei begs You Kuan to forgive her, but he throws her off. You Kuan turns on Xu Zhao De and starts beating him viciously.

Ke Wei yells for him to stop, saying that the evidence is gone and there’s nothing they can do about it. She suddenly faints.

You Kuan realizes that this saga isn’t over yet. There’s still a month left until the statute of limitations expires. There are images from his dreams that haven’t happened yet. The clothes Ke Wei was wearing in his dream are different than the ones she’s wearing now, and there’s a stranger in his dreams whom he hasn’t met yet. Could this stranger be another missing piece of evidence?

Ke Wei wakes up in the hospital, confused and worried about everyone else. Yao Qing is by her side and reassures her that both he and her aunt are fine. You Kuan brought her to the hospital and left once he was sure she would be okay.

Yao Qing blames himself for losing their only piece of evidence, but Ke Wei blames herself. She thought too highly of herself and simplified the situation more than she should have. She should’ve remembered that the people who wanted to bury the truth had done so for nineteen years. She was too dumb.

Yao Qing tells Ke Wei that he plans on resigning as Dong Di’s CEO. He wants to be able to fully stand by Ke Wei’s side. They go back and forth, yelling that this world is terrible, and then Yao Qing gives her a lollipop to cheer her up.

You Kuan tells his SG employees that he plans on leaving SG. He wants Chun Xiong to be in charge of the company moving forward. But both Chun Xiong and Xiao Mi think Ace should be in charge, and You Kuan agrees. He tells them that they may not be coworkers anymore, but that doesn’t mean they can’t still be friends.

Xu Zhao De wonders if You Kuan knows something, remembering his words earlier about some remaining piece of evidence lingering out there. He texts one of his people, demanding that “that person” must be found, dead or alive.

Ming Fei thinks that everything is over, and tells her father that she plans on leaving Taiwan and going back to England. She apologizes to her father for the past twenty years. He surprises her by giving her the camera that started this whole saga twenty years ago.

Ming Fei thinks she doesn’t need the camera anymore, because she remembers everything that happened. But her father says that there’s more to it than she knows. When he got home after their argument, he found some documents from her mother and a note demanding a divorce. Inside was proof that Ming Fei is his biological daughter. But at that point, Ming Fei had already left in his car.

Papa Cheng and Xu left in search of Ming Fei and came upon the scene of the car accident. They found Ming Fei clutching Ke Wei, awake but unresponsive. Papa Cheng wanted to call an ambulance, but Xu ordered him to drive the car away, saying he would take care of everything else.

Xu Zhao De admits to Ming Fei that he kept her away all these years, partly to protect her, but also because he was too ashamed to face her. Everything was his fault, caused by a misunderstanding that he created.

He apologizes to Ming Fei, but Ming Fei says that the people they really need to apologize to are Ke Wei, You Kuan, and their families.

Ming Fei drives her father to the hospital for a check-up. A masked figure watches them leave. As they start down the winding mountain road, Ming Fei discovers that the brakes aren’t working. They careen toward a stone wall adjoining the road.

You Kuan helps his mother tidy up the house. His mother is happy to have him around and helping out.

You Kuan tells his mother that Ke Wei withdrew her lawsuit. Mama Cheng is hopeful this means she’s forgiven You Kuan, but You Kuan says that it just means she doesn’t think it was Mama Cheng’s fault.

You Kuan heads out to deliver the meals his mother prepared for the homeless, and reminds his mother not to let any strangers into the house.

You Kuan goes to the place where his father’s dining chair is and finds a paper airplane on the seat. He remembers that paper airplane from his dream of his father. A kid shows up, asking who he is, and asking why he’s holding his paper airplane. The kid says that the Paper Airplane Uncle folded it for him, but refuses to answer anymore of You Kuan’s questions.

Yao Qing has dinner with Ke Wei and her aunt and chats about his plans now that he’s resigned from Dong Di. He and Ke Wei bicker a little about how he can afford to just travel the world before he figures out what he wants to do next.

Aunt Mei Qi turns on the TV, where the news reports that Xu Zhao De and Xu Ming Fei have gotten into a car accident. Ke Wei and Yao Qing are stunned, and immediately head out.

They find You Kuan with a police officer and assuming that You Kuan is being questioned as a suspect, both jump into lawyer mode. The police officer is bemused; You Kuan is the one who came looking for him and asking him questions. You Kuan didn’t even know that the Xus had gotten into an accident.

You Kuan asks Ke Wei if she’s okay. They start talking, almost forgetting that Yao Qing is there. Yao Qing, feeling awkward, quickly makes an excuse so that they can be alone.

You Kuan thanks Ke Wei for withdrawing her lawsuit, but says that he hasn’t told his mother to truth yet.

You Kuan still takes responsibility for causing Ke Wei’s car accident. From his perspective, all of Ke Wei’s suffering has been because of him. But Ke Wei says that her life has gone pretty well for the past twenty years. If anything, she’s been lucky. Once, on a school trip, she was the only one who didn’t get food poisoning. In middle school, she was the only one who didn’t get soaked during a camping trip. She’s had a good life so far, but that means that You Kuan hasn’t.

But You Kuan says that the fact he is able to live, while stealing away Ke Wei’s life, means that he has benefited. Ke Wei is frustrated by his attitude, saying he’s acting like a defendant who is trying to give himself the death penalty.

He just smiles and calls her cute. Maybe the death penalty is the right answer for him.

Ke Wei tells You Kuan that he’s making it really difficult for her to withdraw her lawsuit. In her career, she’s never seen any damage done that could be reversed. Often plaintiffs don’t care about reparations, they just want the defendants to acknowledge that they were wrong. You Kuan has already done that.

Ke Wei tells You Kuan that he has to forgive himself. If he doesn’t, it’ll be impossible for them to talk about a future together.

You Kuan is surprised: she still wants to be with him?

Ke Wei doesn’t blame him for the choice he made when he was ten. He was just a child. It’s not fair to expect a child to bear such a heavy burden.

She tells him to think about it and come back to her when he has an answer.

When they find Yao Qing again, they both look very somber. Ke Wei is ready to leave and heads toward the car. You Kuan apologizes to Yao Qing, taking responsibility for his resignation, as well as his getting attacked by Ming Fei. But Yao Qing is tired of You Kuan apologizing to him. They should be looking forward.

Ke Wei has turned to look at You Kuan. You Kuan turns back toward her, but she turns away. Yao Qing notices with a chuckle, then pats You Kuan on the shoulder before leaving with Ke Wei.

You Kuan thinks back to when he spoke with the police officer. He had asked him about the man who lived in the building with his father’s chair out front. The officer told him that the man was under monitoring. He hasn’t done anything in particular, but he isn’t registered in the system and rarely talks to the neighbors, which has made him suspicious.

The man with the limp and the face mask enters Xu Zhao De’s hospital room. He grabs a nearby pillow and smothers it over Xu’s face.

You Kuan puts together the pieces: no identification, has a limp, has his father’s chair, the paper airplane, a car accident involving foul play. Could it be?

Xu pushes off his assailant, demanding he reveal himself. The man takes off his face mask. It’s Cheng Da Qi.

Da Qi tells Xu that he kept himself hidden all these years in order to protect his wife and son. But Xu dares to harm them anyway? Da Qi won’t spare him this time. He charges toward Xu, but Xu grabs a nearby IV pole and points it at Da Qi in order to keep him at a distance. He starts yelling for a nurse.

“I won’t let you get away with this,” Da Qi warns Xu again, before limping off.

Xu looks shaken. Da Qi really is alive. He thinks back to nearly twenty years ago. Da Qi had scheduled a meeting with a detective, but Xu had shown up instead. Xu also knew that Da Qi had not followed his instructions to have his car scrapped. Now he wants to expose him?

Da Qi feels guilty about the girl in the accident. Her whole family died and Da Qi thinks she deserves to know the truth. But Xu says they don’t know what the truth is. They both arrived at the same time and saw the same thing. Xu gave Da Qi the money so that he would shut up and not talk about what he doesn’t know about.

Xu acknowledges that Da Qi’s honesty is one of his strengths. But he also watched Ming Fei grow up. Does he have the heart to turn her in to the authorities? Da Qi tries to say that as a minor, Ming Fei will probably be let off easy if she gets convicted. Xu tries to appeal to his emotions. Ming Fei is already so shocked she’s in a coma. Does Da Qi really want Ming Fei to be taken away by the authorities the moment she wakes up? And have to go through the long, painful legal process of an investigation?

Xu asks Da Qi to go see Ming Fei once, to understand how he feels. If, after seeing her, he still insists on telling the truth he believes in, then Xu will respect his choice. Da Qi went with Xu, but instead of taking him to the hospital, Xu forced him into the woods. Da Qi tried to run, but eventually tripped and fell. Xu bludgeoned him.

Now, Da Qi sits in his chair, holding his paper airplane. He hears some voices and scrambles upstairs. It’s You Kuan and his mother. Mama Cheng knocks at the door. He hides on the other side and doesn’t respond. You Kuan and his mother leave a container of food behind.

Da Qi peeks outside and makes sure no one is around before heading outside to pick up the food.

“Dad,” You Kuan says.

Da Qi turns to see You Kuan and Mama Cheng staring at him. He tries to walk away, but Mama Cheng yells his name and he stops. She stands in front of him and smacks him, then starts hitting him harder. He stands there and takes it.

“Do you know that I’ve been waiting for you? Do you know I’ve been waiting for twenty years?” She sobs, then hugs him. Da Qi hugs her back, also sobbing as he mutters his apologies.

You Kuan hugs them both.

Xu Zhao De is interviewed by the media and asks the public for help in locating Cheng Da Qi. He’s offering a two million NTD reward for anyone with information.

Plot twists galore! In a way, these twists aren’t twists because I kind of expected them earlier on, then got thrown off when it seemed pretty convincing that Cheng Da Qi was dead and Ming Fei was just a passenger… and now it seems like those original predictions are true again!

Da Qi’s reappearance brings up a lot of questions. Who was the corpse that they found and how did he convincingly plant some DNA evidence so that it was identified as him?

What happened to Ming Fei? Is she in yet another coma? I hoped that she would be able to convince her father to turn themselves in, but perhaps not…

Da Qi’s survival could be the key to a happier ending for everyone, though. Xu won’t be a murderer — just an attempted one.


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