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Recap: Skate Into Love (Ep. 6)

Tang Xue quickly realizes that ridding herself of Yu Bing is not as easy as she thought it would be. Meanwhile, she and Yu Yan get closer.


Yu Bing tells Tang Xue that she is now his training partner. She impresses Yu Bing with her ability to keep up with him. He thinks that she has a lot of potential. Meanwhile, she’s just counting down the days until the month is up.

On Tang Xue’s last day as Yu Bing’s assistant, she’s in a surprisingly good mood, and even beats him to the sports center. When he catches up to her outside, she gives him a present. He opens it: it’s a box full of live bugs.

Yu Bing’s eyes widen, but Tang Xue is disappointed when he laughs and picks one of the bugs up, asking what the occasion is. Tang Xue smiles and reminds him it’s her last day. Once she’s gone inside, Yu Bing quickly puts down the box of bugs and shudders, but then smirks.

Tang Xue heads to Manager Ma’s office to resign and collect her pay. But when it comes time for her to actually receive the money, he dumps a surprise on her: she’s the one who owes the team money. A 50,000 yuan fine has been imposed on her for invading Yu Bing’s privacy for the past month. By auctioning off the rights to deliver Yu Bing breakfast, she invaded his privacy and caused him emotional distress. The fine is written into her contract. He shows her the contract she signed as proof.

He warns her that if she doesn’t pay back the money, a court can put her on a blacklist for being in debt. (Social blacklist, which is like a bad credit score in the US, but worse because you also can’t take the high speed rail or fly and they put your face on billboards around the city.)

Tang Xue realizes that this was all a set-up by Yu Bing and demands to see Li Yu Bing. Manager Ma scurries out and sends Yu Bing a message saying he failed so it’s up to Yu Bing now.

Tang Xue angrily throws a hockey player figurine to the ground and it ominously breaks into pieces.

Da Jiang asks his roommates for some cash in the locker room. He and Jian Guo are teasing Yu Bing about Tang Xue when she suddenly bursts into the men’s locker room, startling everyone present. She ignores the hockey players and beelines for Yu Bing, demanding he take responsibility. She isn’t afraid of causing a scene and Da Jiang teases Yu Bing about contracting Tang Xue into a relationship.

Yu Bing tells the rest of the hockey team to scram so that he and Tang Xue can talk in private. He gives her two options. She can either pay the money or work in order to pay it back. The third option is for him to use legal means to get his money back. He turns away, telling her to resume bringing him breakfast the next morning.

Tang Xue calls her father to try asking for money. He’s all too willing to send her some smaller amounts, but when she asks for 40,000 yuan (a little over 5,600 USD) he balks and assumes that she’s pregnant and trying to get an abortion. When he insists on rushing over on the next available train, Tang Xue tries to backtrack and tells him to forget she said anything, then hangs up.

Tang Xue pouts while wiping down helmets for hockey team and points finger guns at Yu Bing. Yu Yan shows up to say hi, and tell Tang Xue that his birthday is tomorrow. She’s his only friend; will she celebrate with him? She agrees, and decides to take him to the aquarium, but keeps it a secret.

Tang Xue tries to leave hockey practice early to go to class, but Yu Bing stops her by grabbing her arm. She remembers flipping him over her shoulder to the ground when they were little, and tries the same move again, but now Yu Bing knows how to counter it.

Yu Bing puts her into a headlock, and they struggle, but to the casual observer it kind of looks like they’re making out. Manager Ma spots them from a distance, right as he’s reassuring someone that Yu Bing definitely has never done anything scandalous.

Tang Xue stays up late coming up with a plan for Yu Yan’s birthday. The next morning, she dashes out of Hawkeye’s lecture the moment the class is over, ditching Huan Huan.

She leaves her classroom building just in time to overhear Zhen Yu bragging about his relationship with her and playing it up to be much more than it is. Zhen Yu uses Tang Xue’s absence as an opportunity to ask Huan Huan out to dinner. He wants to show off, and she tries to mess with him by requesting they go somewhere with expensive dishes from a mix of cuisines, a place that doesn’t exist. But she claims that she’ll bring them somewhere where they can get all these expensive dishes from different cuisines in one place.

Tang Xue is determined to give Yu Yan the childhood aquarium experience he never had. His birthday happens to fall on the same day as Children’s Day, but his strongest memory of the day is one in which he watched children playing happily from up in his own room. His mother gave him a birthday present, but it was just a card detailing his training schedule.

Now, Tang Xue buys him an ice cream to eat. It’s Yu Yan’s first time eating ice cream; he’s never been allowed to before because of its high calorie count. Tang Xue looks at him pitifully and thinks it’s another sign of his poverty.

Yu Bing, Da Jiang, and Yue Wei take a break after playing some 3-on-3 basketball against some other students. Yue Wei can hold her own against the male students. Yue Wei suggests they go out to eat. Yu Bing says he’ll have Tang Xue deliver something. Yue Wei frowns at the mention of Tang Xue’s name.

Yu Bing frowns when he can’t reach Tang Xue, and tells Da Jiang and Yue Wei to eat without him. Yue Wei tries to convince him to come with, but he makes an excuse about a delivery and waves them off. Da Jiang guesses that Yu Bing is upset about not being able to reach Tang Xue. He tries to act like that’s not the case, but it’s pretty obvious that it is.

Tang Xue and Yu Yan have fun exploring the aquarium together. During a dolphin show, Tang Xue insists that Yu Yan drink a large soda and eat a large container of popcorn. He’s taken aback and makes another comment about how he’s never eaten any of these things before. Tang Xue makes another comment about how he doesn’t need to be embarrassed about needing money.

He tries to correct her, saying he’s not poor, but she doesn’t listen and instead asks him about his phone. Seeing that his home screen is fairly empty of apps, she helps him install the university’s app and shows him a few different ways to use it. When she flips to the campus message board, a gossip article with photos of her and Yu Bing pop up. She quickly tries to hide it, embarrassed.

Yu Yan asks Tang Xue about her relationship with Yu Bing. She confides in him the sad story of how he’s bullying her and demanding 50,000 yuan from her. Yu Yan offers to help her with the money, but Tang Xue, still thinking he’s poor, tells him that she appreciates the sentiment but that she can handle it herself. He looks skeptical.

The dolphin show host asks for a volunteer and Tang Xue immediately grabs Yu Yan’s arm to volunteer him. He gets chosen.

Huan Huan blindfolds Zhen Yu while bringing him to their dinner date. She pulls him into a cab, but then motions for the cab driver to just take them around the block and drop them off back on campus. Then she leads him into a science lab, where she brings out some live animals for him to touch, still blindfolded, and delights in how uncomfortable he is.

When she finally lets him take off the blindfold, he comes face to face with a taxidermy pig and screams. He scrambles out of his seat, then bumps into a skeleton in the lab, which frightens him even more.

Childhood Story: Tang Xue uses Yu Bing’s hockey stick to try and retrieve a toy that got stuck in a tree. He doesn’t want her to break his stick and they struggle over it. She throws the stick to the ground, then flips Yu Bing over her shoulder onto the ground. She tells him that her birthday is coming up in a few days; he better have a good present for her.

Yu Bing buys a large, fake tarantula for Tang Xue in order to frighten her. To his dismay, she loves the tarantula and thinks it’s adorable. She would have loved it even more if it were real. Yu Bing is frightened of the toy, and asks why she isn’t scared at all. Tang Xue responds that her mother told her all animals are scared of people.

Yu Bing frowns and thinks that it’s probably because all living things are scared of her.

More cuteness and fluff!

I really like the development of both of Tang Xue’s relationships here. With Yu Bing, she has this fiery, love-hate chemistry. She is unapologetically in-his-face and herself, and he keeps on denying his attraction to her but it’s so obvious.

Meanwhile, Tang Xue shows more of her sweet side with Yu Yan. They complement each other with how supportive they are of each other. Tang Xue’s misunderstanding about Yu Yan being poor is kind of funny, but it also feels really condescending to me… but Yu Yan doesn’t seem to mind, so it’s okay I guess?

I’m interested in seeing more of Yue Wei and see what direction she takes. She’s being painted as a rival for Tang Xue and potential antagonist, but I would love to see them interact with each other more, instead of Yue Wei only knowing Tang Xue because of Yu Bing.

Huan Huan is just hilarious. She’s so weird! But adorable.


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