The Journey from Tonight is White

Also known as: 路从今夜白之遇见青春 (Lu Cong Jin Ye Bai Zhi Yu Jian Qing Chun); The Endless Love; You Colored My World

Warning: There may be some spoilers below!


The Journey from Tonight is White is a youth drama-romance about a talented young artist named Gu Ye Bai who has PTSD-induced color-blindness, and Lu You Yan, the girl he meets who helps him paint with color.


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GU YE BAI (Chen Ruo Xuan)
A talented young artist who, painting under the pseudonym Lin, gets into art magazines and is a finalist for the International Young Artists competition, one of the world’s top awards for young artists. His dream is to win the IYA in memory of his first art teacher, Chi Zheng, who was the last Chinese artist to win the award, but passed away many years ago. At the University of Nottingham Ningbo, where he studies art, he flies under the radar and is known for doing the bare minimum.

After an accident, he re-triggers a psychosomatic color blindness that he’s had since he saw his mother and brother get killed in an accident. But he’s able to see brief flashes of color again after he meets Lu You Yan and sees a painting of his that she retouched with color. With her help, he achieves his dream of winning the IYA award. He and You Yan finally start dating after he realizes that she is Chi Zheng’s daughter and that they met when they were younger — she was the one to introduce him to Chi Zheng and to art.

But it’s not long before he and You Yan get pushed apart by her father’s disapproval of their relationship and the appearance of his childish childhood friend Gong Ze Jing, who declares herself to be his fiancee and tries to sabotage his relationship. Ye Bai’s color vision never fully returns and he loses the motivation to paint. He decides to leave in order to study painting from a famous blind artist named Mu Mian. After he gets back, he rekindles a friendship with You Yan. They open an art school for children together and he finally gains You Yan’s father’s acceptance after presenting him and You Yan with a finished version of Chi Zheng’s “Sunshine Girl” painting.

LU YOU YAN (An Yue Xi)
An optimistic, carefree student at UNNC who is determined to live life to the fullest after recovering from a serious illness. She has a strained relationship with her father, who has sold all of her mother’s art, and forbids You Yan from having anything to do with art (including date an artist). You Yan’s greatest desire is to buy her mother’s last, half-finished painting, “Sunshine Girl,” and she spends most of her free time on side jobs so she can make enough cash to do so. At first, she clashes with Huai An, who views her as a distraction for Ye Bai, but eventually her artistic knowledge gains her Huai An’s respect. She falls in love with Ye Bai after seeing his passion for art, but their relationship faces obstacles in the form of her father’s disapproval and Ye Bai’s childhood friend Gong Ze Jing. She is good friends with Wei Zi Jian, but never develops anything more than platonic feelings for him. Eventually, she and Ye Bai acknowledge their feelings for each other. Although her illness occasionally pops up in the form of her fainting in order to make something happen with the plot, it never becomes a big issue.

ZHOU HUAI AN (Luo Yu Tong)
An alumni of UNNC who manages the Yixin Art Gallery. She thinks signing a contract with Gu Ye Bai is the key to keeping her gallery in business. At first, she dislikes You Yan because she thinks she’s a distraction for Ye Bai, and because she has feelings for Ye Bai, but she eventually acknowledges that Ye Bai will never like her. Nevertheless, she always has Ye Bai’s best interests at heart, going so far as to encourage Ye Bai to repair his relationship with You Yan because she recognizes how important they are to each other. She grows to respect You Yan and become an older sister figure for her, hiring her to help manage exhibitions, and defending her against Wei Jia and Gong Ze Jing. Later, she starts liking Zi Jian and they eventually get together.

WEI ZI JIAN (Wei Zhe Ming)
An artist who is widely recognized at school for being technically talented, but he soon realizes he lacks emotional depth. He is Ye Bai’s rival both artistically and romantically, although You Yan never shows any interest in him. He has a strained relationship with his sister, who wants him to be the best and will stop at nothing to propel him to the top, even if it’s not what he wants. He confesses to You Yan multiple times but always get rejected. Eventually, he starts liking Huai An after she helps him develop depth as an artist and they get together.

GONG ZE JING (Wang Jing Yan)
Gu Ye Bai’s childhood friend whom agreed to marry. She’s childish and selfish and first appears during Ye Bai’s solo exhibition (following his IYA win), declaring herself his fiancee. She constantly tries to sabotage his relationship with You Yan, and even after Ye Bai leaves, she tries to make life hard for You Yan. Eventually she disappears after she loses to You Yan in every respect — including at her internship — and after Ye Bai tells her with finality that he will never like her.

WEI JIA (Yue Jing Wei)
Wei Zi Jian’s sister, a powerful, ruthless woman who stops at nothing to get what she wants. At first, she tries to sabotage Ye Bai so that Zi Jian can be the best, but it damages her relationship with her brother. Later, she teams up with Gong Ze Jing in an attempt to exploit Ye Bai’s weakness, but that also fails. Eventually, she shows that she reasonable enough to recognize real talent, and develops a begrudging respect for You Yan’s work ethic. However, she is never really able to understand Zi Jian or repair her relationship with him, making faux pas such as employing Xiao Chong to spy on him.

SU SHAN aka SHAN SHAN (Wang Ling Yu)
Lu You Yan’s best friend and biggest ally. While she at first clashes with Lin Zi Yan, they eventually work closely to help You Yan and Ye Bai get together. In the process, they also start falling in love, and eventually get married.

XIAO CHONG (Wang Nuo Qiao)
You Yan’s third roommate and best friend. She is quiet and studious and harbors a secret crush on Wei Zi Jian. Because of it, she gets jealous of You Yan and succumbs to Gong Ze Jing’s manipulation and blackmail. Eventually, she gets a backbone and stands up to Gong Ze Jing, even though it means sacrificing her job. But she remains easily manipulated and after getting hired by Wei Jia, spies on Zi Jian for her because it means she can be closer to Zi Jian.

LIN ZI YAN (Kuang Mu Ye)
Gu Ye Bai’s best friend. He’s a bit of a slacker and does the bare minimum to get by, but is a good friend who always has Ye Bai’s back. He works with Shan Shan to get Ye Bai and You Yan together and always has the best intentions, though not the greatest execution. He finds surprising success in the workplace, but quits his job for Shan Shan because they wouldn’t be allowed to date as coworkers. Eventually he starts his own business, proposes to Shan Shan, and marries her.

CHI PU (Zhang Jun Ran)
You Yan’s cousin and older brother figure, who always looks out for her and helps You Yan keep her relationship with Ye Bai a secret from her father. He has the same genetic disease as You Yan and her mother and eventually passes away. He encourages You Yan to pursue her relationship with Ye Bai and not let it slip by her after experiencing a similar, but failed, relationship with Cheng Yuan, his college sweetheart. He and Cheng Yuan eventually reconnect shortly before he passes away, but when he dies they are both full of regrets.

You Yan’s mother and Ye Bai’s first art teacher. She was a talented artist who won the IYA and had a lot of recognition, but chose to teach children how to paint instead of selling her paintings for millions. She is Ye Bai’s inspiration for painting and the reason why he values art above money.