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Drama Review: Just You (就是要你愛上我)

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Just You is kind of ridiculous, but is also one of my new  favorite dramas, solely because of our lovely lead couple up there, who are now one of my all-time-favorite couples.

There are a lot of caveats to liking Just You. For one, you have to understand and be able to endure the exaggeration that is part of Taiwanese rom-com humor. I often can’t stomach the over-exaggeration of emotions that is so often a part of Taiwanese dramas, but I’ve come to recognize it as just part of the comedic style. Just You features a lot of this classic overacting.

Another caveat is being able to tolerate an incredibly frustrating antagonist and plot arc. Just You never really drags, but it does feature several episodes that made me want to throw my laptop into a wall out of frustration over the actions of the jealous, slightly sociopathic second lead Jia Yu. What frustrated me the most was that despite some vague attempts to give Jia Yu some dimension, she was in reality a very one-dimensional, irrational character.

What made the show was Puff Kuo and her chemistry with Aaron Yan. Puff Kuo may not be the greatest actress, but every emotion she expresses feels so genuine and she plays some great characters that bring out the best side of her on-screen. What she lacks in acting chops, she makes up for with natural charm. Cheng Liang Liang is the sort of naive, happy-go-lucky, perpetually cheerful character who can so easily be very annoying, but like all the other characters in the drama, I was much more charmed by her than I was annoyed.

Aaron Yan always plays the same types of characters, but he looks good while doing it, and he and Puff Kuo have some incredible on-screen chemistry as Qi Yi and Liang Liang. Their banter and relationship feels natural and real, and as a couple they are adorable and incredibly supportive of each other. Although Qi Yi often makes questionable choices, especially with his inability to communicate important things, in the end his relationship with Liang Liang is very healthy, which is sadly rare to see in an Asian drama. There is a sense of mutual respect, mutual support, and the mutual willingness to negotiate with and adapt to each other that is so important in a good relationship.

Qi Yi and Liang Liang are also just hella cute and their interactions full of so many squee-worthy moments.

Just You isn’t the perfect drama. It’s full of cheesiness and has its ups and downs, but I love the power moms and adorable lead couples and in the end is exactly the kind of cheerful, feel-good drama you want to watch.


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