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Quick Recap: Shuttle Love Millennium (ep. 3)

“This is… Old Shanghai.” – Sun Qi Long

While watching Shuttle Love Millennium (相爱穿梭千年貳:月光下的交换) I will be inconsistently posting some quick episode recaps and thoughts as I watch!

In this episode of Shuttle Love Millennium, our two main guys, Sun Qi Long and Zhang Zhi Gang, finally come to terms with the reality of their time-switching situation, but neither of them really understand, nor do any of the people around them believe them.


We start off with Zhang Zhi Gang in the hospital after being hit by a car. Wang Lin is worried, but still refuses to believe that he is not Sun Qi Long. She attempts to contact Qi Long’s family, but his sister refuses to listen to her and doesn’t seem to care what happens to “Qi Long.” Wang Lin returns home to find Zhi Gang banging his head against jugs of wine in an attempt to recreate the moment that transported him to this time, which he decided to do after accidentally seeing a clip of Bu Bu Jing Xin (Scarlet Heart) on TV. Wang Lin continues to believe that Zhi Gang is just Qi Long playing around and laughs at him, but Zhi Gang finds a French cookbook that he owned with his name stamped in it, which Wang Lin later verifies after laughing at him at first.

In 1936 Shanghai, Qi Long wakes up and is convinced that he has been kidnapped and everyone around him is just trying to extort money from him. He meets Fei Fei, who keeps crying and hugging him, and also meets Zhi Gang’s fiancee, Zi Qi, who slaps him several times. After angrily leaving the Blue Moon, he steals a bike and tries to “escape” what he thinks is a reenactment park, but soon realizes the futility of his efforts when he finds the Shi Heng Bank building and sees that he is indeed in Old Shanghai. Depressed, he collapses in the rain. Last we see, he is lying in bed with Zi Qi tenderly taking care of him.


I keep on forcing myself to give this drama another chance. I really don’t like the Chinese style of voice-dubbing, especially when Janice Man’s voice is this unbearable baby voice and her face is constantly stuck in a pout. I find all the 2016 characters pretty annoying, Qi Long included. However, I really like all the 1936 characters, which is why I keep watching.

The best parts of the show that keep me watching are the interesting visuals and trying to figure out the link between Qi Long and Zhi Gang. For example, we meet Mr. Wang, head of the Yellow Gang, who looks a lot like what we’ve seen of Wang Lin’s grandfather, and also happens to be surnamed Wang. Coincidence? Not? The first few episodes I was also pretty convinced that Fei Fei is Qi Long’s grandmother.

Despite how much I get annoyed by both Qi Long and Wang Lin, I do like some of the humor involved in the show, some of which spawns from Qi Long’s fast talking. There was also an anachronous G-Dragon quip in there that I found pretty funny.

Overall, this episode is an improvement over the previous one, and I’ll keep watching out of the hope that the show finally starts being something that I want it to be.

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