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Quick Recap: Shuttle Love Millennium (Ep. 7)

No picture for this episode, but things start to pick up in terms of actual plot in Shuttle Love Millennium.


Qi Long happens to drive by the storefront for the dumpling stand he had once advised. Happy to see that the owner took his advice on the dumplings, he buys some to bring to grandma. At the hospital, he runs into some elders and his father, who greet him warmly, to his confusion. He talks to his sleeping grandma about not having seen her for several days, which catches his sister’s attention. Didn’t he just visit yesterday?

Apparently, Zhi Gang did much more than just visit grandma. He also talked to some of the elders, which helped the company secure a deal for a shopping mall, something that they had been struggling with before. Qi Long’s sister, Sun Wei, is pretty bitter about Qi Long’s sudden success, given his playboy attitude.

Qi Long is infuriated when he finds out that Zhi Gang has been going around masquerading as him, attempting to withdraw his money, even going to visit his grandmother. He suddenly realizes that perhaps Zhi Gang is after his wedding wine! He immediately goes to visit Wang Lin, who is moping and getting drunk on her own wine. In her drunken state, she mistakes Qi Long for Zhi Gang and starts hugging him, much to his displeasure.

Qi Long accidentally drinks some of the special wine, mistaking it for water, and switches bodies with Zhi Gang once again. This time, he appears to be in the bad guys’ warehouse where he and Uncle Fang have been trespassing. Uncle Fang pulls him into the shadows as some of the cronies investigate, while Qi Long struggles against him, almost blowing their cover.

We find out that a few hours before, Zhi Gang discovered that Qi Long had withdrawn all his money, and had also found out that the Purple Rain Forest restaurant was being renovated. He goes to investigate and sees people moving in and out, as well as a car with a Japanese flag drive by. He notes the oddity in two grown men struggling to move some vegetables.

He investigates the warehouse and discovers that the boxes are hiding weapons, and also draws the parallels between the produce and the prices listed in the ledger he had Wang Lin read out to him. He hides from the cronies and runs into Uncle Fang, but before they can talk further, he switches places with Qi Long.

Qi Long fights his way out of the warehouse by spraying the cronies with his inhaler medication and emulating Jackie Chan. He runs away and his chased down the streets of Shanghai. Unable to run anymore, Qi Long hops off the same bridge that Uncle Fang had dangled from in the first episode, and disappears into the river. Meanwhile, his escape allowed Uncle Fang to escape through a secret passageway. Uncle Fang bumps into Xiao Dong, who was also nearby and who catches a glimpse of his face. Xiao Dong is brought before Mr. Wang’s boss crony, who threatens him in order to find out Uncle Fang’s identity.

Qi Long finds his way back to the Blue Moon restaurant and demands the last of the money from Fei Fei. They accidentally walk in on Zi Yi, and Qi Long feels a spark of attraction (because how can he resist a pretty face?) Meanwhile, Wang Lin wakes up with a terrible hangover, finds what’s left of her wedding wine, and then sees Zhi Gang and is delighted to have him back.


I’m glad that things are moving along a bit more in plot, in terms of seeing more things happen both in 2016 and 1936. Honestly, everything about the 1936 timeline is much more compelling than anything happening in 2016. I can’t really stand all of Wang Lin’s moping and Qi Long’s indignant childishness. While Zi Yi also spends most of her time looking sad and not speaking, she hasn’t really done much to offend me just yet.

I was wrong about the guns. It turns out they aren’t modern so there isn’t any weird time traveling thing going on with the guns at the very least. It looks like the Japanese guy Mr. Wang was hosting provided him with the weapons.

There must be something significant about the sunflower seeds that Mr. Wang likes eating since they keep on focusing on it. Perhaps later on it’ll be a way for us to recognize him, perhaps when we see Wang Lin’s grandfather more? Is it supposed to be a sign that they are the same person?

I’m curious about why Zhi Gang met with the elders. Did he know them in his 1936 life and simply wanted to see some old friends in this new time? Or did Grandma ask him for a favor? Essentially, all he’s doing is doing Qi Long a favor, who is completely childish and gets so offended by Zhi Gang even attempting to withdraw money when that’s exactly what Qi Long successfully did.

So far my dislike of some of the characters hasn’t been ruining my enjoyment of the show. Let’s hope they mature soon or something else changes!


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