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Quick Recap: Shuttle Love Millennium (Ep. 14)

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This episode is full of cute fluff, a change from the heavier plot content and tears of the previous few episodes. It’s a nice change, and something that the drama does very well.


While Zhi Gang and Wang Lin discuss the universe, we see that Qi Long has been saved by one of Wang’s cronies and has been delivered back to Blue Moon, leaving Qi Long extremely confused. He affectionately watches Fei Fei sleep, then decides that he must stay and protect Fei Fei and Zi Yi, in case the Yellow Gang finds out that Zhi Gang has a jade necklace.

He wakes Fei Fei up the next morning, dresses her up nice, and takes her out. They drop by a mooncake shop and Qi Long sends Fei Fei off to Grandma Zhou’s house with some mooncakes, remembering that his grandmother once told him that her grandmother loved eating those mooncakes. Perhaps this is how Fei Fei becomes Zhou Li Jun.

Now that Fei Fei is protected from the Yellow Gang, he gets to work trying to protect Zi Yi. His solution is to make her a famous actress so they won’t be able to touch her.

In 2016, Zhi Gang says that he wants to go to the hospital and visit Grandma before he goes back to 1936. But Qi Long’s sister is already at the hospital and opens the letter that Qi Long sent to Grandma. After reading something about inheritance and wine, she is determined to find out exactly what Grandma wrote in her will.

And, as fate would have it, Zhi Gang runs into Qi Long’s sister at the hospital. The sister asks, “Who are you?”


Dun dun dun dun. I can’t tell if Qi Long’s sister is faking her lack of recognition to catch Zhi Gang in a trap, or if she legitimately recognizes that Zhi Gang is nothing like her brother, but either way he’s caught.

Qi Long’s active efforts to protect Fei Fei and Zi Yi in this episode bring back the question of how malleable the past is. If Fei Fei becomes Zhou Li Jun through Qi Long’s active efforts, then does that mean the past is never really “changed” since everything that happens just maintains the present? If not for Qi Long’s active decision to send Fei Fei to Grandma Zhou, she would never become Zhou Li Jun (we can assume) so Qi Long is actually maintaining the timeline, despite how disruptive he seems. This also suggests that perhaps what Zhi Gang wants–to change the past–isn’t possible. Besides, all we know is that Zhi Gang/Qi Long and Zi Yi disappear in the fire. They might’ve died, but they might’ve also disappeared by magic.

I’ve wanted to drop this show so many times already, but purely because of the characters. For all my issues with the characters, the plot is still clipping along at a very good pace, so I guess I’ll keep watching.


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