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Recap: A Love So Beautiful (Ep. 9)

I’m sorry A Love So Beautiful, I’ve neglected you for so long! I actually had this post sitting in my drafts for almost a year, so I’m just going to publish it now… But don’t worry, I plan on finally finishing this series and have a ton of A Love So Beautiful recap posts coming up for the next week or two!


Wu Bo Song finishes up swim practice and looks at the secret he has (“I like someone but I’ll keep it a secret.”)

Chen Xiao Xi compares the two secrets she has (“I like Chen Xiao Xi” and “I don’t want to play this game”) and stays up all night.

Wu Bo Song isn’t in class the next day. Lin Jing Xiao continues to be mad at Lu Yang for losing their money.

Teacher Liu announces that their school is being inspected and that the school will be holding an activity that all classes have to participate in. She signed their class up for a debate competition.

Lin Jing Xiao notices that Chen Xiao Xi hasn’t been her usual self lately. Chen Xiao Xi admits that she got the secrets wrong. Xiao Xi knows it’s wrong to lead Wu Bo Song on, but she’s afraid of losing his friendship. Lin Jing Xiao suggests that Xiao Xi should just date Wu Bo Song — he’s definitely a catch.

Jiang Chen stays after school to work with Li Wei on the upcoming debate contest. Xiao Xi watches them jealously.

Wu Bo Song swims all day. His teammate notices and asks if he’s fighting with his girlfriend. He doesn’t respond and swims more.

Xiao Xi laments that she hasn’t walked home with Jiang Chen in the longest time because of the debate contest. Lin Jing Xiao says that Xiao Xi should just participate. She volunteers Xiao Xi to help out with the debate team. Jiang Chen secretly smiles.

During the debate team meeting, Qiao Lu asks Xiao Xi for her opinion on the debate topic, perhaps hoping that she’ll embarrass herself. Xiao Xi starts talking about Wu Bo Song, making Jiang Chen angry. He leaves early. Xiao Xi follows him and asks if he’s upset because she talked about Wu Bo Song, but he denies it.

Xiao Xi decides to face her problems head on and goes to find Wu Bo Song. She tells him that she doesn’t like him. He pretends to laugh it off and act like it was all a joke. But when she leaves, his facade slips.

One of the debate teammates likes Xiao Xi’s earlier point about Wu Bo Song and asks her to do some more research on him.

Qiao Lu falls ill from drinking a bottle of water that Xiao Xi bought. Lin Jing Xiao suggests that Xiao Xi should replace her on the debate team.

Lin Jing Xiao spots Lu Yang getting bullied and manages to scare off the bullies. The friends confront Lu Yang and demand to know who the bullies are. Lu Yang tells them about his friendless childhood and how the bullies have harassed him for years, and how embarrassed he is about it all. The rest of the friends start sharing their embarrassing stories in solidarity. Jiang Chen and Xiao Xi smile and laugh together, connecting over Jiang Chen’s embarrassing story of getting drunk as a child and wandering into Xiao Xi’s apartment, where he watched TV, sang, and then fell asleep. Wu Bo Song watches them with a sad smile.

Lin Jing Xiao spots Doctor Li at the bookstore and follows him to the movie theater. She manages to get into the same movie as him and sits a few rows back, pretending they’re on a date. She’s giddy the whole next school day.

Xiao Xi gets nervous before the debate. During the debate, when called to speak, she stumbles over her words and the audience snickers while she struggles. The other team notices that she is the weak link on the team and pick on her to rebuttal. She stutters, but Jiang Chen helps her out by reminding her of Wu Bo Song. She immediately becomes more confident as she starts to speak about him.

Wu Bo Song and his father finally have a good relationship. He leaves early after swim practice, turning down an interview, so that he can watch Xiao Xi’s debate. He shows up just in time to hear her speak about him.

Jiang Chen listens intently and smiles as Xiao Xi eloquently gives her speech. He whispers prompts to her whenever she blanks and struggles to find the next words to say.


Aww that’s cute. We’re finally getting to a better place with this show! I honestly have no issues with this episode. I loved that Xiao Xi faced her problems head-on and I’m glad that all the characters (Jiang Chen especially) are able to find some balance between themselves and finally be supportive and positive rather than jealous, angry, and negative. My heart breaks for Wu Bo Song because we all know he’ll get the short end of the stick over the course of this drama, but wow, he handles it so well.


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