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Recap: Amensalism (Ep. 3)

You Kuan dreams of the next death to happen and it will hit close to home. Meanwhile, he struggles to decide what the best way to protect Ke Wei is: keep her close, or keep her at a distance? We also learn a little bit more about how all our characters are connected.


A high school-aged Cheng You Kuan asks to see his doctor only to find out from a nurse that his doctor has died.

He remembers his last appointment with the doctor. You Kuan had told his doctor about a dream involving a plane that exploded, killing everyone on board. He also saw in his dream the very tie that the doctor was wearing.

You Kuan asks the nurse if the doctor died while traveling overseas.

Next thing we know, You Kuan is racing up some stairs to the rooftop of the tallest building on his high school campus. He runs to the edge and yells, “Why are you doing this to me? Why?” Not only are his dreams coming true, but even random things that he makes up and says are coming true.

He curses himself to die and yells that he’ll jump off right now and die for them all to see. He hops up onto the ledge and stares down at the campus beneath him.

“Please keep your voice down,” someone suddenly says to him. He turns to find another student also standing on the ledge. It’s Li Yao Qing. He tells You Kuan to fine somewhere else to jump from. If they die near each other, he’s worried that everyone will think they died together because they were in love with each other. He asks You Kuan not to die, otherwise it’ll cause him a lot of grief.

You Kuan responds that why should he care when he’ll already be dead? Yao Qing responds that there’s someone he wants to protect. You Kuan calls him an idiot for wanting to protect someone when he’ll be dead.

“You’re right,” Yao Qing says. “I guess I won’t die then.” He hops off the ledge.

You Kuan closes his eyes and prepares himself, but then he’s abruptly dragged off the ledge by Yao Qing. Yao Qing asks if it’s true that he has the power to curse someone to die. He asks if he can borrow it and introduces himself as Li Yao Qing.

You Kuan prepares to stab himself with the broken piece of pottery, but someone grabs his arm and makes him drop it. It’s Yao Qing, who just smirks and says, “You’re at it again?”

He tells You Kuan that he’s still the same way he was in high school. What happened this time? He guesses that You Kuan dreamed Ke Wei would be attacked and was unable to stop it, and now she’s seriously injured. Yao Qing tells You Kuan that he’s improved: at least this time she didn’t die.

Yao Qing warns You Kuan to stay away from Ke Wei. They both know that nothing good happens to people who are close to him.

We see some flashes of the past. A different death. Yao Qing angrily grabbing You Kuan by the collar and demanding to know what he dreamed.

You Kuan angrily yells at Yao Qing, saying he’s right. Yao Qing knows better than anyone how right he is. So that’s why he shouldn’t try to stop You Kuan from killing himself. “You hate me,” You Kuan says, “I hate myself more. Today, I will end all of this.” He climbs up onto a ledge.

But Yao Qing pulls him down again, telling him that death is too easy. He knows that it’s much more painful for You Kuan to live. And he wants You Kuan to live every day in pain.

You Kuan dreams of a wedding, a woman who looks like Ke Wei’s former client, Miss Liu, blood, a blue glove, and a man shoving a woman in a wedding dress. He wakes with a gasp.

Yao Qing goes looking for Ke Wei at the hospital, but she’s not in her room. He finds her playing video games with two kids. They get tired of playing with her because she keeps beating them so Yao Qing joins her instead.

Afterward, Yao Qing asks Ke Wei if she knows You Kuan well. She tells him she only met You Kuan a few days before the attack. She asks if he knows him. Yao Qing responds that they see each other every day. She asks for You Kuan’s phone number. She hasn’t seen him in a month ago, when she first woke up on November 8, and has been looking for him. Yao Qing says that he doesn’t have You Kuan’s number. They’re not close, they just work together, but he can help her pass along a message. She says there’s no need. Now she knows she can just look for You Kuan at his office if she needs to find him.

Yao Qing frowns, but then Ke Wei asks if Zhang has said anything about the accident. He hasn’t and isn’t allowed to take visitors other than his lawyer. Ke Wei asks to get in contact with him.

You Kuan is also interested in finding out what Zhang knows. Zhang’s lawyer tells him that Ke Wei’s lawyer already reached out to him and he told her the same thing: Zhang doesn’t know anything. But You Kuan recorded Zhang and Ke Wei’s conversation in the abandoned building and now replays it for the lawyer.

Ke Wei finally returns home from the hospital. She tells her aunt there’s no need to fuss over her and sees her out the door, but once she’s alone, she feels uncomfortable, remembering how Zhang had gotten in so easily not long ago. At night, she struggles to fall asleep, then thinks she hears a noise downstairs and goes to investigate.

The sound comes from her blinds clattering at a partially open window. She closes it and thinks about turning off the light, but then doesn’t. On her way back upstairs, she notices a package on the table with her name on it. She opens it to find a flash drive inside.

The flash drive has an audio file with her name on it. It’s a recording of Zhang speaking with his lawyer. Zhang’s lawyer lies to him and says that Ke Wei is dead, but that he needs to know what Zhang knows about the car accident, otherwise Cheng You Kuan can accuse him of premeditated murder.

Zhang reveals that he didn’t see the scene of the accident. By the time he got there, the police were already there. The only reason he knew that Ke Wei wanted to know about the accident was because her aunt, who told him Ke Wei’s life story. He also saw the evidence on her wall. He cackles that Ke Wei didn’t die because of him–she died because she was too stupid.

Ke Wei slams her laptop shut and fights back angry tears. She contemplates the flash drive, then looks at the packaging with her name on it.

You Kuan studies Ke Wei’s business card, then angrily throws it away. But later he goes back and takes it out of his trash bin.

Th next day Ke Wei and her aunt go on a shopping trip that ends up being another product placement for vitamins.

Fang Jing An gets bailed out by his father. He’s worried his father will be angry, but his father says that he’ll help him get his retribution.

Liu Xiao Fang, Ke Wei’s former client and the woman whose death You Kuan dreamed about, tosses some old clothes into a recycling bin in an alley. Fang Jing An sees her and tries to approach, but she warns him to stay away, saying she has a restraining order, then runs away.

Ke Wei goes to the Dong Di Group’s office building to try and find You Kuan. He spots her when he and Ace pull up in a car with Ming Fei. He tells Ace to pull into the garage instead of getting out here. Ming Fei notices and recognizes Ke Wei as the woman from the hospital.

They’re about to head upstairs when You Kuan gets a text about his bonus points doubling for something. He’s suddenly reminded of the warning about how when something good happens to him, something bad happens to Ke Wei. Ming Fei notices his distraction and asks if he’s okay. He says he needs to take care of something, and heads out, running, to find Ke Wei.

Ke Wei is no longer outside the building, having given up on waiting for You Kuan. Instead, she’s about to cross a street when a car runs a red light. She falls backward and narrowly avoids getting hit, but the car strikes a motorcyclist instead. She starts getting a panic attack at the sight of the accident.

You Kuan sees Ke Wei panicking on the ground and remembers her aunt telling him that Ke Wei has a fear of cars and car accidents. But she’s always insisted on trying to overcome her fear by forcing herself into cars and taking on cases involving traffic accidents.

Now, You Kuan strides over to Ke Wei and uses his jacket to cover her eyes, then helps her stand. He tells her that it’s okay to be afraid. She doesn’t have to be brave all the time. He gives her thirty seconds to let her fear out now, and says that if she’s still afraid after, it’s okay. He’ll be with her.

She starts crying under the jacket and clings to his shirt. He slowly brings his arms up and holds her.

After, they grab a meal together. Ke Wei confides in You Kuan that she has a good friend too, like his three friends that are his pills. Her friend is a brown paper bag.

She asks him if he sent her the flash drive with Zhang’s interview. She’s grateful and asks him to text her his number. He starts to, but then remembers Yao Qing’s warning about keeping his distance from Ke Wei. He knows that if he gets closer to Ke Wei, he’ll just hurt her. He frowns and puts his phone back down.

Ke Wei notices his change in demeanor and asks if he’s okay. He puts on a playful smile and nods, then texts her several photos of hotel rooms. They’re all love hotels. She glares and asks what he’s trying to do, and he responds that it’s obvious: he wants to sleep with her. She rejected him last time, but she probably won’t this time, right? She glares and then calls a hotel, making a reservation under his name. She tells him that she knows he can get a good night’s sleep there — by himself.

She stands up to leave and gets a call from Liu Xiao Fang, who is nervous about Fang Jing An. Ke Wei slams some money on the table, telling You Kuan she thought he would understand, then heads out, still on the phone.

You Kuan sighs after she’s gone, angry with himself. Then he frowns more, remembering Liu’s name from the day at the coffee shop and linking her face to his dream.

He tries calling Ke Wei, but she refuses to pick up, so he finds Yao Qing instead and asks him to call her. Yao Qing would be happy if You Kuan never saw Ke Wei again, but You Kuan gets his attention by saying that if cares about Ke Wei’s safety, he’ll listen.

Ke Wei meets with Liu Xiao Fang, who asks if she can stay with Ke Wei, just for a few days. Her fiance is away and she’s scared to be alone. Ke Wei agrees to help her after Xiao Fang begs, but right after she says yes, someone says, “You can’t.”

It’s You Kuan. He and Yao Qing show up together. You Kuan tells Ke Wei that Xiao Fang isn’t her client anymore, and starts to pull her away. Yao Qing is a bit more diplomatic, saying that as a lawyer, Ke Wei’s best weapon is the law. If Xiao Fang is worried about her physical safety, she should consider hiring a bodyguard, for example, You Kuan. But Ke Wei tells her she doesn’t need to spend money on a bodyguard, she can just stay with her.

You Kuan tries to tell her not to again, and Ke Wei turns on him, saying he’s behaving very weirdly, barging in like this… and then realizes why and how he came to find her in the first place. She suddenly stares at Xiao Fang with look of fear. Xiao Fang is confused at the sudden change, and only Yao Qing has the presence of mind to pull Ke Wei and You Kuan aside to discuss the situation.

You Kuan tells Ke Wei that he thinks Liu will die the day of her wedding. Yao Qing says that if he already knows, then can’t he just be Liu’s bodyguard and protect her? But You Kuan and Ke Wei both answer “no” simultaneously.

Ke Wei explains that the only time You Kuan was able to save someone, she was there. Yao Qing doesn’t believe her, but Ke Wei says that they were only able to stop Zhang last time because of her. And then she ended up in the hospital, Yao Qing points out. Ke Wei rolls her eyes and exasperatedly says that her getting attacked had nothing to do with it.

You Kuan shushes them both, then says that Yao Qing is right. Perhaps they shouldn’t intervene at all. Ke Wei glares at him. Does he really plan on watching as Liu dies?

Yao Qing tries to tell Ke Wei that You Kuan’s ability isn’t really an ability — it’s a curse. But Ke Wei continues to stare down You Kuan, saying that at least he has always tried these past nineteen years and hasn’t given up on trying to save the victims from his dreams.

Yao Qing guesses that Ke Wei thinks You Kuan is like her. She hasn’t given up the past nineteen years either. Maybe she hopes that if You Kuan can succeed in saving someone, that means she can succeed too. He tells her that she is not You Kuan. They are not the same.

Ke Wei angrily responds that they are different too. He isn’t her either, and he has no right to make decisions for her. He stares back at her for a moment with a mix of anger, frustration, and pain, then tells her to do whatever she wants before leaving. He ignores her when she calls after him.

You Kuan tells Ke Wei that she should listen to Yao Qing. But she says she can make her own decisions. Right now she’s focused on trying to find a way to save Xiao Fang. You Kuan is either with her or against her. Is he going to save Xiao Fang or not? He says he will.

Yao Qing is in a business meeting when he gets several texts’ worth of apologies from Ke Wei. Ke Wei and You Kuan are wedding dress shopping with Xiao Fang. Yao Qing doesn’t respond, so she keeps texting, asking why he isn’t responding, then texting “Ahh! I’m in danger!” to try and trigger a response. You Kuan watches her, then comments that she types pretty quickly. She responds that he doesn’t have to force himself to make conversation with her.

Ke Wei accidentally spills some coffee on her white shirt. You Kuan offers her his own shirt to change into. While she changes, she asks You Kuan how he knows Yao Qing. He responds the same way Yao Qing did: that they see each other day because they’re coworkers but are not close. She finds their responses suspicious because they’re too similar. He changes the subject in response.

Ming Fei instructs Xiao Mi and Ace to tail You Kuan. She feels like he’s been acting weirdly. They track him to the wedding dress shop and send some photos to Ming Fei, who scrolls through her phone and chuckles. She’s in the same business meeting as Yao Qing. Some of her coworkers mutter unhappily about how she’s wasting their time by being on her phone and not paying attention during the meeting.

Yao Qing hears and tries to smooth over the situation by suggesting that maybe they should reconvene after thinking over the options some more. But Ming Fei responds that there’s no need to discuss further. She’s already decided which option to go with, and has a very sound business reason for her choice. She ends the meeting.

Ming Fei stops Yao Qing before he leaves the room, saying he doesn’t need his help. He responds that she’s right; he didn’t realize she was so good at multitasking. She comments on how his phone was buzzing the whole meeting — a woman, perhaps? He counters that she seemed very expressive when looking at her phone — a man?

Ming Fei just smiles and says that Yao Qing can tell her if he’s in love with someone. She’ll relay the message to her father so that he’ll stop trying to matchmake the two of them. Yao Qing responds that he doesn’t mind if Ming Fei is interested in another man. As long as the conditions are right, marriage can be just business. She responds that it’s a pity she doesn’t want to collaborate with him. He nods and leaves and though Ming Fei tries to look cool, it seems clear once he’s gone that he’s gotten on her nerves just a bit.

Fang Yan Hua, Fang Jing An’s father, calls in a favor with Chairman Xu and asks for his help to ruin Liu Xiao Fang. Fang Yan Hua wants Xu to dig up dirt on her or frame her so she has to go to jail.

Fang Jing An is in a group text with some of Liu Xiao Fang’s friends, who post a photo of her wedding invite so he knows exactly when and where it is.

You Kuan briefs Xiao Fang on her schedule for the next day at Ke Wei’s house. He asks her if she has a pair of blue gloves. She tells him that she threw them away a few days ago.

Ke Wei sends Xiao Fang upstairs to rest, then asks You Kuan about the gloves, guessing that they appeared in his dreams. The fact that they’re missing seems to bother him, as does the fact that he doesn’t know how Liu will die. He’s frustrated by how he sees only pieces of the puzzle and is never able to figure out the whole picture until it’s too late. Only last time was different.

Ke Wei looks him in the eye and confidently says that last time isn’t going to be the only time. This time, the ending will be different, too.

Ke Wei suddenly stands up awkwardly and says this time will be the last time they collaborate. After the wedding, she’ll go back to searching for her witness and he can go back to saving his people. They won’t have anything to do with each other anymore. She winces at her awkwardness, but You Kuan agrees with her. He smiles wryly then heads out.

But they are each still on the other’s mind even after You Kuan has gone.

Ke Wei is kept up at night by thoughts of You Kuan’s dream. She distracts herself by playing her video games and suddenly gets a call from You Kuan.

He’s outside with a midnight snack delivery. She guesses that he’s suffering from insomnia again and asks if that’s why he’s always trying to sleep with her. Instead of answering, he counters with his own question, guessing that she leaves all her lights on at night because having Zhang trespass in her home has made her scared. She turns away to avoid responding.

Feeling the continued awkwardness between them, You Kuan apologizes if she misinterpreted his requests to sleep with her as his thinking that she’s easy. She still doesn’t say anything. He tells her to go inside since he’ll be heading off. She abruptly grabs the takeout bag he offers her and scurries inside without a word. He sighs and paces around, thinking he messed up, but is caught by surprise and tries to act casual when she comes back out and invites him in.

They end up playing video games together. The night goes on and he eventually falls asleep when it starts to get light out. She watches him for a moment, then goes to bed in the morning.

Fang Jing An stands outside a large set of double doors, the same ones that were in You Kuan’s dream, then goes inside, looking sketchy.

I’m trying so hard to like this show, but I’m not really loving this show any more than I was before. I am finding more things to be entertained by, though.

This episode shed a lot more light onto the different relationships between characters on this show, including some that we never knew existed. For example, Ming Fei’s dad, Chairman Xu. He had such a dramatic introduction that he must be important somehow. It seems like he has some shady underworld connections, what with Fang Yan Hua hinting to him about some past collaboration that needed no elaboration but immediately had Chairman Xu listening.

I’m glad that we learned more about how You Kuan and Yao Qing know each other. Their relationship was much too chilly to be purely based on the rivalry or corporate politics surrounding him and Ming Fei. It seems like they are tied together by fate almost as much as You Kuan and Ke Wei are…

Is it bad that my favorite relationship in this show so far is Ming Fei and Yao Qing’s chilly battles of words? I could care less about the main romance, but I find that Ming Fei and Yao Qing’s interactions are always entertaining. They’re always jousting with their words and smiling when they don’t mean it and it’s totally my style.


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