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Recap: The Wonder Woman (Ep. 5)


Fei Yang considers collaborating on the promotional event with Chic. Ni Mo and Xi Jun don’t like the idea and are of the opinion that promotional events are a lot of work for little reward. Steven doesn’t care and says it’s up to Fei Yang. Fei Yang can’t choose so he decides to flip a coin to make the decision.

Later, Fei Yang goes in search of the shark necklace his AI assistant found. He’s just spotted the necklace and is about to pick it up off the display when someone beats him to it: a little girl. She asks if he wants it and he nods. “Then don’t hesitate!” she says before walking away with the necklace. It’s the same girl whose doughnut Ai Sha stole back in the first episode. She’s learned her lesson.

Ai Sha leaves work at the same time as Jing Jing, who calls a client as she waits for the elevator. Ai Sha rolls her eyes at the conversation, during which Jing Jing fawns over her client in a sugary-sweet voice and agrees to meet up later. After she hangs up, Jing Jing pointedly makes a snide remark about how she so frequently works overtime drinking with clients while all Ai Sha has to do is kneel.

The two go back and forth with some chilly remarks in falsely polite tones. Jing Jing makes a comment about how she would never have to kneel before clients and that they recognize her effort and ability. Ai Sha comments that her “ability” is just being able to drink with them without falling over.

Jing Jing tells Ai Sha that she isn’t the only one who has had to sacrifice for Chic. Ai Sha may have had to kneel once, but Jing Jing has had to drink with her clients many times. They both are striving for the same goals of making Chic great. No one is sacrificing more than the other. Jing Jing says that Ai Sha can look down on her for drinking with her clients if she wants, but that’s her survival tactic.

Ai Sha has nothing to say in response to that. The elevator arrives. Jing Jing magnanimously says she’ll wait for the next one.

Ai Sha returns home to find her mother napping on her couch, waiting for her to return home. Ai Sha is annoyed that her mother has shown up without warning, but her mother complains that she hasn’t been picking up her calls or returning her messages.

Her mother demands an explanation for the news about her kneeling. Why did she kneel? Ai Sha tells her that it was work related and doesn’t concern her. But Ai Sha’s mother says of course it concerns her. Ai Sha is her daughter. Does she know how many people called asking why she kneeled? Does she realize that no one in the business world will respect her now that she’s kneeled for no reason?

Ai Sha is suddenly furious and nearly yells at her mother as she says that she kneeled to preserve Chic’s place as the top women’s consumer site. She’s willing to do whatever it takes to be first, and this is the price she had to pay. Her mother should know better than anyone. This is what she taught her.

Fei Yang finds himself in trouble with the police after presumably harassing the little girl about her necklace and getting mistaken for a kidnapper. He tries to explain himself, saying he really just wanted to buy the girl’s necklace and everything else is a misunderstanding. The police let him go. The girl sticks her tongue out at him and waves as her mom walks her away.

Fei Yang shakes his head and says, “You really can’t do business with women.”

He turns and spots Ai Sha. She doesn’t notice him as she strolls onto a playground and sits on a swing. She looks unusually dejected and his face softens as he watches her.

Ai Sha swings, lost in thought, but is suddenly startled back into reality when she looks up to see Fei Yang right in front of her. She’s unhappy to see him here and pushes him aside to walk away. As she does so, her skirt gets caught on the swing and rips.

Fei Yang immediately hurries to stop her and point out that her dress is ripped. Then he chivalrously takes off his jacket and ties it around her waist. Before he leaves, he tells her that he’s willing to collaborate with her on the upcoming promotional event if it means he can earn her trust.

Golden Man and Chic meet at Ye Xuan’s restaurant to prepare for the promo event and shoot a promo video. The Chic marketing team fangirls over the Golden Men as they arrive in formation wearing their suits. Ai Sha hears the commotion and for a moment, also seems enraptured by the sight of the men in suits, then catches herself and rolls her eyes at the other women.

Fei Yang greets Ai Sha with a wink, while Steven ignores the gushing marketing team and Xi Jun embraces the attention.

While the two teams work on separate sides of the same room, Vicky keeps trying to make eye contact with one of the Golden Men. But they’re all looking down at their work. The only person who she ends up making eye contact with is Ni Mo, and they both make disgusted faces at each other. Xi Jun smiles at Yuki, who gives him a wan response while internally disgusted at how he flirts with women when he’s clearly married.

Xiao An arrives late wearing a nice dress and some makeup, with her hair down and no glasses. She immediately catches the attention of several Golden Men, while her Chic colleagues eye her jealously, though Yuki comments to Vicky that she looks pretty.

Xiao An beelines to greet Ye Xuan and ask if he needs any help. Ye Xuan comments on how pretty she looks and asks what the special occasion is. Is she trying to impress one of the Golden Men? He’ll help her scope the guy out. She just smiles and shakes her head.

Ai Sha shows up looking for Ye Xuan, Fei Yang in tow. She’s surprised to see Xiao An’s change in appearance, but doesn’t say anything, and instead gives her a small smile and approving nod.

Ai Sha introduces Ye Xuan and Fei Yang to each other. Fei Yang’s intro is brief, but she only has glowing things to say about Ye Xuan. He’s her best friend, owner of this restaurant, head chef of Chic’s food video programs, French trained, has over 800,000 followers online, and has been voted the “most huggable man” three years in a row. She tells Fei Yang that he should try and learn from Ye Xuan, who is the modern woman’s standard for an ideal husband, and try not to get too jealous.

“Didn’t you say you don’t need friends?” Fei Yang asks with a raised eyebrow.

Ai Sha responds that she doesn’t need friends because having only Ye Xuan as a friend is enough.

Ye Xuan greets Fei Yang and holds out his hand. Fei Yang sizes him up, clearly jealous, and then pettily says that he hasn’t washed his hands since eating fried chicken earlier, so he’ll abstain from a handshake. He leaves Ye Xuan hanging.

Ai Sha rolls her eyes and adds to Ye Xuan that she forgot to mention he is very rude. Ye Xuan laughs it off and says it’s okay, but stares after Fei Yang a moment longer than necessary.

Thirty minutes before the promo video shoot is supposed to begin, Xiao An hears from Marguerite that she won’t be able to come and reports to Ai Sha with some bad news: Marguerite’s agent transferred her contract to a third party, who now won’t let Marguerite come shoot the video. They need to find another influencer to replace her in the next thirty minutes.

Fei Yang tries to make eye contact with his employees to see if any of them are willing to volunteer. They all shake their heads or hide their eyes from him. He finally sighs and decides to volunteer himself — but is upstaged by Ye Xuan, who asks, “I should count as an influencer, right?”

Fei Yang awkwardly tries to pretend he wasn’t just about to raise his hand to volunteer.

Afterward, Marguerite sobs in Ai Sha’s office. Her agent signed her with the My Way CEO and now she can’t get into contact with her agent or anyone at the company. She asks Ai Sha for help, but Ai Sha can’t help her if she doesn’t even know what was in the contract. Ai Sha tells her that she’s not a child anymore, she should at least take some responsibility for herself.

Upset that Ai Sha is lecturing instead of helping, Marguerite storms out and goes to find Fei Yang.

Xiao An tries to apologize to Ai Sha, who tells her that she shouldn’t be apologizing. They shouldn’t even be in this situation. Xiao An knows how important Marguerite is to Chic and she was in charge of talking to Marguerite’s agent. Did she even do that? Xiao An freezes and doesn’t respond.

Knowing that berating Xiao An more won’t productive, Ai Sha tells her to find some way of contacting Marguerite’s agent and dismisses her. Xiao An scurries out.

Marguerite sobs in front of Fei Yang while Xiao An tries to get in contact with Marguerite’s agent. Ai Sha goes straight to the source and tries to find the My Way CEO. She finds the office empty, only one employee remaining, a secretary who tells her that the CEO has been removed and hands her a business card for the company’s legal representative, Ji Wen Jie.

Ai Sha calls the lawyer, who wants $20 million NTD to buy Marguerite’s contract. She’s outraged and yells at him. The lawyer is simultaneously in a meeting with Fei Yang. He makes an offhanded comment about how shrill Ai Sha is to Fei Yang, who is only half-listening as he watches Ai Sha angrily walk by through the coffee shop window.

The lawyer offers to transfer Marguerite’s contract to Fei Yang if he’ll let the lawyer join Golden Man as an investor.

Ai Sha returns to Chic to find the office in chaos. News about the end of Marguerite’s contract with Chic has spread, and clients are dropping like flies.

Ai Sha locks herself in her office and tries to think of a solution. Every contract usually has some sort of loophole. She just has to find it.

She sneaks into the My Way office, looking for a copy of the contract, and manages to find it, but trips a silent alarm when she leaves the office. She’s about to be caught by a security guard when Fei Yang shows up and drags her into a storage room.

While they hide, Fei Yang puts his arm around Ai Sha so they can be smaller and duck down more. The proximity makes Ai Sha’s heart start racing and her smart watch beeps a notification, nearly alerting the security guard to their presence. But he ends up leaving without finding them and they breathe a sigh of relief. Ai Sha removes Fei Yang’s hand from her shoulder.

In the hallway, Fei Yang points out the security cameras and makes Ai Sha face the wall. She rolls her eyes, but cooperates as they awkwardly try to make their way to the stairwell without revealing their faces. The security guards see them on camera and wait, amused, because they know that they will have to walk past the security desk on their way out.

Ai Sha and Fei Yang pretend to not notice the security guards, and the security guards pretend to not notice them as they start to walk toward the building exit. But before they can leave, the security guards quickly drop their act and block their way. So Fei Yang settles for a different tactic: he throws himself at the guards and tells Ai Sha to run.

The security guards are dedicated in their pursuit of Ai Sha and Fei Yang, following them several blocks. At one point, Ai Sha’s heel gets caught in a grate and she falls. Fei Yang picks her up and carries her, bridal style, so they can keep running. Eventually, they find themselves stuck at an intersection on a side street. They hide themselves under a tarp, but are almost discovered until a cleaning lady drives the security guards away for being nosy about her trash.

Afterward, Fei Yang gently puts some ointment and a bandage on Ai Sha’s scraped hand. She asks him why he was at My Way, and he says that he wanted to help Marguerite after his own contract talks with the lawyer fell through. He hoped that there would be someone else he could talk to at My Way. What about her? She tells him that she went to look at the contract — not steal it — but that didn’t yield any helpful results either. The only way out of the contract was for My Way to disappear completely.

He laughs at her characterization of the situation. She asks why he’s laughing. He responds that he’s also frustrated by the situation, but he doesn’t mind a challenge.

Fei Yang’s face is very close to Ai Sha’s as he applies her bandage. She can’t help but steal a few glances at him. Her heart rate picks up and her watch chimes again. She quickly tries to silence it, while Fei Yang asks why her watch keeps beeping. Is it a heart rate monitor? he guesses. She lies and says it’s an alarm.

She starts to walk away, but forgets her purse, which he hands to her. Fei Yang offers to send her home. She turns him down, but continues looking at him for a long moment instead of leaving. Finally, she says, “Thank you for today,” and smiles. For once, she seems sincere. Then she walks away.

Ai Sha goes to get her watch checked, worried there’s something wrong with it because it keeps beeping. The support staff tells her that there’s nothing wrong with her watch, but he can’t make any promises about the user.

Dong Xue watches a recent video of Marguerite sobbing on camera while apologizing to all her fans. Then he starts hacking away on his computer.

Fei Yang tries to mobilize Golden Man’s legal department to figure out a way to save Marguerite from her contract with My Way. Steven thinks that he’s expending too much time and effort on the problem, but Fei Yang says that Marguerite isn’t just any “product” or client to him — she’s like his little sister. But is Fei Yang really doing this for his “sister”, or is he doing it for Du Ai Sha? Steven asks. Xi Jun agrees, saying that Chic has the most to gain if Marguerite is freed from her My Way contract.

Xi Jun questions the nature of Fei Yang’s relationship with Ai Sha. He denies everything, and is saved from further questioning by a breaking news update: My Way is being investigated for tax evasion, money laundering, and other financial crimes, and the company has been dissolved.

Steven asks Fei Yang if he hacked into My Way’s system and leaked the information. Fei Yang says he didn’t. So then who did?

Ai Sha has also heard about My Way getting hacked. She asks Ah Ben if there’s any connection between the My Way hacker and the mysterious benefactor who helped during Chic’s cyberattack, but he doesn’t know of anything.

But My Way’s dissolution is good for Chic and Marguerite. Ai Sha tells Xiao An to get the legal department involved in voiding Marguerite’s previous contract and having her sign a new one. But as for the promo videos, they’ll keep Ye Xuan on them.

Ai Sha asks Xiao An for a more detailed report of how Ye Xuan’s promo videos have been playing for audiences. He’s been as well-received as Marguerite, and with better engagement as well. Xiao An can understand why Ye Xuan would be popular, and says that listening to Ye Xuan is like listening to a comforting older brother figure. Ai Sha watches as her eyes get starry and guesses that Xiao An really admires Ye Xuan.

Xiao An hesitates and doesn’t respond, but Ai Sha just smiles and says she trusts Xiao An’s judgment.

With Sui Lin back in the office, Ni Mo and the other men don’t bother cleaning up after themselves when they have late-night snacks while working overtime in the office. But Sui hasn’t cleaned up one particular mess and it’s attracted cockroaches, which terrify all the men. They’re frozen by fear as cockroaches fly at them.

Sui Lin sweeps in to save the day. She fearlessly and ruthlessly crushes the cockroach with her bare hand while the Golden Men watch with wide eyes.

Ah Ben suddenly shows up and introduces himself, saying that he was asked to come over to talk about upcoming collaborations between the two companies. The Golden Men invite him upstairs. Xi Jun tells Ni Mo to make coffee, who passes off the job to “Sui whatever” (they can never remember her name.)

Sui Lin is surprised when Ah Ben lingers behind and says her name. He hands her a wet wipe for her cockroach-stained hands and introduces himself. She watches him go upstairs. Is this the first time her presence has actually been acknowledged by a man in the office?

At the Chic-Golden Man joint promo event, Fei Yang mirrors Ai Sha as she walks through the room, just to mess with her. He gloats when a Chic customer asks him for a photo, asking Ai Sha if she regrets not collaborating with him sooner, but Ai Sha points to Ye Xuan, who has a gaggle of women asking him to take photos, and says that he’s an example of real celebrity.

A reporter arrives to interview Ai Sha and Fei Yang on their collaboration. When asked if the most recent collaboration was Chic’s idea, Ai Sha gives credit to Xiao An. Xiao An smiles and hangs around hopefully, but the journalist doesn’t pay her any additional attention, and she just ends up being in the way, much to her disappointment.

When the photographer asks to take a photo of the Ai Sha and Fei Yang, they at first stand far apart. After some cajoling, they move closer together. Fei Yang is all too happy to put his arm around Ai Sha, and whispers that he’s just giving the public what they want when she glares at him. She retaliates by putting her arm around his waist and squeezing hard.

The photo op is cut short when Ai Sha’s mother and Nan Cheng show up uninvited. Ai Sha’s mother knew that Ai Sha would be unhappy to see them, but Nan Cheng convinced her to come by saying that this was an opportunity he could not miss: he’s been trying to get a meeting with Golden Man for forever and this is his chance.

Ai Sha is predictably pissed to see her family, but can’t make a scene. Her mother tries to guilt her by saying that she came to support her — is she not welcome here?

Fei Yang immediately steps in and says that of course Mama Du is welcome. She asks who he is. Nan Cheng whispers in her ear that Fei Yang is Ai Sha’s new boyfriend. Mama Du frowns. How come she didn’t know about this boyfriend? She starts to interrogate Fei Yang, demanding his name, age, and background.

Fei Yang starts to speak, but Ai Sha tries to damage control and warns Fei Yang that he doesn’t need to introduce himself. She says that Fei Yang isn’t her boyfriend, and her family doesn’t need to get to know him. Nan Cheng unhelpfully whispers that they must have broken up and he’s an ex-boyfriend now. So this is an ex-boyfriend? Ai Sha’s mother’s voice starts to rise. She starts lecturing them on how young people these days are so frivolous with their relationships and gets in Fei Yang’s face, acting like he’s the one at fault.

Ai Sha interrupts, saying that Fei Yang isn’t her ex-boyfriend either. He is… and she fails to find a way to characterize their relationship.

Fei Yang takes the opportunity to introduce himself as Yi Fei Yang, CEO of Golden Man.

Nan Cheng immediately starts sucking up to Fei Yang, saying that they must be fated because he keeps on running into him whenever he goes to look for his sister. He invites Fei Yang over to his mother’s house for dinner, and Fei Yang accepts, much to Ai Sha’s dismay.

Ai Sha tries to stop this train wreck from happening, claiming that Fei Yang is a stranger to her, but Nan Cheng calls her “sister” and tells her not to treat “our Fei Yang” this way. He and Ai Sha’s mother each take one of Fei Yang’s arms and start pulling him away. Fei Yang turns to give Ai Sha a toothy smile. She fumes.

Meanwhile, at the promo event, we get a product placement ad masqueraded as another bickering match between Vicky and Ni Mo. Ni Mo keeps upstaging Vicky in her efforts to pitch products to attendees. She pulls him outside to confront him. They start bickering some more. A delivery man walking by pushes them into each other. They spin together and end up with Ni Mo catching Vicky, hand accidentally on her butt. He tries to apologize but she punches him in the face.

Ai Sha’s mother tells her to stop tending the stove and go entertain Fei Yang — and say a few nice things about Nan Cheng while she’s at it. He’s not in the living room, and is instead in her childhood bedroom. He spots her lone second place award and chuckles at the thought that Ai Sha would get second place in anything.

Dong Xue watches him from the doorway and says that you don’t have to be in first place to control the world. “You’re Yi Fei Yang?” Dong Xue asks, looking unimpressed. Fei Yang asks who he is, but Dong Xue responds with a, “You don’t need to know who I am now. But you’ll know me later.”

Ai Sha finds them and tells Dong Xue to go eat dinner, but he tell her to leave him alone, then slinks back into his room.

Ai Sha snatches the second place award away from Fei Yang and puts it back on her shelf, calling him rude for poking around and touching her things. She lays out some ground rules for dinner tonight: he’s not allowed to talk or ask weird questions, he must finish eating within 10 minutes and leave, and he’s not allowed to tell anyone about having dinner with her family.

Ye Xuan is helping out when Ai Sha and Fei Yang go back downstairs. Ye Xuan and Fei Yang are both surprised to see each other and neither look too happy. Ye Xuan tries to edge Fei Yang out and sit down next to Ai Sha, but Nan Cheng shuffles everyone around so that Ye Xuan and Ai Sha are sitting across from each other, and Fei Yang sits next to Ai Sha, across from him.

Nan Cheng starts pitching some mushrooms in the chicken soup to Fei Yang, and Ai Sha interrupts him incredulously, not believing that he’s already found another bad investment. But their mother stops them before they can actually start bickering. She tries to act motherly, putting some food in Ai Sha’s bowl, but they’re chives, which Ai Sha has never eaten. She picks them out.

Ai Sha’s mother calls her out for being a picky eater at her age, but Ai Sha tartly responds that she’s never eaten chives — her mom just never remembers. Ai Sha’s mother looks at Fei Yang nervously and suddenly looks stricken. Ye Xuan tries to smooth over the situation by saying that it’s okay, he loves chives. He starts to go for Ai Sha’s bowl with his chopsticks, but Fei Yang beats him to it, saying he loves chives too.

Upon hearing that, Nan Cheng gives him a heaping portion of the dish. Ai Sha loads up a second bowl for him, too, with a smirk. Fei Yang grimaces and tries to smile as he forces the food down. He doesn’t actually like chives that much. Ai Sha chuckles quietly to herself.

After dinner, Fei Yang ingratiates himself with the family even more by helping them with their computer issues. Ai Sha’s mother sits on one side of him, feeding him fruit, while Nan Cheng sits on the other side, giving him sips of a drink.

Ai Sha largely ignores them and says that she’s heading out. Ye Xuan offers to take her home, but she turns him down. Nan Cheng and Ai Sha’s mother push Fei Yang to send her home instead. She’s even more opposed to that, but her brother and mother tell Fei Yang that he just needs to persist: they’ll be on her side.

Ai Sha says bye to Ye Xuan and leaves, ignoring everyone else. Fei Yang follows. Ye Xuan watches it all with a sigh.

Jing Jing runs into Steven at a restaurant while she’s out with a client. She waves and greets him, but he ignores her and veers into a private room.

Turns out Steven has been planted by Qi Zhen Kai, Fei Yang’s brother, to keep an eye on Fei Yang. He tells Zhen Kai about Fei Yang’s intention to acquire Chic. Zhen Kai finds Chic unremarkable. When Steven mentions that Fei Yang seems to be specifically interested in a certain employee at Chic, Du Ai Sha, Zhen Kai just shakes his head with a sigh, saying Fei Yang has not changed at all. He’s still doing things just for women.

But Steven is concerned because Ai Sha is no ordinary women. He’s worried Ai Sha will lead to Golden Man’s downfall, and that Fei Yang has met his match. “So you’re saying, that my brother can’t even beat a woman?” Zhen Kai asks. Steven gives a small nod.

Zhen Kai just laughs and dismisses Steven’s concerns, saying if Golden Man fails, they can just spin up another company for Fei Yang to play at leading. He doesn’t care what Fei Yang does as long as he stays out of trouble and doesn’t create problems for Zhen Kai. He recognizes that Steven has higher ambitions that babysitting his brother, and reassures Steven that he’ll help him get a better position at Golden Man’s parent company later, Zhen Kai’s own company, later. But for now Steven’s job is to keep an eye on Fei Yang. Steven doesn’t look happy about it, but nods.

Fei Yang hums happily as he walks Ai Sha home. It’s been a long time since he’s eaten with and experienced the warmth of a family. But Ai Sha scoffs at the idea of warmth in her family. Fei Yang asks why he didn’t meet Ai Sha’s father. Ai Sha snaps back that it’s none of his business.

He apologizes. Ai Sha looks apologetic for lashing out, but doesn’t say anything. She starts to cross the street, but Fei Yang pulls her back so she doesn’t get hit by a cyclist. He asks if she’s okay. She stares at his hand, lingering on her arm, and her heart starts racing. Her watch beeps. He glances at it and asks what kind of alarm she has set to ring right now.

She quickly pulls her arm away and creates some distance between them, telling him to stay away from her. “What’s wrong?” he asks. She steps away even more, exclaiming, “Just stay away from me!” He looks at her with confusion.

This episode felt like pure entertainment. There were so many moments that actually made me laugh out loud and go, “Is this really happening?”

Some of those moments:

  • Basically every time Ye Xuan and Fei Yang had to interact. Fei Yang is so petty! It’s hilarious. And he really acts like a man-boy when Ye Xuan is around.
  • The whole entire dodging the security guard escape sequence. Facing the wall to hide their faces — what? Ai Sha tripping — of course. Fei Yang picking her up bridal style and running — why? There are more efficient ways to carry her while running!
  • The cockroaches.

But it wasn’t all just fun. There were also some more meaningful moments.

This episode really illustrated the complex relationship that Ai Sha has with her family, particularly her mother. I was disappointed that Ai Sha’s mother’s concern for her kneeling came across more as a concern for herself and her own image. But I think it was also very representative of their relationship. Ai Sha is very much a product of her mother’s upbringing, in more ways than one. It’s clear that her mother feels a lot of guilt toward Ai Sha, but she also seems insecure about her guilt, which often results in her pushing Ai Sha away. Ai Sha doesn’t seem as insecure, but she also pushes people away and has very much been impacted by her mother’s treatment of her.

I really liked Jing Jing and Ai Sha’s conversation at the beginning of the episode. It was a little hypocritical because Jing Jing just loves throwing snide remarks Ai Sha’s way, but also, it’s an example of how women shouldn’t tear other women down. Ai Sha and Jing Jing have their skill sets and ways of approaching business. One isn’t better or worse than the other. Jing Jing is often portrayed as a sycophant, but her ability to network and make herself likable is valuable in building networks and connections, and she can get things done in a way that Ai Sha can’t. But Ai Sha’s resolute adherence to her principles and sharp analytical skills, while at times cold, also get her results, just in a different way. She and Jing Jing butt heads, but both of them are important to the business.

I hope Steven doesn’t become a saboteur. Though it seems to me like he wants to see Golden Man succeed. He probably just won’t care if Ai Sha and Chic have to suffer for it.

Sui Lin has had very small bits and basically no dialogue so far, but I want to know more about her character! I think she has a story to tell as the lone, underappreciated female employee at Golden Man.

While I continue to enjoy Fei Yang and Ai Sha’s interactions, I also still find his reasons for pursuing her rather opaque. He presumably actually likes her, otherwise he wouldn’t be doing all these little things for her and acting so petty around Ye Xuan, but why? All we know is that he saw her at the My Way launch, and afterward seemed intent on flirting with her. There must be some other component to his pursuit of her that we just haven’t seen yet. After all, he seemed to have zeroed in on her long before they actually met in person.


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