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Recap: Amensalism (Ep. 10)

You Kuan finally discovers the truth, but realizes that the truth can’t help him because Xu Zhao De won’t let it exist. Meanwhile, Ke Wei and Yao Qing continue to look for answers. Ming Fei fully recovers her memories and must decide what to do with the truth.


Ming Fei remembers what happened the night of the accident. Her father had picked her up from the police station after she was caught stealing. In the car, she confronted him about not being his daughter and said she had proof in her camera. He was so distracted by her that he swerved into the oncoming lane.

In the present, Ming Fei’s parents find her parked on the side of the road. Her father immediately hugs her, while her mother lectures her about making them worry. Chairman Xu tries to tell Ming Fei’s mother to give her a bit of space. But Ming Fei isn’t really listening to either of them. She says that she won’t ask them about her missing memories anymore. She’s going to find the answers herself.

Li Yao Qing and You Kuan drink together. You Kuan wonders at Chairman Xu’s motives for conducting an elaborate scheme to frame his father for embezzlement. Yao Qing points out that the case against his father is pretty cut and dried; the only loose end is the large sum of money he transferred. You Kuan knows that Yao Qing has a conflict of interest, given that he’s being groomed to be Dong Di’s next CEO. But Yao Qing also knows that You Kuan won’t stop even if he asks him to.

You Kuan has another dream. It’s a mix of images: someone holding a weapon out at Ke Wei while Xu stands behind her, Li Yao Qing with a suitcase, Yao Qing being choked, Ke Wei telling someone not to shoot, Ke Wei staring angrily from the end of a tunnel.

When he wakes up, he gets a call from someone in his hometown. They know someone who was out in the mountains taking photos at night, and managed to capture photos of Xu Zhao De digging near the area where Papa Cheng’s body was found. Could he have been the person who struck his father out in that field? You Kuan wonders out loud whose secret Xu is trying to hide.

He suddenly gets a call from Ke Wei. He hesitates before answering. She’s calling to ask if he can verify the sender and recipient of the money transfer receipt they found with his father’s things. The recipient is the same funeral service company that took care of Ke Wei’s parents’ affairs, as she suspected. She shares what her aunt told her about a mysterious benefactor’s $300,000 NTD donation to her parents’ funeral costs. It seems like that person was You Kuan’s father, but whether that was because he felt guilty, or something else, she’s not sure.

Before she can hang up, he asks if she’s well. “I miss you,” he says. She’s silent for a long moment before she says that she’s doing well.

You Kuan tells her that he thinks he’s close to the truth. The day they meet again is when he’ll be ready to give her an answer. She asks if he’s found some new evidence. He says he still needs some time, but it’ll be soon. “Can you wait for me?” he asks. She smiles and says she’s already waited nineteen years. “We’ll be okay,” he says.

You Kuan texts Yao Qing, asking him if he can connect him with any trustworthy police officers. Yao Qing looks around suspiciously, as if sensing eyes on his back, then texts him back.

Secretary Zheng asks Chairman Xu if he really plans on promoting Yao Qing to CEO. He was caught trying to access the archives department again recently. Zheng later discovered that his account was used to access employee records. Chairman Xu nods, processing the information, then is interrupted by a phone call. He tells Zheng to make a reservation at a restaurant. He has a meeting with Bi Ke Wei.

You Kuan meets with Yao Qing’s former law professor, Huang Jian, who is now with the police department. You Kuan shows Huang the photos of Xu Zhao De in the mountains and shares his suspicion that Xu may have been involved in his father’s death. Huang says that if these photos are real, it would have a huge societal impact, given how high profile Xu Zhao De is. You Kuan says he has more evidence he can provide as well, but Huang wants them to slow down. It’s important that this matter be treated with secrecy. He asks for some time to think it over and gets up.

Before he walks away, he turns back to stare at You Kuan. (Uh oh, that’s not good.)

Ke Wei meets with Chairman Xu, but politely refuses his invitation to a meal. Their relationship now is that of a plaintiff and defendant, and they should be meeting in court, not in a restaurant. But Chairman Xu stops her from leaving, asking if she really doesn’t have anymore doubts about the car accident. He wants to chat with her about how she views him, an accessory who helped tamper with evidence.

Ke Wei is upfront with how Chairman Xu would clearly have reasons to want to hide the crime, given how Cheng Da Qi was his employee and the car involved belonged to him. Chairman Xu commends her deduction skills, but warns her that this is a fight she is unlikely to win. There is no evidence linking him to the crime and taking him to court will cost her a lot of time. He admits that he’s been wanting to remedy the situation with her for a while. Why not take this opportunity to settle? Dragging on a lawsuit will only harm her relationship with You Kuan.

But Ke Wei doesn’t waver. The only way she and You Kuan will be able to peacefully be together is if they can prove that his father wasn’t actually the culprit. Xu tries to suggest that she’s just afraid of facing the truth, that her boyfriend’s father killed her parents, but Ke Wei is resolute. She believes You Kuan’s dreams more than the truth she’s been presented with so far, and she will never accept a settlement.

Xu Zhao De repeats his warning to reconsider the lawsuit, because she may soon find that the truth she’s looking for doesn’t exist anymore.

Ke Wei glares at him, but he doesn’t seem bothered. He gets a phone call. When he sees who it is, he laughs and says that he thinks she’s right: the truth will come out. He won’t try to make her reach a settlement anymore. Then he calls on Zheng to keep her company while he returns a phone call.

Xu Zhao De walks down the hall to the bar/lounge section of the restaurant, where You Kuan is still sitting at the bar with his laptop and photos of Chairman Xu still out in front of him.

Chairman Xu tells You Kuan that this evidence he has is quite good. But both he and Li Yao Qing forgot one important thing: every connection that Yao Qing has starting from his time in college are all connections that Xu introduced him to. He laughs that Huang is not only an old friend, but one of his people.

You Kuan quickly realizes that the whole meeting was a set-up. But why? He accuses Xu of killing his father in order to hide that he was the one who actually drove the car, caused the accident, and killed Ke Wei’s parents. You Kuan guesses the story: that Xu called his father out late at night to take care of the matter; that the money his father was caught taking on camera was actually hush money given by Xu; that Xu killed his father after his father started having doubts; that Xu was digging around near his father’s murder site because he was trying to destroy the car key.

Xu says that he’s always felt sorry and regretful about You Kuan’s father. You Kuan interprets that as admission, and says that he’ll reveal the truth. Xu says he won’t, but You Kuan says he has no way of stopping him. You Kuan has backups of the evidence and he recorded everything Xu just said. Even if Huang is under Xu’s control, You Kuan will find another way.

Xu puts his drink down. Everyone in the bar suddenly gets up and leaves.

Xu tells You Kuan that he didn’t plan on doing anything to him today. He wanted to meet in order to convince You Kuan to let go of the matter. You Kuan isn’t willing to listen. Xu has no right to tell him to let go. He killed his father.

“Then you leave me no choice,” Xu sighs. The television switches to show a security camera feed of Ke Wei sitting in the dining room with Zheng standing near her. Xu says that Ke Wei is like You Kuan. She insists on pressing forward, because of You Kuan. Right now, she’s safe. Whether she stays that way is up to You Kuan.

Xu finally admits to his crimes out loud, saying that You Kuan knows what he’s capable of. Nineteen years ago, he killed You Kuan’s father to cover up the car accident. He’s willing to do more in order to give the case a clean resolution. The television switches to a video of You Kuan’s mother, then to Yao Qing. Xu says that they both want the same thing. Neither wants more people to have to disappear like his father.

Furious, You Kuan grabs a sharp utensil from the bar and presses it to Xu’s neck, saying that he’ll end it all right now and kill him.

One of Xu’s men rushes into the room where Ke Wei is still waiting and tells Zheng that something has happened to the chairman. Zheng rushes out and Ke Wei follows. They suddenly hear screams and see people running. A group of customers flee a dining room, followed by Xu, who has a bleeding hole in his hand. “He’s gone crazy,” Xu says.

You Kuan comes out of the dining room, still clutching his weapon and looking crazed. He tells Ke Wei to get out of the way; he can’t protect her right now. Ke Wei calmly asks him to explain what’s going on, but You Kuan just rants about how Xu just admitted to everything. Xu plays victim, acting like You Kuan is imaging things, and grabs onto Ke Wei’s shoulder, as if to protect her from You Kuan’s weapon.

But Ke Wei shakes off Xu and tries to talk You Kuan down, telling him to give her his weapon. It’s the same scene from his dream. He hesitates, and then Xu’s men pounce on him, wrestling him to the ground.

Xu looks down on him, kicking away his weapon, and says that he’s disappointed You Kuan made this choice. You Kuan glares up at him and struggles as he yells, “I’m going to kill you!”

Ming Fei gets the call that her father is in the hospital, and that You Kuan tried to kill him.

Ke Wei tries to enter the police station with You Kuan, claiming that she is his lawyer. But he denounces her and tells her to leave. When she refuses to go, he yells that he doesn’t want to see her. He gets taken away.

Ke Wei sits on a bench outside, looking defeated. Yao Qing finds her and updates her on You Kuan’s situation. Ace and his mother are keeping him company. He seems okay, just tired, but the case itself doesn’t look to be in his favor.

Ke Wei asks if Yao Qing has spoken to You Kuan lately, and tells him about how You Kuan was ranting that Xu was the driver and seemed firm in his convictions. This is news to Yao Qing, who tells Ke Wei about introducing You Kuan to Huang Jian after discovering additional key evidence against Xu.

You Kuan sits in sullen silence in front of police during his interrogation, while Xu Zhao De is free to spin his side of the story. He acts sympathetic toward You Kuan, then suggests that perhaps You Kuan is mentally ill and attacked him because of a dream he had. Xu doesn’t want to press charges, saying he knows that You Kuan isn’t a bad kid. Then he ominously says that he’s worried You Kuan may one day hurt himself if doesn’t receive the proper treatment for his illness.

Yao Qing tells Ke Wei, Mama Cheng, and the SG employees that Chairman Xu had You Kuan sent to a psychiatric hospital. Apparently, You Kuan went willingly and without protest. Mama Cheng is worried, but Ke Wei is on a mission. She insists on going to him even if he refuses to see her. Yao Qing follows.

They catch You Kuan right as he’s about to be transported to the psychiatric hospital. Ke Wei asks You Kuan if he found new evidence pointing to Xu Zhao De. But You Kuan looks at Yao Qing and remembers Xu saying that all of Yao Qing’s connections are thanks to him, then says no.

You Kuan told Ke Wei that the next time they saw each other, he would tell her the truth. Is the truth that he went crazy? You Kuan looks at her, then thinks of Xu saying that all of their fates are in his hands, and says there is no truth. There never was.

He looks her in the eye and says that he lied to her. He always knew that his father was the culprit, but he fabricated a lie about Xu Zhao De because he wanted to be with her.

Ke Wei watches him get taken away with clenched fists and barely repressed anger.

Chairman Xu calls Huang Jian to thank him for his help, then burns the SD card with the photos of him in the mountain forest.

Later, he holds a press conference officially announcing Li Yao Qing as the new CEO of Dong Di. Secretary Zheng stares lasers at Yao Qing the whole time.

You Kuan returns to his mother’s house, where he apologizes to her for causing trouble, but she’s just happy to have him home. He notices that his father’s chair is gone.

Mama Cheng tells You Kuan that what happened nineteen years ago was her and his father’s fault. They shouldn’t have been so selfish. She’ll find a way to atone for their crimes.

You Kuan finds his father’s old chair, laid out with some other junk. He kneels before it and apologizes to him, anguished, for all the wrongs that he can’t right.

Yao Qing finds Ke Wei at her aunt’s house and mooches off of her for dinner. He tells her that You Kuan has been released from the hospital. She asks if he’s okay, then moves on. Yao Qing shares that he’s now CEO, but he’s still feels uneasy. Chairman Xu must know about his illicitly entering the archives department, yet he’s done nothing and still promoted him to CEO. Ke Wei is worried that it’s not safe to be so close to Xu with everything that has been going on, but Yao Qing says that’s exactly why he wants to be closer to Xu.

The doorbell rings, which is odd because it’s late. They open the door to find Ming Fei.

Ming Fei tells them about the memories she lost nineteen years ago, and what she’s finally remembered. It all started when Ming Fei was playing around with her mother’s camera. She left it on recording mode in a room with her parents, which picked up a fight between them. Ming Fei’s mother wanted to get divorced, but Xu refused to. He vindictively wanted to keep her tethered to him with a marriage so she would never be able to have public relationships with any of her lovers. He blamed her for being the one to cheat and ruin their marriage. Ming Fei was the product of her relationship with another man.

After she found out, teenage Ming Fei started rebelling and acting out. It was on the way back from the police station that she and her father got into a car accident. Ming Fei doesn’t want revenge, but she does want to end this whole debacle and stop her father from making more mistakes.

Ke Wei recognizes that it’ll be a tough battle. They still don’t have physical evidence. They only have Ming Fei’s word, and she’ll be an unreliable witness because of her amnesia and the knowledge that she isn’t Xu’s biological daughter. But Ming Fei has another key memory. Her father had a favorite cravat that disappeared after that day. It’s possible that it was lost at the scene of the accident. But Ke Wei has no memory of the cravat.

The next day, Ke Wei runs into Yao Qing when she goes back to the scene of the car accident. He’s there because he noticed that her reaction to Ming Fei’s mention of the cravat seemed odd. She admits that he was right to be suspicious. She pulls a piece of bloodstained fabric out of the paper bag she’s holding. It was found with her at the scene of the accident. At the time, her aunt had assumed it belonged to her parents.

Ke Wei didn’t tell Ming Fei that she knew about it, because she couldn’t be sure of Ming Fei’s motive, even if she believes her words.

Yao Qing has some findings of his own as well. Huang Jian’s wife is a board member, and Yao Qing noticed that the amount of stock she owns has gone up. He suspects that Xu gave them to her, perhaps in return for her husband’s cooperation, but has no proof.

If the cravat really is Xu’s, then it should have his DNA. The cravat also has Ke Wei’s blood on it. If both sets of DNA can be drawn from the fabric, then it can be used as evidence to implicate Xu. Yao Qing has a way of acquiring Xu’s DNA.

Yao Qing goes into Chairman Xu’s office to ask him about going to France for business. He purposely wears a strong-scented aftershave to trigger Chairman Xu’s allergies. Chairman Xu uses several tissues and discards them on the coffee table. Yao Qing eyes them with a smile.

The plot is the only reason I’m still watching, and I feel like at this point, there don’t seem to be any secrets left. All the truths are out, it’s just a matter of piecing them all together in time to get the bad guy.

I’m not really into this self-sacrificial, secret-keeping masochism that You Kuan loves to put himself through, but at least Ke Wei saves my sanity because she seems to see right through You Kuan’s lies. She knows he’s lying and she lets him do what he wants, all while working tirelessly in the background to give him a way to speak his truth. You go girl!

Like Ke Wei, I find Ming Fei’s motives unclear. She did seem to feel very betrayed by her parents, but is that enough for her to completely disregard their relationship? The traumatic experience with Fang Yan Hua proved that her father loves her like a daughter, but we also know that Ming Fei had viewed Papa Cheng as a father figure as well. We know that she went to visit her father in the hospital, but we don’t know what was said.


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