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Recap: Skate Into Love (Ep. 11)

Da Jiang and Yu Yan both find themselves friendzoned this episode. Meanwhile, Yu Bing and Yu Yan clash over Tang Xue, and Yu Bing realizes he’s going to have to try a little harder if he wants to win her over.


Huan Huan and Zhen Yu are woken up by the sound of someone knocking at the door. Huan Huan thinks it’s her cousin and sleepily tells Zhen Yu to open it. But when Zhen Yu opens the door, there’s a man there. He asks Zhen Yu if he slept with Huan Huan. Zhen Yu interprets his question literally and says yes. The man punches him.

Later, on campus, Huan Huan tells Zhen Yu, who sports a nasty-looking black eye, that her cousin’s husband didn’t mean to punch him. It was all just a misunderstanding. Zhen Yu jokes that they’ll all be family one day, making Huan Huan drop her smile and walk away.

Yue Wei has a gift waiting for her at her dorm: a bejeweled phone case with a lightning bolt on it. She thinks it’s from Yu Bing and cheerfully runs off.

She bursts into the hockey team locker room, where Da Jiang is just starting to change, looking for Yu Bing. Da Jiang shyly asks her if she likes her gift. She smiles shyly, saying she really likes it, and says that it must’ve taken a long time. Da Jiang admits that it took all night, but then his smile drops in confusion when Yue Wei tells him to thank Yu Bing for her, and tell him that her lightning won’t strike him. He tries to tell her that he was the one who gave her the gift, but she gets distracted by the time and rushes off to go to the Wu Da Jing event.

Tang Xue tries to rush to the Wu Da Jing event right as Hawkeye’s class lets out, but he stops her, asking to see her in his office. She tries to reschedule, but he refuses, lecturing her on her academic performance and telling her to get her priorities straight.

Yu Yan checks his watch worriedly when the Wu Da Jing event is about to start and Tang Xue still hasn’t shown up. Yu Bing sits down in the empty seat next to him. When Yu Yan asks him to move, he just moves to the seat on the other side of Yu Yan. He doesn’t notice Yue Wei, who sits in the row in front of him and sneaks glances up at him.

Yu Yan and Yu Bing each ask the other where Tang Xue is, annoying other event attendees because they’re chatting while Wu Da Jing is speaking. Yu Yan ends up dragging Yu Bing out of the audience to confront him. He asks Yu Bing what he’s trying to do.

Tang Xue finally makes it to the Wu Da Jing event. She waves to him as she rushes into the auditorium and he gives a small wave back. She’s confused when she doesn’t see Yu Yan in the audience.

Upstairs, Yu Yan tells Yu Bing that he’s not afraid to admit that he likes Tang Xue. If Yu Bing is willing to admit it and compete with him fair and square, he’ll welcome it. He turns to leave, but Yu Bing grabs his shoulder and spins him around, then tries to intimidate him against a poster. Unfortunately, the poster isn’t well-supported, and his weight sends it falling back.

Yu Bing and Yu Yan fall in an awkward embrace, cheeks squished together. The commotion is visible from the auditorium. From the audience’s perspective, it looks like they’re hugging and in each other’s laps.

Thanks to that distraction, the event ends early and Yu Bing and Yu Yan have quickly become the laughingstock of the event. Tang Xue tries to hold in her laughter until she can’t any longer. She quickly tries to put on a serious face and reassure the two that their classmates will forget about the incident in a day or two.

Yu Bing tries to put part of the blame on Tang Xue, because she was late. Tang Xue is quick to counter, saying it’s his fault she was late: because of him, she’s missed so many of Hawkeye’s class and almost can’t graduate. Besides, it’s his own fault for creating an awkward situation.

Yu Yan apologizes to Tang Xue for ruining the event so that she wasn’t able to hear Wu Da Jing speak. She says it’s okay since she already got to say hi to her former mentor. Instead, she turns on Yu Bing, guessing that he was bullying Yu Yan. She protectively pulls Yu Yan closer to her and demands that Yu Bing apologize to him.

Yu Bing refuses, but also doesn’t like the sight of Tang Xue holding Yu Yan’s arm, so he pulls Yu Yan away from her and to his other side. He mutters a quick apology to Yu Yan.

Wu Da Jing shows up and invites Tang Xue out for a chat. Tang Xue warns Yu Bing not to bully Yu Yan anymore, and tells Yu Yan to let her know if he does, then heads out with her former mentor.

Once she’s gone, Yu Yan asks Yu Bing whether he likes Tang Xue. Yu Bing responds that it’s not important whether he likes her or not — in Tang Xue’s eyes, Yu Yan will always be just a kid. Yu Yan blinks, then says that it doesn’t matter — Tang Xue would never consider Yu Bing anyway. Yu Yan doesn’t know how things will turn out, but he’s going to give it his all.

Tang Xue and Wu Da Jing chat for a bit and then compete in an old pastime: corn cob eating.

Yu Yan broods over Yu Bing’s barb that Tang Xue only views him as a kid. When his mother calls to inform him about Coach Jin’s upcoming training plans for him, he continues to be moody and reminds her that he’s now an adult; everyone should stop treating him like a kid.

Yu Bing also broods over Yu Yan’s words. He watches a father play basketball with his son; the father encourages the son to put his heart into it, and sure enough the kid scores. Yu Bing looks inspired.

At night, Yu Bing nervously rehearses a few different ways to ask Tang Xue to come see him off before he leaves for the national youth team training camp. He figures out an appropriately casual phrasing, then goes into the sports center.

Tang Xue is putting in some extra training time on the ice, timing herself as she skates laps. She’s disappointed with her time, still far slower than anything the team would find acceptable.

Yu Yan, who is watching from the boards, calls to her that she seems too nervous. She skates over, and he gives her some advice — relax. He offers to show her a relaxation exercise he’s used before.

Yu Yan takes Tang Xue out to center ice, where he takes her hand and tells her to close her eyes. He starts guiding her in a circle while telling her to forget about everything and focus on the feeling of the ice. He tells her to remember how she felt when she first started skating, and remember how to be one with the ice.

He hooks his elbow with hers and they spin at center ice, smiles on both of their faces. He lets her go and then catches her with both hands. She looks around with a brilliant smile, saying she felt it, while he only has eyes for her.

Tang Xue closes her eyes, blissfully happy. Yu Yan slowly leans in toward her face. She doesn’t seem to notice.

Yu Bing sees Yu Yan getting closer to Tang Xue and waves his hands in agitation before finally calling Yu Yan’s name. Yu Yan and Tang Xue break apart and turn toward Yu Bing. He makes up an excuse to get rid of Yu Yan, saying Coach Jin is looking for him.

Yu Bing continues to pout with a long face. When Tang Xue calls him out on it, he clears his throat and asks her if she’s done. He wants to head out. But Tang Xue says that Yu Yan just taught her a way to relax and she wants to try another lap. Yu Bing jealously mutters that she’s always talking about Yu Yan. Does she like him or something?

Tang Xue tilts her head and leans in toward Yu Bing. Should she like him instead?

He ignores that and instead mentions that he’ll be going to Harbin for a national youth training camp. While he’s gone, she should focus on training and not… start dating or something. She says it’s none of his business, but he claims he’s just repeating Coach Chu’s rules.

She tells him he should worry about himself instead of her. She gives him a brotherly pat on the shoulder, saying she’ll send him off tomorrow, then heads back onto the ice.

He smiles and then calls her name to get her attention. She turns toward him. He pushes off the boards and starts heading toward her, but he’s way less graceful in sneakers on the ice than he is with skates. He loses his balance and starts careening toward her, arms flying. They crash together and fall.

Tang Xue lands on top of Yu Bing and their lips press together. It’s exactly 9 PM.

Yu Bing pushes Tang Xue off and they scramble away from each other, looking equally traumatized. Yu Bing cries that this was his first kiss, then rushes off the ice.

Tang Xue tries to leave the rink as quickly as possible after taking off her skates. She runs into Yu Yan, who is still looking for Coach Jin. She’s abnormally abrupt with him, saying that she’s heading out first, then quickly walks away, leaving Yu Yan confused.

At night, both Tang Xue and Yu Bing have sweet dreams of their kiss. Yu Bing wakes up holding Da Jiang’s hand. Huan Huan wakes Tang Xue up and asks what delicious food she was dreaming of — why else would she be pursing her lips?

Tang Xue bolts fully awake when she gets a call from Yu Bing. He asks if she’s going to come send him off. She always keeps her word and rushes out the door.

Coach Xu, Yu Bing’s roommate, and Yue Wei all show up to send him off, but he looks around for Tang Xue. When she shows up, he goes over to her, and Yue Wei watches with a frown.

Tang Xue has breakfast for Yu Bing. He asks if she has any parting words. She starts to give him some generic encouragement, but then gets distracted by the his lips and his eyes. She ends up studiously looking away from him while saying some generic things about making sure his pucks make it into the net. Yu Bing also finds himself distracted by her lips.

He says goodbye to her, things suddenly a bit shy and awkward between both of them, and reminds her again to not date anyone. Because of Coach Chu, you know.

Huan Huan presents her butterfly-inspired rink design idea at the design competition. Zhen Yu compliments her presentation skills and tries to cheer her up afterward, while she pouts because they didn’t win first place and get to see the sloths. They only got second place. Zhen Yu tells her she can keep all of the prize money.

Huan Huan suddenly hears a cat meowing, and finds an abandoned gray cat in a box. She’s suddenly inspired: they can use the 3,000 yuan cash prize to open up a home for abandoned animals! Zhen Yu fixates on the part where she says “our home,” as in the two of them, having a home together? He grows dreamy, but then realizes that 3,000 yuan isn’t nearly enough to care for a ton of abandoned animals. Huan Huan has a plan.

Huan Huan designs a set of small wooden houses and gets Zhen Yu to do the work of constructing them. After her careful budgeting, she still has 200 yuan left and says she’ll treat Zhen Yu to dinner.

Yu Bing arrives at training camp, where he immediately zeroes in on Song An Jie (Xiao Yu) as a rival. Song An Jie is also a center forward and has been coached by the national team coach, Coach Wang.

Coach Wang has the team members line up and introduce themselves, then assigns them fifty laps of running as punishment. The hockey players look around at one another, confused, then Song An Jie leads the way by starting to jog.

It’ll be interesting to see how Yu Bing handles having a rival at training camp, because it seems like life has been pretty easy and competition-free for him at Lin Da.

Poor Yu Yan. Tang Xue has friendzoned him so hard. It’s very ironic that Yu Bing says Yu Yan will always be a kid to Tang Xue because he and Yu Yan are the same age… but I also have to respect Yu Yan for not being afraid to confess that he likes Tang Xue and openly challenge Yu Bing. It’s kind of what he needs.


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