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Recap: Skate Into Love (Ep. 17)

Everyone gets busy preparing surprise confessions for the festival holiday, but only a few will be successful…


Hong Shuang gossips with a speed skating teammate about the upcoming festival. Yue Wei comes into the locker room and they ask her if she’s ready for the festival and for some “male god” to confess to her. Yue Wei says that she has no time for festivals. Hong Shuang suggests that Yue Wei should try to make herself more feminine and approachable. She tries to give Yue Wei some lessons in how to speak in a cutesy manner, but Yue Wei finds it impossible to bring herself to speak that way.

Coach Xu offers to give Yu Bing some advice and starts waxing poetic about how he confessed to Coach Chu by decorating the campus’s previous outdoor rink with a bunch of string lights. Yu Bing doesn’t bother listening to his whole story and slips out early.

Yu Bing scopes out a clearing surrounded by some trees and works into the night putting up an elaborate display of string lights.

Huan Huan and Zhen Yu work together at their rescue operation. They’re running low on funds, but Zhen Yu claims he can take care of it. Right before they close up, Da Jiang shows up with a small, wounded poodle. Zhen Yu gets jealous and tries to intercept him and prevent Huan Huan from helping him directly, but Huan Huan pushes him aside. When Zhen Yu tries to stop Da Jiang from adding Huan Huan on WeChat, Da Jiang calls him out for being insecure.

After Da Jiang is gone, Zhen Yu gets upset at Huan Huan for being too charming. It’s also a homonym for “beautiful”. Huan Huan laughs at him for being so upset while also complimenting her.

Yu Bing turns on his light display, looking pleased with himself. He imagines dancing romantically under the lights with Tang Xue.

Zhou Ran calls Bian Cheng, reminding him that the so-called “Confession Festival” is tomorrow. Bian Cheng thinks the timing isn’t right, but Zhou Ran reminds him that as a journalist, he should understand the power of publicity.

When she hangs up, she’s surprised to find that Jian Guo is there and has paid for the items she’s buying at the campus convenience store. She avoids his attempts to ask her out and pays him back for the items before quickly making her escape.

Jian Guo catches Da Jiang giving himself a pep talk using a tree. Da Jiang is trying to summon the courage to confess to Yue Wei. But when Jian Guo sees him, he quickly acts like he’s not doing anything.

Yu Yan practices confessing to Tang Xue by using the girl plushie as a stand-in.

Tang Xue falls asleep in Hawkeye’s class, exhausted from her extra training. He catches her drifting off and calls her out in front of the class.

The class suddenly gets distracted while Hawkeye is lecturing Tang Xue. Bian Cheng stands outside holding balloons and a banner. Hawkeye refocuses the class and gives Tang Xue his own well wish for the holiday — he hopes she can pass the final exam. But there’s a catch: she needs to score at least 80 points, otherwise he will fail her.

Tang Xue confronts Bian Cheng once class is over. She’s upset that he showed up and made her life more difficult with Hawkeye. He tries to apologize, but she just walks away.

Da Jiang nervously waits for Yue Wei outside of the locker room. She tries out a cute way of talking on Da Jiang, but it ends up making them both feel awkward. She looks around for Yu Bing, but Da Jiang says he’s busy. He still wants to get lunch with Yue Wei without Yu Bing, but she makes an excuse and heads out. Once she’s gone, he pulls out a single red rose he had hidden in his jacket and sighs in disappointment.

Zhen Yu tries to gather donations for the rescue operation on campus by sharing photos and stories of the animals they’ve saved. Liu Ying tells Huan Huan to go see what he’s doing. She goes out into the courtyard and is incredibly moved. She runs up to Zhen Yu and hugs him, saying that he is the best present she could ever have. Later, when she sees a new banner blessing the rescue building, she’s moved to tears.

Tang Xue puts in some extra time at the rink. Coach Chu compliments her work ethic and then says that she wants to enter Tang Xue into her first race. It’ll be a good opportunity for Tang Xue to gain some visibility.

Tang Xue takes a break in the athletes’ lounge after cleaning the common areas, but is startled by Yu Yan popping some confetti. He gives her a gift: a crystal globe that his grandfather gave him. He gives Tang Xue a pretty speech about how she’s helped him see more of the world. She pats him on the shoulder, saying that he’s part of her group so that’s what she should do.

He tries to confess to her, but gets interrupted by a phone call from his mother. He tries to stay and help clean, but Tang Xue pushes him out the door, insisting he go see his mother.

When Yu Yan returns to his room, he’s disappointed to find out that the “emergency” his mother called him about is picking which outfit he should wear for competition.

Tang Xue is ready for the holiday to be over. She doesn’t need any more surprises. So when Yu Bing finds her outside the sports arena, saying he has a surprise for her, she warns him to stay away, then takes off in the opposite direction.

Liu Ying and Jian Guo message back and forth using their online aliases. He asks her if she’s disappointed that no one confessed to her today, but Liu Ying says that she’s not. She knows disappointment comes from comparing oneself to others, so she’s decided not to compare herself to anyone else and has stayed off social media. To her, today is just another day. She sends Jian Guo some philosophical quotes. He says he should learn from her and try to be more like her.

Yue Wei strolls through campus alone, watching as other happy couples get together. A pig mascot dancing through campus hands her a rose, which she accepts with a laugh. He asks if he can confess to her, because she’s received the last rose of the night.

It’s a sweet confession, and Yue Wei hugs him. The mascot says that he’s being sincere, but she treats it as him just being nice. She walks away, and the mascot takes off his head. It’s Da Jiang.

He promises that one day he’ll find the courage to confess to her for real and hug her as the real Jiang Shi Jia.

Tang Xue just shooting all these boys down! I love it. Though I suppose we haven’t seen whether Yu Bing manages to convince Tang Xue or not… I do think it’s a little too early for them to get together, though. He still needs to work for her a bit more, though it would be a shame for all his work to go to waste.

Bian Cheng is just so easy to dislike. To be fair, Zhou Ran is the one who pushed him to do something cheesy and public, but did he really think that Tang Xue would appreciate something so cheesy and public? His actions are clearly out of self-interest, an attempt to push a public image of courting Tang Xue, and perhaps publicly pressure her into some sort of acknowledgment. He clearly doesn’t really understand who Tang Xue is.

Most of this episode seemed focused on the romantic endeavors of our side characters. Huan Huan and Zhen Yu are always a delightful fresh breeze. They’re a little weird and a little ridiculous and Zhen Yu gets jealous too easily, but he’s also so sincere and their romance is so wholesome and a nice break from the messy web of relationships that Tang Xue and Yu Bing are entangled in. Though I suppose Tang Xue and Yu Bing are at the center of a tornado, in the calm spot of air, while all their wannabe lovers spin around them in a chaotic mess…

The ending scene with Da Jiang as the mascot confessing to Yue Wei was so sweet. I feel bad for Da Jiang because Yue Wei has friendzoned him so hard, and he definitely senses that, otherwise he wouldn’t be so afraid of confessing to her in person.


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