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Recap: Skate Into Love (Ep. 35)

Tang Xue and Yue Wei grow closer as they spend more time together at training camp. Yu Yan gets better and figures out what he wants to do with his life. Yu Bing continues to brood over his breakup, but tries to focus on hockey.


Zhen Yu is so moved by Huan Huan’s anniversary speech that he has to turn away to hide his tears. She teases him about crying so much and they hug.

When he finally calms down enough to pull away, he looks her in the eye and says, “Let’s never break up, okay?” He doesn’t want to be like Yu Bing and Tang Xue anymore. She agrees to never break up.

Neither Zhen Yu nor Huan Huan ended up winning the bet on who Tang Xue would end up with, but Huan Huan says, “We won,” because in the end the two of them ended up together.

Zhen Yu wonders if they can help Yu Bing and Tang Xue, because they were the ones who inadvertently helped Zhen Yu and Huan Huan get together. Maybe they can leak news of Yu Bing’s injury to Tang Xue? Maybe it’ll help them realize how much they care for each other.

But Huan Huan says that she hasn’t been able to reach Tang Xue at all, and she doesn’t want to distract her during her training camp. Zhen Yu nods in agreement. They’ll wait until after Tang Xue gets onto the national team. There’s no rush; it’s not like Yu Bing’s going to go find another girlfriend. That riles Huan Huan up. She tells Zhen Yu to keep a close eye on Yu Bing; he better not dare find another girlfriend.

Zhen Yu gets tired of talking about other people on their anniversary and puckers his lips, asking for a kiss. Huan Huan makes him close his eyes, then kisses him. Then, after a few kisses, she holds a kitten up in his face. He opens his eyes, jumping back in alarm, then starts chasing her around.

Yu Bing broods in his dorm room, wondering if it’s Tang Xue he doesn’t trust, or himself. Jian Guo tries to give some advice, but Yu Bing pushes him away. Da Jiang suggests that maybe Yu Bing should consider some other girls now that he and Tang Xue have broken up, but Yu Bing also puts him in his place, saying that their focus right now should be winning the next few hockey games.

Da Jiang lies awake at night, thinking about Yue Wei, who also lies awake, thinking about him.

Tang Xue and Yu Bing are also unable to sleep, thinking about each other. Yu Bing thinks about calling Tang Xue. Tang Xue wonders if Yu Bing has an excuse for not sending her off — maybe something happened? Maybe he’s already texted her?

Tang Xue gets up and pulls her phone out from the box they used for safekeeping. But then she decides to put it back, and Yu Bing turns off his screen without calling her.

Yu Yan starts to feel bored at home with nothing to do. His mother hands him a pad of paper and encourages him to write down his feelings. By writing them down, maybe he can figure out what he wants. She tells him that she won’t be making decisions for him anymore. It’s his turn to make his own choices. His mother also hands his stuffed toys back to him, freshly cleaned, then leaves him to his thoughts.

Yu Yan brainstorms what he wants to do. Tang Xue already showed him so much of what he had never experienced before. What else is there? He wants to travel the world. He smiles, then writes “figure skating.”

Yu Yan and his mother go for a run, the first time he’s run just for the sake of running in a long time. When they pause for a break, he tells his mother that he plans on returning to campus to train in a few days’ time. She’s afraid he’s doing it for her, but he reassures her that he’s doing it for himself. He’s realized that skating is the only thing he’s passionate about.

Da Jiang, Jian Guo, and the hockey team watch footage from their game against the Black Scorpions. It’s obvious to them that they were purposely targeting Yu Bing with hits. They ask Yu Bing if he agrees, but find him sleeping on a bench in the locker room. He wakes up when Da Jiang drapes a jersey over him. Da Jiang wants him to rest more, but Yu Bing is determined to train.

Yu Yan returns to the rink. One of his teammates is surprised to see him back; they thought he had moved to Canada to train. Yu Yan goes to find Coach Jin, who apologizes for being a bad coach. Yu Yan apologizes for being a bad student and causing trouble. He asks Coach Jin if they can start over. He wants to be coached by him again. He holds out his hand to shake, but Jin pulls him into a hug instead.

Tang Xue and Yue Wei return to their room, exhausted after a tough day of training and exchanging stories about how fierce the competition is. Tang Xue lights some incense to relax. The scent is familiar to Yue Wei — it reminds her of her grandmother.

Tang Xue asks Yue Wei how she came to be so close with her grandmother. Yue Wei explains that after her brother was born, her parents left her with her grandmother to raise. She feels like her grandmother is in the only person in the world who truly cared about her, but she didn’t fully realize it until after she was gone. Now, the most Yue Wei can do for her is to fulfill her wish of seeing Yue Wei on the national team.

Tang Xue tells Yue Wei that if her grandmother could see her now, she’d be very proud. Yue Wei wipes away tears and wonders out loud why she’s saying these things to Tang Xue. Tang Xue jokes that her radiance illuminates everything, then offers Yue Wei a spot as one of her followers. But Yue Wei rejects it, saying she’s a boss.

While giving Yu Bing a medical checkup, Zhen Yu tries to take the opportunity to suss out whether Yu Bing is seeing any other girls. Yu Bing doesn’t fall for it.

Yu Bing stands up to leave, but suddenly gets light-headed and stumbles. He admits to Zhen Yu that he’s been occasionally feeling dizzy. Zhen Yu urges him to get a more thorough exam at the hospital, but Yu Bing wants to put it off until after the play-offs are over. He can’t afford to be distracted.

Zhen Yu asks Yu Bing if he and Tang Xue have really broken up. Yu Bing cryptically responds that if there’s someone else in her heart, what can he do?

Yu Yan is practicing in the workout room with Coach Jin when Yu Bing walks in. The moment Yu Bing sees Yu Yan, he turns around and walks back out. Yu Yan tries to call out to him, but it’s too late. He wonders why Yu Bing suddenly left.

After practice one day, Tang Xue asks the national team coaches if she and Yue Wei have made the top eight times. The coach tells her that Yue Wei is in the top 8, but as for Tang Xue… she says that there’s still some time left in the camp.

Yue Wei runs into Tang Xue in the hallway. Tang Xue congratulates her, breaking the news that she’s made the top eight, but then bitterly says that she doesn’t know if she can stay. Yue Wei asks if she’s really going to give up so easily. Does she feel like she’s given it her all? What happened to the newcomer who was determined to make the Lin Da team? She was cuter back then.

Tang Xue admits that she was afraid of disappointing them back then and that’s why she tried so hard. Yue Wei admits that she feels the same way, then tells Tang Xue she believes she can make it, punching her lightly in the shoulder. It works to lift Tang Xue’s mood. She gives Yue Wei’s shoulder a friendly shove in return and says, “I must stay,” before walking off with a new pep in her step.

Zhen Yu shows up to examine Yu Yan’s shoulder, which has been bothering him. While Zhen Yu massages him, Yu Yan asks him about Yu Bing and Tang Xue. When he finds out that they’ve broken up, he looks alarmed. Zhen Yu chatters on about what he does and doesn’t know about the breakup. The part about Yu Bing saying that there was someone else in Tang Xue’s heart seems to strike a chord in Yu Yan. He abruptly gets up and runs off in the middle of Zhen Yu’s massage.

Yu Yan asks Da Jiang and Jian Guo where Yu Bing is. They point him toward the locker room. Da Jiang wants to keep going, but Jian Guo senses that there’s about to be some drama, and drags him back to go eavesdrop.

Yu Bing tries to rip Tang Xue’s pink tape off his hockey stick, but it’s stuck on too firmly and he can’t get it off. When he stands up, he sees Yu Yan. He tries to ignore Yu Yan, but Yu Yan insists on clearing the air. He tells Yu Bing the truth — that Tang Xue was seeing him to help him recover from his anxiety, and that she kept it a secret because his mother made her.

Yu Yan acknowledges that Tang Xue has only ever liked Yu Bing. It’s true that he liked her, but once he realized that she chose Yu Bing, he respected her decision and only wished her well.

Yu Bing says that with Tang Xue’s temper, it’s unlikely she’ll ever forgive him. Yu Yan casually says, “Okay, then I’ll go and pursue her again.” Yu Bing grabs his wrist and says no. Yu Yan smiles and tells Yu Bing to treat her well.

Yu Bing asks Yu Yan about his anxiety. Yu Yan admits that in retrospect, he’s quite thankful about it. It was painful, but it allowed him to step back and figure out what he really wanted. His mother wanted to keep it a secret, but he knew he would never be able to forgive himself if he was the reason Tang Xue and Yu Bing broke up, which is why he’s telling Yu Bing the truth now.

He leaves Yu Bing with a jiayou and an encouraging fist pump, and also calls him “Dog,” Tang Xue’s affectionate nickname for him, at which Yu Bing feigns offense. Yu Yan finds Jian Guo and Da Jiang eavesdropping outside the locker room, but he doesn’t seem to mind.

Jian Guo and Da Jiang scurry into the locker room to check on Yu Bing. He immediately calls them out for eavesdropping. They tell him that he needs to repent now, and suggest that he call Tang Xue. He tries calling, but her phone is still off. Jian Guo suggests he text instead.

Yu Bing gets annoyed when Jian Guo hovers over his shoulder, reading his text out loud, and moves to hide what he’s writing. Meanwhile, Jian Guo and Da Jiang pretend to be Yu Bing and Tang Xue and act out a cheesy make-up scene.

Yue Wei stays awake journaling, but finds herself just writing “Jiang Shi Jia” on a blank page. She flips back to look at a previous spread of Li Yu Bing’s name. When Tang Xue whispers “Li Yu Bing” in her sleep, Yue Wei quickly flips back and wonders how she should be treating Da Jiang.

Da Jiang mutters Yue Wei’s name in his sleep, while Yu Bing stays awake, brooding yet again. So this is what regret feels like, he thinks as he stares at Tang Xue’s necklace.

Zhen Yu and Huan Huan find themselves talking about Tang Xue and Yu Bing again while tending to the animals at their rescue. Huan Huan wants Tang Xue to hurry back so she and Yu Bing can make up, but Zhen Yu feels pretty confident that Yu Bing’s feelings for Tang Xue are unshakable. On the other hand, he confides in Huan Huan his concerns about Yu Bing’s health.

Yu Bing has another lapse of concentration and dizzy spell before his next game, but he shakes it off. It’s a tough game, and the XDragons lose badly.

Afterward, Jian Guo and Da Jiang bicker in the locker room, each blaming the other for the below-par performance. Yu Bing wanders out into the hallway and leans his head against the vending machine. He looks down at his hands and wonders what’s wrong with him.


Perhaps I spoke too soon, yet again. It does look like Yu Bing is experiencing some sort of health issue, but whether that’s a direct result of his head injuries remains to be seen…


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