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Recap: Falling Into You (Ep. 4)


When Zhi Sheng was 7, his father died. Zhi Sheng was with the body for four days before he was found. When Fang Qing rushed to the hospital to get him, she was told that Zhi Sheng didn’t remember anything that happened before he woke up. The doctors suspected that he was abused because of the bruises on his body and his malnourishment. Sitting there in the emergency room was the first time Zhi Sheng fainted at the sight of blood. It reminded him of discovering his father’s bleeding, lifeless body.

Now, Zhi Sheng admits to his employees that he has a fear of blood, but it has nothing to do with his saving people. They don’t need to believe him, but he doesn’t want them to give up on him or the company. He reminds them of how they had banded together pulling all-nighters in the early stages of the start-up. His employees voice their support for him and he immediately starts delegating tasks to try and get ahead of the mess.

Zhi Sheng apologizes to Yu Qian for not listening to him earlier. He shouldn’t have tried to use the media. Yu Qian forgives him — they all make mistakes. He wonders how the journalist, Xin Hui, knew that Zi Tong knew about Zhi Sheng’s secret. Zhi Sheng thinks that Zi Tong probably approached her in order to get revenge, but Yu Qian doesn’t think Zi Tong is the type of person to do that.

Zi Tong’s convenience store coworker looks dismayed when he finds out that Zi Tong is applying to become a full-time employee. Who will he share his night shifts with? He tries to convince her to stay part-time with him.

Fang Qing notices that Xin Yan sits by herself and doesn’t hang out with the other kids after class is dismissed. She notices the dobok keychain on Xin Yan’s backpack and mentions to her that the school has a taekwondo team. Xin Yan perks up.

Fang Qing takes Xin Yan to watch as the taekwondo team trains. She tells Xin Yan that she’ll ask the coach to let her in mid-semester if she makes three friends in the next week. Xin Yan frowns, but then agrees. Fang Qing tries to have her pinky promise on it, but she says she doesn’t want to and walks away.

At night, Fang Qing tries to convince Zhi Sheng to take it easier when it comes to his work. He’s already succeeded. But for Zhi Sheng, he hasn’t done enough yet. This is just the beginning. Fang Qing says she knows that he doesn’t want to end up like his father, but they’re different people. Zhi Sheng exasperatedly asks her not to mention “that man” again. But Fang Qing makes Zhi Sheng pinky promise to go see his father with her.

After his aunt leaves, Zhi Sheng finds himself thinking about Zi Tong.

Zi Tong overhears two people talking about the recent news about Zhi Sheng and deciding to use a competing courier service instead of his company. She calls her brother, asking him to help her figure out where the news about Zhi Sheng came from. He agrees to help and agrees to keep it a secret from their father.

Tian Lin is heading out when Xin Yan and Da Quan return home. Xin Yan and Tian Lin interact awkwardly. Da Quan tries to convince Tian Lin to stay for dinner, but Tian Lin says he has work to do. Xin Yan runs off abruptly.

Da Quan reminds Tian Lin of what he said earlier about interacting with Xin Yan. “Next time,” Tian Lin responds, then heads out. Xin Yan watches from around the corner with a frown, then suddenly clutches her stomach in pain.

Xin Hui tries to negotiate a higher commission from her editor, but Tian Lin arrives and questions her on her sources. Xin Hui admits that she didn’t interview Zhi Sheng, but she’s confident in her source: one of Zhi Sheng’s employees personally gave her the information.

Ming Huan is dismayed to find out that Zi Tong has been fired for leaking the news about Zhi Sheng to the media. He looks down. Things weren’t supposed to turn out like this. Yu Qian sees him and asks if he’s okay.

Ming Huan admits to Yu Qian and Zhi Sheng that he was the one who leaked the news to Xin Hui. He did it because he was upset with Zhi Sheng for bullying Zi Tong. He explains how he saw Zi Tong talking to the journalist after work one day, but that it didn’t look like conversation was going very well. Zi Tong had called the journalist crazy and said she was lucky she didn’t hit her before riding off. Ming Huan had approached her and told her that Zhi Sheng didn’t save anyone — he was pulled off the rooftop by Ming Huan.

Ming Huan asks Zhi Sheng to fire him instead of Zi Tong. He can’t let people wrongfully accuse Zi Tong of something she didn’t do.

But Zhi Sheng refuses to fire Ming Huan. He wants to use him instead. Ming Huan may have leaked the truth about the fall off the rooftop, but who told the press about his hemophobia?

Tian Lin asks Xin Hui how she knows that Zhi Sheng has hemophobia. She refuses to reveal her sources. Tian Lin says that’s fine, but she owes someone an apology for making her take the blame and lose her job: Chen Zi Tong. Xin Hui doesn’t see how Zi Tong’s firing is her fault and asks why Tian Lin cares so much. Tian Lin reveals that Zi Tong is his sister.

Zhi Sheng goes to the news company and meets with Xin Hui, her editor, and Tian Lin. He reads a magazine, purposely making everyone else wait in uncomfortable silence in order to put them on edge. Then he calls Xin Hui out for only publishing what she wanted and twisting the truth so far that it might as well be fiction. He wants the news company to release a statement saying that they uploaded an unverified draft article by mistake.

The editor protests, saying his company would never be so sloppy, but Zhi Sheng says the choice is his. Either he says the article was a mistake, or Zhi Sheng will accuse his reporter of harassing the public.

Xin Hui storms out of the coffee shop after the meeting, but Tian Lin stops her. There’s still something she hasn’t said yet. Zhi Sheng asks her if Zi Tong is the one who told her about his hemophobia. Xin Hui admits that she did go looking for Zi Tong, hoping that she would verify that Zhi Sheng had hemophobia, but Zi Tong had refused. She knew about Zhi Sheng’s hemophobia after bribing a counseling center employee.

Tian Lin lingers behind after Xin Hui and the I-News editor have left. He’s noticed how Zhi Sheng managed to solve his media problem while also getting a favor from the editor of I-News. He’s also noticed how Zhi Sheng has used the media in the past, letting them make their assumptions without explicitly saying anything untrue. Zhi Sheng responds that it’s all just for business. Tian Lin says that even if it’s for business, he should at least take responsibility for his own mistakes. He points out that the most blameless person in this whole situation is Zi Tong. Tian Lin warns him that he better apologize to her.

Zhi Sheng asks if Tian Lin is her guardian. Why is he speaking for her? Tian Lin stares him down and says, “I have a duty to protect her,” then leaves.

Yu Qian wonders if Tian Lin is Zi Tong’s boyfriend.

The HR employees at the company feel slightly guilty that they wrongfully accused Zi Tong of something she didn’t do. They’re also feeling the impact of her absence. Now that she’s gone, Zhi Sheng has split up her workload among them, and they never realized how much she had to do.

Zhi Sheng is distracted while making his own coffee, thinking about Zi Tong’s “boyfriend.” Someone like her has a boyfriend?! He accidentally over-pours his pour-over.

Ming Huan doesn’t understand why Zhi Sheng is letting him stay. Yu Qian suggests that Zhi Sheng actually appreciates Ming Huan’s act of rebellion, especially compared to how he used to react to bullying. Zhi Sheng sees them and overhears, then tells Ming Huan that he kept him because he appreciates how loyal he was to Zi Tong.

Ming Huan asks if Zhi Sheng is going to bring Zi Tong back. He starts listing out all the reasons why Zi Tong should be allowed back.

Zhi Sheng waits in his car near the blind panhandler he saw Zi Tong “stealing” from, hoping that she’ll show. Sure enough, Zi Tong rolls up on her motorcycle. She hands the man some food, then takes the money out of his tin and rides away. Zhi Sheng hides as she rides by, then follows.

He finds himself thinking about everything that Zi Tong had said when he accused her of betraying him. If she didn’t do it, then why didn’t she say so?

Zhi Sheng follows Zi Tong to poorer section of town where she visits a girl in a wheelchair, Xiao Han, and hands her some food she bought along with the money she took from the panhandler’s tin can. Zi Tong tells Xiao Han that her grandfather wanted her to have the money and to not worry about how much the food cost. Zi Tong says that she’ll bring Xiao Han to her appointment tomorrow.

Xiao Han starts crying as she thanks Zi Tong for her help. She’s so grateful that she met Zi Tong at the hospital, otherwise she doesn’t know what would have happened to her and her grandfather.

Zi Tong responds that they would be the same as they are now. There’s no such thing as a person you can’t live without. Zhi Sheng finds her way of comforting someone quite… unique.

Yu Qian smiles at Zhi Sheng as he realizes that Zhi Sheng followed Zi Tong for a whole day. Zhi Sheng tries to claim he accidentally saw everything and that it was just a coincidence. He tries to walk away, but Yu Qian follows persistently. If Zi Tong is really juggling three jobs, that means she must really need the money. Is he really going to let her go? Zhi Sheng claims that there will always be someone else, but Yu Qian points out that no one has been able to keep up with him yet.

Zhi Sheng suddenly looks hopeful — Zi Tong’s final paperwork hasn’t been done yet, right? But then he’s dismayed to find out that for once, Mi Ya has been extremely efficient. She awkwardly points out that he’s the one who wanted her to make sure that Zi Tong left within an hour.

Zhi Sheng returns to his office, where he watches videos of Zi Tong’s past taekwondo competitions. She wins and smiles and looks happy. He frowns, wondering why she insists on doing what she does now.

A bunch of company employees all drop by Zi Tong’s convenience store, trying to convince her to return to work. She shoots them all down. Yu Qian is disappointed that none of them have succeeded and tells them all to go home while he tries to think of something else outside the convenience store.

He goes inside and follows Zi Tong around, also trying to convince her to return. He tells her that she only heard part of the conversation out on the balcony that day. The part she didn’t hear was Zhi Sheng telling Yu Qian to look up her name online. The search results showed that she was an extremely promising taekwondo star who almost made the Olympics. What confused Zhi Sheng is how she became who she is now. She’s definitely a talent. If she put all her focus into her work, Zhi Sheng is confident that she could become a core business partner.

Zhi Sheng admits that he was messing with her before, but now he’s changed his mind. He wants her.

Yu Qian had asked in disbelief, “You like her?” He almost looked moved to tears. But then he realized that Zhi Sheng didn’t like her in that way. He liked how having her as an employee was like having two people for the price of one.

Yu Qian tells Zi Tong that Zhi Sheng feels guilty about firing her. He misses her — sometimes he still calls out her name at work. Zhi Sheng needs her and it has to be her.

Zi Tong says thanks, but no thanks. She doesn’t want to work for a boss who loses his temper and fires people on a whim, nor does she want to be scapegoated whenever something happens.

Tian Lin calls Zi Tong on speakerphone while their father listens on the side. Zi Tong thanks Tian Lin for his help with the journalist. Tian Lin asks if Zhi Sheng apologized, but Zi Tong responds that she’s already left the company. Da Quan makes Tian Lin asks questions for him about whether Zi Tong is eating well. Zi Tong guesses that their father is there, because Tian Lin would never say such things. Tian Lin claims that he’s just concerned about her then quickly hangs up.

Da Quan admonishes him for hanging up so quickly. Why doesn’t he chat a little longer? Tian Lin points out that he’s not one to chat. Da Quan laments that even though he brought up both kids, neither are like him. Tian Lin says that Zi Tong used to be like Da Quan — it’s only because of their mother that she turned out the way she is today. Da Quan tries to defend his wife, but the most he can say is that she can be difficult. Tian Lin thinks that’s a light way of putting it. He can’t imagine someone hurting their daughter the way his mother hurt Zi Tong. Da Quan tells him to worry about raising his own daughter first.

Xin Yan wakes up, still clutching her stomach, and goes to the bathroom. Da Quan admonishes Tian Lin some more for not having a better relationship with her. Tian Lin tries to claim that Xin Yan is the one who ignores him, but Da Quan says that he deserves it for ignoring her when she was younger.

Zhi Sheng goes with Fang Qing to visit his father’s grave for the anniversary of his death. Fang Qing chats about how she and Zhi Sheng have been lately, while he stands emotionlessly, remembering the way his father used to be. His father would frequently stay up late, drinking and stressing over work. When Zhi Sheng would try to bring him dinner, his father would yell at him and drag him into his room.

Zhi Sheng suddenly remembers picking up a piece of glass that night. He wonders if it really was an accident like his aunt said. He stares at his father’s grave and wonders how he actually died.

Fang Qing frowns at Zhi Sheng and tells him to at least say hi and say a few words to his father. But Zhi Sheng sullenly responds that he has nothing to say to him. He asks Fang Qing to stop pushing him when it comes to his father. It was because of this that they didn’t talk to each other for a week last year.

After Fang Qing and Zhi Sheng leave, Chen Da Quan visits Zhi Sheng’s father’s grave. He puts his own bouquet of flowers down next to theirs and then pours out a shot for the deceased.

Zhi Sheng notices a car following him as he drives to work.

Fang Qing returns to school to find Xin Yan with her head down on her desk. She’s feverish and mutters that her stomach hurts. Fang Qing rushes Xin Yan to the hospital.

In the cab, Xin Yan calls out for her father and asks why he doesn’t pay her any attention. Fang Qing is suddenly reminded of a fight she had with her brother, demanding to know why he was at home instead of at the hospital with Zhi Sheng. She thinks of the bruises on Zhi Sheng’s arms. Fang Qing starts crying as Xin Yan continues to call for her father, saying that she’ll be a good girl.

Fang Qing sits at Xin Yan’s bedside with her at the hospital while Da Quan learns from the doctor that she has stress-induced gastritis. Tian Lin finally shows up, asking how Xin Yan is. Da Quan shames him for taking so long to get here. Does he not even care that Xin Yan is ill? Tian Lin says that getting here earlier wouldn’t help Xin Yan get better sooner. He doesn’t understand why he needed to be here when there are doctors to care for Xin Yan.

His words are an exact echo of what Zhi Sheng’s father once said to Fang Qing. She silently fumes, then finally can’t hold it in any longer and gets up and slaps Tian Lin. Tian Lin stares at her, recognizing her as Sunny from the resort he worked at, but Fang Qing doesn’t seem to recognize him as quickly and instead yells at him for not caring about his daughter.

Da Quan tries to cover for Tian Lin, saying that it’s not that he doesn’t care, he’s just busy with work. But Fang Qing angrily responds that if he really cared, he would find time. It’s because of irresponsible fathers like him that there are so many suffering children in the world.

Xin Yan wakes up and tells Fang Qing to stop bullying her dad.

Zi Tong is leaving work at a coffee shop when an impatient driver catches her attention. Her eyes widen when she sees Zhi Sheng sitting in the backseat, flanked by two men in black. She recognizes one of them as an employee of the rival courier company.

Zi Tong frowns, torn about what to do, then puts on her helmet and rides off after the car. She follows the car to a mansion in the mountains. Zhi Sheng gets taken inside, making a meta quip about how he thought scenes like these only happened in the movies, not in TV series like this.

Zi Tong sneaks in and watches through a window is Zhi Sheng is brought before the rival boss. She pulls out her phone to call the police, but gets discovered by one of the henchmen. She fights him off, then a second man. But the second one picks up a brick and smashes her in the knee. She knocks him out before he can hit her in the head, then picks up her phone and rushes into the house, saying that she’s already called the police.

She freezes when she realizes that Zhi Sheng is sitting in conversation with the rival boss. Zhi Sheng stares at her, then asks why she’s here.

“What’s happening now?” Zi Tong asks.


It seemed like Zi Tong and Tian Lin didn’t have a very close relationship, but it’s sweet to see how protective Tian Lin can be of her. Now if only he would learn to apply that to his own daughter! But also, I don’t mind if Zhi Sheng mistakes Tian Lin for Zi Tong’s boyfriend for a few more episodes. That should be fun.


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