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Recap: The Devil Punisher (Ep. 3)

Xin Yu asks Zhong Kui to help with Ah Ping’s father’s ghost. Zhong Kui finds himself getting more involved with Xin Yu even though he’s not supposed to be.


Xin Yu brings Auntie Zhou another sandwich that she made for Ah Ping, but Auntie Zhou is no longer comfortable visiting Ah Ping anymore. She shares her concern with Xin Yu that Ah Ping has either gone crazy or is being haunted by a ghost — he keeps talking to his father even though his father has been dead for a while. She says that if Xin Yu wants to bring Ah Ping some food, she can do it herself.

Xin Yu visits Granny Wu’s bakery after shopping for some clothes. She’s surprised to see that Zhong Kui has actually started working at the bakery. Granny Wu is full of praise for Zhong Kui’s baking skills and notices when Xin Yu smiles admiringly at Zhong Kui. She tells Zhong Kui to take a break and chat with Xin Yu, then heads into the kitchen to give the two some space.

Xin Yu continues to smile innocently at Zhong Kui and bat her eyelashes. He studies her smile with suspicion — it reminds him of a court official plotting treachery back in the old days.

Xin Yu pulls the coat she bought out of her bag and says that she’s just here to celebrate his new job. She even bought this coat for him and it was very expensive. Zhong Kui still thinks that Xin Yu has secondary motives and asks what she’s really here for. He’ll help in whatever way he can. The only thing he won’t do is tell her who she is.

Xin Yu ends up taking Zhong Kui with her to go find Ah Ping. Zhong Kui comments that she’s still as much of a busybody as she always was. In all the three worlds, only she’s ever dared to talk to him like this. Why is she getting him to help with ghost-catching? Doesn’t she know who he is?

Xin Yu is barely listening and doesn’t understand half of what Zhong Kui is saying. Why wouldn’t she come to him for help with catching a ghost?

Zhong Kui reminds Xin Yu that he has a job now. Xin Yu says that she’ll talk to Granny Wu for him later and treat him to dinner once she gets her first paycheck. Zhong Kui wonders if that would count as a date.

Xin Yu finds the apartment. Zhong Kui tells her that if she’s looking for a ghost in broad daylight, that means the ghost’s resentment is very strong. Xin Yu tells him to stop muttering and keep up, otherwise she’s going to make him pay for dinner. Zhong Kui says that it would still be a date, so he’s okay with that.

Ah Ping lets Xin Yu and Zhong Kui in when they knock but looks at them with misgiving. Zhong Kui recognizes Ah Ping as the kid who was stealing from the food cart the other day. Ah Ping goes into the apartment, where he stands protectively in front his ghostly father. Zhong Kui closes his eyes and sees a vision of how Ah Ping’s father died. He tells the ghost that he shouldn’t be here.

Ah Ping tells them to go away. This has nothing to do with them. Xin Yu gently tells Ah Ping that they’re here to help him and his father. His father’s ghost suddenly disappears. Ah Ping searches the rooms frantically for his father, then pushes Xin Yu and Zhong Kui out, shutting the door in their face.

Xin Yu blames Zhong Kui for messing things up. She thought he was here to help. She mutters that she should’ve asked her ghost friends for help instead. Zhong Kui is offended that she thinks they’d be better than him. Xin Yu snaps that at least they would have actually helped, then storms off.

Later, Zhong Kui watches from a distance as Xin Yu sits around waiting for her ghost friends in the park. She wonders why they still haven’t shown up. Zhong Kui smirks to himself — they’ve already been brought to justice. Of course they aren’t showing up.

Xin Yu gets tired and starts dozing off sitting up. Zhong Kui appears behind her to prop her up as she starts falling backward and shakes his head. How has she still not learned to take care of herself? He rearranges her so that she sleeps on her arms on the table, then summons a coat and drapes it over her. Then he makes his presence known to all the ghosts hiding out nearby and one-by-one they run away.

The next morning, Xin Yu is still sleeping at the table in the park while Zhong Kui watches her with a bemused smile. She wakes up with a groan to find Zhong Kui staring at her. He wordlessly puts a cup of coffee down in front of her. She wonders if he sat here the whole night with her.

Xin Yu asks Zhong Kui why he’s here. He teases her, asking if the park is her home. He knows she spent the night here looking for the friends who could actually help her. So, did she find them? Xin Yu frowns and sullenly responds that she didn’t. She wonders why none of the ghosts are here. Normally they congregate her and wait for her.

She looks at Zhong Kui with a frown. It must be because of him.

Xin Yu’s phone alarm rings and she realizes the time — she needs to get to work. She grabs her things and the coat on the ground and starts to leave, then realizes that she should return Zhong Kui’s coat. She turns back to hand it to him, but he wraps it around her instead, saying it’s cold in the morning and she should wear it. She protests, but he insists. Then he says that he’ll send her to work, casually grabbing her hand and putting it in his pocket.

She doesn’t move and stares at him. He tries to explain himself by saying that it’s cold and that she shouldn’t think too much of it. He starts walking away, taking her by the hand, and she follows.

Cheng Huang teaches us all a lesson in love in the mortal realm by breaking down Zhong Kui and Xin Yu’s night in the park and how it fits the arrogant CEO trope. It must be nice to be handsome.

Xin Yu and Zhong Kui are walking along hand-in-hand when she suddenly runs off on her own. Zhong Kui looks disappointed that her hand is gone from his pocket, then smiles when he sees her chatting with her flower on the side of the road. Xin Yu asks the flower why it’s shaking so much. Zhong Kui walks up behind her and leans over her shoulder. When she turns, their faces are suddenly very close.

They stand up and Zhong Kui smiles while Xin Yu looks away shyly. She asks what he’s smiling about, then says that she’s going to work and walks off.

Zhong Kui sighs, then looks down at the flower, which starts shaking even more. He tells the flower demon that he’ll spare its life on account of its friendship with Xin Yu.

Xin Yu spots Ah Ping on her way to the coffee shop, but he shakes off her concern. When she gets to the coffee shop to find En Xi waiting for her outside. En Xi teases her, noticing the coat draped over her shoulders, asking where she was last night. Was she out with a man? Or does she have a boyfriend? Xin Yu zones out for a moment remembering her moment with Zhong Kui earlier in the morning, then quickly tells En Xi that she borrowed the coat from a friend.

She’s just unlocked the coffee shop doors when Ouyang Kai shows up, flanked by henchmen, saying he knew he would find them here.

Xin Yu and En Xi sit nervously across from Ouyang Kai. He motions for his men to move, and they surround the women. Ouyang Kai slams his hands on the table, making Xin Yu and En Xi flinch, but then his face suddenly crumples and he asks for their help. His girlfriend dumped him and insists on breaking up no matter what he says. He doesn’t know how it happened, but he remembers it must have something to do with them. He demands they take responsibility and go explain things to his girlfriend. Xin Yu and En Xi exchange a glance.

Xin Yu makes Ouyang Kai a cup of coffee and he’s taken aback by how good it tastes. He admits that it seems to put him in a better mood. But then he still gets in Xin Yu and En Xi’s faces, saying that they need to take responsibility for what they did. So will they help him or not? Xin Yu and En Xi say they will, and Ouyang Kai is immediately all smiles.

After he’s gone, Xin Yu wonders if helping Ouyang Kai is the right thing to do. En Xi points out that if they don’t, he’ll keep harassing them. Xin Yu admits she’s right and she does feel kind of bad about how they messed with Ouyang Kai the other day. It seemed a bit excessive. It’s a good thing he doesn’t remember what actually happened that day.

En Xi isn’t confused. Didn’t they leave after messing with him? Xin Yu shakes her head and says that En Xi is the one who left first. En Xi doesn’t seem to remember.

Professor Lu shows up and Xin Yu hurries to make him a new drink she’s come up with. En Xi teases her, accusing her of favoring Professor Lu, since En Xi didn’t even get a cup of water yet.

Professor Lu says that Xin Yu is a great person, a girl who deserves to be liked. En Xi beams and asks if he likes Xin Yu. Professor Lu looks away shyly and doesn’t say anything.

At night, Professor Lu walks En Xi and Xin Yu home. En Xi hurries upstairs to avoid being a third wheel. Xin Yu protests, but Professor Lu asks if she has a moment to chat.

He starts by answering En Xi’s question from earlier. “I think I like you,” he says. Xin Yu is taken aback. He tells her that she doesn’t need to give him an answer, but he hopes she’ll consider him. Xin Yu nods but looks down.

Professor Lu says good night and heads out. Xin Yu frowns after he’s gone. That wasn’t a confession, was it? Then she realizes that she’s still holding a paper bag — she forgot to go find Ah Ping.

Xin Yu goes to Ah Ping’s apartment, but no one answers the door. When she gets outside, she sees Ah Ping returning with his father’s ghost behind him. She approaches them and tries to give Ah Ping the sandwiches, but he tells her to leave them alone and to not bring “that guy” around again. “You mean Zhong Zheng Nan?” Xin Yu asks. Ah Ping’s father takes a fearful step backward at the mention of Zhong Kui’s fake name. Ah Ping turns to him and reassures him that he’ll protect him. They step around Xin Yu and head back to their apartment.

At the end of the day, Granny Wu stands outside the bakery, her table still full of unsold bread. She tries one and frowns. It clearly tastes good — why won’t any customers come by? Zhong Kui reassures her that he’ll make better bread tomorrow. He’ll guarantee that customers will come.

Xin Yu shows up at the bakery, trying to figure out how to talk to Zhong Kui about Ah Ping. He looks surprised, but happy to see her. She leads with the pretense of returning his coat, then apologizes for blaming him the previous night when things didn’t go well with Ah Ping. Now she realizes that Ah Ping dislikes her.

Zhong Kui can tell that Xin Yu is in a bad mood and takes her to a bar. A flower blooms on one wall, and Xin Yu sniffs the air as she walks by, recognizing a strangely familiar smell. Zhong Kui gives the flower a look and it freezes. The smell goes away.

Zhong Kui tells Xin Yu that this is a bar he frequents. They have the best late night snacks. Xin Yu says she can’t eat anything — she’s trying to lose weight — but Zhong Kui just smiles.

Xin Yu is delighted by the delicious food and beer. Zhong Kui smiles at her and comments that her personality hasn’t changed at all. She only half-hears him and asks what hasn’t changed. Zhong Kui changes the subject and asks her about Ah Ping. Xin Yu suddenly apologizes to him again for unfairly blaming him before. She wants him to help with Ah Ping, because he’s the only other person she knows who can see ghosts, and she has a feeling that he can definitely help with this problem.

Zhong Kui smiles slightly at that and she fixates on his smile. A smile means he’s agreed, right? She takes it as his assent and cheerfully celebrates.

At the end of the night, Xin Yu is adorably drunk and points at streetlights, thinking they’re large fireflies. Zhong Kui asks why she’s so cute when she’s drunk. “You think I’m cute? You’re even cuter!” she exclaims, poking Zhong Kui in the cheek.

Xin Yu suddenly slips off the curb. Zhong Kui catches her before she can fall. She beams up at him, then throws her arms around her neck and asks him to carry her upstairs. She doesn’t want to walk anymore. Zhong Kui obliges and Xin Yu giggles delightedly.

A woman watches them from around the corner, then crosses her arms and sighs.

Zhong Kui brings Xin Yu upstairs to her apartment, where he puts her on the couch and covers her with his coat when she promptly falls asleep. She mutters Ah Ping’s name in her sleep. Zhong Kui turns to leave, but then Xin Yu grabs his arm, saying, “Don’t go.” Zhong Kui gets pulled toward her and ends up with his face in hers. His expression grows tender as he gently pinches her nose, then starts to lean in to kiss her.

Before he can, her eyes open and they stare at each other. Xin Yu smiles and drunkenly says that someone actually confessed to her. Someone likes her. Zhong Kui asks who, but Xin Yu continues to drunkenly mumble about confessions and falls back asleep.

Zhong Kui sits up with a frown. A confession? He rearranges the coat covering her, then heads out.

Cheng Huang is outside and teases Zhong Kui about how reluctant he seems to leave her. He asks if his lessons in love helped. Zhong Kui ignores him. Cheng Huang is amazed by how much Zhong Kui is willing to do for her. She’s a mortal now, yet he’s helping her catch ghosts, not erasing her memories, and even took her to the secret bar. Zhong Kui responds that he knows what he’s supposed to do. Cheng Huang asks if he’s heartbroken. Zhong Kui turns to him and asks if it’s possible that Meng Po likes someone else. Cheng Huang bursts out laughing.

He composes himself then asks Zhong Kui to share more. Maybe he can help. Zhong Kui reluctantly tells Cheng Huang that it seems like someone has confessed to Meng Po. Cheng Huang is amazed that someone would be that daring and asks if Meng Po said yes. Zhong Kui doesn’t think so. Then, Cheng Huang says, there’s no problem. Zhong Kui should either pursue Meng Po until he gets her, or just forget about her. Cheng Huang wonders what kind of person would dare try to cross Zhong Kui.

Zhong Kui gets tired of Cheng Huang trying to be involved his business and points out that there’s a vengeful ghost in his territory. Cheng Huang points out that catching ghosts in Zhong Kui’s job. He’s already done Zhong Kui a favor by pretending not to notice that he let Hong Cheng You go for Meng Po. Cheng Huang says that Zhong Kui has already helped one vengeful ghost find justice for their death, why not help another? If he does, Meng Po might actually like him.

Zhong Kui glances thoughtfully back up at Xin Yu’s apartment.

Hong Cheng You is watching his son sleep when Zhong Kui appears in his apartment. This time, Hong doesn’t run, for his son’s sake. He knows that Zhong Kui is here to help him and not arrest him, because he let him go last time and because Xin Yu said that they were here to help.

Xin Yu and En Xi both wake up on the couch in the morning. Xin Yu smiles when she sees Zhong Kui’s coat and remembers that she was out drinking with him last night and that’s why she’s on the couch. But what about En Xi? The last thing En Xi remembers is eavesdropping on Xin Yu and Professor Lu’s conversation. She doesn’t remember anything after that, but they guess that maybe she was drinking, too.

Xin Yu and En Xi roshambo for who will go to the store to buy some hangover drinks. En Xi loses. On her way back from the store, she tries to remember what happened last night, but can’t. Before she gets back, the woman from last night appears in front of her. En Xi frowns.

En Xi returns to the apartment and asks Xin Yu for the rent payment. Xin Yu frowns — didn’t they just pay rent last week? En Xi claims that the landlord keeps making trouble because Xin Yu is also staying here. Xin Yu quickly pulls out some money and gives it to En Xi. En Xi hesitates a moment before taking it.

En Xi brings the money downstairs with a sigh and a disgruntled look. She’s just pulled it out of her bag when the woman grabs it excitedly, promising to pay it back, and turns to leave. En Xi asks if her mother is gambling again. Her mother claims that it’s just rent money, but En Xi knows the amount is too much to be just rent. Her mother then claims that it’s an investment, not gambling. She’ll definitely make money this time. That’s what she said last time, too. En Xi’s mother promises she’ll give En Xi the money back once she makes some money, then leaves.

En Xi sighs with frustration and sits down on the curb. Ouyang Kai just happens to have been passing by and heard the tail end of their conversation. He looks curiously at En Xi.

Later, at school, an administrator gives En Xi trouble for still not having her tuition payment. How much more time does she need? Some students gossip nearby about how she’s cheated money out of so many people, yet still doesn’t have any money to pay tuition. Ouyang Kai walks by and overhears.

En Xi laments her bad luck as she walks through campus. Ouyang Kai appears behind her, tapping her on the wrong shoulder then poking her in the cheek with a cheerful good morning. He asks when she’s going to help him with his relationship trouble. En Xi is in no mood to deal with him, and says, “Next time,” but he wants a concrete answer.

En Xi finally snaps at him and asks what’s so good about his girlfriend that he wants to stay with her. There are plenty of other better girls out there. Is he blind? He seems taken aback by her outburst, and she walks away.

Ouyang Kai rushes to catch up to En Xi and asks if she needs his help. He offers to help with her tuition. She says that she might be poor, but she has dignity. She tells him to stop pretending to be a good person, otherwise she won’t even be friends with him. She turns to leave again, but Ouyang Kai grabs her arm to stop her. Did she just say friend?

She gives him a weird look. She did say friend. What, does he not have any friends? She walks away with a roll of her eyes, but smiles slightly. When she turns back to look at Ouyang Kai, he waves with a cheesy smile and says, “Hi, friend!” En Xi shakes her head and turns away, but laughs. Ouyang Kai hops and skips cheerfully behind her.

At the end of the day, Xin Yu cleans up at the coffee shop while ranting to En Xi about a rude customer. But En Xi isn’t listening and is instead lost in thought, aimlessly shuffling her tarot cards. Xin Yu can tell that En Xi is feeling down, but En Xi isn’t forthcoming with what’s wrong. Xin Yu convinces her to read the cards for her.

Xin Yu doesn’t know what question to ask. En Xi says that people usually ask about work or love. She offers to do a reading on Xin Yu’s love life. Xin Yu thinks about Zhong Kui, then nods.

Professor Lu shows up as Xin Yu picks three cards. En Xi flips over the middle card, then tells Xin Yu that it doesn’t count and that she should draw again. Xin Yu asks why. Professor Lu recognizes the card as the wheel of fortune reversed and says that it means whatever she’s asking about is doomed by fate.

En Xi tells Xin Yu that tarot cards only read what is happening now. Things can change based on decisions that Xin Yu makes.

Professor Lu suggests that En Xi should read tarot cards for coffee shop customers. He’ll figure out how to compensate her for it.

En Xi follows Xin Yu to Ah Ping’s apartment. Xin Yu cryptically asks En Xi if she really wants to go in with her, and tells her that no matter what she says, she shouldn’t be scared. Ah Ping opens the door and immediately is rude toward Xin Yu. En Xi doesn’t like that, but Xin Yu tries to defuse the situation by asking Xin Yu to go out and buy some drinks.

Ah Ping tries to close the door in Xin Yu’s face, but she rushes into the apartment and finds his father, telling him that this isn’t sustainable for his son. Ah Ping tries to tell his father to ignore Xin Yu — he’s fine. Hong Cheng You tells Xin Yu that he cares about his son more than her and he knows what he needs to do. He tells Ah Ping that Xin Yu is really here to help them.

Hong tells Xin Yu that he’ll leave after his son gets the benefits he deserves. The man who came with her last time said he would help. Xin Yu is surprised. Zhong Zheng Nan was here?

The next day, En Xi asks Xin Yu about Ah Ping and why Xin Yu told her to not be afraid of him. Xin Yu asks if En Xi believes in ghosts. En Xi says no. What people think are ghosts are just refractions of light or illusions, right? She asks Professor Lu for backup.

But instead of refuting the existence of ghosts, Professor Lu talks about scientific evidence that ghosts do exist. Ghosts are just people’s souls, right? The reason people get lighter after they die can be attributed to their souls leaving their body. He points to some evidence that bodies always get 21 grams lighter right after someone dies. The scientist in that study thought that 21 grams was the weight of a soul. Of course, that evidence was later refuted when other scientists realized it could be attributed to some sort of scientific error.

En Xi asks if Professor Lu believes in ghosts. Professor Lu gives a non-answer, saying believers will believe, and those who don’t won’t. En Xi says she would rather not believe in ghosts. They’re so scary. Are a lot of people afraid of ghosts?

Professor Lu says that there are also people whom ghosts are afraid of. Xin Yu is intrigued by the idea of a person whom ghosts are afraid of. Professor Lu says that he probably doesn’t count as a person anymore — he’s more a god: the King of Ghosts, Zhong Kui.

En Xi recognizes Zhong Kui’s name. Everyone has grown up with stories about Zhong Kui. She’s surprised that Xin Yu doesn’t remember these stories. En Xi nudges Professor Lu, who then asks Xin Yu if she wants to go see a movie since the coffee shop will be closed for the next few days. But Xin Yu completely ignores the invitation and instead gets excited at the thought of having a few days off from work. She has something to take care of.

At night, En Xi asks Xin Yu why she didn’t accept Professor Lu’s date. Xin Yu won’t tell En Xi what her plans are, but says that she’s not trying to ignore Professor Lu. En Xi looks at Xin Yu suspiciously, then decides that she’s going to follow her tomorrow and see what she’s up to.

Cheng Huang finds Zhong Kui doing some investigation into Hong Cheng You’s wrongful death. He asks Zhong Kui if this is really what he wants to do, pointing out that he’s not supposed interfere in the human world. He should let humans handle human matters instead of taking action himself. After all, doesn’t he have his own human?

En Xi tries to follow Xin Yu the next morning, but gets intercepted by Ouyang Kai, who has been looking for her. He tries to get her to add him on Line, but she’s focused on keeping up with Xin Yu. Ouyang Kai follows her — aren’t they friends? Also, their relationship is no longer just friendship. He’s also now her creditor.

That makes En Xi pause and turn to Ouyang Kai in exasperation. Did he pay her tuition? She told him to mind his own business. He says she should just treat him like her savior. En Xi doesn’t want to owe him money or favors and doesn’t like how he forced this on her, but she’s busy trying to chase down Xin Yu and says she’ll take this up with him later. She takes off running and Ouyang Kai tries to keep up.

Her mother has seen everything and smirks thoughtfully from around the corner.

Xin Yu shows up at Granny Wu’s bakery at the same time that Zhong Kui is heading out. He was looking for her. He takes her hand, surprising her, then tells her to close her eyes. She stares at him for a moment, then does.

Zhong Kui takes her into a vision of the past and the circumstances surrounding Hong Cheng You’s death. He had been exhausted that night and fallen asleep at the wheel after promising Ah Ping he would take him to the night market later. After the crash, a piece of paper flutters at Xin Yu’s feet. It’s a copy of Hong’s shift schedule.

Xin Yu opens her eyes. Zhong Kui says that everyone knows Hong got into an accident because he was overworked, but has anyone actually looked at his work schedule? In order for Ah Ping to get Hong’s life insurance benefits, they need that. Zhong Kui grabs Xin Yu’s hand and says they should go to Hong’s company.

Xin Yu tells him to wait, then looks at their joined hands and comments that he seems to be getting smoother and more casual with his hand-holding. Zhong Kui smiles and says that it feels familiar to him.

En Xi and Ouyang Kai show up and see them. En Xi immediately breaks Zhong Kui’s hold on Xin Yu’s hand and demands to know who he is and why he’s grabbing Xin Yu’s hand. Xin Yu starts to explain, but Ouyang Kai recognizes Zhong Kui as an “apprentice” from Granny Wu’s bakery.

En Xi continues to stand protectively in front of Xin Yu as she asks why Xin Yu would pick a baker’s apprentice over a college professor like Professor Lu. En Xi stares at Zhong Kui and suddenly finds him strangely familiar, like she’s seen him before. She suddenly starts sneezing loudly. Zhong Kui suggests that she should probably keep her distance from him, then he takes En Xi by the hand again and they head out.

Ouyang Kai asks En Xi if she’s okay. She tries to get him to follow Xin Yu for her, pulling the friend card when he at first resists. Finally, she agrees to add him on Line, then pushes him in the direction that Xin Yu and Zhong Kui went.

Ouyang Kai eavesdrops from outside Hong’s boss’s office as the man loudly asks why he would give Hong’s work schedule to Xin Yu and Zhong Kui. He doesn’t care if they’re police or other investigators, his innocence has already been determined. There was nothing wrong with the truck.

Zhong Kui crosses his arms and says that it’s true Hong’s death had nothing to do with the truck. But it did have something to do with his work schedule. The boss claims that that’s Hong’s own fault for being greedy and wanting to make more money. Hong begged him to give him more work. How is he to blame?

Ouyang Kai strolls in, arrogantly asking who should bear the blame if not the boss. The dead guy? The boss asks who he is. Ouyang Kai says it’s not important who he is and he doesn’t need to see any work schedule either. All he needs to see is proof of employee insurance. The boss suddenly gets flustered and demands to know why he should show it to him.

Ouyang Kai says that he’s here on behalf of Hong’s family to take care of insurance issues, so he’d like to see what sort of insurance the man has taken out on behalf of his employees. The man blusters that he’ll call the police, but Ouyang Kai smiles and welcomes it. Then when the police come, he’ll make a report on behalf of Hong’s family. The boss has Ouyang Kai, Zhong Kui, and Xin Yu thrown out.

Outside, Ouyang Kai says that there must be something shady going on with the boss, and that’s why he wouldn’t show them the work schedule or insurance. Zhong Kui says that as long as something has happened, it must leave a trace. Xin Yu agrees and asks Zhong Kui, “Can’t you see the past? Let’s go see.”

Ouyang Kai suddenly interrupts and eagerly asks Zhong Kui if that’s true. He can see the past? Zhong Kui frowns and crosses his arms when Xin Yu asks if he can do it. Ouyang Kai suddenly addresses Zhong Kui very respectfully puts his hands together beseechingly.

Zhong Kui sighs and says that he hopes this will be the last time, then closes his eyes. Xin Yu closes her eyes as well, and Ouyang Kai follows suit, holding his hands up as if in prayer. Time goes backward.


Wow, Professor Lu’s sudden confession to Xin Yu is the definition of insta-love. They’ve shared all of what, three minutes total on screen? And haven’t done much connecting other than literally bumping into each other a couple of times. He’s been nothing but nice, but is too blandly nice that I immediately find him suspicious.

I’ve been feeling kind of lukewarm about this show so far, but I’m warming up to our main characters and like that this episode focuses more on our characters instead of some random side ghost story. That moment between Xin Yu and Zhong Kui in the park really got me good! It was just so wholesome and adorable at the same time. Like Cheng Huang noted in his love lesson, the arrogant CEO trope is a tried and true way of creating some warm heart fuzzies.

Maybe I’m just missing Marcus Chang and Vivian Sung in Lost Romance a little bit, but I thought we were about to hear “Tonight I’m Here” again when Zhong Kui and Xin Yu stared at each other in front of the flower.

Ouyang Kai is a surprisingly entertaining character, and I could totally ship him and En Xi. He’s still on a shame list for smashing Granny Wu’s kitchen and being so unreasonable, but he’s also such an awkward cheeseball when it comes to En Xi and he also helped out a bit with Hong Cheng You’s grievances so he gets a few bonus points.


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