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Recap: Love and Redemption (Ep. 23)

Si Feng continues to be imprisoned and tortured by the sect elders who are suspicious that he is a demon. Xuan Ji becomes more and more determined to save him and is willing to do whatever it takes, even if that means going against her own family.


Flower spirit Ling Long tries to sneak up on Wu Tong but he senses her and catches her before she can. She’s changed her clothes, hoping he will like it. When he doesn’t respond, she asks what he would like, but he pushes her away angrily and ends up ranting to her like she is actually Ling Long. He hates how she seems so arrogant and picks on flaws and has a temper, but also admits that the angrier she gets, the more he finds himself wanting to make her angry.

Flower Ling Long is just confused. Wu Tong struggles figuring out how to deal with her. On the one hand, she’s much more willing to be close to him, and lets him almost kiss her, but that’s also what makes him upset. He likes how much she tries to fight against him. The real her would never let him kiss her. He pushes her until she lashes out at him, then smiles when she does, and deludes himself into thinking that she is actually her.

Min Yan catches Xuan Ji trying to unlock her magic. He lectures her for being reckless, but Xuan Ji is determined to do whatever it takes to help Si Feng, even if she dies trying. Min Yan tells her that he never said he didn’t believe Si Feng. He convinced Chu Lei to let him see Si Feng and asks her to wait until he’s talked to Si Feng before doing anything.

Wu Tong gets beaten and demoted by the Tianxu leader for his failure to secure any spirit keys and his failed assault on Fuyu Island. The Tianxu leader assigns Di Lang the responsibility of securing the other spirit keys and the Liuli lamp. Everything is falling into place and he thinks it’s a sign that even fate wants the worldly order to be flipped.

Si Feng is so weak when Min Yan visits him that Min Yan has to feed him water because he doesn’t have the strength to lift his arms. Si Feng coughs up blood after drinking. Min Yan holds him. Si Feng says that Yin Hua may have been operating under a fake identity, but what they experienced with her as Yan Ran was real. Does that not make her a friend? Si Feng tells Min Yan that he’ll need to figure out a different way to save Ling Long. Xiao Yin Hua has no answers.

Min Yan asks Si Feng to think of Xuan Ji if not for himself. They both know what she’s like: she’s going to find some way to try to break him out. Si Feng asks Min Yan to lie to Xuan Ji for him and tell her that he’s okay. Si Feng starts coughing uncontrollably. Min Yan frowns, then transfers some of his energy to Si Feng.

Xuan Ji waits at the entrance to the dungeons for Min Yan. Min Yan lies that Si Feng is okay, but Xuan Ji notices the blood on his sleeve. She knows that Min Yan is lying. The guards look distracted so she grabs Min Yan’s dagger and raises it, prepared to forge her own way in to see Si Feng. Hao Chen immobilizes her arm and makes her drop the dagger.

Xuan Ji again pleads that Si Feng is innocent, but Hao Chen tries to hammer home his point: what if he isn’t? Who will take responsibility if Si Feng is a spy and is set free? Si Feng has only given Hao Chen reasons to suspect him, from the moment he and Xuan Ji first entered the secret place when they first met. How does she know that he didn’t purposely get close to her because she’s the Shaoyang sect leader’s daughter? What reason does she have for believing his innocence? Their friendship? He reminds her that feelings are the most fragile thing in the world. When will she learn to lead with reason and not emotion?

Xuan Ji responds that she doesn’t want the kind of reason that requires abandoning all feeling. If what Hao Chen says is true, then there’s nothing real left in the world. Hao Chen looks wounded that she would do all of his for Si Feng. Does she really trust him that much?

Xuan Ji lifts her chin. She does. But Hao Chen says that it doesn’t matter. He strolls into Si Feng’s cell and knocks him down, demanding to know his motive for getting close to Xuan Ji.

Si Feng laughs weakly and responds with some flowery phrases that she’s his friend. What motive could he have? Does Hao Chen not have friends?

Hao Chen doesn’t believe him and accuses him of leading her astray by encouraging her to go find her six senses. Si Feng responds that Xuan Ji’s a person so she should be able to experience everything a normal person can. He finds Hao Chen suspicious for not wanting her to have her six senses. What’s his motive?

Hao Chen responds that Xuan Ji’s fate is to protect the secret place. Si Feng is the one who has encouraged her to forsake her destiny. She used to be pure, but Si Feng has introduced turmoil and desire into her life.

Si Feng doesn’t know what Hao Chen means with all his talk of fate. Xuan Ji is a person and her life should be her choice. What right does Hao Chen have to decide for her?

Hao Chen suddenly remembers what preceded the God of War’s capture. She had been bitter that Hao Chen had hid her identity from her, left her nameless, and prevented her from having any relationships with other people. He thinks back to how Xuan Ji had been so determinedly trusting of Si Feng and strikes Si Feng in anger, then seems taken aback by the force with which he attacked.

Outside of Si Feng’s cell, Hao Chen frowns at his own hand. Who is Si Feng to make even him lose control? He must not be allowed to stay.

Xuan Ji kneels and begs her father to let Si Feng go, but he refuses. She can’t stand the injustice of how Si Feng is being wronged when there’s no evidence against him and when he was the one who warned the sects about Tianxu Hall in the first place. Chu Lei is disappointed in Xuan Ji’s insubordination, but Xuan Ji says that she’s disappointed in him, too. The sects view themselves are righteous, yet are willing to sacrifice someone innocent like Si Feng. Where is the righteousness in that?

Chu Lei slaps Xuan Ji in anger, but she stubbornly says that right is right, wrong is wrong, and they’re being unfair.

Min Xing comes in and reports to Chu Lei that Qing Rong has been captured. But she identified Si Feng as a Tianxu member and an accomplice.

Xuan Ji doesn’t believe it and wants to go interrogate her, but Chu Lei knocks her unconscious and tells Min Yan to lock her up.

Qing Rong happily tells the sect leaders their whole “plan” to have Si Feng help rescue Ling Long so that the leaders would open the pearl and unlock the spirit key. Dongfang is unwilling to see past his wounded feelings for Qing Rong, who leans into it and goads him.

Master Rong asks Si Feng what he has to say for himself. Si Feng laughs and says that she’s gone crazy. Qing Rong snaps back that he’s crazy, just like Ouyang who has no emotions and so easily betrayed her. She wants all Tianxu demons to die and Si Feng, too.

“Or we can all die together,” she says, and pulls something out of her robes. Si Feng grabs it struggling, for control. Dongfang strikes him, telling him not to touch Qing Rong. Min Yan rushes up to check on him.

Master Rong is offended by Si Feng’s audacity and threatens to hurt him even more, but Min Yan tells him to wait. He holds up the glowing vial that Si Feng grabbed from Qing Rong’s hand, identifying it as a poison and clarifying that Si Feng only meant to take it out of her control and nothing more.

Qing Rong laughs and freely admits that she wants to kill all of them so that Ouyang will find her useful and come back for her. She tells them all to go die and starts raving that Ouyang will definitely come back for her. Dongfang has her taken away.

Min Yan thinks that Qing Rong’s craziness should prove Si Feng’s innocence, but Hao Chen disagrees. Master Rong also thinks that this could all just be a ploy to try and get them to believe Si Feng, and suggests that they should actually interrogate him further. Dongfang agrees.

But Min Yan is now convinced of Si Feng’s innocence. Was it not enough that he just saved them all from Qing Rong? He uses Xuan Ji’s words: why are they torturing Si Feng based off of speculation?

Si Feng gently tells Min Yan that it’s no use to try and defend him.

Min Yan looks at the sect leaders, who all stare back unsympathetically (except for Dongfang, who cries with his eyes closed.)

Demon Ling Long goes down to the dungeons and picks a human slave out of the Xuanyuan prisoners. She ends up picking Shi Feng, who at first joyously recognizes her before realizing that she’s not the Ling Long he knew. Yu Er spots her as they leave the dungeon and also calls out to her, but goes unrecognized as well.

Master Rong is frustrated that Si Feng won’t say anything despite all their attempts to torture him. He has another trick up his sleeve, though: a magical whip that will force Si Feng to show his true demon form. The weapon requires someone highly-skilled in the Yangjue method — so someone from Shaoyang. Hao Chen volunteers.

Xuan Ji leaves her room, wanting to save Si Feng, but Min Yan runs into her and warns her that the elders refuse to listen. She shouldn’t try to move against them. Xuan Ji says that she needs to do something. Knowing that he’s been wrongfully imprisoned and hurt makes her heart hurt.

Ruo Yu rushes up to tell Xuan Ji and Min Yan that things are not good: the elders are planning to use the demon whip on Si Feng. Even if he isn’t a demon, he’s as good as dead after withstanding the three blows required to reveal a demon’s true form. Xuan Ji decides that she needs to save Si Feng no matter what. She tells Min Yan that this doesn’t concern him, but he says that he’ll help her and Ruo Yu joins in, too.

Xiao Yin Hua pleads for Si Feng to release her, but he refuses to. He won’t send her to her death, and once he’s made up his mind, he won’t change it.

Xuan Ji, Min Yan, and Ruo Yu dress up as Fuyu disciples and knock out the real Fuyu disciples guarding the dungeons. They split up once inside. Xuan Ji is the first one to find Si Feng’s cell.

She breaks him free of his chains, but he throws up a barrier, preventing her from getting closer. He says that his wounds are just superficial. He’ll be fine. But for her, there’s too much danger. How will her father face the other elders when they find out that she broke him out?

Xuan Ji doesn’t care. She breaks through the barrier and rushes to Si Feng. He asks if she trusts him. She says yes. He admits to her that he had Xiao Yin Hua infiltrate Tianxu Hall because he wanted to find the mirror for her. He couldn’t tell the elders because he doesn’t want to reveal Xuan Ji’s secret power to them and have her be treated as an oddity.

Xuan Ji would rather be treated as an oddity than have Si Feng lose his life, but he says that they wouldn’t believe him anyway. Xuan Ji says it’s not worth it for him to do all these things for her without telling her. He responds that there’s no worth it or not worth it for him — there’s only things he’s willing and unwilling to do.

Min Yan and Ruo Yu find them and warn them that the elders are on their way. They end up breaking Si Feng out anyway, but the sect leaders catch them on the beach.

Xuan Ji holds her sword to her own throat and threatens to kill herself if her father and Hao Chen insist on persecuting Si Feng. They’re appalled that she would throw away her live for Si Feng. It’s not worth it. But Xuan Ji repeats Si Feng’s words. It’s not about how worth it is, it’s about how willing she is, and this is something she’s whole-heartedly willing to do.

Si Feng smiles at Xuan Ji and says he’s grateful for what she’s done, but she shouldn’t break her father and Hao Chen’s hearts. It’s just three blows of the demon whip. He can handle it. He gently makes her lower her sword. He promised her that he will help her find her six senses and he will. He won’t die.

Xuan Ji takes his hand. He walks toward the elders, turning himself in and breaking out of her grasp.

Master Rong disdainfully comments on how all the sects (except for his own, of course), have been tainted by demon influence.


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