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Recap: Love and Redemption (Ep. 29)


Xuan Ji and Si Feng cuddle together by a campfire while the others sleep. She can finally feel temperature and never realized that nights could get so cold, but being next to Si Feng feels warm.

Hao Chen meets up with Chu Lei, Ying Hong, and a third Shaoyang disciple in Qingmu Town, the town that is closest to the entrance to Buzhou Mountain. He knows that Xuan Ji and her group must be here. They split up to search the town.

Min Yan studies the dagger he meant to give to Ling Long and silently promises her that he will rescue her. He hears a sound outside and gets up to investigate, eventually finding Chu Lei, who stares at him disapprovingly. Min Yan kneels before his teacher, but says that now that he’s so close to Buzhou Mountain, he won’t go back. He must save Ling Long.

Chu Lei tells Min Yan to rise. He doesn’t blame Min Yan for being so faithful to Ling Long. Min Yan is surprised — he thought Chu Lei was here to bring him back. But Chu Lei just tells him that he’s his most favored student. Ever since he first saw Min Yan when he was eight, Chu Lei knew that Min Yan had a strong will. He tells Min Yan that in addition to rescuing Ling Long, he has an even more important mission for him.

Ruo Yu opens his window and sees Min Yan kneeling before Chu Lei, promising to carry out his orders.

The group sets out at night to look for the entrance to Buzhou Mountain. It only appears with the full moon. They find the portal and Zi Hu leads the way in lighting her candle at the altar. Si Feng holds Xiao Yin Hua back, wanting her to wait outside, but she’s determined to accompany him, even if it means she’ll have to stay in her snake form without any magic.

Zi Hu opens the portal to Buzhou Mountain, but before she goes in, Min Yan tries to establish a plan for once they get in. He wants to prioritize Ling Long’s soul, then Yu Er, and finally Wu Zhi Qi. But Zi Hu’s only purpose is to rescue Wu Zhi Qi, and she’s willing to go off on her own to do it. She heads in by herself.

The other four light their candles. Before they can go in, the Shaoyang elders arrive and beseech them to not go in. They’re risking their lives. But Xuan Ji bows to them and promises that she’ll return, then heads in.

After the rest of the group enters the mountain, the Shaoyang elders get bounced out. They decide to try to find their own way in on foot.

When the group finally lands on the other side of the portal, they find that Buzhou Mountain is swarming with monsters. Once a year, the guardian gods Shenshu and Yulu let all the demons and monsters out to see the light. Today is that day. Zi Hu plans on going straight to Fenru City to look for Wu Zhi Qi. She reminds the others that they can’t use their magic here, otherwise they’ll attract Shenshu and Yulu’s attention. Their magic will also be weaker.

Yuan Lang arrives at the Buzhou Mountain portal and sees the five candles. He recognizes Zi Hu.

Fenru City literally means the Burning City, and the way down is burning hot, full of lava and the sounds of tortured souls. Zi Hu forges her way down, yelling Wu Zhi Qi’s name. At the bottom level, Wu Zhi Qi, in his humanoid monkey form, seems to hear something and wakes up. He flips in excitement that someone has finally come to see him after a thousand years. His shackles crackle with lightning. The flashes draw Zi Hu’s attention and she rushes toward the light.

Zi Hu finds Wu Zhi Qi and tackles him with a hug, crying. But he doesn’t recognize who she is, instead thinking that she’s just a beautiful woman. Yuan Lang snuffs out Zi Hu’s flame and she gets torn back out of the mountain. As she’s getting dragged out, she sends a little magic Wu Zhi Qi’s way so that a tuft of purple fur appears in his hand.

Xuan Ji thinks that she sees Ling Long for a moment, but when she looks again, there’s no one there. They suddenly see Zi Hu being ripped out of Fenru City. The smoky creatures that guard the door to Fenru City start swarming Zi Hu. Xuan Ji flies in to help her, ignoring Min Yan’s warnings that she’s not supposed to use magic in here. Si Feng joins in to help.

Zi Hu tells them to leave her alone — they’ll be discovered. She pushes away from Xuan Ji and continues to get pulled away by the force of her blown-out candle. But it’s too late, Xuan Ji and Si Feng have managed to awaken Shenshu and Yulu, the guardian gods. The four remaining members of the group try to hide as the gods search for them, but Si Feng and Xuan Ji are discovered.

The punishment for attempting to intrude on Fenru City is death. The gods attack, but Xuan Ji uses Dingkun to defend. They recognize Dingkun and her as the God of War. They tell her to go back to the mortal world where she’s supposed to be.

Xuan Ji responds that she’s not the God of War — she’s Chu Xuan Ji, and she’s here to save her sister’s soul. They don’t care what she calls herself in this life. She’s the God of War and she always will be. They warn her of the punishment she’ll receive if she doesn’t leave, but Xuan Ji doesn’t care. She’s going to save her sister.

The gods attack her, but she defends with Dingkun. She ends up destroying their weapons, but gets knocked back as well. Si Feng catches her and urges her to hide her magic so they can escape discovery. Without their weapons, the gods can’t see them.

The gods are unable to find Si Feng and Xuan Ji and get called back to Fenru City. They think that they’ve defeated the God of War and chuckle — they’ll have so much to boast about when they return to the heavenly realm.

Xuan Ji picks up a scrap of fabric that is all they can find of Zi Hu. Is that really all that’s left of her? Si Feng reminds them that Zi Hu was willing to give up everything for the person she liked. He trusts that she has no regrets. Xuan Ji says that she will make sure to tell Wu Zhi Qi everything that Zi Hu did for him if she sees him one day. Even Min Yan acknowledges that Zi Hu wasn’t as bad of a person as he thought. In the end, she was just someone who was deeply in love. Ruo Yu reminds them that they have no time to waste. Their candles are burning out.

Zi Hu wakes up in the mortal realm outside of the portal, weak and coughing up blood. She stumbles to the altar to find that her candle has disappeared and becomes incensed. She’ll kill whoever did this to her. Yuan Lang appears behind her with a laugh, revealing his identity as both Yuan Lang and the person behind Tianxu Hall. She’s ready to attack him, but he blazes through her and then captures her with a pouch. He casts some dark magic around the candles and laughs, saying that this will show the others that Buzhou Mountain isn’t easy to enter, nor will it be easy to leave.

He hides as Hao Chen shows up, frowning that one of the candles is missing. Zi Hu yelps from her pouch, revealing Yuan Lang’s hiding place. Hao Chen attacks, but Yuan Lang manages to escape after knocking him down. In the process, an object falls out of Yuan Lang’s robe, which Hao Chen notices and picks up.

Si Feng asks Xuan Ji if she’s at all curious about what the gods said earlier about her crimes as the God of War. Xuan Ji responds that there’s no point in worrying about things that happened in the past that she can’t remember. What she cares about right now is saving Ling Long and then being together with Si Feng.

Xuan Ji wonders how Tianxu Hall could be in Buzhou Mountain without the guardian gods noticing. Si Feng guesses that they must have some sort of magical object or spell that obscures their identities. The black and white rings, perhaps?

They continue searching for Tianxu Hall and eventually spot a group of Xuanyuan disciples fighting each other over mantou that Demon Ling Long tosses to them. Xuan Ji lights up to see her sister and immediately rushes her, asking how she’s here and if she’s okay. But Demon Ling Long doesn’t recognize her and instead pulls out a dagger to attack her. Si Feng protects Xuan Ji, deflecting Ling Long into Min Yan’s arms. She doesn’t recognize Min Yan either and takes him hostage, putting her knife to his neck.

Xuan Ji and Min Yan try to remind Ling Long of who they are. For a moment, Ling Long’s head starts to hurt and she smacks it, but then she seems to fight off whatever internal struggle she has and prepares to slit Min Yan’s throat. Si Feng knocks her unconscious with a spell before she can.

They hold Ling Long captive and bound. Min Yan wants to at least set Ling Long free, but Si Feng thinks they should figure out what’s going on first. Ling Long warns them that if they don’t let her go, her “Tong-gege” will find them and deal with them.

Si Feng knows that it’s unlikely this Ling Long is the real Ling Long. There’s no way Wu Tong would have managed to kidnap her with all of the sect elders on Fuyu Island. They ask one of the Xuanyuan disciples how Ling Long came to be here. He doesn’t know anything except that he was selected to be one her pet slaves a half month ago. At that time, the group was still with Ling Long on Fuyu Island.

Xuan Ji realizes that the demon energy she smelled wasn’t from the Xuanyuan disciples like she thought, but was from Ling Long herself. She’s not Ling Long — she’s a demon. Min Yan remembers that Ling Long has a birthmark on her right wrist. He checks and it’s not there. It really isn’t her.

They interrogate Ling Long, but she just repeats that Wu Tong won’t spare them. Si Feng guesses that she doesn’t know much. They’ll need to enter Tianxu Hall if they want to find answers. He uses Xiao Yin Hua to threaten Ling Long, saying that she’ll bite her with her poisonous bite if Ling Long doesn’t take them to Tianxu Hall.

The group dress up as Xuanyuan disciples and Ling Long brings them into Tianxu Hall. They ask her about Ling Long’s soul, but she doesn’t know anything about it, insisting that she is Ling Long. They have her take them to Yu Er instead. Yu Er warns them that Ling Long is a flower demon and not the real Ling Long. She also knows that Wu Tong keeps a lot of souls in his room.

They make Ling Long take them to Wu Tong’s room where there are dozens of bottles with souls glowing within them. It seems like it’s the first time Ling Long has seen them. There’s no way for them to determine which soul is Ling Long’s, so they grab them all. But as they’re trying to escape, they’re attacked.

Xuan Ji drops her sack of souls and the bottles open, releasing several. She drops to the ground, frantic that she may have lost Ling Long. But Wu Tong appears with a laugh and shows them a bottle in his hand. He has what they’re looking for.

Xuan Ji starts moving toward Wu Tong, but Si Feng pulls her back. They don’t know for sure that the bottle in his hand is Ling Long’s soul. He’s just trying to provoke her.

Wu Tong laughs, asking what they think of his creation. Did she confuse even them? Ling Long turns to him, confused and not understanding what he’s saying. Wu Tong kisses her on the mouth in response. He says that he’ll give them Ling Long if they want, but Ling Long says that she wants to stay by his side. He laughs again.

Min Yan steps forward and calls Wu Tong laughable and pathetic. He knows that Ling Long would never actually like him, so that’s why he had to make this flower demon lookalike. Wu Tong gets angry and grabs onto his essence. He warns the others not to move, otherwise he’ll permanently separate Min Yan and Ling Long.

Min Yan chokes out that even if Wu Tong kills him, he’ll never have Ling Long.


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