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Recap: The Haunted Heart (Ep. 4)

Ding Yu and Qing Feng both grow suspicious of Xiao Ling and Shi Yi Shao, but mostly because they think they’re dating. Da Yong grows suspicious that something isn’t right with his grandfather.


Xiao Ling admits to Qing Feng that Da Yong was able to guess she was his patient. Qing Feng tells her to be careful. Da Yong isn’t the type of person to look out for someone else. Da Yong calls Qing Feng fake and hypocritical for talking about him behind his back.

Xiao Ling reassures Qing Feng that she’s better now. She has a job and friends and doesn’t view herself as a sick person anymore. Qing Feng smiles and reminds her that she can still call him at anytime. “As a friend?” she asks. He nods. They smile at each other.

Qing Feng offers to give Xiao Ling a ride down the mountain, but she turns him down, saying she should probably stay with Da Yong for a bit. Qing Feng frowns slightly as he heads out. Before he leaves, he asks Xiao Ling if she and Da Yong are dating. She hurriedly tells him that they would never. He smiles, seeming relieved, and reminds her she can call him about anything.

When Ding Yu returns home, her father asks her if she was able to learn anything about the grandfather’s gift. She tells him that Da Yong got drunk and didn’t say anything and Shi Guang Yi never appeared. Ding An Wei frowns. Grandfather Shi has been in a coma — there’s no way anyone could have talked to him. So where did this talk of a gift come from?

Ding An Wei is also surprised that Da Yong and Qing Feng are on such good terms that they would drink together. Ding Yu tries to say that they’re not on bad terms — they’re just both busy. She tells her father about Xiao Ling. She’s surprised that both Da Yong and Qing Feng knew her, and finds her strange.

Xiao Ling slumps to the ground after Qing Feng leaves, in a bad mood. Da Yong tells her to get up, but she wants to be left alone. How would he feel if he had to lie to somehow he cared about? Da Yong thinks Qing Feng doesn’t deserve Xiao Ling’s attention, but then he tries a different tactic and tells Xiao Ling that he’ll tell her a secret if she gets up.

She stands up. The secret he shares is the password to enter the cosmic deck, the last 4 digits of the first 12 digits of pi. She says that she didn’t need him to tell her that — she already knew. He asks if she even knows the first 12 digits of pi and recites them very quickly. He seems impressed when she gets it right on the second try.

Xiao Ling tries to wake Shi Yi Shao up, but he’s deep in an unconscious state. She eventually settles on trying to toss him into the pool. Da Yong cringes as he watches his body get dragged around and treated roughly.

Da Yong continues to order Xiao Ling around after she manages to drag his body poolside. She tries to lift his body up, but ends up falling into the pool with him. Da Yong chuckles at the situation, but then gets concerned when she doesn’t surface.

Ding Yu comes looking for Da Yong with a cup of tea. Xiao Ling finally surfaces with Da Yong’s body. Shi Yi Shao is nowhere to be found. Da Yong warns Xiao Ling that Ding Yu is coming and tells her to hide otherwise Ding Yu might see her like this. Xiao Ling’s white shirt is now transparent because of the water, but she points out that Ding Yu is a woman — why does it matter if she sees her like this? Then she realizes that Da Yong likes Ding Yu and that’s why he doesn’t want her seeing Xiao Ling with his body in the pool.

Ding Yu finds her way to the pool and Xiao Ling submerges herself and Da Yong’s body. But then Ding Yu decides to sit down next to the pool. Shi Yi Shao wakes up and can’t hold his breath any longer. He swims toward Xiao Ling and kisses her.

Xiao Ling and Shi Yi Shao both bolt up out of the water. Shi Yi Shao asks who kissed him. Xiao Ling calls him a pervert, saying he was the one who kissed her. Ding Yu looks mortified and abruptly excuses herself for disrupting them. Da Yong follows her and Xiao Ling climbs out to follow them.

Xiao Ling watches as Ding Yu twists her ankle and falls. She picks herself up and tries to keep walking, but ends up sitting down on a bench with a sigh. She thinks of Xiao Ling and Da Yong in the pool and starts crying.

Da Yong kneels down in front of her with a sad expression and holds out his hand as if wishing he could comfort her. He tries to push his mouth into a smile to cheer her up. But she can’t see him and he can’t touch her. Ding Yu forces a smile onto her face, then gets up and walks away while Da Yong stares after her longingly.

Afterward, Da Yong admits to Xiao Ling that he can never tell what Ding Yu is thinking. He thinks back to a memory of their younger days: he’d smiled when she dragged him in front of a camera to take a photo. But then she pulled Qing Feng into the frame as well and his smile fell. She noticed and motioned for him to smile; he ended up forcing one.

Now, Da Yong says that Qing Feng always seemed to understand her better. Xiao Ling agrees that Qing Feng is better at understanding people. Da Yong snaps that he didn’t ask for her opinion. Xiao Ling comments out loud that it’s obvious Da Yong likes Ding Yu, and also obvious that Ding Yu likes him. She just got jealous and cried over him. Shi Yi Shao repeats this information thoughtfully. Da Yong tells Xiao Ling to stop polluting Shi Yi Shao with false information. He’s not the one Ding Yu likes — she likes Qing Feng.

Xiao Ling and Shi Yi Shao find Da Yong’s father playing Xiangqi (Chinese chess) with Ding Yu. Shi Yi immediately asks for the gift, as Xiao Ling had instructed him to do earlier. Shi Guang Yi asks what the rush is — won’t he stay for dinner? On Xiao Ling’s cue, Shi Yi claims that he has things to take care of at the company.

Ding Yu tries to casually ask what the gift is. Maybe it’s a wedding ring, since Da Yong has a girlfriend now? Xiao Ling tries to clarify that she and Da Yong aren’t dating, but Ding Yu just smiles and says that she knows what she saw. She didn’t misunderstand anything. Then she checkmates Shi Guang Yi in the chess game.

Da Yong’s father insists that Da Yong sit and chat with him. Shi Yi Shao and Xiao Ling nervously sit down next to him. Shi Guang Yi asks Shi Yi how the company is doing. Has it failed yet? Shi Yi glances nervously at Xiao Ling, who speaks for him saying that the gaming industry is thriving right now — there’s no way the company could fail. Ding Yu frowns as Xiao Ling and Shi Yi Shao smile at each other.

Shi Guang Yi seems to look down on video games, saying that they’re just teaching people how to avoid reality. Da Yong appears and mutters that his father is the one trying to avoid reality with his drinking. Xiao Ling tells Shi Guang Yi that games can be interesting and make people happy — she compares it to his playing chess. Shi Guang Yi acknowledges that she has a point.

Ding Yu suggests that Shi Guang Yi is just comparing Da Yong to Qing Feng, who has always been very outstanding and started his own practice. Xiao Ling points out that Da Yong is exceptional, too. He may be a perfectionist who often makes his employees cry, but everyone is still happy when his games succeed.

Guang Yi applauds, agreeing that she’s describing his son perfectly and pats Shi Yi Shao on the back. Xiao Ling smiles and glances up at Da Yong. Ding Yu frowns.

Guang Yi tells Xiao Ling that he’s going to give Da Yong’s gift to her instead. He comes back with a small bag and explains that Da Yong’s grandfather had this custom-made for Da Yong at a taichi competition 3 years ago. But Guang Yi accidentally left it in his car until now. He pulls out a traditional button-down shirt that Xiao Ling pretends to be excited about. Guang Yi knows that Da Yong doesn’t care about this shirt at all, so he’s giving it to her.

Da Yong is furious that the gift had nothing to do with an investment agreement. He demands to know where his grandfather is. He mutters that he’s going to go look for him himself and disappears.

Shi Guang Yi asks Shi Yi Shao if he still remembers some of the taichi that his grandfather taught him, and asks him to demonstrate. Shi Yi Shao stammers that he’s forgotten. Da Yong’s father shakes his head disapprovingly and makes Shi Yi Shao follow him as he demonstrates some moves.

Xiao Ling watches them and suddenly remembers how Da Yong had performed some similar moves in the elevator before he died. Shi Yi has the same thought and they exchange a look. Could this be Da Yong’s last wish?

Xiao Ling asks Shi Guang Yi if Da Yong really knows how to do taichi. He beams and says of course, then tells her to follow him so he can show her some photos. He and Xiao Ling both tell Shi Yi to stay behind and practice.

Shi Guang Yi shows Xiao Ling a cabinet full of Da Yong’s photos, sorted by category. There’s one set for Da Yong’s firsts, one for his joys, one for his sorrows. Xiao Ling notices that the photos of Da Yong only go up until he’s sixteen. Shi Guang Yi frowns slightly and says that kids all stop liking to take pictures after they get older.

Downstairs, Ding Yu asks if Shi Yi/Da Yong really doesn’t have anything to say to her. He doesn’t. She suggests he should just go upstairs to find Xiao Ling instead and he says okay. She pouts — is he going to go upstairs just because she asked? That’s not how he usually acts.

Shi Yi Shao wonders what that means. How would Da Yong usually act? He remembers Xiao Ling saying that Da Yong likes Ding Yu, then remembers watching a man and woman interact on TV. He smiles. He knows what he should do.

Ding Yu says that she’ll head home, but Shi Yi Shao leaps to block her way with his arm. Then he thinks of the cup ramen commercial and licks his lips. He asks Ding Yu if she knows how to make tasty instant noodles.

Ding Yu frowns. Is he trying to mess with her and make her angry like he’s always done since they were little? Well it worked. She pushes him aside, saying he shouldn’t do this when he’s already with Xiao Ling. Shi Yi Shao tells her that he’s not with Xiao Ling. Then he takes another cue from a commercial and starts singing, “If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands.”

It works to make Ding Yu smile, though she tries to claim she’s still mad. She pulls out the knot tied around his neck and rips it off, saying she doesn’t like that he’s wearing something another girl gave to him. She tosses it into a nearby tray of charcoal. Shi Yi Shao watches, dismayed, as his knot catches fire. “I’m dead,” he mutters before collapsing.

Shi Yi Shao appears behind Shi Guang Yi, freaking out that Ding Yu burned his knot. He shows Xiao Ling the flames licking at his pants and feet and says that he’s going to disappear unless she does something. But Shi Guang Yi is still talking to Xiao Ling, who has to force a smile and pretend she’s listening.

Ding Yu rushes upstairs to tell Shi Guang Yi that something has happened to Da Yong.

At the hospital, Shi Guang Yi and Ding Yu are both distraught to hear that Da Yong is deep in a coma and completely unresponsive, though the doctors aren’t sure why. For Xiao Ling, the hospital is full of images of grief and mourning. She watches as a son watches his parents grieve, then turns away and moves on through a door of golden light. She thinks back to the short amount of time she’s known Da Yong and mourns him.

But then Shi Yi Shao/Da Yong strolls out of the emergency room, perfectly fine. Shi Guang Yi is so relieved he squeezes Shi Yi Shao in a hug. Da Yong splits out from his own body and smiles at Xiao Ling, telling her that he’s fine, too. She smiles, relieved. Ding Yu clings to Shi Yi Shao’s arm, glad that he’s okay. He brushes her hand off.

Xiao Ling strolls outside with Da Yong, happy that this long day is finally over. Da Yong is upset that he got nothing out of this visit and that his grandfather’s gift ended up being nothing. Xiao Ling points out that he didn’t get nothing — he got affection.

In the hospital room, Shi Yi Shao/Da Yong beams as he stares at two buckets of fried chicken that his father bought him. Ding Yu and Shi Guang Yi both fawn over him.

Da Yong asks Xiao Ling if she thinks they’re done being affectionate. She calls him cold-blooded and asks why he doesn’t go keep his father company. Da Yong asks why he should. Xiao Ling comments that he seems like the kind of person who grew up without any friends. He snaps that she’s the one who didn’t have any friends.

Xiao Ling looks down sadly — he’s not wrong. Da Yong looks like he feels bad, then says that what he said wasn’t true. They must have been her friends. He points around them, where the park is lively and full of ghosts that he can now see.

Da Yong smiles slightly at Xiao Ling and admits that if not for her, he wouldn’t know that this place could be so lively at this time. He suddenly chuckles, remembering that someone was crying for him earlier.

Xiao Ling turns away, claiming that she was crying for herself. She was worried that if Shi Yi Shao left, then he would die, and that would be bad for her. Da Yong appears in front of her and leans in — is she sure she didn’t miss him, even just a little bit?

They return to the hospital room, where they find that Shi Yi Shao has fallen asleep in the middle of eating some fried chicken. Da Yong is not happy that Shi Yi Shao is abusing his body this way, but tells Xiao Ling to go home and rest — she’s probably tired from crying over him.

Xiao Ling claims that she wasn’t sad at all. She’s already killed him once. When he fired her, she wanted to kill him, and she really did. So why would she be sad?

She turns as Qing Feng enters the room with a frown, having heard her talking. He asks who she was talking to. She doesn’t look at him and suggests that maybe they should wake Da Yong up. But Qing Feng doesn’t let her change the topic — so the boss who fired her that day, the one she killed, is Da Yong?

Xiao Ling nods, looking frightened, but all Qing Feng says is that she doesn’t have to try and handle her burdens alone. Da Yong tells Xiao Ling that she should just Qing Feng the truth — there’s nothing to hide. Then he changes his mind and says there’s nothing to explain.

Qing Feng notices Xiao Ling’s distraction and asks if Da Yong is here with them. Xiao Ling gives a small nod. Qing Feng says that this is the first time he’s ever been in the same room as one of her hallucinations.

“Is it a hallucination though?” she asks.

Qing Feng gently tells her that if she doesn’t think it’s a hallucination, then they can treat it as real. Xiao Ling asks if Qing Feng believes her. He starts launching into his usual spiel about how it’s not important whether he believes her. Da Yong rolls his eyes. Xiao Ling interrupts him with a curt, “I’m fine.”

He asks if she’ll come back to his clinic. She asks if she can if she has something to say to him. He says of course. She can tell him anything. No matter whether they’re at the clinic or outside it, he will keep it confidential.

Qing Feng leaves and closes the door behind him. He stares back at the hospital room and wonders out loud what kind of world Xiao Ling lives in.

Xiao Ling looks sadly at Da Yong and says that Qing Feng clearly doesn’t care about him. He didn’t ask about him at all. He finds him unimportant. She knows that Qing Feng doesn’t care about her, either. He only views her as his patient.

Da Yong points out that her relationship with Qing Feng could grow deeper if she saw him more often, and he has a way for that to happen: she should move to the Shi family compound. Xiao Ling resists, but Da Yong insists. It’ll be the perfect opportunity for her to investigate what his final wish was. The Shi family will take care of everything — all she has to do is make sure Shi Yi Shao doesn’t cause trouble.

Xiao Ling packs up her apartment while Da Yong criticizes her choices — she doesn’t need to pack her instant ramen or her large teddy bear. Shi Yi Shao is lost in thought, wondering why he’s still here even though his knot was burned. So the knot wasn’t the obsession keeping him in this world, but what is? He accidentally electrocutes himself in his distraction and gets shocked out of Da Yong’s body.

The doorbell rings. Da Yong tells Shi Yi Shao to hurry up and get back in his body. He obeys and then turns to where Da Yong was standing with a frown.

Xiao Ling lets the visitor — Ding An Wei — into her apartment. He greets Shi Yi/Da Yong, then asks Xiao Ling why she’s suddenly moving into the Shi household. Xiao Ling slides a glance over at Da Yong, who gives her an excuse to use, then tells her to ask about his grandfather. She does.

Ding An Wei turns to Shi Yi Shao to respond and says that his grandfather is in Uruguay. He tells his assistant to inspect the boxes that Xiao Ling has packed, then shakes his head disapprovingly. They don’t need to move any of this. He tells Xiao Ling to make a list of what she needs — they’ll buy it. Xiao Ling hastily grabs her stuffed bear. Da Yong strolls over to Xiao Ling and smirks with an, “I told you so.”

Xiao Ling gets relegated to sitting in the open back of a truck with her suitcase on the ride up to the mountain. Meanwhile, Shi Yi Shao has a nice, comfortable van to sit in.

Shi Yi Shao twitches his ears. Though he still can’t see Da Yong, he can now hear him. He wants to go tell Xiao Ling, but Da Yong tells him to wait. There are some things he wants to talk about.

Da Yong asks about Ding Yu burning the knot. She did it because she was upset? But why? Shi Yi Shao admits how he got inspired by a TV commercial and tried to treat her the way a man would treat the woman he likes. Da Yong angrily warns him that he’s to keep his distance from Ding Yu once they get to the estate and that he’s absolutely not allowed to physically interact with her.

Qing Feng confides his Rong Zhi Hao that Xiao Ling’s hallucinations seem to be getting stronger and that they might be impacting the people around her, specifically his cousin, so he’s worried. He thinks that Xiao Ling might be hypnotizing Da Yong. She grew up in a lonely environment with only psychics for company. Her illness might her way of trying to protect herself and avoid reality. He thought he was finally making a breakthrough, but now it seems like she’s avoiding him and thus avoiding treatment.

Zhi Hao points out that Qing Feng is letting her do that by creating a way for her to receive treatment from him outside of the clinic. Now that she’ll be living at his cousin’s place, they’ll interact even more. Zhi Hao doesn’t know how it works for psychiatrists, but for psychologists like him, once a patient has entered his private life, it’s impossible for him to continue to treat her. Zhi Hao recommends that Qing Feng stop trying to treat Xiao Ling, but suggests that maybe this time it’ll turn out better than it did with Shan Shan.

Shan Shan’s name seems to deliver a blow to Qing Feng. Zhi Hao says that he hopes it’s been long enough since everything happened with Shan Shan and that it doesn’t affect Qing Feng anymore, but it’s pretty clear that it still does.

Xiao Ling and Shi Yi Shao get dropped off outside Da Yong’s house. She’s surprised that Shi Yi Shao can now hear Da Yong. It looks like she doesn’t need to translate anymore. But Shi Yi Shao says that he still needs her — what if Da Yong tries to talk about Ding Yu all day? They smile conspiratorially at each other.

Ding Yu appears and greets Xiao Ling by grabbing her arm in an overly-friendly way that surprises everyone. She offers to show Xiao Ling around and they head into the house, completely ignoring Shi Yi Shao.

Ding Yu shows Xiao Ling to an attic bedroom that she picked out for her. Xiao Ling looks uncomfortable with the opulence of the space and the servants who are around at Ding Yu’s beck and call.

Shi Yi Shao stares wide-eyed at the dining table full of all of Da Yong’s favorite dishes. Da Yong tells him to stop staring and to go find Xiao Ling so they can hold a meeting. He wonders why Ding Yu picked that room for Xiao Ling. It’s so inconvenient. Only one plate on the table isn’t food. It holds Da Yong’s “lucky talisman” sheets which Ding Yu would always stick on his head after he fell ill, and it would always work. He smiles fondly at the memory and at the thought that she still laid them out for him even though they’re full-grown adults now.

Xiao Ling asks Ding Yu about the place that Da Yong’s grandfather went to. She doesn’t remember its name, only that it ends with “guay.” Ding Yu thinks she’s talking about Paraguay and says that her father told her Grandfather Shi went there.

Ding Yu tells Xiao Ling that she knows they come from different backgrounds, but that she wants to be friends with her. Da Yong’s girlfriend is also her friend. Xiao Ling hastily clarifies that she’s not Da Yong’s girlfriend. Ding Yu says that even so, she really wants to be on good terms with her.

Xiao Ling admits that she doesn’t dislike Ding Yu, she’s just worried that she’ll ruin this room and make it dirty. Ding Yu reassures her that it’s okay — someone can always come by to clean it up. She offers to find Xiao Ling a different room if she doesn’t like this one, but Xiao Ling quickly says that she likes it. Ding Yu takes Xiao Ling’s hands and smiles at her, saying that she’s bad at hiding her feelings — she hopes Xiao Ling won’t mind. Xiao Ling smiles back, saying that’s okay.

Da Yong watches them with a frown. Then he goes to a bedroom and stares at a long black case on the ground.

Shi Yi Shao and Xiao Ling go for a walk and Shi Yi Shao disappears to chase after a white bunny. Da Yong is suspicious that Ding Yu said Paraguay while her father said Uruguay. Xiao Ling thinks he’s being suspicious for no reason. He’s suggesting that either Ding Yu is lying or her father is lying, but why would they lie?

Da Yong isn’t sure, but all he knows is that his grandfather’s cane is still here and he would never leave the country without his cane. He wants Xiao Ling to steal the cane from his grandfather’s bedroom so that no one else can get to it.

Xiao Ling thinks he’s being overdramatic. She yells loudly for Da Yong’s grandfather, but no one appears. She points out that there’s no ghost, so no one died. But Da Yong tells her that his family is complicated. It’s not all tea bugs and white bunnies.

Xiao Ling and Shi Yi Shao try to enter Da Yong’s grandfather’s residence, but two men at the door stop them, saying that the house is currently being disinfected and they can’t go in for their own safety. Da Yong frowns.

He ends up holding a meeting with Xiao Ling and Shi Yi Shao in her room. He finds the timing of everything very suspicious. Xiao Ling and Shi Yi Shao continue to joke around, irritating Da Yong. Shi Yi Shao tells Da Yong that he has hundreds of years more life experience than him and knows that sometimes it’s important to be both shallow and deep, fast and slow. Which reminds him that these same concepts are a part of taichi.

The mention of taichi reminds Xiao Ling that Da Yong’s last wish may have had something to do with it. She suggests that they should spend the next few days doing taichi while they wait for his grandfather’s residence to reopen. Da Yong rolls his eyes and disappears. Xiao Ling pulls Shi Yi Shao up to the rooftop where there’s more space for them to move.

Qing Feng spots Xiao Ling with Shi Yi Shao hanging out on the rooftop as he drives by. He remembers Zhi Hao’s suggestion that he stop trying to treat Xiao Ling, then sighs and moves on.

Xiao Ling grills instant noodles and skewers on the rooftop for dinner, but neither Da Yong or Shi Yi Shao show up despite her loudly yelling about how delicious it is. She ends up eating alone.

Ding Yu finds Qing Feng practicing his archery. His first shot hits the bullseye. She says that he must have seen Da Yong and Xiao Ling together. She’s not sure if they really came here to work or to date. Xiao Ling told her that they’re not dating, but what kind of employee would move into her boss’s house just for work? Qing Feng doesn’t respond, but his next arrow goes wide. He remembers Zhi Hao talking about Shan Shan. His third shot is way off.

Xiao Ling is unable to sleep at night, probably because she insists on sleeping on a narrow towel on top of the bed instead of going under the covers.

Da Yong investigates his grandfather’s bedroom again. Suddenly, he hears his grandfather calling his name. Flash to an image of Xiao Ling catching a white bunny and asking if it’s okay. She stares into its eyes, where there’s an image of Da Yong.

“Where’s the bunny?” Xiao Ling asks sleepily, staring up at Da Yong as he snaps in her face, trying to wake her up. He says that maybe the white rabbit is his spirit animal, but asks her to wake up and stop dreaming. It’s very annoying to be randomly summoned to her side because of her dreams.

Xiao Ling sneezes then seems to fully wake up and immediately bombards Da Yong with questions asking where he was all afternoon and all night. He can brood all he wants, but he can’t just leave her alone in this place.

Da Yong asks where Shi Yi Shao is. She doesn’t know and tells him to stop trying to change the subject. He tells her that he went to his grandfather’s room and sensed something. He’s worried. Xiao Ling doesn’t need to ask him what he felt, because she felt it, too when he appeared uninvited in her dream. She grabs an outer layer, saying they should go get his grandfather’s cane now. Isn’t the middle of the night the best time to be a thief? Da Yong smiles.

Da Yong scouts around then tells Xiao Ling and Shi Yi Shao that the coast is clear. They can break in. Xiao Ling uses Shi Yi Shao has a stepping stool to get over the gate. When she turns around to look for Shi Yi Shao, he’s run off.

She and Da Yong enter the house, where she freaks out to see cockroaches scurrying around on the ground. Da Yong points out that they’re probably dead and tells her to focus on getting the cane. She dashes into his grandfather’s room, trying to ignore the ghost mosquitoes that appear and fly at her face.

An alarm sounds when she opens the bedroom door. She gets scared, but Da Yong tells her to go get the cane. He’ll get Shi Yi Shao to help cover for her.

Xiao Ling dashes in, finds the box with the cane, and dashes out. She comes face to face with Ding An Wei.


I don’t get why the preview for this episode included this very last scene. Why!

I’m back to complain about the acting again, mainly because some of Xiao Ling and Qing Feng’s reactions don’t really make any sense and seem overdramatic. Why does Qing Feng looks so suspicious and why does Xiao Ling act so scared? It doesn’t quite make sense, and I have to blame the acting for it. It could also be the writing itself, but… I don’t have that problem with some of the other characters (yet).

Qing Feng’s doctor friend Zhi Hao calls this out, but Qing Feng weirds me out because he’s all about confidentiality, but the way he seems to like Xiao Ling and flirt with her seems like a breach of the doctor-patient trust. It’s one thing to care for her well-being, but another to string her along in this ambiguous way. It’s impossible for him to be both her doctor and her friend. If he’s her friend, he should believe her, but it’s clear that he’s just trying to humor her and still treating her like a patient… also why does he seem so villainous? I don’t think he’s supposed to be villainous yet? Or maybe he is?

It seems like Qing Feng has a pattern of getting emotionally and possibly romantically involved with his patients which… also isn’t good. What bothers me the most about him is that he never seems genuine when it comes to her. When he’s with her, he seems like he’s humoring her hallucinations. When he’s not with her, he seems kind of… upset that she sees things? He always looks more suspicious than he does concerned.

Did the grandfather just fall into a coma? From what Ding Yu’s father said to her, it sounded like he’s been in a coma for a while, but if he was, who did Da Yong pitch to? Maybe the illness was a sudden thing, but it’s also very possible the illness could be foul play…


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