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Recap: Love and Redemption (Ep. 42)

Some big reveals this episode as Xuan Ji tries to save Si Feng, but they both end up discovering some inconvenient truths.


The only way to break through the spell at the entrance to Mingxia Cave is to use a token that only Ying Hong has access to. Min Yan distracts her so that Xuan Ji can steal the token.

Xuan Ji enters the cave to find Si Feng collapsed on the ground, internally injured from the zhulong‘s attack. She does what she can to heal him, then asks if he’s okay. He asks why she’s here. Is she here to interrogate him? Or to use him to threaten someone? He addresses her as the God of War and asks why she’s here if she doesn’t even trust him. Xuan Ji frowns and says that she would leave him here if not for the fact that they’re trying to retrieve his demon core. She lifts Si Feng up and supports him out of the cave, but they run into Hao Chen.

Xuan Ji summons Teng She, who lands unceremoniously on the ground, yawning, and tells him to block Hao Chen while they escape.

The moment Si Feng leaves the cave, Xiao Yin Hua can sense him again. She senses that he’s in danger and she glares, yelling Xuan Ji’s name, as she flies off.

Xuan Ji decides to take Si Feng out via the secret place, because it’s the last place her father and the other elders would think to look. He cynically asks if she’s worried he’ll steal the Liuli lamp. She tells him to stop it. The most she can do right now is make sure no one else hurts him, but if he tries to steal the lamp, the most she can do is try to stop him. She can’t kill him. Si Feng tells her again that he’s only ever lied to her once. He doesn’t care if she believes him or not, but he’s done trying to explain himself to her. He pushes her away.

Xiao Yin Hua appears and catches Si Feng as he staggers. She glares at Xuan Ji and yells at her for hurting Si Feng like this. Si Feng says her name with a warning tone, but he’s not trying to protect Xuan Ji anymore. He’s just going for self-preservation at this point, and points out to Xiao Yin Hua that they can’t take on the God of War.

Xuan Ji frowns but doesn’t rise to the bait. What’s important right now is making sure they get out.

Heng Yang and his disciples are on the final day of summoning the zhulong, but then Yuan Lang flies in and knocks aside one of the disciples, breaking the spell. He smirks as he looks around and says that he really should thank Si Feng for making his life easier.

Heng Yang and his disciples are ready to defend the Liuli lamp with their life, but they’re no match for Yuan Lang, who easily kills several of the disciples and severely wounds Heng Yang. Heng Yang makes a last-ditch attempt to summon the new zhulong. Yuan Lang kills him, but is unable to prevent the torch dragon from being summoned.

Xuan Ji has almost led Si Feng out of Shaoyang when he suddenly gets trapped by a spell. The elders appear and Hao Chen tells Xuan Ji that she didn’t disappoint him and did exactly what he thought she would do. Xiao Yin Hua accuses Xuan Ji of leading them into a trap. Xuan Ji tries to tell Si Feng that she didn’t know this would happen.

Xuan Ji protests, but the elders activate their spell suppress Si Feng’s demon energy and allow Xuan Ji to extract his demon core. She’s the only one who can do it. Xuan Ji begs them to stop and to let Si Feng go. But Chu Lei reminds her how her mother died in front of her. Does she want to watch him die now, too? He coughs up blood.

Hao Chen warns Xuan Ji that she must act now. The longer Chu Lei stands at the center of the spell, the more danger he’s in. Xuan Ji says she doesn’t want anyone to get hurt. She summons her magic to try and break the spell. Hao Chen blocks her.

Teng She appears and starts making excuses for why he wasn’t able to stop Hao Chen. Xuan Ji tells him to shut up and break the spell. He does.

Chu Lei sends his sword flying toward Si Feng. Xuan Ji sees and runs toward Si Feng to shield him, but Si Feng sees the sword coming and turns so that he gets stabbed instead. Ruo Yu watches with interest from around a corner. Everyone else seems stunned.

Si Feng smiles weakly at Xuan Ji while looking like he’s dying and asks why she acted so foolishly trying to save him when she already said that one of them would have to die if they ever met again. She tells him that she was lying to the elders. Why did he believe her words?

Xuan Ji also got stabbed a bit and some of her blood flies out of her wound, like it did the first time they landed in the secret place. Si Feng watches as it flies up toward the sky.

Storm clouds gather. The demonic smoke gathers around the Liuli lamp. Yuan Lang tries to hold the new dragon at bay. A voice emanates from the lamp, saying that it’s been waiting for too long for its missing soul. Yuan Lang smiles. It’s Mosha Star.

Vines start creeping over the walls of the cavern and purple flowers bloom. It’s a flower from the demon realm. It means that Mosha Star is here. He must be in front of them. Hao Chen realizes that it’s Si Feng. He is Luohou Jidu, the Mosha Star. She tells Xuan Ji to hurry up and kill him — he’s right in front of her.

Xuan Ji and Si Feng stare at each other. Xuan Ji says it’s impossible. Isn’t Mosha Star’s soul trapped in the lamp? But of course, it’s only his heart soult\ that’s trapped in the lamp. His real soul is out there, apparently in Si Feng. Only Luohou Jidu’s blood can activate the lamp.

Si Feng stares at Xuan Ji, then down at the wound on her chest. He remembers how, when she cut herself that first time, her blood also flew away. He connects the dots, but how is it possible? At the same time, Xuan Ji is staring at him, thinking that he could be Luohou Jidu.

Si Feng suddenly pushes Xuan Ji away, toward Teng She, who catches her. He launches himself into the air and takes his garuda form. He pretends that he is Luohou Jidu that he’s here not only to take the lamp, but to kill the God of War. Xuan Ji asks why he’s lying. He says that he might as well kill them all. Chu Lei leads the elders in attacking him and he strikes back.

Xuan Ji yells for them all to stop and breaks their spells. Teng She traps the elders while Xuan Ji approaches Si Feng. Didn’t he say he would only lie to her once? Didn’t he say he would come clean to her? Why did he do this to her?

Si Feng leans into his evil side and smiles wickedly at her, saying that he only did what he did to get what he wanted. But he is a bit moved to see that she’s actually infatuated with him. Si Feng laughs, then flies away. Xuan Ji calls after him. Chu Lei demands Teng She free them; he does with a roll of his eyes.

Hao Chen pauses beside Xuan Ji only long enough to demand for how long she plans on deceiving herself, then joins the other elders in chasing after Si Feng. Teng She catches Xuan Ji as she falls back. She laughs slightly as she cries.

Yuan Lang struggles to approach the lamp, but is held at a distance by the energy emanating from it. He gives up with a frustrated sigh. Without the God of War’s power, he can’t touch it.

The elders find Ying Hong, mortally wounded. She murmurs, “Lize Palace,” before falling unconscious. Chu Lei desperately checks her body — all of her meridians have been severed. They think it must be Si Feng, but Xuan Ji says that’s not possible. She tries to approach, but one of the elders blocks her way, saying that she allowed this to happen.

Min Xing rushes up with more bad news: Heng Yang is dead. They arrive to find the circle of dead disciples. Even Hao Chen is distraught by Heng Yang’s death. He fumes and mutters Si Feng’s name.

Afterward, Xuan Ji walks zombie-like through the Shaoyang grounds. Ying Hong will never be able to perform magic again, and it’s all because of her. Teng She finds her and is about to be snippy, but then decides to lose the sass when he sees her tears. He tells her that something feels off about what happened with Mosha Star. He asks for permission to leave for a few days. He wants to investigate in the heavenly realm and see if he can learn what happened a thousand years ago.

Xuan Ji keeps crying and doesn’t respond. He treats her silence as a yes, then tries to comfort her by saying that she didn’t used to be like this. He reassures her that he’ll figure this out and he might be able to return her lover to her, too.

Yuan Lang and the astrological elder look at their star charts with excitement. Luohou and Jidu are just about to touch. Mosha Star’s real soul was very close to the lamp.

The other sect leaders are displeased with how Xuan Ji has repeatedly sabotaged their opportunities to kill Mosha Star. They demand an explanation from Shaoyang. Chu Lei takes full responsibility for not having better control of his daughter. Xuan Ji swore on his life, so he must die to show her the consequences of her actions, but not yet. There is still a demon to catch. He breaks one of his own fingers as a show of his sincerity and declares that he will die once the demons are dealt with. He passes on leadership of the sect to Hao Chen, who at first refuses, but then is forced to accept with all eyes on him.

The other sect leaders are dissatisfied. It’s not enough for them that the sect leadership has changed because it doesn’t solve the problem of their lack of faith in Xuan Ji. How can they trust her when she’s in love with the demon? Hao Chen says that Xuan Ji can’t be in love with the demon because he and she are the ones who have a fated relationship. Everyone saw when they were on Fuyu Island.

Xuan Ji starts to protest, but Hao Chen acts like they were always in a secret relationship and that she’s only protesting because she doesn’t want others to know. He says that it’s time they let everyone know now and finalize their wedding. Xuan Ji looks torn but stays silent. Chu Lei plays along, saying that he originally planned on having them married after returning from Dianjing Valley.

But Master Rong and Dongfang remain unconvinced because of Xuan Ji’s silence.

Everyone stares at Xuan Ji and she forces herself to say that she and Si Feng have nothing to do with each other from now on.

Xuan Ji punishes herself by locking herself in Mingxia Cave. Min Yan and Ling Long ask her to come out. Min Yan says that he deserves some of the blame, too. Ling Long tells her that she shouldn’t use Si Feng to punish herself. He was the one who was wrong. But Xuan Ji yells for them to leave her alone.

Hao Chen arrives and convinces Ling Long and Min Yan to leave. He breaks open the enchantment that Xuan Ji barricaded herself with and crouches down beside her, saying that this isn’t all her fault. Xuan Ji is fixated on how Si Feng helped her find her senses and taught her what sincerity is, yet also lied to her so many times. Hao Chen says that demons are inherently deceptive and says that he should’ve stayed by her side from the start and shouldn’t have let her leave. (Is he talking about this lifetime… or the one before?)

Then she wouldn’t have had to deal with all these false pretenses. Xuan Ji looks up at him and asks if everything she experienced was fake. He says that everything should be clear now. People’s hearts are difficult to understand. She doesn’t have a heart, which makes it even more difficult for her to understand others. But it’s not too late for her. All she has to do is listen to him, and he promises to stay by her side no matter what. He won’t let go of her again. They can kill all the demons who lied to her, together.

Xuan Ji clutches her chest. Why does her heart hurt so much?

Hao Chen clenches his fist and tells her that as the God of War, she never should’ve shown him mercy. She’s lost herself because she spent too much time immersed in the emotions of the mortal world. He tells her that her heart hurts because of internal demons that Si Feng planted in her heart. The God of War would never feel heartache for her enemies. She can end this all by killing him.

“I can’t,” Xuan Ji says, “I can’t let him hurt anyone else.”

Hao Chen smiles slightly then puts Xuan Ji to sleep. He’ll eventually tell her everything. Once she’s asleep, he tells her that she was always his. He may have arrived late, but maybe he’s not too late. He promises to bring her back. There’s a reason he left her palace untouched for a thousand years. It’s time she came home. Maybe she fell in love with Si Feng because she was forced to forget him. She forgot how attached she was to him. Maybe there were some things that he shouldn’t have let her forget. Hao Chen seems surprised to find himself suddenly shedding tears. He wipes them away.

Ruo Yu tells Yuan Lang what he saw at Shaoyang and how Si Feng’s blood activated the lamp. Yuan Lang also saw a glowing pulse beneath Si Feng’s skin on his shoulder, which is supposedly where Bai Lin wounded and marked him. But Ruo Yu points out that Si Feng’s personality hardly matches he thousand year vengeance and suppressed rage that Yuan Lang said Mosha Star would feel. Yuan Lang also finds it suspicious that Si Feng would recognize himself as Mosha Star when his star spirit and soul have not joined as one.

Si Feng wakes up and calls for Yuan Lang, staring him down and saying that he’s still the way he always was. Yuan Lang cautiously asks if he’s Jidu. Si Feng responds that they should still call him Si Feng instead. He only got the slightest impression and recognition of himself when his blood momentarily activated the lamp. He doesn’t remember much. But he remembered enough to recognize her, the God of War who killed him. What he remembered, he won’t forget.

Yuan Lang asks what his plans are now. Si Feng says that he wants to go rescue Wu Zhi Qi so that his star spirit can rejoin him as soon as possible. Isn’t that what Yuan Lang always wanted him to do? He asks for the spirit keys so that he can go at once.

Yuan Lang points out that the best time to go to the demon realm is during the full moon. Si Feng suggests that his and Wu Zhi Qi’s combined power should be enough to break out of Fenru City, but Yuan Lang tells him to rest and wait. They’re too close to their goal to rush things.

Outside, Ruo Yu asks if Yuan Lang still suspects that Si Feng is lying about being Mosha Star. Yuan Lang needs more time to think it over, but until Mosha Star is fully resurrected, he is still Yu Si Feng.

Xiao Yin Hua appears once Si Feng is alone and asks why he’s pretending to be Mosha Star. She saw what happened — Xuan Ji is Mosha Star. She knows that Si Feng shoved her to close her wound and hide her identity. He can’t put himself in danger just to protect her.

Si Feng tells Xiao Yin Hua that she’s not to tell anyone about the connection between Xuan Ji and Mosha Star. He casts a spell on her to prevent her from speaking about it. He thinks it’s impossible that Xuan Ji is Mosha Star. There must be something else, an he hopes that Wu Zhi Qi will have the answers. Originally, the God of War went rogue on the heavenly realm after fighting Wu Zhi Qi. He must know something.

Xiao Yin Hua tries to convince Si Feng to take the forgetting pill and forget all about Xuan Ji. Xuan Ji has no feelings. If he gets hurt by her again, he’ll die.

Si Feng pulls his hand out of hers. He’s not doing this just for Xuan Ji, but also for the sake of the garuda. At least with this fake identity, he can temporarily stop Yuan Lang and protect the garuda from the chaos that will occur if Yuan Lang is allowed to upend the world order.

He asks her for the blood he had her take from Xuan Ji before they left Shaoyang. She hands over the vial. Then he tells her to go find Ting Nu and Yi Huan. He’ll need their help finding Wu Zhi Qi.


Huh, I legit did not think that Xuan Ji could be both the God of War and Mosha Star…? Has she always had a part of his soul in all her lives? That might explain why she was always so angry and full of vengeance in her past lives… After all, Xuan Ji has always failed because of her xinmo (“internal demons”). In this life, there is literally demon energy within her. She’s destined to fail.

I’m pretty sure Hao Chen is not supposed to lead a mortal sect while he’s on his escapade in the mortal realm. He makes such bad choices, but sometimes he makes the right ones to protect Xuan Ji. I wish he would act like he has more of a soul, but he is just a demanding god and he acts like it. What will he do when he finds out who she really is?


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