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Recap: Love and Redemption (Ep. 49)

Xuan Ji searches the land for Si Feng, but he seems to have disappeared. Instead, it’s just a long walk down memory lane as she retraces the steps of everywhere they’ve ever been. (Read: lots of flashbacks.) My favorite part of this episode was probably Zi Hu and Wu Zhi Qi.


Xuan Ji and Teng She enter Lize Palace to find Zi Hu in her fox form, drunk. Wu Zhi Qi shows up and Teng She is ready to fight him, but Xuan Ji reminds him that they’re not here to fight. She tells Wu Zhi Qi that she thinks he’s probably not a bad guy if Si Feng saved him and became friends with him. She asks if Wu Zhi Qi knows where Si Feng is — she realized that there are a lot of misunderstandings between them and wants to seek his forgiveness. Wu Zhi Qi knows, but he also agreed to not tell Xuan Ji.

Xuan Ji doesn’t pressure Wu Zhi Qi, but instead asks him to return Juntian Cehai to her. Even Teng She is surprised to hear her request.

Wu Zhi Qi asks Xuan Ji what she saw when he lured her to the demon realm on behalf of the Xiuluo King. Xuan Ji doesn’t remember.

Wu Zhi Qi tells Xuan Ji that he already gave Juntian Cehai to Si Feng. It’s probably safe with him. If Xuan Ji wants it, she’ll have to go find him, but Wu Zhi Qi heard that Si Feng took the forgetting pill in order to lift the lovers’ curse. As far as he knows, Si Feng has probably long forgotten Xuan Ji. It’s probably for the better — Wu Zhi Qi says that being trapped by love is the stupidest thing you can do, even as he affectionately pets Zi Hu.

Xuan Ji responds that the stupidest thing she’s done is lose Si Feng. That’s why she needs to find him. He can hate her or be angry at her after she’s cleared up the misunderstandings between them.

Wu Zhi Qi comments that this life of hers seems to be much more interesting than the one she led up in the heavenly realm. He stands up — his time here is done now that he’s drank all the wine. He suddenly summons a berry and pushes it into Xuan Ji’s forehead, telling her that it’ll help her avoid people who want to cause her trouble. He tells her that he also gave one to Si Feng, so it won’t be that easy to find him. With that, he vanishes.

Teng She hisses after Wu Zhi Qi leaves, but says that finding someone is easy. He asks Xuan Ji for something of Si Feng’s. She pulls out the lock he once gave her. Teng She works his magic on it, and then it suddenly flies away. They chase after it.

The lock flies into Si Feng’s bedroom where it flies around, throwing papers into the air. Teng She admits that maybe Wu Zhi Qi’s berry does work. It seems to have interfered with his ability to find Si Feng.

Teng She decides that it’s best to take back his spell. The lock falls to the ground, breaking open. Xuan Ji pulls out the paper that was hidden inside. On it is a drawing of Si Feng in his garuda form and his secret in writing. Xuan Ji cries as she reads it, realizing that Si Feng had never meant to lie to her — she’d just been too dumb to open the lock.

Wu Zhi Qi and Zi Hu set up in another part of Lize Palace, where he proposes that they have a last break-up drink together. Zi Hu asks what he means. Wu Zhi Qi says that he wants to wander the world after being trapped underground for so long, and suggests that Zi Hu find somewhere to settle for herself. He can’t hook up with any beautiful women if she’s always following her around. Zi Hu is offended — isn’t she a beautiful woman? But Wu Zhi Qi says that her beauty is the type that he quickly gets tired of, comparing seeing her all the time to eating the same food all the time. To him, she’s just like a little pet. A cute, fuzzy fox.

Zi Hu pushes him away angrily. She didn’t wait for him a thousand years to hear this. Does he not like her, even just a little bit? But Wu Zhi Qi just falls asleep.

Zi Hu demands an answer. She knows he’s faking being asleep, but he just starts snoring. Zi Hu asks if it’s really that hard for him to like her just a little bit. She tells him to wake up, but he keeps sleeping. She says that she’ll kiss him if he doesn’t wake up. He doesn’t move. She cries as she leans in and kisses him, then disappears. A tear trails down Wu Zhi Qi’s face, but is it hers or his? (I think it’s hers.)

Wu Zhi Qi wakes up in the morning and is surprised to find breakfast laid out next to him, then does a double take when he sees Zi Hu nearby. She smiles and says that he drank too much last night, but she made breakfast for him anyway. He asks why she’s still here.

Zi Hu sits down next to him and says that he underestimated her if he thought it would be that easy to chase her away. She’s waited a thousand years already and has decided that she will follow him wherever he goes. If he dares look at other women, she’ll poke his eyes out. She doesn’t believe that he’ll leave her if she follows him for another thousand years. Wu Zhi Qi looks annoyed, but Zi Hu just smiles.

Ruo Yu brings Yuan Lang’s last feather to the demon realm, where he summons Yuan Lang’s spirit and demands to know where his sister is. Yuan Lang points him to Lize Palace.

Ruo Yu returns to Lize Palace and nearly runs into Wu Zhi Qi and Zi Hu. He hides behind a statue as Zi Hu asks Wu Zhi Qi where he’s going. He says he’ll tell her if she can catch him, then flies off. She follows.

Once they’re gone, Ruo Yu starts toward the Palace, then turns when he senses someone nearby. He smiles when he sees Xiao Yin Hua and seems to want to touch her, but then holds himself back. Xiao Yin Hua says that she came to look for Si Feng — she felt the connection between them getting weaker — but there’s no one here.

Xiao Yin Hua follows Ruo Yu as he searches the dungeons for his sister. When he finally finds her, she smiles weakly and asks if she can be free now, then dies. Ruo Yu pretends to himself that she’s just pretending to be asleep to mess with him for being late. But later, he and Xiao Yin Hua bury her by the sea.

Xiao Yin Hua starts to ask if Ruo Xue is the reason Ruo Yu worked for Yuan Lang, but Ruo Yu interrupts her. Everyone who was loyal to Yuan Lang was only loyal because Yuan Lang held something against them. For Ruo Xue, Ruo Yu was willing to give up anything — his morals, his friends, even his life. He was the one who should have died, not her.

Xiao Yin Hua smiles up at Ruo Yu. She understands doing anything for the one you love, so she decides she won’t hold it against him. Ruo Yu looks out at the ocean and recalls how this was Ruo Xue’s favorite place in all of Lize Palace. He also remembers that there is where he first met Xiao Yin Hua after she cultivated her human form. He reminds her of the first thing she said to him when they first met — she had insisted on drinking the ocean water, then asked why it was so salty. Xiao Yin Hua looks embarrassed — why doesn’t she remember that?

Ruo Yu says that for so long his goal was to make sure his sister could live a free life. Now that she’s gone, there’s only one thing he cares about in the world: that Xiao Yin Hua live a good life, no matter where she is or who she’s with — she just has to live. As long as she lives, he’ll feel like there’s still something worth living for in this world. He asks her to agree to live a good life. He’s willing to help her with whatever she needs.

Xiao Yin Hua smiles and nods. Right now, her main goal is to figure out how to break the blood oath between her and Si Feng without hurting him. Then she can really become Lu Yan Ran and love him. Ruo Yu smiles and suggests they go to the devil realm. The devils were most familiar with spirit beasts and they might be able to find a solution in the records there. He also needs to go there anyway, to make sure that whatever remains of Yuan Lang’s spirit is destroyed.

In the devil realm, a flock of crows burst out of a coffin as Yuan Lang’s spirit smirks in front of a mural depicting how Bai Lin destroyed Mosha Star and created the God of War in his place. No wonder Si Feng wanted to pretend to be Mosha Star. A bird destroys what remains of the mural.

Xuan Ji kneels in front of her father and asks that he let her leave Shaoyang in search of Si Feng. She doesn’t care if he’s a demon or devil, she should have trusted him and it’s clear to everyone now that he never did anything wrong. She will be with him no matter what. Chu Lei points out that Si Feng has been avoiding her. Is she sure he even wants to see her? Is she going to spend her whole life looking for him?

Xuan Ji knows that her father wants her to stay and be a hero, but Tianxu Hall has scattered and there’s no imminent threat to the human world. They will be fine without her. In this life, she just wants to be a normal person named Chu Xuan Ji. She knows that even when she was the glorious God of War, her heart was empty. She just wants to live a normal life where she makes three meals a day and grows old with someone. Si Feng is who she wants t grow old with. If, when she finds Si Feng, Chu Lei still doesn’t want to be associated with demons, then she won’t ever return to Shaoyang.

Chu Lei sighs, then lifts Xuan Ji to her feet. She can go if she wants to go, and if she ever gets tired, she can come back. Shaoyang will always be her home.

Ling Long chases Xuan Ji down to say goodbye and give her some money she’s saved up. She trusts that Xuan Ji will find Si Feng and says she’ll wait for her to come home.

Xuan Ji tells Teng She that he doesn’t have to come with her. She asks if he knows of any way of breaking the blood oath without harming either of them. Teng She gets offended that she doesn’t want him anymore. He’s done so much to help her, and this is how she treats him? Xuan Ji points out that Teng She was the one who wanted to break the oath in the first place. Now he’s getting angry? But she promises not to bring it up again.

Teng She and Xuan Ji revisit all the places she once went with Si Feng. Each place makes her feel nostalgic for a moment in their relationship and also discover something new in those memories. Teng She looks uncomfortable with how sappy she’s being, but lets her talk. At the inn in the village that they helped save from the Quru birds, Xuan Ji learns that this is where Si Feng learned how to cook for her.

Xuan Ji broods outside the Buzhou Mountain portal after discovering that the inn at Qingmu has burned to the ground, including the tree with the wind chimes and wishes. Teng She awkwardly tries to comfort Xuan Ji, saying that maybe it’s fate, but Xuan Ji doesn’t believe in fate. She wants to be in control of her own fate.

Teng She doesn’t like where the conversation is going and tries to change the subject, asking where to next. Xuan Ji just keeps thinking about how Si Feng gave her so much, yet she was so heartless toward him. She asks Teng She how Si Feng can be so good of a person and how she can be so bad of one.

Teng She remembers that Yi Huan has the heavenly eye. If they can find him, he can find Si Feng.

Yi Huan spies on Yu Er while she’s at school and finds her dozing off in the back of class. Yu Er snaps to attention and pretends to follow along when she spots her father. After class, Yi Huan is proud to see that she scored an A on her exam. He agrees to buy her some rewards, but then realizes that it’s weird she got an A. Doesn’t she usually get C’s? Yu Er reveals that she used a little spell to cheat and Yi Huan starts to lecture her, but she reminds him he already promised her the gifts.

Xuan Ji and Teng She go to Qingyang City to look for Yi Huan. His house is empty, but a neighborhood auntie tells Xuan Ji that he probably went to the school to get his daughter.

Not long afterward, Yi Huan and Yu Er return from school. Yu Er immediately runs to Xuan Ji when she sees her, and Yi Huan is too slow to stop her. Yi Huan looks unhappy to see them, but Yu Er invites Xuan Ji in.

Yi Huan tells Xuan Ji that he’s not going to tell her where Si Feng is. Xuan Ji pleads with him — she knows that she was wrong. But Yi Huan says that it doesn’t even really matter who was wrong anymore. The best thing she can do is leave Si Feng in peace to live out the rest of his days.

Xuan Ji asks what he means by that. Does he not have many days left? Wu Zhi Qi said he ate the forgetting pill, but did he not? Is the lovers’ curse acting up? Yi Huan hesitates, then says that Si Feng took the pill. He’s forgotten her, so she should just give up. He chose to leave and there’s nothing she can do to change his mind. She knows how stubborn he can be.

Xuan Ji tells Yi Huan that now she truly understands everything that Si Feng did for her. She took it all for granted before, but now she knows how much she hurt him. That’s why she needs to find him. She begs for his help. But Yi Huan looks away and says that her words won’t work on him. Teng She hisses at him. He’s given himself a second chance at being a father, so why can’t he give Xuan Ji a second chance with Si Feng?

Xuan Ji tells Yi Huan that she knows how much he cares about Si Feng. This time she really wants to change their ending. She wants to protect him, even if it’s in secret, the way that Yi Huan has protected Yu Er. Yu Er overhears and also tries to convince her father to tell Xuan Ji.

Yi Huan finally sighs and decides that saying something won’t hurt. He really doesn’t know where Si Feng is, but suggests they go south, toward where the spirit energy is plentiful. Xuan Ji thanks Yi Huan and rushes off.

Yi Huan frowns after them, remembering his last conversation with Si Feng. Si Feng had reassured him that he wasn’t going to give up and go looking for death. Wu Zhi Qi had told him about a cold pool that could potentially suppress Juntian Cehai’s power. He planned on going there. Yi Huan asked about him and Xuan Ji. Si Feng said he was tired. He thought he could beg for a different ending, but realized that the past already told him everything he needed to know. Perhaps no ending is a kind of ending in itself. He should’ve realized earlier that they were doomed from the start.


Okay, Ruo Yu has redeemed himself a bit, because even though he sacrificed his morals for his sister, he also still wants to make up for the wrongs he’s done. Also the way he acts with Xiao Yin Hua is so selfless — perhaps it’s to make up for being so selfish with his love for his sister?

Unfortunately it seems that Yuan Lang, like Wu Tong, is difficult to kill. But hopefully without a body, there’s a limit to the havoc he can wreak.

I simultaneously want Xuan Ji and Si Feng to find each other, yet also dread their eventual meeting. They’re so doomed that when they do meet, it’s probably just going to be the beginning of the end of their tragedy.


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