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Recap: Love and Redemption (Ep. 50)

Everybody’s looking for something, but I don’t think sweet dreams are made of what’s happening here. Ruo Yu helps Xiao Yin Hua look for a way to break her blood oath with Si Feng. Xuan Ji continues looking for Si Feng. And now that Bai Lin is back in the heavenly realm, he sends the Heavenly Beasts out to look for Xuan Ji.


Ruo Yu and Xiao Yin Hua arrive in the devil realm to find that the coffin where Ruo Yu left Yuan Lang’s feather is open and the feather itself is gone. Xiao Yin Hua worries that someone may have taken it, but Ruo Yu says no one knew he was here. There’s still such a strong evil energy in the area that maybe the feather was destroyed, and probably for the better. Xiao Yin Hua grows faint from the evil energy around them. Ruo Yu suggests that she should go back — he’ll help her look for her answers. But she shakes her head. This place is too big. Ruo Yu makes her promise to not linger too long.

Xuan Ji and Teng She continue searching south for Si Feng. Xuan Ji notices that a crow has been following her, but Teng She hasn’t been paying attention.

In the heavenly realm, Si Ming reports to Bai Lin that Xuan Ji is still searching for Si Feng. Bai Lin frowns. If she insists on being entangled with that demon, then there’s no reason to keep her. He mandates that anyone who encounters the God of War or her accomplices should immediately bring them back to the heavenly realm. If they resist, they are to be killed. Teng She must not be shown any mercy.

Qing Long requests that Teng She be spared, saying that he was forced into being the God of War’s spirit beast. But Bai Lin is not feeling merciful and orders the Four Heavenly Beasts to immediately go to the mortal realm and search for the God of War.

Xuan Ji asks Teng She if he really thinks the heavenly realm will come looking for them. She remembers hearing Mosha Star talking to Bai Lin when she was held captive by the Liuli lamp. She feels like Bai Lin must have done something wrong. Teng She looks at her sharply, then warns her to not say such reckless things. Bai Lin is the god he respects the most, but he also thinks she has no need to worry. Thanks to Wu Zhi Qi’s gift, the heavenly realm won’t be able to find her.

Xuan Ji and Teng She stop in a village. Teng She wants to buy food, but they’re out of money. Xuan Ji spots a bulletin from an inn that needs help getting rid of a demon and goes to investigate.

The girl who answers the door, Ah Lan, is skeptical that Xuan Ji is up to the task and tries to turn them away, but Xuan Ji and Teng She go in anyway. The innkeeper welcomes them to try, though Ah Lan wants to wait for a mysterious local demon hunter named Yi to come back.

The innkeeper explains the situation to Xuan Ji. A room in their inn often has the lights on when no one is there. Any guest who enters disappears. Teng She looks bored with it all and demands to be served tea, while Xuan Ji goes upstairs to investigate.

Teng She drinks tea nonchalantly while Ah Lan and the innkeeper look fearfully upstairs, where they can hear the sound of fighting. They fear that Xuan Ji has been eaten. But it isn’t long before Xuan Ji comes back downstairs with a dead weasel. The innkeeper invites them to stay there as thanks for their help. Xuan Ji pulls out the drawing of Si Feng and asks if the innkeeper recognizes him. She finds his face familiar, but says that there are too many guests who come through, so she’s not sure.

At night, Xuan Ji tears up as she looks out the window, wondering where Si Feng is. Teng She sighs that they must have searched the whole south this past year but have found no trace of Si Feng. Could Yi Huan have been messing with them? Xuan Ji shakes her head. Yi Huan wouldn’t do that. Maybe Si Feng has just been moving a lot this past year.

Teng She asks where they should go next. They’ve gone as far south as possible. Xuan Ji remembers Si Feng saying that the garuda came from the west. Tomorrow, they start going west.

Right after Xuan Ji leaves the window, a cloaked stranger arrives at the inn. Ah Lan opens the door and beams to see him. It’s Si Feng. When he finds out that the demon has already been eliminated, he turns to leave. Ah Lan tries to get him to stay for dinner, but he declines and walks away.

The next day, Xuan Ji and Teng She are shopping for supplies when Si Feng passes behind them. Xuan Ji suddenly gets a whiff of the tea that Si Feng drinks every day. Si Feng is here. She runs out onto the street, calling his name and looking for him. For a moment, she catches a glimpse of his profile under a fur-lined blue cloak, but then she loses sight of him. When she finds a man wearing that cloak, she grabs him, only to find that it’s not Si Feng.

Teng She catches up to Xuan Ji and says he flew up and looked around, but Si Feng isn’t here. But Xuan Ji is certain she saw him. She tells Teng She that they’re not leaving anymore. She’s staying here and looking for Si Feng.

Xuan Ji and Teng She make the inn their base of operations. People line up out the door with requests for them to get rid of demons. Instead of taking money, Xuan Ji asks each one if they’ve seen Si Feng.

Ah Lan is offended on behalf of Yi. Didn’t they all go to him with their demon-hunting requests before? Why are they here now? But the villagers all think Yi is too difficult to get ahold of.

Ah Lan asks Xuan Ji and Teng She when they’re leaving. They’ve already been here for several weeks. Didn’t they say they’re looking for someone? Why don’t they go look for him? Teng She is always ready for a fight and guesses that Ah Lan is worried they’re stealing business from her precious Yi. The innkeeper tells Ah Lan to stop fighting with the guests and bring some tea to Yi. Ah Lan immediately turns coy. Teng She laughs at her.

Ah Lan says that Yi is what a man should be and describes him in a lovestruck way. He might be a bit cold, but he certainly wouldn’t behave like that toward his wife. Xuan Ji suddenly stands up and asks if he has a wife. Ah Lan says no, but he will soon. She likes him, and she thinks he likes her a little bit, too.

Later, Ah Lan finds Xuan Ji and Teng She staring at some blue flowers. Xuan Ji is lost in her memory of seeing the blue flower petals with Si Feng. She asks Ah Lan if Yi lives nearby. Ah Lan asks why she wants to know. Xuan Ji wants to ask Yi if he knows the person they’re looking for. Ah Lan discourages them from trying to meet with Yi. He hates strangers. She shoos them away. Xuan Ji looks at the flowers and frowns, but then leaves.

Ah Lan brings some wine to gift Si Feng in exchange for all the magic and medicine that he’s taught her. He politely rejects it and coughs as he goes about his business in his house. Ah Lan starts telling him about Xuan Ji and Teng She and how they’re stealing all of Si Feng’s business, but Si Feng doesn’t mind that others are taking care of the demon issues. Ah Lan says that he might be fine now, but what about when he gets married and has a family. She smiles, saying that she wouldn’t mind taking care of him.

Ah Lan’s uncle rushes up, looking for Si Feng. There’s a demon haunting his town killing newlyweds the night of their wedding. Ah Lan’s uncle has postponed his son’s wedding because of the demon, but they can’t delay anymore otherwise the bride’s family will withdraw from the marriage. Si Feng says that they should ask the new demon hunters in Xiluo for help, since they could dress up as a newlywed couple. Ah Lan’s uncle says that they’ve asked multiple demon hunters for help, but they all keep disappearing.

Ah Lan suggests that she could dress up as a newlywed with Si Feng. Si Feng says that she’s not strong enough to handle the demon yet, but Ah Lan says that the two cultivators at her inn probably won’t fare well either. Si Feng is the town’s only hope. Si Feng agrees and Ah Lan is all too happy to have to pretend to be his bride. Si Feng gives Ah Lan a large pearl she can use to pay for some wedding clothes.

Ah Lan smiles to herself later at the inn while looking at the pearl, happy that Si Feng asked her to pretend to be his bride, not anyone else. She acts like they’re getting married for real. When the innkeeper catches her daydreaming, she just pushes the pearl into her hands, saying that she’s going to get married, then grabs her wedding clothes and rushes out.

When Xuan Ji and Teng She return home from a day of demon hunting, the innkeeper asks them to look at the pearl and tell her if it’s worth any money. Xuan Ji immediately recognizes the pearl as Si Feng’s. The innkeeper tells her that Yi gave it to Ah Lan as a wedding gift.

Xuan Ji and Teng She join the onlookers as Si Feng and Ah Lan go through the motions of a wedding ceremony. Xuan Ji looks devastated.

Ah Lan and Si Feng are about to bow to each other when Teng She senses demon energy. He strikes at it. Si Feng looks up. The wedding guests scatter. Xuan Ji is still staring teary-eyed at Si Feng, who finally sees her.

Ah Lan is unhappy that they’re here and bickers with Teng She while Xuan Ji and Si Feng continue to silently stare at each other.

Xuan Ji raises her hand toward Si Feng’s face. He’s lost weight and that’s why the drawing doesn’t even look like him anymore. But he takes a step back and addresses her like she’s a stranger. He says he doesn’t know her.

Xuan Ji starts crying. Did he really take the forgetting pill so that he would forget her? She pulls out the pieces of the lock he made and the bell they used to use to talk to each other, trying to trigger his memory. But Si Feng doesn’t show any recognition and asks them to stop disrupting his wedding. He tells Xuan Ji that if they did know each other before, the past is dead and gone. They’re welcome to stay as guests and drink with them, but if not, they should leave.

Teng She yells at Si Feng, asking if he’s gone crazy. How could he suddenly be marrying someone else?

Si Feng doesn’t respond. Ah Lan tells them to stop messing with her wedding. Yi is her man. She turns to him and holds out his hand. There’s a pause, and then Si Feng takes it. Xuan Ji stares at him, continuing to cry, but he doesn’t look at her. Teng She is ready to start a fight, but Xuan Ji pulls him back.

She forces a smile and says that if he really ate the forgetting pill, maybe that’s for the best, because then at least his life isn’t in danger anymore. She wanted to find him to beg for his forgiveness, but if he’s already found someone he loves, then she’s happy for him.

Si Feng turns to Ah Lan with a wan smile and says that he is very happy. Ah Lan’s uncle urges them to continue with the wedding. They turn away and continue with the wedding proceedings.

Si Feng puts a pin in Ah Lan’s hair. Xuan Ji is reminded of when he put his hairpin in her hair, and of how he once said red is his favorite color. She turns and runs away as Si Feng and Ah Lan hold hands, ready to go to their room as newlyweds.

Teng She is angry on Xuan Ji’s behalf. He won’t let things end like this. He’s ready to knock Si Feng out and kidnap him. There must be some way of forcing his memories to come back. But Xuan Ji grabs his arm, saying she’s the one who’s at fault. She was the one who thought that he would always be there when she turned around, even after she hurt him so much. But now she’s too late. He has a new life and it doesn’t include her.

Xuan Ji wipes away her tears and tries to be optimistic. If he’s taken the forgetting pill, then he won’t die from the lovers’ curse. He’s forgotten all the ways she hurt him. That’s good, too. Yi Huan was right. This is the best ending for him. Teng She sighs exasperatedly asking if she’s so angry she turned into a fool.

Si Feng thinks about how much he hurt Xuan Ji just now and wonders how upset she is. But he had no other choice. He’s so lost in thought that he doesn’t respond at first when Ah Lan tries to talk to him. Ah Lan asks why he lied to them about their marriage. Si Feng tells her that there are some things in his past he doesn’t want to remember and doesn’t want to repeat. Ah Lan guesses that it has to do with Xuan Ji, but Si Feng doesn’t want to talk about it.

Teng She pokes around for something to eat, but all he finds are leftovers. He suddenly remembers the wedding — there must be good food in the newlyweds’ room. He decides to go check it out, then overhears Si Feng and Ah Lan talking about their sleeping arrangement and realizes the marriage is a sham. He hisses angrily, then goes to tell Xuan Ji what he’s discovered.

Xuan Ji wants to go find Si Feng, but Teng She realizes that Si Feng probably had a reason for behaving the way he did. He offers to go test Si Feng instead.

Teng She lures Si Feng out of the bedroom, pretending to be a demon. Once Si Feng’s in the woods, he appears with a rushed story about how the demon was so strong he abducted Xuan Ji. Si Feng asks which way they went. Teng She points. Si Feng takes one step, then comes to his senses and realizes that no demon could just abduct Xuan Ji.

Teng She smirks and looks at him with narrowed eyes. He hasn’t forgotten Xuan Ji at all. Teng She tells Xuan Ji to come out. Si Feng tries to leave, but Xuan Ji grabs his arm. Teng She tells them to talk it out and stop avoiding each other, then leaves them alone.

Xuan Ji tells Si Feng that she’s looked for him for over a year. She heard about the lovers’ curse and asks how he’s doing. He refuses to look at her and says that as long as she doesn’t show up in front him, he’ll be fine. She tells him that she knows she was wrong. He can treat her however he wants as long as he doesn’t leave.

Si Feng claims that he’s never been angry with her and that the past is already the past to him, but Xuan Ji doesn’t believe him. Why would he grow those flowers then? Si Feng says that they’re native here. If there’s some misunderstanding about them, he can pull them out.

Xuan Ji tells Si Feng that she regrets not trusting him from the start. She knows she was being dumb, and asks him not to leave again. He says that if she really feels regret, then there is one thing she can do for him: go as far away as possible.

Ah Lan gets abducted by the demon and calls out for Yi. Si Feng notices and goes after her. Xuan Ji follows.

They find a cave full of wedding robes hanging on mannequins. The mannequins starts swarming Xuan Ji and Si Feng. Xuan Ji sees a glimpse of someone and summons her sword to attack, but Si Feng blocks her and disarms her. Killing demons may be her purpose, but she can’t kill innocent people.

The demon laughs as he reveals himself, carrying an unconscious Ah Lan in his arms.

Xuan Ji tells Si Feng that she didn’t see clearly — she didn’t mean to kill anyone innocent.


I don’t really wish heartbreak on anyone, but I also don’t really feel that bad for Xuan Ji to see Si Feng completely ignoring her again. She’s put Si Feng through so much heartbreak that it’s kind of only fair that she experiences some of that for herself.

Ah Lan seems like a stand-in for Xiao Yin Hua, but less interesting and more annoying. Ultimately, though, she’s inconsequential, because there’s no way any person can come between Xuan Ji and Si Feng.


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