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Recap: Love and Redemption (Ep. 54)

It’s a race against time as Xuan Ji and Si Feng return to Shaoyang, hoping to be wed. Xuan Ji decides that she’s desperate enough to save Si Feng to do anything, even if it means throwing the world into chaos.


Si Feng gifts Ah Lan a book of medical knowledge. He tells her that her skills aren’t very strong yet, so if she faces any strong demons, she shouldn’t try to force anything. Ah Lan admits that she knew from first sight that she wasn’t good enough to be Si Feng’s lover. She knew that their relationship would never be more than that of student and teacher.

She looks at Xuan Ji and asks her to send a wedding invite if they ever get married. No matter where she is, she will definitely go and drink to celebrate them.

Teng She reports to Bai Lin in the heavenly realm. Bai Lin orders for him to be thrown into the prisons for daring to stand on the God of War’s side against the Heavenly Beasts. Teng She admits that he helped the God of War a bit, but he didn’t mean to oppose the heavenly realm. Bai Lin also knows that Teng She snuck into his palace and stole the record on the God of War. He ruined his plan to have the God of War destroy the Liuli lamp. Wouldn’t that be considered betrayal?

Bai Lin removes the spell he cast on Teng She in order to hide his identity. With his eyes now clear, Teng She recognizes Bai Lin as Hao Chen. He points out that Bai Lin spent twenty years with Xuan Ji in the mortal realm. He should know that in this life, she’s innocent and would never voluntarily oppose the heavenly realm, so why does he insist on killing her?

Bai Lin says that Teng She saw the record so he should know her identity. She’s only innocent because the time hasn’t come yet, but her inherent arrogance has never changed. He’s tried helping her and saving her, but his efforts have been in vain. Her evil nature and evil energy are difficult to dispel. There’s no way to prevent her destroying the world. She’s already gotten the idea of opening the Liuli lamp. If she’s given another chance, then they’re ensuring the heavenly realm’s destruction.

Teng She admits that he read the record, but doesn’t understand what it said. Why did it say that the God of War could only exist if Mosha Star was extinguished? How could they be the same soul?

Bai Lin says he asks too many questions. All he needs to know is that regardless of whether she’s the God of War or Mosha Star, anyone who poses a threat to the heavenly realm must be eliminated. As for him, if he dares defend the God of War again, he’ll meet the same end. Bai Lin orders Qing Long to take Teng She to the prisons.

After they leave, Bai Lin uses the heavenly eye to check on Xuan Ji and sees that she’s nearing Shaoyang with Si Feng and Wu Zhi Qi. He knows why she’s returned to Shaoyang. Since she’s made her decision, he says she shouldn’t blame him for making his and leaving her no way out.

Xuan Ji and Si Feng head to Shaoyang while Wu Zhi Qi, Zi Hu, Yi Huan, and Ting Nu wait outside in the forest. Wu Zhi Qi has a feeling that they wouldn’t be welcome. After Xuan Ji and Si Feng head out, Wu Zhi Qi gets ready to go off on his own as well, but Zi Hu stops him. She’s noticed him whispering with Xuan Ji and guesses that they’re planning on opening the lamp. She won’t let him do it.

But Wu Zhi Qi says that even if they don’t open the lamp, it’s only a matter of the time before the heavenly realm finds them and tries to kill them. He’s not going to wait around for that to happen. He asks Yi Huan and Ting Nu to take care of Zi Hu for him. They should make sure to hide — something big will happen today.

Ling Long and Min Yan greet Xuan Ji and Si Feng at the gates to Shaoyang. Ling Long notices that Si Feng looks pale and asks Xuan Ji about it. Xuan Ji lies and says that he’s probably just tired from traveling here. She admits to Ling Long that part of the reason they’re here is to talk to their father about getting married. Ling Long is delighted for Xuan Ji.

Min Yan reminisces with Si Feng about the last time the four of them were headed back up to Shaoyang together. They agree to have a good, long drink with each other. Si Feng suddenly coughs and clutches his chest. Min Yan guesses that it’s his old injury and suddenly apologizes for doubting Si Feng all those years ago. As his brother and friend, he should have supported him instead, especially when it turned out that Si Feng had done so much to secretly protect them. But Si Feng is quick to forgive Min Yan, saying that if he were in Min Yan’s place, he would have done the same.

Once they reach the halls of Shaoyang, Ling Long also apologizes to Si Feng for badmouthing him to Xuan Ji. Si Feng just smiles, saying that Ling Long and Min Yan really are in sync since they both apologized to him separately. But it’s all good now — now the four of them are finally back together.

They arrive at Shaoyang’s main hall just as the other sect leaders and elders are toasting Chu Lei. Chu Lei is moved to see Xuan Ji return, but Si Feng’s reception is more frosty. Dongfang Qing Qi resolutely says that the righteous sects don’t associate with demons. Ying Hong points out how much Si Feng has helped Shaoyang, but Dongfang doesn’t care.

Chu Lei takes the four to a separate side room. Ling Long is offended on Si Feng’s behalf, but Si Feng is okay with the more remote location — at least they can speak more freely here.

Chu Lei tells Xuan Ji that she should stay longer now that she’s here. Xuan Ji responds that she has a request for him. If he agrees, she’ll stay at Shaoyang with him for the rest of his life. She takes Si Feng’s hand and together they kneel. She asks her father allow them to marry.

Chu Lei looks uncomfortable and shakily pours himself some tea. He says that he needs more time to think about such an important matter. Xuan Ji looks down — it looks like she expected this response. Ling Long frowns and tells Chu Lei that Si Feng has risked his own life for Xuan Ji. There’s no one else in the world who will treat her better.

Chu Lei responds that marriage isn’t a game. He can’t just say yes immediately. Ling Long calls him out for being biased. When Min Yan asked to marry her, Chu Lei said yes immediately. But Chu Lei says that Si Feng can’t be compared to Min Yan.

Xuan Ji asks if Chu Lei’s hesitation is because it still bothers him that Si Feng is a demon. She says she won’t force him to make a decision, but he should know that she won’t marry anyone else. Chu Lei says he knows Si Feng is a good kid, but they all saw how the other elders reacted to him in the main hall. They’re still young — Chu Lei is worried that they’ll feel wronged by other people later.

Xuan Ji acknowledges that she’s young, but these past few years she’s learned a lot. She’s learned that she may meet many people in her life, but there are only a few people who are actually important. She already knows who the important people are in her life: him, Ling Long, and Min Yan. As long as they don’t mind, then she and Si Feng won’t feel wronged.

A disciple knocks, telling Chu Lei that the other elders are waiting for him to return. Chu Lei tells Xuan Ji and Si Feng that they can talk about this later, then leaves.

Si Feng tells Xuan Ji that it looks like her father won’t agree. She tells him that if he does, they’ll get married at Shaoyang. If he doesn’t, they will still be married, just elsewhere. Si Feng suddenly grows weak again and Xuan Ji helps him sit down. Min Yan wants to go get Ying Hong to help check on Si Feng’s injury, but Xuan Ji tells them to return to the celebration. She knows what’s wrong and can handle it.

Bai Lin summons a tableau of gods and orders them to send a meteor strike down on Shaoyang Mountain. Qing Long eavesdrops. One of the gods thinks that the meteor strike is a bit overkill for the mortal realm, but Bai Lin thinks otherwise. The God of War is already there. If she’s allowed to resurrect Mosha Star, it will be too late. He’s only activating this spell in order to save the world.

Another god points out that the spell won’t just destroy the God of War — it’ll destroy everyone on Shaoyang Mountain. He’ll be burying thousands of souls along with the God of War. A third god asks if there’s not some other solution.

Bai Lin says he’s thought it over the past few days, but the Liuli lamp and God of War are both part of the mortal realm. Activating the meteor strike is the only option. He’s willing to sacrifice thousands of souls and everyone on the mountain if it means preventing the end of the world.

One of the gods points out that the Heavenly Emperor ordered that no one intervene when it came to the God of War, saying that whatever will be, will be. Shouldn’t Bai Lin ask the Heavenly Emperor before making this decree?

Bai Lin says there’s no time. If the Heavenly Emperor asks after the fact, he will take responsibility. He tells the gods to aid him in destroying Shaoyang Mountain and killing Xuan Ji. They accept his order.

Qing Long has heard everything and looks alarmed at the order. He goes to Teng She and frees him, then hands him a dragon scale, saying that it’ll help him on his way down to the mortal realm. He tells Teng She what he heard — that Bai Lin has already ordered for Xuan Ji to be killed. Teng She needs to prevent Xuan Ji from opening the lamp and make sure to leave Shaoyang ASAP. If Xuan Ji dies, Teng She will die, and Qing Long doesn’t want him to die. Before he leaves, Teng She tells Qing Long that he’ll treat him to a drink if he ever makes it back.

Xuan Ji meets up with Wu Zhi Qi in the secret place. Xuan Ji acknowledges the irony in how Si Feng gave up his own life to seal the lamp, and now she’s about to open it. But even if he blames her, she will still do it.

They work together, Xuan Ji creating a hole in the seal and Wu Zhi Qi holding it open so she can grab the lamp. They turn to leave, but then Si Feng appears and takes the lamp from Xuan Ji, asking why she must do this.

Xuan Ji tells Si Feng that she saw everything. She saw all of their past lives and also how he came to be here in the first place. She won’t let them miss each other again. But Si Feng says that he won’t allow her to have the lamp. She’ll have to kill him.

But Si Feng suddenly gets struck by an unseen force and releases the lamp. It runs away. Xuan Ji tells Wu Zhi Qi to take care of Si Feng while she goes after the lamp. Si Feng tells Wu Zhi Qi that he must go after Xuan Ji. She must not be allowed to open the lamp.

Chu Lei is about to sound a drum as part of his birthday celebration when Teng She appears and tells them all that Bai Lin is about to destroy the mountain. They need to run.

Before they can completely register what he’s said, the Liuli lamp flies overhead and then disappears. Shortly afterward, Xuan Ji comes running through, chasing after it. Chu Lei asks what she’s doing. Xuan Ji says she needs to save Si Feng and keeps running.

Teng She teleports in front of her to stop her and tells her that she needs to take the rest of the mortals and run. Bai Lin has already given the order. Before he can say more, he’s suddenly bound with a spell and yanked away. His parting words are for Xuan Ji to run.

But it seems like it’s a little too late for that. Thunder crashes and storm clouds gather overhead. The sky darkens until there’s only a single ray of light that shines down. Xuan Ji yells up at the light, asking if it’s Bai Lin. Where did he take Teng She? Is he the one who took the Liuli lamp?

Bai Lin responds that Teng She violated the heavenly will by sneaking down to the mortal realm. As for the Liuli lamp, what does she want with it? Has she forgotten her vow? Xuan Ji says she doesn’t remember him much less any vow. But Bai Lin reminds her that she promised him she would destroy the lamp and destroy Mosha Star’s heart soul. Xuan Ji suddenly finds his voice familiar. She realizes that he was Hao Chen.

Bai Lin says that since she forgot his vow to him, he’s here to prevent her from destroying the world. He reveals himself in the sky and everyone recognizes him as Hao Chen. They bow down before him, recognizing him as a god.

Xuan Ji is the only one who remains standing. She finally places his face and voice in her memory, how he said she couldn’t stay after she wouldn’t repent, how she had told him she would never forgive him, and how he had called for divine retribution.

Now, she asks why he lied to her. Bai Lin doesn’t view it as lying to her. He was the one who took on a mortal body in the mortal realm in an attempt to set her on the right path. He did it for her, so that this day wouldn’t come, yet she was the one who wasted his efforts. She couldn’t even follow through on her final promise to him. It’s clear she didn’t care about the years of affection they built up.

Xuan Ji questions whether any of that was real. He used her sorrow and guilt toward him to try and make her kill Si Feng. He used it to make her promise to destroy the lamp, even if it would kill her. Where was his affection for her?

Bai Lin responds that all of those things are what she should have done anyway. If she listened and followed instructions, then today would have never happened.

Xuan Ji finally realizes that he had intentionally framed Si Feng so that she would feel guilty enough to try and complete his last wish. This entire time, she has been nothing but a pawn.

Bai Lin says that he’s given her plenty of chances, but she still refuses to listen to reason and defy heaven’s will. He has no choice but to use the meteor storm to destroy Shaoyang and her and the Liuli lamp with it. Thunder rumbles and lightning strikes. The mortals of Shaoyang all clutch their ears and beg Bai Lin for mercy.

Xuan Ji shouts at Bai Lin, saying that she’s the one responsible for breaking the Liuli lamp’s seal so she’s the one he’s looking for. Why harm all these innocent people? She says that all she wants to do is save Si Feng. Once Si Feng is saved, she’ll defeat Mosha Star and seal him again. She did it once, she can do it again.

Bai Lin says that’s impossible. There’s no artifact left in the world that has the power to seal in Mosha Star’s heart soul. He tells Xuan Ji to remember that everything that will happen today has happened because of her. She’s the reason that all these people will die. Bai Lin activates his spell.

Ting Nu, Zi Hu, and Yi Huan see the disturbances from a distance. Yi Huan stops Zi Hu from going toward danger, telling her that she won’t be able to survive it. Zi Hu is worried about Wu Zhi Qi, but Yi Huan reassures her that he’s powerful enough to get out of there on his own, before exchanging a panicked look with Ting Nu.

Bai Lin starts raining fire down on Shaoyang, but Xuan Ji throws up a shield. The other elders lend their energy to the shield, but fade fast. Xuan Ji calls out Bai Lin for his hypocrisy — he told her to protect the people of this world, yet here he is killing them. Bai Lin responds that sacrifices are necessary for the stability of the world. If everyone on Shaoyang Mountain perishing will ensure thousands of lifetimes of peace, so be it. They may die today, but in the future, it will be their good fortune.

Xuan Ji tells Bai Lin that she treasures the time they spent together at Xuyang Peak when he was Hao Chen, but she won’t allow him to destroy Shaoyang. She summons Dingkun and opposes him with new energy. Bai Lin says that it looks like he’ll have to permanently cut her off. He pulls out the Liuli lamp and adds it to his attack. As he does so, Xuan Ji weakens.

Si Feng appears out of nowhere in his garuda form and sends a burst of energy toward Bai Lin’s meteor artifact, breaking the attack on Shaoyang, before falling out of the sky. Xuan Ji catches him while Wu Zhi Qi catches the Liuli lamp. Si Feng can’t hold onto Juntian Cehai’s power any longer after interacting with the heavenly realm’s power.

Xuan Ji demands that Wu Zhi Qi give her the lamp. She must save Si Feng. But Si Feng grabs her arm and says no. He asks her to promise him not to open it.

“You must open it,” Yuan Lang says as he appears with a murder of crows. Wu Zhi Qi is stunned to find him still alive, but Yuan Lang says that he’s not here for Wu Zhi Qi. He’s here to tell the God of War the truth.

Si Feng urgently tells Xuan Ji to not listen to Yuan Lang. He’s trying to trick her.

But Yuan Lang shows Xuan Ji a vision — the mural in the devil realm that shows Bai Lin creating the God of War out of Mosha Star. Xuan Ji whispers the truth: the God of War is Mosha Star, and Mosha Star is the God of War. Yuan Lang laughs and says that only Mosha Star can open the seal on the Liuli lamp. The heart soul trapped inside is hers.

Si Feng yells angrily at Yuan Lang. Xuan Ji looks stunned, but whispers that it can’t be. Yuan Lang must be lying to her. But Yuan Lang says that the murals in the devil realm are clear. Otherwise, why would Si Feng pretend to be Mosha Star?

Si Feng cries and tells Xuan Ji she can’t believe Yuan Lang. She shakes her head, in denial of the truth. Her whole life, she’s been told that she needs to destroy all demons and devils, yet the biggest devil in the world is herself? Impossible. Si Feng cries as he watches her work through it all.

Yuan Lang says that if she won’t believe him, she should ask Bai Lin. It was Bai Lin who tricked Mosha Star and dug out his heart soul. He turned Mosha Star’s bones into an artifact and sealed Mosha Star’s heart soul in the Liuli lamp. He made the God of War’s body out of Mosha Star’s body. Her heart is just a piece from the Liuli lamp.

Bai Lin has had enough of Yuan Lang and destroys him, but the truth is out and Xuan Ji realizes that it is the truth. Bai Lin says that Yuan Lang is right and that it doesn’t matter if Xuan Ji knows, because this is all going to end anyway.

Xuan Ji starts laughing at the irony of it all. What even is the God of War? She demands to know why Bai Lin did this. “For the three worlds,” he responds.

She accuses him of preventing her from recovering her six senses because he wanted her to be clueless so she could be his puppet. He responds that being heartless is the only way to avoid having one’s judgment clouded by resentment. He never thought that in nine lifetimes’ worth of tribulations, she would fail to dispel her evil energy. In this one, she dared to develop a mortal desire for Si Feng. He won’t let her become a devil.

Si Feng starts not doing so well. Xuan Ji worries over him. Bai Lin says that he’ll kill Si Feng first. He sweeps Si Feng into a storm cloud, but Xuan Ji hangs onto him. She uses Dingkun to grab the Liuli lamp from out of Wu Zhi Qi’s hands. Si Feng tells her no. He’d rather die than let her become a devil. But Xuan Ji doesn’t care about that much. It doesn’t matter whether she’s Mosha Star or the God of War. All she cares about is Si Feng’s safety.

“If I become Luohou Jidu, don’t forget me,” she tells Si Feng. “You have to find me.”

She pulls Juntian Cehai out of Si Feng and into herself. The Liuli lamp breaks and she reabsorbs her heart soul. Si Feng gets dropped back onto the ground. Bai Lin gets knocked back.

Xuan Ji sees Mosha Star’s memories. How Bai Lin invited Luohou Jidu to drink, but ended up poisoning him. How he had turned Luohou Jidu into the God of War and his own weapon. How Luohou Jidu had turned against his own brethren and slayed them.

Xuan Ji disappears and Luohou Jidu takes her place. He sends Dingkun flying up toward Bai Lin, destroying the base of his power. Wu Zhi Qi smiles to see his old friend back. Luohou Jidu says, “Long time no see,” to Bai Lin, then attacks him again. Bai Lin disappears before he’s struck.

Si Feng stares at Luohou Jidu and says Xuan Ji’s name, but he just says, “I am Luohou Jidu.” He starts to walk away. Si Feng grabs his wrist, saying Xuan Ji’s name again. Luohou Jidu looks at him, then throws him off. He looks pityingly at Si Feng and says humans are absurd, then summons the hairpin that Si Feng gave Xuan Ji. “This is Xuan Ji’s. From now on, she and I have nothing to do with each other,” Luohou Jidu says as he tosses Si Feng the hairpin.

Si Feng continues to address Luohou Jidu as Xuan Ji and asks where he’s going. He responds that he’s returning to where he belongs and then he’ll reclaim everything that should have been his for the past thousand years. Si Feng and Xuan Ji’s family continue to address Luohou Jidu as Xuan Ji. He tells them that if they keep talking to him like this, he will kill them all and won’t show them any mercy. Then he disappears.

Wu Zhi Qi also disappears. Si Feng is left calling Xuan Ji’s name.


I can’t say that this was unexpected, because we’ve been told all along exactly what would happen if Xuan Ji opened the lamp. I am curious to see how Xuan Ji will come back. The God of War’s biggest struggle was probably the realization that she wasn’t actually anyone at all. Her identity was just pieces of someone else’s. Part of the point of Xuan Ji’s life that Si Feng tried to emphasize is that in this life, she is just Xuan Ji. That is her identity, not God of War, not Mosha Star. But now that she’s essentially been absorbed into Luohou Jidu, how will that piece of her return?

I do love that this time, the roles are reversed and Xuan Ji is the one to tell Si Feng to not forget her.


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