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Recap: Love and Redemption (Ep. 55)

The devil realm and heavenly realm prepare for war once again. Meanwhile, Si Feng embarks on a perilous quest to stop Luohou Jidu and bring Xuan Ji back.


Si Feng faints after Luohou Jidu disappears.

Luohou Jidu enjoys his freedom. Wu Zhi Qi appears behind him. Yuan Lang shows up and grovels behind Luohou Jidu, who turns around and has to think a moment before remembering that Yuan Lang and Wu Zhi Qi were the Right and Left Ministers of the devil realm. He grants Yuan Lang a new body after Yuan Lang talks about how he spent a thousand years trying to revive him.

Wu Zhi Qi doesn’t like that. Luohou Jidu might believe Yuan Lang’s words, but Wu Zhi Qi isn’t ready to let him off that easily. But Luohou Jidu tells Wu Zhi Qi to stop. The heavenly realm also messed with him for a thousand years. Doesn’t he want to get his revenge?

Wu Zhi Qi admits that he does want revenge for how they hurt Zi Hu, Luohou Jidu, and Xuan Ji, but he won’t let Yuan Lang live. Luohou Jidu says that until they defeat the heavenly realm, he won’t allow infighting. Afterward, they’re free to kill whomever they want.

Yuan Lang smiles, having escaped death once again. Wu Zhi Qi turns away from him. He wants to see Bai Lin die more than he wants to see Yuan Lang die.

Luohou Jidu tells them to come to Fenru City with him. He’s preparing to give the heavenly realm a big gift.

Si Ming reports to Bai Lin that Luohou Jidu has returned to Fenru City and resurrected some Xiuluo generals. Bai Lin asks where Shenshu and Yulu are. Si Ming pulls out two puppies. Bai Lin returns them to their anthropomorphic forms and calls them useless while they beg for mercy.

Qing Long has more bad news: Luohou Jidu has vowed to fight his way up to the heavenly realm and destroy them all. Bai Lin orders that the entire realm is to be on high alert. No demon is allowed to enter.

Si Feng wakes up with Xuan Ji’s name on his lips and immediately bolts out of bed to find her. Yi Huan and Min Yan have to hold him back and remind him that Xuan Ji has turned into Luohou Jidu and doesn’t exist anymore. He’s still adamant that even if he is Luohou Jidu, he is also Xuan Ji. They tell him what’s happened in the days he’s been unconscious. Luohou Jidu has called for all demons to join him in sieging the heavenly realm. Demons have been terrorizing the mortal realm.

Ling Long arrives and says that she believes Xuan Ji is still there, somewhere, in Luohou Jidu and she wants to go find her. But no mortals can enter the devil realm. Si Feng says that he’ll go — he’s a demon. Yi Huan warns him that plenty of demon elders who refused to listen to Luohou Jidu have already been killed. Si Feng doesn’t think he can die — even if Xuan Ji is being controlled by Mosha Star’s heart soul, she’s still in there somewhere. Ting Nu and Yi Huan both think Xuan Ji has already been wiped out by Mosha Star’s heart soul, but Zi Hu thinks that they’re underestimating Xuan Ji. Mosha Star might have hate, but Xuan Ji has love. She doesn’t think Xuan Ji would forget everything.

Si Feng says that he doesn’t care about Mosha Star or the God of War. He’s going to stop Luohou Jidu and bring back Xuan Ji.

Yi Huan looks to Ting Nu for backup, but Ting Nu decides that he’s not going to try to convince Si Feng if he’s already made up his mind. Instead, he warns Si Feng that the more Luohou Jidu kills, the more his devil nature grows and the less likely that they’ll be able to recover Xuan Ji. Si Feng has to make sure that Luohou Jidu kills as little as possible.

Si Feng stands among demons who gather before Luohou Jidu as he announces his plan to siege the gates of the heavenly realm on the seventh day of the seventh month. Si Feng eyes widen when Luohou Jidu makes a demon leader vanish with a wave his arm. The demon leader had been trying to say that his clan wasn’t strong enough to fight. Luohou Jidu tells everyone else that if he wasn’t strong enough to fight, he might as well not exist at all.

Another demon leader says that he came because he respects Luohou Jidu, but he refuses to participate in this. He turns to leave. Luohou Jidu makes him vanish as he tries to walk away. The rest of the demons immediately fall in line, no one daring to cross Luohou Jidu.

Luohou Jidu says that there are to be no more divisions or distinctions between the various demon clans — all will answer to him. Anyone who disobeys him will be killed. The demons leave so that only Si Feng remains.

Luohou Jidu recognizes Si Feng as the twelve-feathered garuda. Si Feng flies onto the dais and stands in front of him, then says that he knows Xuan Ji’s consciousness is still inside him. He thinks that she won’t allow Luohou Jidu to be so ruthless and demands that he let Xuan Ji out.

Inside Luohou Jidu, Xuan Ji recognizes Si Feng and calls out to him. It doesn’t do much, but Luohou Jidu seems to waver for a moment. Si Feng notices that something is working and reminds Xuan Ji that she became Luohou Jidu in order to save him. Does she not remember him anymore?

Xuan Ji continues to shout from inside Luohou Jidu, slamming on invisible barriers and demanding to be let out. Luohou Jidu doesn’t make eye contact with Si Feng, but says that Xuan Ji was nothing but a piece of his soul. She no longer exists, and he warns Si Feng to stop mentioning this lowly mortal name to him. Yuan Lang smirks.

Si Feng staggers back, but then resolutely says Xuan Ji would never disappear. She only came under Luohou Jidu’s heart soul’s control because she was trying to save him. Wu Zhi Qi crosses his arms and sighs at Si Feng’s stubbornness.

Si Feng says that Xuan Ji may have started out as part of Luohou Jidu’s soul, but she’s existed independently for a thousand years and lived ten mortal lifetimes. She’s already her own person and no longer Luohou Jidu. Si Feng speaks directly to Xuan Ji, saying that he knows she’s still there, right?

Xuan Ji demands for Luohou Jidu to let her out, but Luohou Jidu tells Si Feng that it doesn’t matter whether Xuan Ji is still here or not. She’s just a small bit of his long life. She may have lived for a thousand years, but Luohou Jidu has ten thousand years’ of memories and she’s nothing but a drop in the ocean. Si Feng is deluding himself if he thinks Xuan Ji is capable of still occupying this body. Luohou Jidu says that he won’t kill Si Feng out of recognition for how Si Feng has put his own life on the line in order to protect his soul, and tells Si Feng to leave.

But Si Feng refuses to leave until he has Xuan Ji back. He promised her he’d bring her back. Wu Zhi Qi tells Si Feng to wake up. Xuan Ji is gone. Si Feng says that Xuan Ji isn’t Mosha Star and she never wanted to become Mosha Star.

“Are you really not afraid that I’ll kill you?” Luohou Jidu asks.

“You won’t,” Si Feng says with a smile, “Because Xuan Ji won’t allow you to.”

Si Feng says that Mosha Star used his devil energy to force this form into Luohou Jidu because he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to control Xuan Ji. He was afraid that Xuan Ji wouldn’t let them become a devil who only knows how to kill.

Xuan Ji continues making a racket from inside Luohou Jidu. Luohou Jidu struggles to maintain his control. Wu Zhi Qi and Si Feng both notice Luohou Jidu’s internal struggle, and Si Feng hopefully says Xuan Ji’s name again.

Luohou Jidu suddenly opens his eyes wide and says Si Feng’s name. Si Feng grabs his hands, starting to tear up as he smiles and tells Xuan Ji that he knew she was still here, that she wouldn’t have disappeared. Si Feng doesn’t care if Xuan Ji is Luohou Jidu, because Xuan Ji will always be Xuan Ji in Si Feng’s heart no matter what.

But then Xuan Ji as Luohou Jidu says that there’s no way to go back and that Si Feng should forget about all of this — forget about her.

Si Feng takes a step back, shaking his head. “You’re not Xuan Ji,” he says. Xuan Ji would never tell him to forget about the past they shared.

Luohou Jidu laughs and says that Si Feng is imagining affection where none exists. He seems to really treasure his memories with Xuan Ji. But for Luohou Jidu, they are stupid and shameful. Si Feng says that he’s just jealous of Xuan Ji. Luohou Jidu was only ever met with betrayal — he hates Xuan Ji because he has never experienced affection in this world.

Luohou Jidu says that he’s going to get rid of Xuan Ji’s memories right now — along with Si Feng. Si Feng reminds Luohou Jidu that he still needs more allies if he wants to fight the heavenly realm. Si Feng is a twelve-feathered garuda — there are few demons who are stronger than him. Wu Zhi Qi vouches for Si Feng’s abilities.

Luohou Jidu says he will accept Si Feng if Si Feng is able to withstand one of his attacks. He attacks Si Feng and Si Feng tries to defend himself tot he best of his abilities, but starts spiting up blood anyway. Xuan Ji yells at Luohou Jidu, saying she won’t allow him to hurt Si Feng. Luohou Jidu falters and stops his attack.

Si Feng lands in front of Luohou Jidu and wipes the blood from his lips with a smirk. Like he said, he’s powerful. Luohou Jidu says that he’ll give Si Feng the Luotian Bell, the weapon that will allow them to break down the heavenly gates. In ten days, he needs it to be charged with resentful energy and be ready for the siege. Si Feng accepts it with a smile and says he won’t let him down. Wu Zhi Qi also smiles.

Yuan Lang calls out Si Feng and says that he knows Si Feng still has ideas of finding Xuan Ji and that a nobody like him has no business trying to interfere with Luohou Jidu’s plans. Wu Zhi Qi suggests that Yuan Lang is just feeling insecure and jealous. Yuan Lang claims that he won’t allow anyone with ulterior motives to stay by Luohou Jidu’s side. He moves to attack Si Feng, but Xuan Ji cries Si Feng’s name, and Luohou Jidu raises a hand and knocks Yuan Lang back.

Wu Zhi Qi laughs and Si Feng smirks. Yuan Lang picks himself up, his smug look gone. Luohou Jidu says that he will reward and punish his chosen ones as he sees fit and no one else is allowed to touch them. He won’t spare anyone who dares to defy him. With that, he vanishes.

A demon shows Si Feng to where captured prisoners are held. They can be used to feed the Luotian Bell. Si Feng asks that the demon and other guards leave, claiming that he doesn’t want bystanders to accidentally get sucked into the bell. After they’re gone, Si Feng approaches the prison cell. The men inside shrink back fearfully and plead for their lives.

Si Feng releases them and tells them how to escape back to the mortal realm. Then he feeds the bell himself.

Wu Zhi Qi is told by a demon guard that they’ve found someone suspicious in the area and are concerned that it could be a spy from the heavenly realm. He ends up finding Zi Hu. He pulls her to a safe location and tells her to stay put and wait for him, but Zi Hu is tired of waiting. She waited for a thousand years while he was trapped in Fenru City. She waited when he went to open the lamp. But she’s not going to wait for him to wage war against the heavenly realm again. He just got his freedom — why is he doing this? What if he ends up captured again?

Zi Hu asks Wu Zhi Qi to leave with her. They can go back to their small house and live out the rest of their days. If he doesn’t like her human form, she’ll turn back into a fox for him.

But Wu Zhi Qi angrily responds that there are tens of thousands of demons waiting for him to lead them in their revenge against the heavenly realm. He’s tolerated the heavenly realm for a thousand years, but he won’t anymore. Has she forgotten who ruined her face and punished him? This is revenge he should have sought years ago.

Wu Zhi Qi calms down, then grips Zi Hu by the shoulders and asks her to wait for him. It won’t be long before he captures Bai Hu and drags him down here. He’ll make Zi Hu a cloak out of Bai Hu’s fur and heal her face using his core. “Wait for me,” he says and turns to leave.

Zi Hu stops him, saying that this is the last time she’s asking. If he won’t leave with her, she’ll hide so that he can never find her again. He responds that he knows the limits of her ability. Where will she hide? He tells her to wait with a roguish smile, then heads upstairs. She watches him go with tears in her eyes.

Bai Lin stands at the gates to the heavenly realm with his warriors. They see a golden light and recognize it as the Luotian Bell, which they thought had disappeared during the war a thousand years ago. They try to hold it off as it shoots up toward them, but get knocked back.

The demon army gathers. Si Feng makes a last-ditch attempt to beseech Luohou Jidu, telling him that once the great war starts, the three worlds will all suffer. Luohou Jidu thinks Si Feng is talking too much and makes him disappear. He orders Wu Zhi Qi to lead the charge up to the heavenly realm. He obliges and disappears, along with ranks of demon soldiers. Zi Hu watches, then follows.

The heavenly warriors pick themselves up. Qing Long tells Bai Lin that without the gates, they can’t hold back the approaching demon army. He suggests that they should retreat. But Bai Lin stubbornly says that it’s the demons who should retreat. He orders for the heavenly realm and mortal realm to be separated using the Shengsi Ocean (Ocean of Life and Death). Qing Long knows that if the two realms are separated, the mortal realm will become another devil realm and all people will die. He and the other heavenly soldiers ask that Bai Lin reconsider.

Bai Lin isn’t willing to compromise. The heavenly realm’s safety is of utmost importance and since the Heavenly Emperor isn’t around, Bai Lin is the one in charge. He demands that his order be followed. Anyone who disobeys will not be spared.

Wu Zhi Qi leads his group of demon soldiers up toward the heavenly realm, but the skies darken around them. He recognizes it as the Ocean of Life and Death. Lightning strikes, destroying the Luotian Bell and sending demons crashing back down to the devil realm.

Wu Zhi Qi watches as his fellow demons drop from the sky around him. He spots a lightning strike coming for him and braces for impact, but then Zi Hu appears and throws herself in front of him.

She falls out of the sky. He rushes to catch her, asking if she’s okay. She weakly laughs and says that she thought only cared about fighting — why is he suddenly caring about her? Wu Zhi Qi asks why she would do something so foolish like this. Zi Hu tells him that he may have been ready to give up his life, but she wasn’t going to let him die. He asks her to hang on — he’ll find a way to save her. But she doesn’t want that. She says that he’s so willing to agree to other people’s requests that he stopped caring about her.

Wu Zhi Qi says that it’s not that he doesn’t care about her, he just doesn’t know how to say it. He promises her that he won’t let her suffer anymore. She smiles and says just hearing that is enough for her. She asks him to agree to one thing for her: after she dies, can he take her back? Can they leave the devil realm? She asks him to stop fighting. He promises to stop fighting. He says he’ll never fight again.

“Kiss me,” she says. He kisses her on the forehead. She smiles and touches his face, then whispers, “I love you.”

Before Wu Zhi Qi can respond, she disappears from his arms in a sparkle of purple light. Zi Hu says the rest of what she wanted to say, now that Wu Zhi Qi can no longer hear. She says that in the next life, she won’t be a fox anymore. She’ll find an even more beautiful face so that he will like the way she looks. Will he like her then?

Wu Zhi Qi shouts for his little fox, but all that’s left of her is the veil she once wore, which he catches with a heartbroken expression. Now that she’s no longer here, Wu Zhi Qi admits that he’d been lying to her all along. She is beautiful. He clutches the veil and descends from the sky, alone.

Wu Zhi Qi finds Si Feng locked in the prisons and breaks in. He tells Si Feng that Zi Hu has died and he’s not fighting anymore — he’s here to break Si Feng out.

Luohou Jidu and Yuan Lang appear and say they’re not going anywhere. Yuan Lang accuses Si Feng and Wu Zhi Qi of being traitors. Wu Zhi Qi tells Luohou Jidu that he’s followed through on everything he promised to the Xiuluo King years ago and owes him nothing. Luohou Jidu says that Wu Zhi Qi is free to go, but Si Feng must stay. He committed capital offenses.

Luohou Jidu asks Si Feng if he has anything to say for himself. Si Feng claims he only did what he did because Luohou Jidu still has Xuan Ji’s memories and he wanted to reduce Luohou Jidu’s bad karma so he doesn’t suffer more later. Luohou Jidu says that he could either kill Si Feng or let him go. Si Feng guesses that it’s because of Xuan Ji’s influence, but Luohou Jidu says that he’s just imagining affection for himself. He offers Si Feng an option for his freedom — since he’s the leader of the garuda, he can find the garuda and convince them to sacrifice themselves in order to ferry the others across the Shengsi Ocean.

Si Feng smiles and says that it’s a pity he’s no longer the leader of the garuda and has no idea where they are. But he points out that Yuan Lang is the oldest and most skilled of all the garuda. With his abilities, he should be able to cross the ocean multiple times without a problem.

Luohou Jidu warns Si Feng that he shouldn’t try to be smart — he’s only offering Si Feng the chance because he finds him interesting. But if Si Feng really doesn’t know where the garuda are, he’ll have to kill him. Si Feng welcomes him to try.

Luohou Jidu raises his hand to blast Si Feng, but then Wu Zhi Qi jumps in and together, he and Si Feng hold a defensive shield against Luohou Jidu. Wu Zhi Qi says that Si Feng is a brother and savior to him. If Luohou Jidu wants to kill Si Feng, he’ll have to go through him first.

Luohou Jidu lets up on his attack and comments that it’s so rare to see such a strong bond of loyalty between two men — it would be a shame to kill them. He offers another proposal: if Si Feng and Wu Zhi Qi can survive three of his attacks, he’ll let Si Feng go. If they die, well, that’s just because they weren’t strong enough.

Yuan Lang tries to tell Luohou Jidu that the garuda are useful and they can’t let Si Feng go, but Luohou Jidu doesn’t listen to what others tell him to do. He throws one attack at Wu Zhi Qi, then another at Si Feng. Wu Zhi Qi rushes to Si Feng, who says that he’s okay and uses his magic to offset some of the damage. Luohou Jidu sees what he’s doing and finds it interesting, but says that this third attack will be the strongest — it’s meant to break one’s soul — and they’re both already injured: are they sure they want to take it? Wu Zhi Qi and Si Feng clasp hands, then resolutely get to their feet. If they die, at least they’ll die together.

Both Wu Zhi Qi and Si Feng are levitated by this attack of Luohou Jidu’s. Wu Zhi Qi calls out for Zi Hu. Si Feng falls into a vision where he’s a few steps behind Xuan Ji. He calls out to her; she turns and smiles when she sees him, but then starts getting sucked into a black hole that opens up in the sky. Si Feng calls her name, then promises that he’ll find her no matter what and bring her back. He opens his eyes. Luohou Jidu seems visibly shook. Si Feng breaks himself and Wu Zhi Qi out of Luohou Jidu’s spell.

Luohou Jidu comments that Si Feng’s ability to withstand the soul-breaking spell shows how deep his obsession is. But he is a man of his word, and since they survived three of his attacks, he will let them go.

Si Feng tells Wu Zhi Qi that he can’t leave. He promised Xuan Ji he would stay by her side no matter what, so he must stay. He sensed Xuan Ji’s existence earlier, which means that he can still bring her back. He apologizes for wasting Wu Zhi Qi’s good intentions. Wu Zhi Qi says that if this conversation had happened any earlier, he would’ve laughed at Si Feng’s lack of integrity, but now, he only admires that Si Feng is able to do for Xuan Ji what he realized too late for Zi Hu. He says goodbye to Si Feng and disappears.

Luohou Jidu asks if Si Feng is trying to test his patience — he won’t tell him where the garuda are and insists on staying when he was told to leave.

Si Feng approaches Luohou Jidu with a smile and says he’s here to make a bet. He bets that he can make Xuan Ji come out within three days. If Si Feng wins, Luohou Jidu must stop suppressing Xuan Ji and let her out to talk to Si Feng. If Si Feng loses, he’ll do whatever Luohou Jidu wants. Luohou Jidu smirks and adds a condition of his own: if Si Feng loses, he must reveal where the garuda are. Si Feng agrees. Luohou Jidu says that for these three days, Si Feng can be his personal slave.

Si Feng brings Luohou Jidu a plate of desserts. Luohou Jidu grabs one without looking and takes a bite, then pauses. Si Feng smiles and mentions how it’s Xuan Ji’s favorite. Luohou Jidu promptly puts it down. He moves to take a drink from his cup, but it’s empty. Si Feng fills it. Luohou Jidu brings the cup to his lips, but then pauses before drinking and throws the liquid at Si Feng instead. He stands up silently and walks away. Si Feng smiles calmly.

Si Feng brings Luohou Jidu some soup. He sniffs it, then smiles and says he can tell Si Feng put a lot of effort into it. It’s a shame that tomorrow will mark three full days and all of Si Feng’s effort will be for naught. Si Feng calmly replies that they still have to wait until tomorrow. Luohou Jidu tosses the soup over his shoulder, then walks away.


Zi Hu’s death made me cry. I’m upset that she had to die like this, thinking that she wasn’t enough, and that Wu Zhi Qi was too much of a coward to show her the love she deserved until after she died. Why must the ultimate lesson in love be death?

Again, Si Feng’s blind faith in Xuan Ji makes me question whether he’s delusional or just extremely trusting. At this point, I’ve seen enough where I trust that he trusts her, and it’s beautiful to see that type of unconditional, unwavering trust.


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