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Recap: Love and Redemption (Ep. 57)

Si Feng continues to try and save the world, as he does. This episode is a bit more light-hearted than the past few as Ling Long, Min Yan, and friends prepare for the end of the world.


“I never thought it would be you, Xi Xuan,” Bai Lin says as he teleports into Si Feng’s face.

Si Feng smiles and thanks Bai Lin for helping him remember everything. He asks if Bai Lin really feels no regret or shame for what he’s done to the God of War, Xuan Ji, and Luohou Jidu. Bai Lin asks who’s asking: the Heavenly Emperor’s son Xi Xuan, or the demon garuda under Luohou Jidu’s control? He chuckles and says he almost forgot — Xi Xuan’s mother was also a demon leader. Yet when the demons and devils rose up against the heavenly realm, she — like all other traitorous demons — joined her father against the gods.

Si Feng says that Luohou Jidu deserves a chance to find justice for the ways in which he’s been wronged. Bai Lin claims that he already gave Luohou Jidu a chance to be good. He protected Luohou Jidu’s soul and made him into the God of War. Bai Lin tried his best to help the God of War. He even personally tried to help her in her mortal life. He doesn’t owe them anything.

But Si Feng recognizes that all Bai Lin wanted was control. He wanted a puppet who would help him preserve his glory in the heavenly realm. He never cared about making up for the way he wronged Luohou Jidu — he just wanted to make himself feel better.

Bai Lin smirks at how sentimental Si Feng is, but Luohou Jidu isn’t Xuan Ji. Si Feng says that Xuan Ji is still there, sharing a body with Luohou Jidu. He knows that Bai Lin fell in love with Xuan Ji when he was a mortal. If he has the chance to save her, why does he insist on killing instead?

Bai Lin scoffs at the idea of falling in love. He’s never fallen in love. Everything he does is for the three worlds.

Even Si Feng is like, “Sure, that’s what you say.” If that’s the case and he really is doing this all for the three worlds, then Si Feng wants to make a bet with him. He bets that Luohou Jidu won’t become the evil devil leader Bai Lin fears he will be. He tells Bai Lin that all Luohou Jidu has ever wanted is to resolve the hatred within himself. Bai Lin is the one who presumed that Luohou Jidu would become a murderous monster and started this cycle of destruction that made him resentful. If they could resolve their issues, then maybe everything could be resolved.

Si Feng asks if Bai Lin is willing to meet with Luohou Jidu in the heavenly realm — for the sake of the three worlds. Bai Lin turns away; what if his prediction is right? Should he just open the door for Luohou Jidu to destroy the heavenly realm?

Si Feng says that if that’s the case, then he’s lost. He’s willing to go down with Luohou Jidu and the devil realm and make sure they’re all completely destroyed. But if he wins, he just wants Bai Lin to apologize to Luohou Jidu and then let him go and never appear in his life again.

Bai Lin smirks and agrees to Si Feng’s bet, since he’s willing to stake his own life on it. He tells Si Feng to bring Luohou Jidu, but also to remember his promise. Si Feng responds likewise: if Luohou Jidu doesn’t do anything, the heavenly realm is not allowed to harm him.

Chu Lei and the rest of Shaoyang sect are busy trying to gather as many people as they can at Shaoyang where they’ll cast the protective enchantment Luohou Jidu gave them. Si Feng appears right as Chu Lei runs into Ling Long, Min Yan, Ting Nu, and Yi Huan.

Si Feng tells them that he managed to convince Bai Lin to meet with Luohou Jidu and is hopeful that the meeting will go well, but also fears that it won’t. If things go south, there’s only one way to attempt to make things right: they have to find the Heavenly Emperor. The Heavenly Emperor is in Kunlun Mountain, which is a divine place that they’ll have trouble getting to. But if they find Wu Zhi Qi, he might be able to get them across. Ting Nu says that Wu Zhi Qi refuses to do anything other than keep vigil at Zi Hu’s grave, but Si Feng is confident that he will help. Si Feng is also worried that the Heavenly Emperor might not want to help, but if that’s the case, he tells them to tell the Heavenly Emperor… and we cut away. But it probably has something to do with Si Feng being his son.

Si Feng returns to the devil realm where he tells Luohou Jidu that Bai Lin has agreed to meet with him. He tells Luohou Jidu that he must not kill anyone while he’s there. Luohou Jidu agrees — as long as Bai Lin also keeps his end of the promise.

Yi Huan, Min Yan, and Ling Long find Wu Zhi Qi crying and drinking in front of Zi Hu’s grave. They tell him about Bai Lin and Luohou Jidu’s meeting and ask him to help them look for the Heavenly Emperor at Kunlun Mountain, but Wu Zhi Qi won’t go. He doesn’t care about any of that. When Zi Hu was alive, all she wanted was for Wu Zhi Qi to stay by her side, so that’s what he’s going to do now.

Yi Huan reminds Wu Zhi Qi that if Bai Lin and Luohou Jidu really start fighting and wreak havoc on the worlds, then not only will Zi Hu’s grave be gone, all of Wu Zhi Qi and Zi Hu’s memories may also disappear. Is that what he really wants? Yi Huan says he won’t force Wu Zhi Qi to do anything, but he wants him to think about it.

Si Feng and Luohou Jidu prepare to set off across the Shengsi Ocean. Yuan Lang leads a regiment of soldiers and tells Luohou Jidu to wait. He can’t go — they should go find the garuda and attack instead. But Luohou Jidu refuses to stoop to Bai Lin’s level of going back on his word and tells Si Feng to head out.

After they depart, a Xiuluo general asks Yuan Lang what they should do. He frowns, but says that they should wait here and watch for movement from the heavenly realm.

Yi Huan, Ling Long, and Min Yan are about to give up waiting for Wu Zhi Qi when he finally appears. Min Yan smiles — it looks like what Si Feng told them to say worked. Wu Zhi Qi sighs that his life’s biggest regret is meeting Si Feng and Xuan Ji, but he also can’t do nothing when it comes to them.

They get ready to head out when Min Yan senses someone else nearby and tells them to come out. Ruo Yu appears out of the woods. He says that he wants to go to the heavenly realm as well. Ling Long asks if he just wants to stab them in the back again. Ruo Yu drops to his knees — he knows he’s done a lot of wrong, but he also promised Xiao Yin Hua that he would help her protect Si Feng and he wants to chance to at least make up for some of the things he’s done.

Ling Long says that they should just ignore him and leave, but Min Yan tells Ruo Yu that if he really wants to help, he can just follow behind.

The group arrive at a body of water which is as far as they can get on foot on the road to Kunlun Mountain. Wu Zhi Qi starts describing all the terrible obstacles that lie between them and the true entrance to the mountain. He can pass through them easily, but mortals like them? No chance. Yi Huan ruins the fun by revealing that he knows there’s another, easier way to get in. The only problem is that they still need to cross the body of water. They can’t fly across, and nothing floats on it. Except for one thing. Wu Zhi Qi plucks one of Yi Huan’s hairs, which turns into a golden feather, and demonstrates how it floats on the water. The only way to get across is to make a boat of garuda feathers.

Yi Huan does not want to be plucked; Wu Zhi Qi starts chasing him around. Ruo Yu speaks up and says that he can help.

Ruo Yu’s feathers make a boat that the group set off across the water in. Min Yan notes that it’s very quiet — almost too quiet — because there are no people who live nearby and no other beings are capable of crossing the water. Suddenly, a white-haired man flies out of the water.

Wu Zhi Qi frowns — he’s a Kunlun wu shaman. There are ten such wu shaman who protect the mountain. Wu Zhi Qi recognizes this one as Wu Lu. Wu Lu demands to know what demons dare try to approach the mountain. Wu Zhi Qi uses his magic to propel the boat. They’re at a severe disadvantage if they start fighting on the water.

Wu Lu summons from heavenly soldiers from the water, who chase the group onto shore. Wu Zhi Qi manages to dispatch several. Wu Lu casts a water bubble that captures Yi Huan instead. Wu Zhi Qi engages Wu Lu above the water, then manages to knock him down into it. He lands back on the shore. Yi Huan asks him to help get him out of the bubble. Wu Zhi Qi laughs at Yi Huan, but then a purple smoke drifts through, putting Wu Zhi Qi and Ruo Yu into a trance.

Wu Zhi Qi falls into a vision where he’s drinking with friends when Zi Hu walks in and reminds him about their vineyard. She drags him outside.

Ruo Yu sees a vision where he’s at Lize Palace and runs into Xiao Yin Hua, who smiles and gives him some of her favorite rice crackers. She promises to be better to him from now on. He smiles, but when he looks up, he sees Yuan Lang gripping his sister by the neck. He tries to attack, but Yuan Lang disappears and reappears, now with Xiao Yin Hua in his grasp as well.

Yi Huan recognizes that Wu Zhi Qi and Ruo Yu have fallen under a spell and yells for Ling Long and Min Yan to help save them. Min Yan tries to stop Ruo Yu, who has pulled out his dagger and is trying to stab himself. Ling Long tries to wake Wu Zhi Qi up, then notices someone nearby — another shaman, Wu Peng. She confronts Wu Peng and nearly falls under a spell herself, but Yi Huan calls out to her in time for her to break out of it. She threatens Wu Peng until Wu Peng releases her hold on Ruo Yu and Wu Zhi Qi.

Another shaman appears and grabs Wu Peng before flying off. Wu Zhi Qi notices a rippling barrier forming above them. He flies up and breaks it with a finger. When he lands, he turns and smirks to see the ten shamans lined up across the water, staring in shock at how easily he had broken the enchantment. Wu Zhi Qi easily knocks them all into the water.

The group reach the base of the mountain that leads to Kunlun Mountain. The only way up is to climb a sheer rock face. At one point, Ruo Yu falls off the wall, but Min Yan catches him with one hand.

Once they get to the top, Ruo Yu expresses his surprise that Min Yan would save him when he’d done so much evil towards him. Min Yan shares that Si Feng told him about Ruo Yu’s sister. He can’t forgive Ruo Yu, but he also won’t just watch him die. Ruo Yu apologizes to him. Min Yan accepts it for now, because they are all here with the same goal of helping Si Feng and Xuan Ji.

Wu Zhi Qi shares some food that he brought along. The scent of the food draws out a nine-headed beast — the Kaiming Shou, guardian of Kunlun Mountain. Wu Zhi Qi gives each head some food and wine. Eventually, all but one of the heads falls asleep. The remaining head gets drunk and shares the secret of how to open the portal to Kunlun Mountain and demonstrates before also falling asleep.

Wu Zhi Qi reveals that he brought some of his special, super strong wine. The Kaiming Shou drank enough to sleep for 27 days and nights. Ling Long feels a little bit bad about tricking such a simple, innocent creature, but they all go in through the portal anyway.

Si Feng and Luohou Jidu fly toward the heavenly realm. Si Feng suddenly spots a phoenix, who calls as it flies by. As the king of all birds, its call has the ability to pierce through Si Feng’s spells. He weakens, right as heavenly guards start firing arrows upon them. They dodge, and Luohou Jidu manages to stop one volley of arrows in its tracks, but there are too many. Si Feng throws himself in front of Luohou Jidu to shield him from the next round.

They both fall down through the clouds into the water below.

For Luohou Jidu, the water shows him the God of War’s memories. She slaughters the demon army. The Heavenly Emperor allows the Xiuluo to retreat to the devil realm after they surrender, but Bai Lin orders the God of War to slaughter them all anyway. The Xiuluo King curses her to never meet a good end before she kills them all and destroys the devil realm.

Later, the God of War tells Ting Nu how she dislikes how the devils’ blood felt hot on her body and how they all looked at her with such resentment before they died. She asks him if he’s ever noticed that she seems to be missing memories. The Xiuluo King had seemed so familiar, like she had met him before, and today she realized that she didn’t even know her own name. The God of War wonders if she was born without a name. Then she wonders where she came from.

The God of War fights Wu Zhi Qi. He lures her down to the devil realm, where the remains of the Xiuluo King’s spirit shows the God of War the truth about her origins — she brought this upon herself.

The God of War goes to Si Ming’s library and reads the truth of her origin before two minor gods can change it on Bai Lin’s orders. She flies to Bai Lin’s palace and demands he come out.


This episode, for the most part, was a lot lighter than the past few, which is kind of nice to see before we head into the final couple of episodes. It’s nice to see someone winning and succeeding, when before all we saw was a dangerous dance of betrayal.

A lot of these scenes were pieces of memories that we’d seen before, but these repeat scenes don’t bother me as much because unlike the flashbacks, at least the whole picture is becoming clearer and we know the full context of the anger and killing and betrayal.


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