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Recap: The Devil Punisher (Ep. 19)

Apparently eternal night means… zombie apocalypse? Or something like it. Bo Ya seems more confident than ever in his plan as the eternal night approaches, and though the mortals involved all try to put up their own forms of resistance, it seems like nothing is going to stop him. This episode has more of the same conversations played out again and again and the conclusion of a side story that I never realized was all that important anyway.


Zhong Kui tries to break into Bo Ya’s house while Bo Ya accuses Xin Yu of betraying him. He’s hurt that she keeps calling him by his title instead of his name, then confiscates her ring. Until the day that they obtain eternal life, he will lock her up here. Xin Yu protests, saying he has no right to restrict her freedoms. But Bo Ya dares her to try and test him, then pointedly kisses the catatonic En Xi and takes her away.

Cheng Huang stops Zhong Kui from continuing to break into Bo Ya’s house. If he keeps going like this, he’ll bring down the wrath of the heavenly realm on all of them. Zhong Kui doesn’t like feeling powerless, especially when he knows Xin Yu’s deception has been discovered, but Cheng Huang says that they have to trust the heavenly realm has a greater plan.

Ouyang Kai sends En Xi an optimistic selfie about moving on with his life and asking her how she’s doing. En Xi stares at her phone screen. Bo Ya asks what she’s staring so intently at. She and Xin Yu simultaneously answer, “Nothing.” Bo Ya asks En Xi who texted her. She emotionlessly shows him Ouyang Kai’s text.

Xin Yu tries to excuse herself from the dining table, but Bo Ya reaches out to her with his demonic hand. He turns into Doctor Octopus or something and extends his arm without getting up until his hand grips her shoulder, telling her she should eat more. She shudders and stays in place.

Bo Ya gathers his death cult followers and leads them in a chant to welcome the eternal night and go toward eternal life together.

En Xi seems to have maintained some of her self-awareness and goes back to the text that Ouyang Kai sent her. He sends her another selfie from his first day at work at his father’s company and she smiles sadly. She goes downstairs and leaves the house, ignoring Xin Yu when she calls after her. Xin Yu tries to follow, but she doesn’t know how to unlock the enchantment sealing the door.

Wei Yun Han lingers at the coffee shop after the cult ceremony and Bo Ya praises him for his work. He shudders as Bo Ya leads him down to a sparsely-furnished storage room. He’s to stay there and do his job until the eternal night arrives. Bo Ya warns him not to betray him and reminds him that all of the security cameras in the place are watching him.

Later at night, Yun Han hides from the cameras behind some sacks of flour. He starts freaking out about being locked up and begs to be let out, but there’s no one around. He wonders why he no longer has control over himself and thinks of Yu Han. Will he never be able to apologize to her?

Yun Han finds a spot where he can hide his laptop screen from the cameras’ view and gets to work hacking into the security feed, but finds that the programming is airtight. Eventually, he succeeds, right as Yu Han arrives at the coffee shop, invited there by a text he sent.

But Yun Han tries opening the door to the coffee shop and notices that the camera he tried to hack is still on. Yu Han finds the door and calls his name, but Yun Han suddenly finds that he can no longer move. He tries to call out to Yu Han, but can’t speak. Bo Ya appears behind him and tells him the game is over, then drags him back into the storage room. Yu Han gives up and leaves.

Bo Ya reveals to Yun Han that the reason he couldn’t hack into the cameras is because they’re not powered by software. They’re powered by his abilities. He decides to spare Yun Han for now because he still has a use for him.

Zhong Kui goes back to find Si Ming, this time with Cheng Huang in tow. They ask to borrow a heavenly weapon — any will do. Zhong Kui asks Si Ming for advice on how to help Xin Yu. Si Ming reminds him that Xin Yu is no longer a deity and he can’t interfere with a mortal’s fate. He tells Zhong Kui that he should be focusing on the upcoming astrological event. He gives Zhong Kui a hint about what Lu Qi is trying to accomplish and how En Xi fits in as the demonized guide. He shows Zhong Kui how Bo Ya was involved every time they encountered a malicious ghost and how all of that resentment was fed into En Xi.

Si Ming lends Zhong Kui an artifact that should help against Lu Qi. Zhong Kui wants to immediately go to find Xin Yu, but Cheng Huang reminds him that he has his own tribulation to worry about, too.

Ouyang Kai finds En Xi at his secret scenic lookout and hugs her. He thinks it’s a sign that she wants to see him and came to find him. He tells her he misses her. She looks away and doesn’t react. He confesses to her again — he’s never liked someone as much as he likes her. He can’t stop thinking about her.

En Xi looks up at him, seeming torn, but quickly turns away when he looks back toward her.

Ouyang Kai grips her shoulders and tells her to hold onto her kindness and not do anything to hurt herself or anyone else. She’s always been such a kind person — what did Bo Ya do to her?

En Xi throws him off and snaps that Bo Ya has nothing to do with him or any of this. She claims that their meeting here was just a coincidence and walks away. Ouyang Kai shouts after her that Bo Ya did this to her. When did she lose herself? “Don’t be like this. I’m begging you!” he shouts.

En Xi cries silently but keeps walking away.

Xin Yu explores Bo Ya’s evil lair again and starts smashing all the jars containing the trapped soul fragments. They thank her as they’re freed.

Ouyang Kai returns to his house, at first defeated and dejected. But then he decides that there must be something he can do to help En Xi remember who she is.

En Xi returns to Bo Ya’s house and goes to find Xin Yu. Xin Yu tries to explain to En Xi why she freed all the trapped souls. But En Xi says she didn’t come here for that. She tells Xin Yu to come with her, then opens the door for her. She yells for Xin Yu to hurry up and leave while she can. It takes Xin Yu a long moment before she rushes out the door. En Xi tells Xin Yu to take care of her brother for her. The door slams shut. En Xi tells Xin Yu through the door that neither of them owe the other anything anymore. She tells Xin Yu to take care of herself.

Bo Ya immediately senses that something is wrong when he leaves the coffee shop and goes home, where En Xi admits that she let Xin Yu go because she was “jealous” of her. Bo Ya seems skeptical of En Xi’s excuse and reminds her that no one is more important than Xin Yu. As for En Xi — she’s just his guide and Zhong Kui’s beloved baby sister. It’s confirmation of what En Xi already knew, but she angrily demands why he insists on torturing her when that was a past life of hers.

Bo Ya doesn’t seem to let go of grudges easily and reminds En Xi of what happened a thousand years ago. She, Zhong Kui, and Xiao Bing grew up in a village together. Zhong Kui and Xiao Bing loved each other but weren’t engaged. Bo Ya fell in love with Xiao Bing at first sight when she wandered into the capital city and decided to lie to her that Zhong Kui had died in order to trick her into becoming his concubine. He hoped that by marrying her, Zhong Kui would give up. But then Xiao Bing decided that she wanted to die out of shame. Bo Ya wouldn’t let Xiao Bing die so he killed Zhong Kui instead. But Xiao Bing ended up dying anyway. (So… En Xi wasn’t really involved in the first place?)

En Xi tells Bo Ya that his grudge should have ended with their past lives, but Bo Ya is upset that Xiao Bing went to such great lengths to avoid him — willingly drinking the soup of forgetting so she wouldn’t remember him and becoming a Meng Po so she wouldn’t reincarnate. He’s determined to get his revenge by forcing her to achieve immortality with him.

Bo Ya is fine letting Xin Yu go for a few days since she’ll be his for eternity soon anyway. But he won’t let any bit of mercy remain in En Xi’s heart.

Zhong Kui learns that Xin Yu has escaped and finds her in the park where she once chatted with ghosts and he watched her sleep. He does that again, sitting and watching her while she naps. She wakes up to find him staring at her with a soft smile.

They go back to Zhong Kui’s house where Zhong Kui shares that he wants to find a way to save En Xi and Xin Yu shares that En Xi seems to have retained a shred of her identity. Zhong Kui wants Xin Yu to stay safe. She’s the only thing he hasn’t been able to let go of in the past a thousand years. He wants her to promise to never leave him again. As long as they’re together, they can face anything. She promises and kisses him.

Xiao Qi is still injured from her earlier ordeal. Cheng Huang lends her some of his own energy to help her recover and she smiles shyly at him when she wakes up.

Xin Yu and Zhong Kui discuss how to save En Xi. The only type of negative energy she needs before she’s fully demonized is terror. Xin Yu wonders if they can stop En Xi’s full demonization by rescuing whichever soul Bo Ya plans on using.

Zhong Kui tells Xin Yu that they can face this challenge together, but then brings her to Ouyang Kai’s house where he tells her to stay while he goes to take care of business. He summons Ah Fu and tells him to place multiple layers of protective enchantments over the house, including one using the divine artifact Si Ming gave him.

Zhong Kui and Xiao Qi go ghost-hunting. Xiao Qi finds it strange that so many ghosts have gathered in one place, but Zhong Kui doesn’t care about the why and gathers them up instead.

Yun Han suddenly remembers Yu Han as his reason for living and decides to escape. He knows he’s doomed to die — the eternal night is imminent — so he might as well die trying to leave. A bunch of pale-faced ghosts wait outside the coffee shop. Yun Han lights his dark flame and throws it at them, then runs off.

Bo Ya arrives at the coffee shop to find the black herb packet on the ground.

Yu Han is walking outside thinking about Yun Han when she suddenly spots an undead woman standing in the bushes. Suddenly, a pack of undead appear and rush her. Yun Han appears and pulls her away, then helps her over a fence before succumbing to the zombies. Yu Han cries, telling him that she forgave him long ago, but it’s too late — he’s gone.

A bunch of the zombies follow En Xi as she goes to Ouyang Kai’s house. She reaches out to the door, but is repelled by a strong force.

Ah Fu senses a strong ghost energy near them. Ouyang Kai wants to go investigate, but Ah Fu blocks his way. Tonight is the eternal night and tomorrow is the alignment. It’s dangerous for even gods like him to go outside — Ouyang Kai will be torn to pieces. Ouyang Kai seems convinced to stay inside by the threat of gruesome harm, but then gets a text from En Xi, saying she’s outside. He opens the door, determined to give her a bracelet. Ah Fu follows Ouyang Kai, but allows him to approach En Xi.

En Xi tells Ouyang Kai that she’s here to say goodbye. The eternal night is here and tomorrow will be the alignment. She tells Ouyang Kai to pass on a message to her brother: when the time comes and he needs to destroy the guide, he must do it.


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