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Recap: Eternal Love (Ep. 4)

Li Jing is persistent in trying to win Si Yin’s heart, while Xuan Nu starts to make some moves of her own on Kunlun Mountain…


Si Yin is quick to reject Li Jing, saying that she doesn’t reciprocate his feelings. She tells him to sleep on it and she’ll escort him off the mountain the next day. They’re interrupted when Die Feng, the head disciple, flies in and attacks Li Jing, wanting revenge for the Demon Clan’s treatment of Si Yin and Ling Yu. Both Si Yin and Ling Yu shield Li Jing and convince Die Feng to back down after telling him how Li Jing helped them in the Demon Realm.

Li Jing runs away toward a sealed cavern holding a phoenix demon. His qilin finds Si Yin and asks her to help save him. Si Yin manages to incapacitate the phoenix. Before she can land a killing blow, the Lord of Lingbao (Lingbao Tianzun aka the Heavenly Lord of Spiritual Treasures) appears and stays her hand. He was the one who put the phoenix in the cavern, in the hopes that the spiritual energy of Kunlun could combat the devilish energy within the demon. The Lingbao Lord gives Si Yin a magical object, the Poyun (“cloud break”) Fan, in return for the trouble caused by the phoenix.

Si Yin helps Li Jing recover while he feels sorry for himself for needing to be rescued twice in one day. He thinks that he’s no match for her, especially now that she’s a respected High Immortal, but he still wants to see her again. He asks for a way to get into Kunlun, so she hands over a talisman that will allow him to enter and leave Kunlun as he pleases.

Xuan Nu’s mother shows up at Xuan Nu and tries to take her back to Qingqiu. Xuan Nu resists – she wants to marry for love. But her mother tells her that as a concubine’s daughter, she doesn’t have the luxury of choice. This marriage with the bear spirit is the best that she’ll be able to get.

Si Yin and Zi Lan help Xuan Nu out by suggesting that Die Feng, who is the Second Prince of the West Sea, is interested in her. They tell Xuan Nu’s mother that she should let the relationship develop on its own. That appeases the woman, and she lets Xuan Nu stay. Xuan Nu also seems interested in the suggestion that Die Feng could be interested in her, but is disappointed when Die Feng vehemently rejects the notion of being in a relationship with her. As the Second Prince, it’s not up to him who he marries.

Xuan Nu is bitter that even though Bai Qian once said that they were both fox immortals and thus the same, she’s the one who is forced into a mundane marriage she doesn’t want. Long ago, when she told Bai Qian that she liked her face, Bai Qian taught Xuan Nu a transformation spell that made her look like her. At the time, Bai Qian warned her to not use it for evil, otherwise she’d have bad karma. Now, Xuan Nu transforms herself into Bai Qian and smirks.

Instead of using the entry talisman to say goodbye once he’s healed like Si Yin wanted, Li Jing uses it to leave sappy love poems at Si Yin’s door. She acts like they’re annoying when Xuan Nu is around, but secretly smiles when she reads them alone in her room.

One day, Li Jing’s qilin delivers a poem that sounds a lot like a suicide note. Si Yin rushes to the cave and finds Li Jing lying down, unresponsive. The qilin suggests that Si Yin should try to move Li Jing’s heart in order to wake him up, so she tells him that if he wakes up, she’ll agree to his proposition. Li Jing smiles and embraces Si Yin – the whole situation was just a trick to get her here – then tells her that she can’t take back what she said.

Si Yin asks Li Jing what he plans on doing with all his wives back in the Demon Realm. He swears that he’ll send them all away and that in this lifetime, he will only be with her. Si Yin acts like Li Jing’s flirtatious banter is childish and annoying, but he catches her smiling.

Si Yin returns to Kunlun and tells the qilin that he doesn’t need to come anymore; flying isn’t permitted at Kunlun anyway. Xuan Nu spies on her and pouts. She later guilt-trips Si Yin into bringing her to see Li Jing.

Li Jing seems fascinated by how similar Xuan Nu is to Si Yin. Si Yin tells him that Mo Yuan is about to come out of seclusion so she probably won’t be able to visit anymore, then suggests it’s time for him to return, too. Li Jing doesn’t plan on going anywhere. He’s already sent all his wives away and wants to stay close to her. He calls her out for only talking about Mo Yuan when she’s with him.

Si Yin makes an excuse to go back to Kunlun. Li Jing secretly follows her and finds out that she only returned so quickly because she thought Mo Yuan had returned. Meanwhile, Xuan Nu is secretly watching him, and smiles to herself.

Xuan Nu dresses up in Si Yin’s clothes and goes to visit Li Jing on her own. She tells Li Jing that Si Yin is Mo Yuan’s most favored disciple while she’s the most forgotten immortal from Qingqiu. If Si Yin likes anyone, it’s probably Mo Yuan, not Li Jing. Li Jing doesn’t want to hear any of it and starts drinking. Xuan Nu transforms herself to look like Bai Qian/Si Yin.

Later, Si Yin returns to Kunlun with a pep in her step and a bamboo flute that Li Jing made for Si Yin in her hand. She runs into Die Feng, who wonders why she’s wearing Si Yin’s clothes, and tells him that she dressed up as a man to attract less attention when leaving Kunlun.

Li Jing and Xuan Nu meet up in the mortal realm. Xuan Nu tells him that she’d be content if Li Jing cared about her even a fraction of how much he cares for Si Yin. But Li Jing regrets the night they spent together, saying it wasn’t fair to her or Si Yin. Xuan Nu touches his hand, saying she’ll forget about it if he wants her to forget, but Si Yin shows up and Li Jing only has eyes for her.

Si Yin apologizes for being late – she got held up, which is why she sent Xuan Nu in her place to keep Li Jing some company. Li Jing doesn’t mind waiting – a few hours is nothing compared to the ten days since he last saw her. He wants know when she’ll be done with training – she says it’ll be another seventy or eighty thousand years at the rate she’s studying. Li Jing comments that she probably just wants to be with Mo Yuan forever. Si Yin takes offense to that and demands to know who is spreading baseless rumors. Xuan Nu excuses herself and Si Yin wonders why everyone is so moody: was Li Jing being mean to her? He responds that he wouldn’t dare be mean to one of her people.

Li Jing gifts Si Yin a dragonfly carving, which she accepts with a smile. Then she invites him out to see some mountains in the mortal realm the next time they’re here. That seems to cheer him up.

Li Yuan reports to his father that Li Jing has disappeared, right as they’re about to declare war on the Celestial Clan. He also reveals Li Jing’s secret relationship with Si Yin and suggests that he’s at Kunlun. Qing Cang angrily declares that Li Jing is no longer his son.

Xuan Nu cuddles with Li Jing while he drinks and asks why he’s still here when they both know that Mo Yuan is the one Si Yin likes and that a relationship would never work between the Celestial and Demon clans anyway. She kisses him and tells him that she, on the other hand, isn’t a part of the Celestial Clan and would be willing to go to the Demon Clan for him. He tells her that she’s right – it would never work anyway – then kisses her back.

Si Yin drafts a letter to her brother Bai Zhen, telling him about Li Jing and how even though it’s unconventional, they’ve developed a close relationship and she thinks he might be the one. But she’s not sure how the impending conflict might affect them. She’s interrupted in her letter-writing by an agitated Die Feng who says that he should’ve killed Li Jing when he had the chance. He just spotted Li Jing and Xuan Nu looking quite intimate at the base of the mountain.

Si Yin immediately rushes to the cavern and walks in on Li Jing and Xuan Nu making out.

Yikes! We get our first CGI monster fight of the show this episode and I’m not sure if I can handle it…

Pet peeves aside, I am blown away by how quickly people can fall in love in drama-land. Just two episodes! (To be fair, I guess it’s been a couple of months? But also these are immortal beings who have lived tens of thousands of years so to them it’s probably only been a hot minute like it has been for us?)

I guess Si Yin and Li Jing aren’t quite endgame and poor Si Yin/Bai Qian is just stuck in this situation because she’s so inexperienced with love. She can be forgiven for falling for this charming demon prince who is trying his best to get her to fall in love with him.


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