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Recap: Eternal Love (Ep. 12)

Bai Qian refuses to back down and insists that the fan is hers, even as the street hawker tries to bully her into saying otherwise. Yan Zhi steps in and says that the fan belongs to a friend and doesn’t belong to him. She challenges the man, asking if he knows how to use it. Then she takes it from him using her power. To her surprise, the fan flies out of her grasp and to Bai Qian. She grabs Bai Qian’s hand and raises the fan to the skies, causing a bolt of lightning to strike. The hawker runs away.

Yan Zhi warns Bai Qian that the fan may cause her a lot of trouble, as it’s a powerful magic weapon. She also sees the similarities between Bai Qian and Si Yin, though she doesn’t seem to consider they could be the same person, given their different genders.

The Golden Lion Beast is hiding outside the restaurant and spots Yan Zhi as she leaves. Before he can approach, Bai Qian calls out to Yan Zhi and offers to give the fan to her as a sign of her gratitude for helping her earlier. In return, Bai Qian asks Yan Zhi for something. The Golden Lion Beast watches the exchange, wondering how Yan Zhi knows this mortal.

When Bai Qian returns to her house, Ye Hua is still sleeping. She wonders if he’s already started to hibernate.

A doctor treats Ye Hua’s wound and notices that it wasn’t caused by the Red Lotus Hellfire, but instead was caused by carrion grass from the Eastern Wilderness. Ye Hua claims he accidentally touched the grass.

Lian Song asks Ye Hua if he has any thoughts about Su Jin’s marriage new; he doesn’t. So they talk about more important news instead. The Long Sea Merfolk Clan are causing trouble and Ye Hua may have to personally lead some troops to deal with it. The leader of the Merfolk was once allied with Qing Cang and is dissatisfied with Li Jing’s rule. It’s a good thing that the Celestial Monarch listened to Dong Hua and supported Li Jing’s coup. Li Yuan’s mother was from the Merfolk Clan and having him in power would complicate things. Ye Hua is unconcerned with who sits on the Demon throne – neither of Qing Cang’s sons are leadership material.

Lian Song smiles that no one can compare with Ye Hua, who was born to be a leader and has never disappointed them. Ye Hua touches his injured wrist and thinks of Bai Qian kissing him in his dragon form. Lian Song reminds Ye Hua that they’ll have to go through the proper channels of having the Lord of the Long Sea request troops from the Celestial Monarch; they can’t take the initiative in sending troops lest the other clans of the Four Seas take it as a sign of the Celestial Clan overreaching.

The Third Prince quickly tires of all this business talk even though he was only covering for Ye Hua for one day and instead wants to chat about personal matters, specifically the subject of Ye Hua’s upcoming marriage to Bai Qian. The Celestial Monarch is in a hurry to put together a group to escort Bai Qian to the palace. Ye Hua abruptly rises to go look for Si Ming.

Su Jin arrives at Ye Hua’s quarters just in time to miss him. Zhi Yue, Ye Hua’s cousin, asks why she’s marrying the Celestial Monarch when everyone knows she likes Ye Hua. Su Jin warns her to never say those words again. Zhi Yue, on the other hand, has a crush on Dong Hua and is determined to marry him. Lian Song warns her that Dong Hua is the most unattainable because he will never be interested in anyone. In fact, no one knows his origins so it’s quite possible he is a stone spirit (with no emotions).

Ye Hua asks Si Ming about Mo Yuan and Si Yin’s disappearance, with the goal of figuring out how the Yuqing Fan ended up in the mortal realm. Si Ming shares how many speculated that Mo Yuan and Si Yin were more than just teacher and student, but the Celestial Monarch didn’t want to sully their names so he spread the story of how they left to live in seclusion. However, no one, not even the other Kunlun disciples, know what actually happened to Si Yin, so there’s no way to figure out how the Yuqing Fan ended up in the mortal realm.

Ye Hua returns to his dragon snake body after a week in the mortal realm, which Bai Qian is relieved to see. She shows off her new red blankets, which Ye Hua finds too bright. He does approve of her more plain-colored clothing choices, which he finds prettier than the colorful clothes that the Celestial women wear, even though he says she’s not very good-looking.

He looks around for her fan, then gets uncomfortable when she starts undressing. She covers them both with her blanket and pulls him close to keep them warm. Once Bai Qian is asleep, Ye Hua returns to his human form. Maybe it’s a good thing she lost the fan – she wouldn’t be able to use it as a mortal and it would only create trouble for her. Bai Qian puts her arm around him and snuggles in closer.

Mi Gu finds Feng Jiu poring through Bai Qian’s things, looking for a keepsake that she could use to prove her connection to Bai Qian. He tells Feng Jiu that other than the luminous pearls piled around the den and Bai Qian’s regal demeanor, there’s nothing that really shows her status as a monarch.

Feng Jiu tells Mi Gu that she plans on leaving Qingqiu for a while in order to repay a favor. She sneaks out in the middle of the night, leaving Mi Gu with Bai Qian’s scroll to pass onto her grandfather and uncles, and tells Mi Gu to keep her whereabouts a secret for now. She’ll return in a few years.

Bai Qian’s family is starting to find it strange she’s been gone for so long. She never leaves Mo Yuan for this long. Mi Gu gives Zhe Yan Bai Qian’s scroll. Zhe Yan gives it a glance and quickly figures out that Bai Qian must have left to seal the Donghuang Bell. In the scroll, she not only shared the spell, but also that the seal would have to be renewed every 70,000 years. Zhe Yan knows how to do math.

Bai Qian’s mother is distraught at the thought of Bai Qian going to face Qing Cang alone. She regrets sending Bai Qian to Kunlun, which led to this series of events. Bai Zhen and the Fox Monarch reassure her that Bai Qian must still be alive.

Feng Jiu pouts outside of Taichen Palace, which she still is not permitted to enter. A woman passing by dressed in men’s clothes stops to chat with Feng Jiu. She finds Feng Jiu interesting and introduces herself as Cheng Yu. She wants to know the story of how Feng Jiu came to owe Dong Hua a favor; Feng Jiu offers to tell her if she can get her into Taichen Palace.

After Feng Jiu tells Cheng Yu her story, Cheng Yu asks how she plans on repaying the favor she owes to Dong Hua when he has no want or need anything. Feng Jiu plans on sticking by his side and making her useful somehow over the course of a few years. Cheng Yu tells her that there are only three ways of getting in: being important, marrying in, or becoming a maid.

Feng Jiu enters Taichen Palace as a maid, but is quickly spotted by Si Ming. Si Ming warns her that if Dong Hua catches her, he’ll immediately throw her out. When Si Ming finds out that Cheng Yu is the one who is helping Feng Jiu, he remarks that she’s really good at picking people. Cheng Yu is an immortal who was brought up from the mortal realm and is Lian Song’s beloved.

Zhi Yue notices Feng Jiu among the group of new maids entering Taichen Palace and pouts that Dong Hua always has new women entering his palace. She warns the maid in charge of the group that in the future, they can’t pick women who are too pretty.

Feng Jiu is assigned a bed whose previous occupant was kicked out for breaking the palace rules. The other servants gossip about how pretty she is and how she must be here in pursuit of Dong Hua; little does she know, there are always a few maids who are kicked out every month. Feng Jiu tells herself to be on her best behavior. She can’t afford to be kicked out.

She tries to bring Dong Hua some tea, but Zhi Yue blocks her way, saying not just anyone can approach Dong Hua. When she finds out that Feng Jiu is from “near” Qingqiu, she throws out some choice insults about how Qingqiu people are savage and ill-mannered. Feng Jiu can’t help but defend her own clan and the two end up bickering for a bit before Zhi Yue realizes that she’s arguing with a maid. Zhi Yue tells another maid to teach Feng Jiu some manners and make sure she doesn’t come near Dong Hua’s quarters again.

Feng Jiu clearly isn’t used to having to defer to anyone else, but when she finds out that Zhi Yue is Ye Hua’s cousin and therefore her elder, she reluctantly decides to listen to what she said. Bai Qian is always telling her to respect her elders, so she should do that no matter how rude she is.

Feng Jiu also isn’t used to hard work and falls into bed exhausted. She accidentally half-transforms into her fox form, which is how Cheng Yu finds her. Cheng Yu tells her that she doesn’t need to treat Zhi Yue like an elder just because she’s related to Ye Hua. By that standard, Cheng Yu would be two generations ahead of Feng Jiu given her past with Lian Song, and Ye Hua and Bai Qian aren’t even the same generation. Immortals live long and generations don’t matter. She reminds Feng Jiu that she is royalty, too.

Feng Jiu is curious about the shared past with Lian Song that Cheng Yu mentioned, but Cheng Yu evasively says that it was a previous destiny. It’s all in the past now, and they’re not involved anymore. Feng Jiu doesn’t quite understand how they aren’t involved anymore – in the Fox Clan, once they find their person, they’re together for life. Of course, Bai Qian’s love life hasn’t been smooth sailing, but according to Bai Zhen it’s because the rest of the clan had it too easy when it came to love, so Bai Qian is the one who has to bear all the struggles. Besides, it’s only fair because she’s the most beautiful woman in the world. Feng Jiu giggles as she brags about her aunt’s beauty.


Ye Hua and Bai Qian are cute. I’m into it. Feng Jiu is endearing if not a little too girlish. Cheng Yu seems cool, though. Zhi Yue seems annoying and will probably cause future trouble.

I’m a little confused by how the Golden Lion Beast is still running around. I thought Ye Hua defeated him? How did he escape? Was he left for dead but didn’t actually die?


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