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Recap: A Love So Beautiful (Ep. 2)


Chen Xiao Xi overhears some classmates talking about how the Chris Lee fan community they’re a part of will be picking moderators. She asks them what a moderator does and they just make fun of her for not knowing. Later, she gets offered a position as a moderator. The same girls try kissing up to her in order to get her posts promoted. Later, when Xiao Xi can’t make one of the events, she gets fired from her moderator position.

In class, Xiao Xi notices that Jiang Chen is being quieter than usual. Lu Yang drags the friends to an internet cafe after school to watch him get married in his online game. While there, Xiao Xi remembers that the anniversary of Jiang Chen’s father’s death is coming up.

Zhang Shi Liang, the school principal, shows up at the internet cafe and the friends try to sneak out. While making their escape, Xiao Xi discovers that her bike has been stolen. Wu Bo Song lets her hop onto his bike in order to escape. They fall after he almost hits a pedestrian and he injures his shoulder.

Xiao Xi tells her parents that she won’t need a new bike: she can walk to school for exercise. In reality, she’s hoping that Jiang Chen will give her a ride. The next morning, she heads downstairs, expecting Jiang Chen to wait for her but he’s not there so she’s forced to run to school and runs into Wu Bo Song along the way, who gives her a ride.

At school, Jiang Chen gets commended by the teacher for an essay he wrote on the subject of “Fathers.” He refuses to read it himself so Xiao Xi volunteers. The essay ends up being a somber reflection on his relationship with his father and is a bit depressing. Xiao Xi invites Jiang Chen to dinner with her family, but he doesn’t take up the invitation.

Wu Bo Song invites Xiao Xi to his swimming competition. His coach and the media expect him to win, but he places second because of his shoulder injury. He seems down about the result, but is cheered up by Xiao Xi’s excited cheering and ugly sign (she writes his name backward by accident). He invites her out to dinner, but she has to ditch early and takes a rain check.

Xiao Xi goes to see Jiang Chen, but he’s in a bad mood after getting a text from his mother saying that his brother got sick and she won’t be able to see him. He kicks Xiao Xi out after she starts yelling at him for not appreciating his mother enough and not responding to her texts.

Back at home, Xiao Xi listens as her parents talk about how Jiang Chen’s mom has failed to see him yet again. (She didn’t even come back for his father’s funeral service.) Feeling bad, Xiao Xi goes back to see Jiang Chen and finds that he’s sick and sleeping on the couch. She piles some blankets and jackets on him.

When he wakes up, he goes alone to a restaurant that he and his father used to frequent. The shop owner recognizes him and asks how his father is doing: Jiang Chen lies and says he’s doing well. Then he texts a response to his mother.

The next morning, Xiao Xi goes downstairs and is surprised to find Jiang Chen waiting for her. She asks to ride on his bike and he says no, but ends up letting her anyway.


I like the formatting that I’m seeing so far, with each episode (or at least all two of them so far) containing a small, self-contained story about how Xiao Xi slowly worms her way into Jiang Chen’s heart. The show promises to be very cute so far, but nothing really stands out. Jiang Chen’s character doesn’t really demand much of his actor (Hu Yi Tian) and it shows.


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