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Recap: A Love So Beautiful (Ep. 5)


Chen Xiao Xi wants Jiang Chen to act with her group in an upcoming class drama competition. Her scene of choice is from Huan Zhu Ge Ge. Jiang Chen refuses to participate, but Xiao Xi is persistent and keeps trying to find ways to get him to read the script.

Lu Yang is also reluctant to participate in Xiao Xi’s group, but she convinces him by promising that he’ll have a kiss scene with Lin Jing Xiao portraying his love interest.

Jing Xiao goes to visit the school doctor to return his jacket and plant a textbook there. It’s pretty clear that she has a bit of a crush on him. Xiao Xi follows her and spies on the exchange, then demands to know what’s going on. Jing Xiao tells her about how Dr. Li had helped her out the other day and they both sigh over how romantic it was.

Disappointed with most of the class’s acting skills, Teacher Liu decides to put the best students/actors in the class into one group in order to do better in the drama competition. The group includes Li Wei, Qiao Lu, Jiang Chen, and Lin Jing Xiao.

Lu Yang spies on Jing Xiao when she returns to the school doctor’s office to retrieve the textbook she “accidentally” left there. After a little while, he gets jealous and falls into the office, feigning injury. The doctor recognizes Lu Yang and brings up the topic of Lu Yang’s heart condition.

Xiao Xi tries to hold rehearsal for her play, but Lu Yang doesn’t want to participate anymore now that Lin Jing Xiao has been drafted away. He and Wu Bo Song argue, forcing rehearsal to end early.

Jing Xiao runs into Lu Yang’s father on her way into the school. He asks her to pass along some medication to Lu Yang. She reads the label and notices that it’s for his heart. She feels bad for him and agrees to help him rehearse his lines.

Bo Song invites Xiao Xi over to his place to rehearse. He lives with his grandmother, who has dementia. Xiao Xi asks where his parents are, and he isn’t very forthcoming. While Xiao Xi is there, Bo Song’s grandmother has an episode and thinks that Bo Song is his father. She tells him not to fight with Bo Song anymore.

Bo Song walks Xiao Xi home and admits that he doesn’t have a great relationship with his father. His father is the one who pushes him to swim, but he’s not sure that he actually enjoys swimming anymore.

At school, Xiao Xi struggles to reach a book high up on the shelf. Jiang Chen notices and reaches up over her to grab it. They almost share a moment, but then Jiang Chen leaves the book on the shelf after Xiao Xi affirms that it’s the one she wants.

The drama groups perform for the class, and Xiao Xi’s group gets commended for their humorous skit, but the superstar group with Jiang Chen and Jing Xiao ultimately gets selected to participate in the school performance. A disappointed Xiao Xi gets relegated to recording thunder sounds that will serve as background noise.

Xiao Xi gets Jing Xiao to help her record the thunder sounds. She’s dedicated to making it fit the mood of the performance and they fill up one side of the tape with their various attempts (as well as some conversation in between). Shortly after, Bo Song finds her to give her a gift. Inside is a Tom & Jerry shirt.

Before the class’s performance, Xiao Xi gets water spilled on her. She asks Chen Xuan to play the thunder sounds for her while she goes to find a change of clothes. Unfortunately, Chen Xuan doesn’t play the correct side of the tape, and Xiao Xi’s conversation with Jing Xiao about a certain “someone” she likes gets played in the theater for the whole entire school to hear. Mortified, Xiao Xi rushes backstage to try to fix things, but ends up falling through a divider and onto the stage. The audience laughs at her.

Long after the performance is finished, Jiang Chen looks for Xiao Xi in the theater, a change of clothes in hand. He finds her hiding backstage, wearing her new Tom & Jerry shirt, still crying. He asks her what’s wrong, but before she can answer, Bo Song shows up, wearing a matching shirt. Jiang Chen notices this and tells Xiao Xi that she should be ashamed of herself, then leaves abruptly.


REALLY?! I am so done with Jiang Chen’s character and behavior. I hate seeing Xiao Xi fawn after him and he literally gives her nothing in return — at best, he tolerates her and at worst, he’s tearing her down. It’s not healthy, and I don’t like that she blindly loves him and ignores how cruel and petty he can be when he’s jealous (though of course, she doesn’t recognize it as jealousy). Hu Yi Tian is cute, but his acting is so flat, so Jiang Chen really has no redeeming qualities right now.

Feeling pretty lukewarm about this show as a whole. It’s cute, but the acting feels awkward and Jiang Chen as a character acts too irrationally.


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