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Recap: A Love So Beautiful (Ep. 4)


Jiang Chen’s birthday quickly approaches and Chen Xiao Xi struggles to figure out what to get him as a birthday gift. She doesn’t have a lot of money, so buying something nice is out of the question. Meanwhile, Li Wei is finding that being class president isn’t so easy. She struggles to get her classmates to sign up for the upcoming school athletic event.

Li Wei gives Jiang Chen some chocolates for his birthday, which he hides in his desk. Lu Yang spots the chocolates and steals them, but then sees that the candy is too “girly” for him. Xiao Xi asks for the chocolate instead and Jiang Chen agrees to give it to her, much to Li Wei’s displeasure. (Though Li Wei’s BFF Qiao Lu looks more upset than Li Wei.)

Lin Jing Xiao gets a letter from her father saying he will be visiting China soon and that he wants to see her. Both she and Xiao Xi volunteer to compete in the hurdles for the school athletic event after learning that the prize for winning is a watch. She wants to give the watch to her dad, while Xiao Xi wants to win it for Jiang Chen.

Xiao Xi reads some manga at the bookstore and laughs out loud. Jiang Chen sees her and smiles while she’s not looking. The moment she makes eye contact, he quickly looks away.

Jing Xiao is actually a rather competent hurdler, but gets tripped by a classmate and sprains her ankle. The school doctor forbids her from participating in the athletic event.

Xiao Xi is just plain terrible at hurldes. Wu Bo Song does research and volunteers to help Xiao Xi train for hurdles, but gets in trouble with his swim coach for being distracted.

Xiao Xi calls Jiang Chen at night to chat, saying that they haven’t walked home together in a while. He half-listens while she chatters on, and eventually puts her on speakerphone while he reads a book. (So cute that he doesn’t just hang up on her!)

Lu Yang tries to find other female students to run hurdles in Jing Xiao’s stead so she can still win the watch for her dad. He’s unsuccessful, and gets mad at his friends for not helping.

Jiang Chen agrees to help train Xiao Xi in hurdles after Jing Xiao tells him that Xiao Xi wants to win the watch for him. Xiao Xi can’t even make it over the jumps, but she ends up winning the race anyway because none of the other girls are capable of jumping the hurdles either and she’s the fastest of them all. Wu Bo Song borrows the event mascot’s costume and runs alongside her to cheer her on.

Xiao Xi decides to give the watch prize to Jing Xiao. But when they open the box, they discover that the watch is a women’s watch and useless to them both. Jing Xiao panics that she doesn’t have time to get her father a gift before she has to meet him. The friends band together to help her sneak off campus, with Lu Yang contributing the most by physically holding back one of the teachers and preventing him from chasing Jing Xiao.

Jing Xiao hops the back fence, accidentally tearing her pants in the process. She drops right in front of the school doctor, Teacher Li. Li doesn’t report her and instead offers her his coat so that she can cover up her torn pants.

Later, it turns out that Jing Xiao’s father had to reschedule their appointment so all the fuss was for nothing, but Jing Xiao thanks her friends for their trouble and basks in the glow of having good friends who have her back.

Jiang Chen and Chen Xiao Xi ride the bus home together. Xiao Xi asks why he didn’t bike. He claims that his shoulder hurts. When she leans over to look at his shoulder, he seems to lean in a little and enjoy the proximity before pushing her away.


This episode was really cute! I feel like that’s all I can really say about this show — it can be VERY cheesy, but at least it’s cute. I have a strong feeling we’re about to get some student-teacher romance (or at least student-crushing-on-teacher) with Lin Jing Xiao and school doctor Li, so it’ll be interesting to see how that plays out…


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