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Recap: A Love So Beautiful (Ep. 7)


A new school semester dawns and the class reshuffles their seats. Chen Xiao Xi tries to get Jiang Chen to take one of the seats next to her. He refuses at first, but upon seeing someone else try to take the remaining seat, he says he’ll sit there.

Li Wei asks Jiang Chen to go to the bookstore with her. He agrees and Xiao Xi watches them leave with puppy eyes. She drags Lin Jing Xiao to the bookstore so they can spy on them. Jiang Chen notices.

Li Wei asks Jiang Chen for help picking a present for her younger half-brother, because he has a younger brother himself. Jiang Chen’s brother is a touchy subject for him, but Jiang Chen is touched by Li Wei’s sad life story (divorced parents, wanting to make a good impression on her younger brother) and agrees to help.

At night, Xiao Xi hears her parents arguing about a small business they want to open.

The next day, Jiang Chen gets jealous at lunch when he sees Wu Bo Song acting affectionate toward Xiao Xi. Xiao Xi tries to get his attention by confiding in him about her parents argument (blowing it way out of proportion) and worrying that they might divorce. He doesn’t fall for it.

Lu Yang enters a trivia contest to try to win a vacation to Hainan. He enlists the friends’ help in answering the final questions. They succeed and win a prize.

Xiao Xi’s father goes to an alumni reunion where he drinks a little too much and forgets to ask his classmate for help like he promised her mom he would. There also seem to be some ~vibes~ between him and a female classmate, Fu Hua. when he gets back, he and Xiao Xi’s mom fight again.

Chen Xiao Xi is actually worried this time and tells Jiang Chen, but he still doesn’t take her seriously and tells her not to joke around about divorces. Bo Song finds Xiao Xi and notices that she’s in a bad mood. He offers to buy her snacks.

Xiao Xi spots her father walking with Fu Hua and looking very close. She calls him, asking what he’s up to, and he lies, saying he’s working overtime. Upset, she leaves, and accidentally ditches Bo Song.

Xiao Xi walks home, crying silently. Jiang Chen bumps into her and asks what’s wrong. She starts crying loudly, saying she really thinks her parents will divorce. Jiang Chen lets her wipe her tears on his sleeve.

Xiao Xi’s father arrives home, late and drunk. She confronts her father about not being home for dinner multiple days in a row and storms off.

Jiang Chen thinks about texting Xiao Xi to check on her, but then decides against it.

The next morning, Xiao Xi hears her father talking on the phone to Fu Hua. She tries to follow him, but gets locked in. Her friends arrive to help.

Xiao Xi confides to her friends that she thinks her father is cheating. They all agree to help her track down her father. Jiang Chen and Xiao Xi find her father at a restaurant, meeting with Fu Hua. It turns out her father was helping Fu Hua find a divorce lawyer. They overhear Fu Hua telling him to wish his wife well.

Only when the crisis has been averted do the friends realize that they forgot all about Lu Yang. He’s gone alone to pick up his trivia prize. Unfortunately, the prize isn’t real, and instead he winds up at an old school. The friends find him there, but at that point it’s late and they’re far from home, so the decide to stay the night. Jiang Chen disappears for a while and Lu Yang convinces the friends to play a game of “ask the spirit”.

Jiang Chen returns in time to see Xiao Xi and Bo Song holding each other’s hands for the sake of the game. Later he asks Xiao Xi what questions they asked the spirit. Xiao Xi says she was too afraid to ask the most important question — whether he likes her or not. She didn’t want to find out that the answer was no and have to stop liking him. This makes him secretly smile.

After they all go to bed, Lu Yang can’t sleep and convinces them to play another game. In this one, they are to exchange anonymous secrets. Xiao Xi receives a note saying “I love Chen Xiao Xi.” She thinks Jiang Chen wrote it.

Bo Song invites them all to his swim meet. With his friends’ support, he wins. At the post-race interview, a reporter asks what made him so successful. He pulls Xiao Xi to his side and says “her.” The reporters immediately assume that Xiao Xi is his girlfriend. Jiang Chen looks furious.


As far as episodes go, this one wasn’t the worst. Jiang Chen didn’t do anything offensively unreasonable toward Xiao Xi. If anything, their relationship is almost approaching cute. It would be cuter if Jiang Chen could redirect his jealous anger toward Wu Bo Song, especially given the way this episode ended, but we all know that he will end up taking it out on Chen Xiao Xi…


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