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Recap: A Love So Beautiful (Ep. 8)


Wu Bo Song’s father punishes him for his post-race comments to the media about Chen Xiao Xi.

Chen Xiao Xi goes around trying to figure out who pulled whose secret in the game they played with Lu Yang. She asks Wu Bo Song what he wrote down. He quickly lies and says that he wrote that he loves hot pot, then launches into an explanation about how, as an athlete, he can never eat hot pot.

Xiao Xi’s birthday quickly approaches. She tells Lin Jing Xiao that she wants to go see a Manchester United game with Jiang Chen because she knows they’re his favorite team. Lin Jing Xiao tells Lu Yang they should pool together their money to buy a MU ticket.

Xiao Xi asks her mom for money, but her mother refuses to give her 500 yuan. Instead, she goes around trying to get hired as a part-timer. During her search, she runs into Wu Bo Song at a barbeque restaurant and finds out he’s been living and working there after leaving home.

During class, Chen Xiao Xi tosses Jiang Chen a note, asking him out on Saturday. He ignores her, but she keeps trying.

Wu Bo Song gets a call-out from their teacher during class for his national championship win, and they watch a replay of the race on TV. The replay includes the post-race interview where Wu Bo Song pulls Xiao Xi on-camera. Chen Xiao Xi looks uncomfortable and worriedly watches Jiang Chen for his reaction.

Since she can’t afford the MU tickets, Xiao Xi settles for the next best thing: a “signed” Rooney jersey.

At school, she gets recognize as Wu Bo Song’s girlfriend. It makes her uncomfortable, but when some girls make snarky remarks that he’s way out of her league, she defensively says that she isn’t, not realizing that Jiang Chen is standing nearby within earshot.

Lin Jing Xiao warns Lu Yang to take good care of the money they pooled together for Xiao Xi’s birthday present, but he runs into some childhood bullies outside of campus and loses it all.

Wu Bo Song treats his swim teammates to a meal at the restaurant he works at, revealing that he’s working part-time to make enough money to buy some Manchester United tickets.

Xiao Xi tries to catch up with Jiang Chen after school to give him her present. She falls off a chair in her hurry and into Wu Bo Song’s arms, which makes Jiang Chen upset.

He refuses to take Xiao Xi’s gift and instead pays her back for the jersey, telling her to leave him alone. She confronts him, saying that her crush on him isn’t an excuse for him to be rude to her. He replies that he didn’t ask her to like him. She throws his money on the ground as he walks away and shouts that he won’t be the only person she likes in her lifetime.

Lin Jing Xiao and Xiao Xi chat after her confrontation with Jiang Chen, and Xiao Xi tries to figure out what she’s feeling. She concludes that she is more afraid of Jiang Chen than she is of anyone else.

Lin Jing Xiao gets angry at Lu Yang after finding out that he lost their money.

During a study period, Xiao Xi gets called out of class. Lin Jing Xiao takes advantage of her absence and chats with Jiang Chen about Xiao Xi and Wu Bo Song’s relationship. She notices Jiang Chen getting angry at the mention of the two of them, and slyly suggests that taking Xiao Xi to a Chris Lee concert would be a great way to get on her good side.

It turns out that Xiao Xi has been called out of class because Wu Bo Song’s dad has come into school to complain about her influence on Wu Bo Song. Xiao Xi defends Wu Bo Song, telling his father that he’s been missing out on having friends and a social life because of his athletic career. She accidentally reveals that Wu Bo Song has been living a barbeque shop. This news seems to stun Wu Bo Song’s father.

At night, Xiao Xi drafts a text to Jiang Chen, saying that maybe she’ll forgive him this time, but then deletes it. They stare at each other’s windows. Jiang Chen calls Lu Yang and asks for his help buying concert tickets.

Wu Bo Song’s dad goes to find him at the restaurant. They go out for hot pot and his father asks if he’s been too strict toward him. He tries to explain where he comes from: he doesn’t want Wu Bo Song to feel regret in the future for missed opportunities in his youth.

Xiao Xi’s parents joke at home about how their pork hock restaurant endeavor could one day become a national franchise. Then they remember that Xiao Xi’s birthday is the next day. They scramble and her father buys her two tickets to the Manchester United game. He starts hinting that he would love to go to the game with her, but she doesn’t listen to him and runs off in excitement.

Xiao Xi continues to ignore Jiang Chen at school. She checks in on Wu Bo Song to see if he returned home and is happy to hear that he and his father have reconciled. Jiang Chen eavesdrops on their conversation. Wu Bo Song asks Xiao Xi if she wants to go out with him the next day. Jiang Chen interrupts and there’s a moment of awkward silence while he struggles to come up with an excuse. He finally settles for asking if she has whiteout tape. She rummages around in her desk. Wu Bo Song taps her on the shoulder, but she shrugs him off and his face falls. She finally finds her tickets and turns to Jiang Chen, but he’s already turned away.

At night, Xiao Xi struggles to decide whether she should text Jiang Chen about the tickets, while Jiang Chen finds out that the Chris Lee concert tickets have all sold out. By a stroke of luck, someone cancels their ticket while he’s there waiting, but there’s only one ticket left.

Xiao Xi gets a call from Jiang Chen telling her to meet him at the stadium at 7 the next day.

The next day, Xiao Xi waits for Jiang Chen outside the Manchester United exhibition stadium while Jiang Chen waits for Xiao Xi outside the Chris Lee concert venue. Other girls in attendance are attracted him and ask if he’s with his girlfriend. He says yes.

Xiao Xi and Jiang Chen call each other, and Jiang Chen realizes he’s at the wrong place. He rushes to meet up with her at the MU game. It turns out their tickets are fake, but Jiang Chen doesn’t seem upset and instead buys her a drink. She drinks it and then needs to burp and tells him. He covers his ears to let her burp.

Wu Bo Song shows up at the stadium and spots the two of them sitting on the steps and having fun. He throws his own tickets away.

Xiao Xi asks Jiang Chen what he wrote on his secret, perhaps hoping that he’ll say the actual words to her face. He responds saying he doesn’t want to play this game. It turns out that he had actually written, “I don’t want to play this game” on his paper, which he pulls out from his pocket as evidence. Xiao Xi realizes that Wu Bo Song must have been the one who wrote “I love Chen Xiao Xi.”


Okay this episode was marginally better than the previous ones, if only because Chen Xiao Xi finally got a backbone and stood up for herself against Jiang Chen, and Jiang Chen decided to stop being a terrible person after she calls him out on it. Still not enough to make me ship them but better than nothing.


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