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Recap: A Love So Beautiful (Ep. 11)

With the Christmas holidays coming up, gifts are on everyone’s mind. Lin Jing Xiao gives Xiao Xi the idea of hand-knitting a scarf for Jiang Chen.

Xiao Xi asks Lu Yang for some gloves, but he refuses to give them to her and instead teases her about Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen and Xiao Xi are walking together when a rowdy group of students run by. He quickly moves so she doesn’t get bumped.

Bo Song gives Xiao Xi some gloves. When she looks awkward about it, he claims that he’s giving them to everyone, then skips class to buy gloves for everyone to complete the story. Lu Yang covers for him in front of Teacher Liu.

After school, Jiang Chen rides off ahead on his bike when he sees Bo Song put his arm around Xiao Xi in a friendly way. But he doesn’t go too far and waits for Xiao Xi. When she says that Jing Xiao is coming over after school, he rides off quickly, leaving them behind.

Lin Jing Xiao and Xiao Xi learn how to knit from Xiao Xi’s mother. But Xiao Xi is embarrassingly clumsy and just gets tangled up in her own yarn.

At school, Xiao Xi continues to work on her project, but has only gotten a few rows of stitches in. Jing Xiao is already done with her scarf. Li Wei is also knitting a scarf in the same color, but is way ahead of Xiao Xi. She purposely walks by Xiao Xi to show off her progress.

Apparently knitting is the latest trend because everyone is doing it. They hide when Teacher Liu enters the room, but it’s too late and she yells at her students for knitting instead of studying.

Xiao Xi’s mom finds her “I Love You” card while cleaning her room. She shows Xiao Xi’s dad and they try to stage an intervention to warn her away from dating. But Xiao Xi is oblivious to the underlying intention behind their roundabout way of asking her, and Xiao Xi’s father thinks that there’s no way she’s thinking about boys. The card is probably for a teacher. (Lol.) But Mom is unconvinced and tries asking Jiang Chen for the inside scoop on whether Xiao Xi is particularly close to any boys. He says no.

Li Wei asks to see Jiang Chen outside of class to give him a gift. Xiao Xi sneaks out behind them to eavesdrop. Wu Bo Song follows. But then Lu Yang shows up and loudly asks, “Why are we hiding here?” drawing Jiang Chen’s attention. The three eavesdroppers quickly run away, with Bo Song grabbing Xiao Xi’s hand, which he lets go of when they get far enough away.

In class, Xiao Xi tries to sneak a look at Jiang Chen’s desk to see how many gifts he’s gotten. She’s not very subtle, but he gives her a full look at his desk, which is stuffed full of gifts.

Xiao Xi is unhappy and pouts at home over how many gifts Jiang Chen has. Mom goes in asking about the card, but doesn’t get any extra clues as to who the recipient is.

The next morning, Xiao Xi waits excitedly for Jiang Chen, but when he shows up wearing Li Wei’s scarf, she leaves for school without him.

Lin Jing Xiao goes looking for Dr. Li to give him the scarf she made. He’s not in his office, but she spots a gift on his desk. Inside is a beautiful scarf. Upset, she runs off with her scarf. But it turns out the gift belongs to Dr. Li’s coworker, who teases Dr. Li about students crushing on him.

Xiao Xi runs into Jiang Chen at the water fountain and tries to avoid him, making an excuse that he calls her out on. It makes him smile though, and he teases her about leaving her brain at home, patting her on the head, before leaving. She smiles and touches her head thoughtfully.

Da Zhuang gets dared by his friends to ask Jing Xiao out on a date. When she rejects him, he gets mad and starts insulting her, saying no one would like a tomboy like her. Lu Yang is nearby and quickly swoops in saying that he likes her and guides her safely away. He takes the opportunity to give her a star that he bought for her.

Teacher Liu tells the class that they have to clean the school for an incoming film crew. While cleaning, Lu Yang tries to convince Xiao Xi to switch places with Jing Xiao, who is standing precariously on a window ledge in order to clean the window. She finally climbs up, but Jiang Chen grabs her by the waist and pulls her down, then shows her a way to reach the window without having to climb up so dangerously. Ha, cute.

It starts snowing and everyone freaks out because it’s the first snow. But Jing Xiao reaches out and scoffs that it’s fake snow. She’s right, because it turns out that Wu Bo Song is running across the rooftop, spraying fake snow down in front of the class windows.

Teacher Liu yells at the class to clean up the fake snow mess, but it starts snowing for real, which entrances even her.

The cold snow gives everyone a great opportunity to show off how much they care about their friends and crushes. Lu Yang tries to give Jing Xiao his jacket when he’s obviously freezing. She refuses it, but then loops the scarf she made around his neck and wordlessly rides off. He’s delighted.

Jiang Chen and Xiao Xi slowly walk their bikes back home. Xiao Xi comments on how cold it is. Jiang Chen tries to give her his scarf, but she doesn’t want it. He forcefully ties it around her then covers her face with the end. Cute. She doesn’t want it, thinking it’s Li Wei’s scarf, but he says, “My mom gave it to me,” and bikes off. She hurries to catch up.

Principal Zhang yells at Wu Bo Song for making a mess with the fake snow. Bo Song says he’ll do 300 pushups as punishment and starts doing it, then smiles to see that it’s actually snowing.

Xiao Xi gets home and Mom’s eagle eyes spot the scarf. She asks who the scarf belongs to, suspicious that it’s a boy’s, but relaxes when Xiao Xi says that it’s Jiang Chen’s scarf. Xiao Xi hands over the “I Love You” card to her father.

The next morning, Xiao Xi gives Jiang Chen a Christmas gift. She gave up on her scarf idea and instead braided a bracelet for him. Except it’s way too long to be a bracelet. She tells him it could be a necklace, or even a belt. He accepts it with a wry smile and tests its strength, joking that he could hang himself with it. She laughs awkwardly. How morbid.

Epilogue: We get to hear Jiang Chen’s internal responses to Xiao Xi’s mom questioning him about boys in Xiao Xi’s life. He grumbles that Xiao Xi has always been weird and is always talking to a particular boy — him.

This show continues to give us little cute, wholesome moments. It feels so benign, but I also have trouble really feeling anything for it beyond mild bemusement. I’m not particularly attached to any of the characters, probably because they feel childish, and Jiang Chen still sounds like a robot.


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