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Recap: A Love So Beautiful (Ep. 19)

Xiao Xi stays up late painting, while Jiang Chen stays up late assisting in surgeries at the hospital. They chat on the phone but he soon gets called away and she gets locked out of her dorm.

Jiang Chen is always busy at the hospital, so Xiao Xi enlists Jing Xiao and Lu Yang to accompany her shopping instead, much to Lu Yang’s chagrin.

Later, she chats with her roommate about post-grad plans for housing. Neither Xiao Xi nor her roommate have started looking for places yet, but her roommate says she will probably move in with her boyfriend.

After a job interview, Xiao Xi goes to visit Jiang Chen at the hospital. She gets jealous when a young female patient asks Jiang Chen to examine her. He also soon gets called away for an emergency surgery, and doesn’t have time to talk to Xiao Xi.

Despite how busy he is, he still finds time to think about Xiao Xi. After a long surgery, he texts Xiao Xi late at night, saying he’ll edit her resume for her. But in the morning, she responds saying he doesn’t need to worry, she’s already asked Jing Xiao. When she calls Jing Xiao, Lu Yang picks up, annoyed that Xiao Xi is calling so early on a weekend, and tells her to call her boyfriend instead.

Jiang Chen gets selected for a residency at Xiehe Hospital (a prestigious hospital in Beijing.) He tells his adviser that he’ll have to think about it.

He goes to visit Xiao Xi at the art studio and she squeezes him with a hug, refusing to let go because she hasn’t seen him in a while. She guesses that he’s come to see her for a reason, but he says nothing and lets her hug him.

After contemplating the Xiehe opportunity, Jiang Chen decides not to go. He tells his adviser, who asks if there’s something keeping him here in Zhejiang. Jiang Chen responds with, “My girlfriend – we’re about to get married.” (Does she know that??) But his adviser refuses to let him give up such a valuable opportunity so easily. He tells him to think about it some more, adding that Jiang Chen can always bring his girlfriend with him to Beijing.

Xiao Xi feels bad when one of her roommates points out how behind she is on graduation plans. She’s the only person in their class who hasn’t handed in her final project yet, and she hasn’t found a job or an apartment either.

Her roommate hooks her up with a real estate agent so she can look for apartments. But Jiang Chen is busy so Xiao Xi ends up meeting the agent on her own. He tries to take advantage of her, so she runs away and tries to find Jiang Chen at the hospital.

She runs into a nurse who thinks that she’s just a girl who has a crush on Jiang Chen. The nurse explains that half the hospital is in love with him, but there’s no point because Jiang Chen is about to go to Beijing. This is news to Xiao Xi, and it only makes her cry even more.

She waits for Jiang Chen and confronts him about the Beijing opportunity. He says he didn’t tell her because he hadn’t made up his mind yet, but she asks if that’s because he doesn’t care about her opinions. He tries to hug her, but she resists. He gets a phone call, and she tells him to pick it up; she’s going. He grabs her hand to try and stop her, but Xiao Xi says she doesn’t want to like him anymore, and throws him off before continuing to walk away. He can’t chase after him because he gets called away to discuss a patient.

Jing Xiao tries to encourage Xiao Xi to talk to Jiang Chen, but Xiao Xi is tired of how unavailable and busy he is. Jing Xiao says she’ll tell Lu Yang to yell at him, but Xiao Xi tells her to forget about it. Jiang Chen never really liked her in the first place.

Jiang Chen is busy with a high-risk heart transplant for one of his patients. The patient ends up flatlining on the operating table.

A defeated Jiang Chen goes looking for Xiao Xi. He just wants some comfort and tries to hug her, but she pushes him away and keeps him at a distance with his words. He wants to talk to her for once, but only about himself, not her, so she heads back upstairs, ignoring him when he calls her name.

The failure of losing a patient is painful, and Jiang Chen decides to go to Xiehe so that he can be better and avoid a similar situation in the future. He gets a text from Xiao Xi saying, “Did you think about how the dorms are locked when you come so late at night?”

That’s the most they communicate for the next few days. He constantly checks his phone, but she doesn’t text him again. Later, he decides to go try and find him in person and sees a male student help her move out of her dorm. He calls her asking where she is, and she lies saying she’s working on her final project. He leaves.

Xiao Xi goes to find him later, but sees him chatting happily with a few of his classmates, including a female one. She cries and leaves. He gets a text, but then ignores it.

Jiang Chen waits around at the airport on the day he’s supposed to depart and thinks about Xiao Xi. He calls her and asks if she’ll come find him. She guesses that he’s already at the airport and calls him a bastard. She says that she won’t come find him, but ends up running to the airport anyway.

She’s too late and squats down in the middle of the terminal to cry. A pair of shoes appear in front of her. She looks up: it’s Wu Bo Song.

Great, we just went in circles again with this relationship. Some things never really change, do they. Why do they insist on acting like they’re still high schoolers when they are supposed to be adults, some of them with the power to make life-or-death decisions?

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