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Recap: A Love So Beautiful (Ep. 21)

Xiao Xi stays up all night thinking about the kiss. But it’s not a dream for her — it’s a nightmare. She calls Jiang Chen on the bus and starts ranting at him about what he did last night. But… it turns out it was Su Mu who picked up.

Xiao Xi decides to text Dong Na asking to talk, but Dong Na responds that she’s on a business trip and can’t talk. But when Xiao Xi goes into Su Mu’s office on her mother’s behest, she finds Dong Na very much in Zhejiang, being treated by Su Mu. Su Mu admits that Dong Na is her patient and that she set her up with Jiang Chen as a fake girlfriend to help test whether Xiao Xi still had feelings for him.

Lu Yang and Xiao Xi go dress shopping with Jing Xiao. Jing Xiao tells Xiao Xi to go try on some bridesmaid dresses as well, then tells Lu Yang to call someone — Jiang Chen or Wu Bo Song, or both of them. Lu Yang obediently makes the call.

Jing Xiao asks Xiao Xi what she plans to do about Jiang Chen. Xiao Xi admits that she feels too old to let the past still hang over them, and tells Jing Xiao about Jiang Chen hiring a fake girlfriend to make her jealous.

Lu Yang and Jing Xiao take bets on who Xiao Xi will end up with. Lu Yang tells Jing Xiao that Bo Song is about to propose to Xiao Xi.

Sure enough, Bo Song is the first one to arrive. He jokes that Xiao Xi must be trying to force a proposal out of him. Jiang Chen sees them smiling at each other through the window of the shop, then leaves.

Later, Bo Song shows off his new pet to Xiao Xi. It’s a lizard named Xiao Xi (“Tiny Lizard”).

Jiang Chen is distracted at work because of Xiao Xi. He gets two of his patients mixed up and his nurses mention that he accidentally signed some patient forms as “Chen Xiao Xi” again.

Xiao Xi goes to visit her father in the hospital again, bearing food. Her parents are already eating, and her mother tells her she should give the food to Jiang Chen.

Xiao Xi delivers the food to Jiang Chen and watches him pick out the parts he doesn’t like. To her, it’s a sign that he hasn’t changed much and continues to insist on being awkward and difficult. He’s always forced her to try and read his mind, but she’s decided to not care anymore. She doesn’t care that he kissed her and hired a fake girlfriend, because she doesn’t want to have to keep guessing what he’s thinking.

Jiang Chen decides that he wants to talk. He says that she was the one to break up with him three years ago because she thought he was leaving her behind when he decided to move to Beijing. She says that’s not quite it: it was more a call for the attention that he wasn’t giving her. But it doesn’t matter anymore. But as they talk, it becomes clear that they both had things they wanted to tell the other, but neither were listening at the time: he had lost his first patient during surgery; she had been harassed and almost assaulted by the real estate agent, then found out about Beijing. Jiang Chen admits that he never wanted to go to Beijing, and had actually come back, but saw her and Bo Song hugging in the airport.

“So you think I got together with Bo Song right after you left?” she asks, insulted that he would think such a thing. He starts to respond, but she says that she and Bo Song will probably be together soon anyway. He wants to say more, but gets called to the emergency room. He tells her to wait for him in his office. It feels like it’s just a repeat of her college years.

Xiao Xi spins in her chair, bored, but accidentally falls out and hits her head, concussing herself. She stumbles over to the emergency department, calling for Jiang Chen, then collapses. Jiang Chen spots her and rushes over.

He insists on personally treating her and apply medicine, waving off the nurse who tries to help. The nurse excuses herself, feeling awkward.

Xiao Xi gets a message from Bo Song saying that she forgot her bridesmaid dress in his car and that he’ll deliver it to her office tomorrow. Jiang Chen suddenly says, “Let’s get back together.”

Xiao Xi is rightfully indignant, saying that it’s not like they were just having a fight for the past three years. He asks if she’s with Bo Song, but she says it’s none of his business. He confidently says that they will get back together. She says they won’t.

He tells her to lie down and close her eyes, which she does, then he leans over and kisses her. She asks what he thinks he’s doing, but he tells her that she can’t get too excited when she has a concussion and that she should just rest. Uhhh I sense some hypocrisy here. What did he think kissing her would do??

Xiao Xi’s manager tries to critique her work, but it turns out he hasn’t been paying Xiao Xi, so he backs off when she starts to mention it. Bo Song shows up and gives her a ride to the hospital to see her father get discharged. They run into Jiang Chen in her father’s hospital room. He stares at Xiao Xi for a long moment, then smirks and says her hair is messy before leaving.

On the day of Lu Yang and Jing Xiao’s wedding, Xiao Xi somehow forgets the wedding bouquets in her office. Lu Yang is stressed out because they’re all waiting on her. Bo Song tells her not to worry, he’ll pick her up. But when she walks out of her office, she sees not one, but two men and cars waiting for her: Bo Song and Jiang Chen. LOL OF COURSE.

She picks Bo Song. Jiang Chen glares. Bo Song smirks.

Xiao Xi sulks in the car, rejecting Bo Song’s attempts to cheer her up. Bo Song asks her who she thinks is more handsome: him or Jiang Chen? She responds that he is.

A bunch of their high school classmates attend the wedding, including Li Wei, who makes a rare appearance. Li Wei says that Xiao Xi and Jiang Chen will probably getting married soon, right? Li Wei tells Xiao Xi how Jiang Chen told her that he liked Xiao Xi the night of the bonfire party their senior year. She jokes that she doesn’t want an invite to their wedding, and is shocked when Xiao Xi says that they broke up.

Xiao Xi stands between Bo Song and Jiang Chen on the wedding stage and is moved to tears by Lu Yang and Jing Xiao’s speeches to each other. It’s cute. They revisit their happy memories together and Lu Yang recites the story of Rosetta and Philae that Jing Xiao told him all those years ago.

But there’s suddenly a hitch in the ceremony when Lu Yang realizes that he’s missing the wedding rings. He hisses at Bo Song. Bo Song scrambles to look for the rings, while Xiao Xi tries to help. She pulls a ring box out of his jacket, exclaiming, “Found it!” at the same time that Lu Yang pulls a box out of his own jacket and says the same thing. Awkward… Bo Song hastily puts the box away.

Lu Yang kisses the bride and Jing Xiao tosses her bouquet. Xiao Xi catches it, of course. She stumbles backward and both Jiang Chen and Bo Song move to catch her, one on each side. LOL.

The two men look at each other, but Xiao Xi is only looking at Jiang Chen.

Oh man. I appreciate that Xiao Xi has matured a lot since high school. She has the maturity to acknowledge that enough time has passed that she shouldn’t continue to cold shoulder Jiang Chen just because they were both a bit immature when they were in college. She also has enough pride to not just let Jiang Chen walk all over her anymore. I really liked her conversation with Jiang Chen in his office. That scene in particular emphasized that while she’s grown up, he hasn’t changed, and she called that out. He expects her to guess what he’s thinking instead of saying it, and in the end, he gets called away to attend to something at the hospital. Their college relationship in a nutshell. I just hope that he really has to prove that he’s grown up and become an adult before she accepts him back.


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