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Recap: The Wonder Woman (Ep. 18)

It’s the finale!


Fei Yang discovers his father’s will, which was hidden behind his family photograph. His father left him and Qi Zhen Kai equal shares in EC Group, and also said that Qi Zhen Kai and Fei Yang should share responsibility for business decisions. His father also said that Fei Yang should be able to take on the Qi family name and be formally recognized as his son.

Fei Yang shows the will to Director Wu. He now shares Wu’s suspicions about his father’s death and is determined to find proof of his brother’s involvement.

At night, he checks on Ai Sha, who is still recovering from carbon monoxide poisoning. She asks him to take care of himself and leave things to the police. She doesn’t want him to do anything impulsive like confronting his brother.

But the next morning, Fei Yang confronts his brother in the lobby of Chic & Golden Man’s office building, asking to meet alone. They go to the rooftop, where Qi Zhen Kai demands for Fei Yang to hand over what he wants. Fei Yang pulls out a folded sheet of paper.

Qi Zhen Kai rushes him to try and take the document, but Fei Yang dodges away and punches him in the face instead, saying that it was for his father.

Qi Zhen Kai gets up and tries to go at him again, and Fei Yang punches him down again. That punch was for Ai Sha.

Qi Zhen Kai rushes him a third time and grabs the paper. Fei Yang lets him take it.

He reads the will and starts cackling deliriously. Then he rips it apart.

Fei Yang lets him know that the will was only a copy. The real version is with Director Wu, who plans on calling a board meeting in the next few days. Qi Zhen Kai grabs Fei Yang by the collar, ranting that he is the true son of the Qi family and that Fei Yang and his mother are thieves.

Fei Yang remains impassive, then shoves Qi Zhen Kai away, telling him that he never wanted to fight for the company until Qi Zhen Kai provoked him. Qi Zhen Kai asks what he wants. Does he want EC Group? He warns Fei Yang that he still holds his mother hostage.

But Fei Yang tells him that his demands are simple. He wants his mother to be freed, Golden Man and Chic returned to him, and Qi Zhen Kai to formally acknowledge his identity at the board meeting. If he can do that, then Fei Yang will let go of everything else given to him by his father’s will and never have anything to do with Qi Zhen Kai again.

Qi Zhen Kai goes to the Chic & Golden Man office in a furious haze. He starts yelling at all the employees to leave, and they quickly empty out the office.

Only Xiao An remains behind. She checks on Qi Zhen Kai, but he turns on her and grabs her roughly by the shoulders, then starts ranting at her. He throws her onto a desk and she knocks a mug onto the ground, shattering it. She stares at him fearfully, but he suddenly grows dangerously calm.

He smiles unnervingly, then tells Xiao An to sit down. He tells her that Fei Yang has a secret: he’s dangerously allergic to alcohol. Now is the time for her to prove her value to him. If she does this one thing for him, he’ll make all her wishes come true. But if she doesn’t, he’ll make sure to destroy not only her, but also everyone she’s close to.

Now it’s Xiao An’s turn to be in a panicked haze. She ends up outside Ye Xuan’s restaurant, shaking. He’s in the middle of moving out, but sees her and invites her inside. He can tell there’s something on her mind, but she refuses to tell him what it is.

He suggests that maybe she should consider quitting, but she responds asking why he cares. What is their relationship now? Are they friends? Or does he just feel guilty? She says she doesn’t need his pity, and starts to leave.

Ye Xuan stands up to stop her, asking her why she seems so afraid. It doesn’t matter what she’s done in the past, or what she’s thinking of doing in the future. It’s not too late to stop. She can stop now.

Xiao An lashes out at him, demanding to know why he waited until now to say these things to her. Why now?

“Because I like you,” he says. She stares at him. It’s not the answer she expected.

Ye Xuan confesses that before, he had liked someone for so long he forgot why he liked her. He liked her for so long he didn’t even see the person who was by his side. But now he sees her, and he doesn’t want to miss her again. She told him that she was willing to take the place of anyone in his heart, but now he’s realized that his heart is full of her. She’s the only one he can think about. She doesn’t need to take anyone’s place, and no one can replace her.

Xiao An cries and asks why he’s only telling her this now. He says that she’s changing so much, he’s afraid that if he doesn’t say it now, it’ll be too late. He hugs her, repeating, “I like you.”

Xiao An suddenly sees one of Qi Zhen Kai’s henchmen outside. She remembers Qi Zhen Kai’s threat and pushes Ye Xuan away, saying, “Don’t follow me anymore.” She leaves abruptly, and Ye Xuan looks confused.

Ai Sha gets up and gets dressed, ready to go into Chic, but Dong Xue and Nan Cheng quickly try to stop her, saying Fei Yang wants her to stay home. Nan Cheng starts spilling that Fei Yang plans on confronting his brother and that he has an important board meeting to go over a will. Dong Xue tries to motion for him to stop talking, but he doesn’t notice.

This is all news to Ai Sha, who now insists on leaving, but her brothers physically restrain her and force her back to her bedroom.

Fei Yang goes to Chic & Golden Man to meet with his brother, but is surprised to find the office empty. Xiao An is the only one there. She gives him a contract to sign. While he looks it over, she pours him some coffee, then pulls out a syringe.

Director Wu is preparing to head to the EC Group board meeting when he’s apprehended by Qi Zhen Kai’s assistant and some henchmen in a parking garage.

The board of directors wait for him, wondering why he’s so late, and start speculating about this mysterious will that has suddenly appeared. They seem skeptical about it. Qi Zhen Kai waits, sitting apart from them, and smirks when he checks his watch and sees the time. He decides to adjourn the meeting because it looks like Director Wu won’t show. He directly addresses the rumors of the will, saying that regardless of what it says, he is his father’s only son and the only legal inheritor of EC Group. If they attempt to undermine him, he’ll dissolve and replace the board.

But all of a sudden, Director Wu appears, Fei Yang by his side, and says, “What if the rumors are true?”

Earlier, Xiao An had stopped before actually injecting Fei Yang with the syringe. Instead, she collapsed to the ground, crying, after remembering Ye Xuan telling her she could stop at any time. She kept apologizing to Fei Yang and revealed that Qi Zhen Kai wanted her to prevent him from going to the board meeting.

Fei Yang took off running, and ran into two of Qi Zhen Kai’s henchmen. They attempted to stop him, but he was able to fight them off with the help of Zhen Zhen the cleaning lady, and escape.

Meanwhile, Director Wu was also able to get out of his own sticky situation because it was a set-up for Qi Zhen Kai’s assistant. Inside the car he was about to get into were several law enforcement officials, who got out and arrested the assistant and his cronies after they attempted to abduct Wu.

Now, Wu announces the contents of the will and introduces Fei Yang as Qi Yong Tai’s second son. The directors start whispering among themselves. Qi Zhen Kai tries to take advantage of the uncertainty by portraying Wu as senile and fabricating the will and saying that any claims have to be legally verified. He orders Director Wu and Fei Yang to leave, but Fei Yang smirks and agrees that they need legal judgment here.

A detective enters the board room behind Fei Yang and informs Qi Zhen Kai that they need to bring him in for questioning regarding a car accident from five years ago.

Qi Zhen Kai’s assistant is interrogated and Wu briefs Fei Yang. Once Qi Zhen Kai found out that his father was planning on giving Fei Yang company stock and power, he started plotting how to get rid of him. He got his assistant to hire some people to tamper with his father’s car before the accident happened.

Fei Yang is allowed to see his brother, who is refusing to speak to the police without his lawyer present. Qi Zhen Kai thinks Fei Yang is there to gloat about winning, but Fei Yang somberly says that he hasn’t won. They have all lost.

Qi Zhen Kai sits stoically while Fei Yang tells him that he’s been asking himself if he would still choose to have him as a brother if they could start their lives over again. Fei Yang pulls an envelope out of his pocket. It’s a letter to Qi Zhen Kai, hidden with the will. He puts it on the desk in front of his brother, then says, “I hope we never see each other again in this lifetime,” before leaving.

Qi Zhen Kai cries as he reads his father’s letter. The elder Qi takes responsibility for making Qi Zhen Kai into the person he is today. He admits that he was wrong. He tells Qi Zhen Kai that Fei Yang will be his biggest supporter. All he needs to do is ask, and Fei Yang would do anything for him. He would never try to compete with him for power. He reminds Zhen Kai that Fei Yang is his only surviving family member. But it’s too late now.

Fei Yang and Ai Sha return to Golden Man and Chic as the new heads of each company. They hold an office party to celebrate a successful promotional event, and Ai Sha and Fei Yang act adorably professional with each other.

They introduce Nan Cheng and Dong Xue as new employees at the company. Nan Cheng will join the sales department, while Dong Xue will join the technology department and be responsible for transforming Ocean’s Heart into the shared platform that brings Chic and Golden Man together.

Fei Yang introduces one more new employee: Steven. Xi Jun and Ni Mo walk to the front of the group and stare at Steven with frowns and crossed arms, but then Xi Jun breaks into a smile and hugs him, welcoming him back.

Yuki barrels through the crowd with a box, and three couples form in her wake: Sui Lin and Ah Ben, Steven and Jing Jing, and Ni Mo and Vicky. Ye Xuan looks longingly at Xiao An’s empty seat.

Xiao An helps her father out at his fishmongers stall, back in her glasses and more casual clothing. Ye Xuan finds her and tells her all about his upcoming travel plans, an international food tour that he estimates will take about six months. He wants her to come with him. But Xiao An gets scared and leaves after using her father as an excuse.

Fei Yang and Ai Sha stay late at the office. He twiddles his thumbs while she’s actually working. He tries to sneak up on her with a kiss, but she puts up a folder between them to stop him. They already agreed to stay strictly professional at the office, and she isn’t willing to let go of that principle, even if no one is around.

Fei Yang tells Ai Sha about a new feature he built into Ocean’s Heart: the ability to figure out who a user wants to see the most and their location. She seems skeptical, and he suggests they try it out.

Fei Yang brings Ai Sha to a noodle stand, where he convinces her to sit and eat. After they sit down, Ai Sha notices who the noodle stand owner is: her father.

Ai Sha looks down and doesn’t make eye contact when he comes over to take their order. He doesn’t recognize her, but sees her shark necklace and comments that he once gave his daughter a shark necklace.

While he prepares their food, Ai Sha stares at him, then gets up and leaves. Fei Yang chases after her.

She’s angry that Fei Yang looked for her father. She never said she wanted to see him and thinks it’s none of Fei Yang’s business. Fei Yang silently follows her and lets her rant.

Ai Sha finally stops and turns to ask how he found her father. He says that her mother told him. Her mother knew that she missed her father, but kept her feelings a secret in order to spare her mother’s feelings. Fei Yang doesn’t know if taking Ai Sha to see her father was the right decision, but he knows how much her father means to her. Regardless of how she feels about seeing him, at least now she knows that he’s alive and well.

Fei Yang also wanted her father to see that there’s a man who is willing to love her for the rest of their lives. He kneels down and pulls out a ring.

Ai Sha fulfilled her promise to Fei Yang that she would help him recover what he had lost. Now, it’s his turn to fulfill his promise to her. He promises to give her all the happiness in the world, for this lifetime and all the lifetimes that follow.

He asks her to marry him, and when she agrees, straight-faced but with tears rolling down his cheeks, he doesn’t seem to believe it at first and makes her repeat it. Overjoyed, he picks her up and spins her.

After he sets her down, he pulls her into a hug, then excitedly starts to put the ring on her finger. She has to remind him to put it on her right hand. Once the ring is in place, he tells her to seal the deal with a kiss on his check. She rolls her eyes, but leans in. At the last moment, he turns so that their lips touch. She smiles, then he pulls her in for a real kiss.

Flash to: Ai Sha and Fei Yang kiss at their wedding as their coworkers and family cheer them on.

At the reception, Jing Jing encourages the guests to pair up and join the couple on the dance floor after their first dance. Marguerite and Vicky are standing together when Ni Mo approaches, asking to dance. Marguerite and Vicky both think he’s asking Marguerite, and Vicky starts to walk away, but it turns out Ni Mo was really asking her.

Marguerite, now alone, spots Dong Xue at the buffet table and approaches him, asking if he wants to dance. He freezes and stares at her, starstruck. When he doesn’t respond after some extra prompting, she shrugs and hops onto the dance floor by herself. Dong Xue stares after her adoringly; his nose starts to bleed.

Steven pulls Jing Jing outside, where he has a gift for her: a bracelet. He’s slightly embarrassed by how simple it is compared to gifts she’s used to getting from her clients and admirers, but she loves it and thanks him with a hug.

Ai Sha catches Ye Xuan on his way out. He postponed his flight in order to attend her wedding, and now he has to go catch it. He congratulates her sincerely, saying he’s glad she’s finally found her happiness. She hugs him and hopes that he can find his soon as well.

Xiao An sighs as she looks at a flight itinerary from Ye Xuan tucked inside an invitation for Fei Yang and Ai Sha’s wedding. Attached is a note saying it’s okay if she doesn’t show: he’ll treat it as a rejection. But if she does come, he won’t ever let go of her. He’ll be waiting.

She doesn’t plan on going, but her father suddenly rushes to her and presses her passport into her hand, telling her to go. He’ll be fine as long as she’s happy.

Ye Xuan waits for Xiao An at Ai Sha and Fei Yang’s wedding venue until he can’t anymore. He gets into his taxi, which starts to leave. Xiao An runs to catch him, just a few moments too late, but trips and falls. She sadly gets to her feet and starts to walk away. Ye Xuan calls her name. He came back.

He runs to hug her, then kisses her.

Toward the end of the night, Ai Sha and Jing Jing face off in a drinking competition. Fei Yang watches them and pouts, wanting his new wife to himself. She’s already pretty drunk when he tries and stops her from drinking more, saying they should go to bed. She tells him to go back to their room first. She’ll beat Jing Jing in the next ten minutes.

Fei Yang gets ready for his wedding night by changing into a bathrobe. His room doorbell rings and he opens the door eagerly, thinking it’s Ai Sha, but it’s actually his groomsmen. They wrap him in a bedsheet and tie a red ribbon around him, claiming that they’re wrapping him up as a gift for Ai Sha. Women love unwrapping gifts.

Fei Yang fantasizes about Ai Sha coming in and unwrapping him. When the door opens a second time, he’s ready for her. But she’s completely wasted, barely able to stand up, and has a cat nose and whiskers drawn on her face. She lost the drinking challenge.

Ai Sha seems to barely remember that she just got married. Instead of the sultry present unwrapping that Fei Yang had fantasized about, Fei Yang ends up wrapped like a present all night, because Ai Sha promptly passes out on the bed.

Fei Yang is still pouting the next morning when they finish signing a business contract with Director Wu, who now represents EC Group.

After the meeting, Ai Sha giggles at how Fei Yang continues to pout. He’s let down by the lack of action on his wedding night. He had been preparing since the day they started planning the wedding, but not only did nothing happen, he also was tied up the whole night. And she dares to laugh at him?

Ai Sha continues to laugh and kisses him to try and make him feel better. He smiles and pulls out his phone, then calls his mom to cancel their lunch together, saying that he and Ai Sha are busy, and will be busy all night and probably until the next morning…

He takes Ai Sha by the hand and insists they go home.

Cute! This episode felt like someone went around throwing happy endings at everyone… you get a happy ending and YOU get a happy ending! Which is nice, but it’s just that. Nice filler and fluff. Once Fei Yang discovered the will at the end of last episode, it was pretty much game over, despite the attempts to stir up drama with the hint of Xiao An doing something nefarious.

While I don’t mind all the happy endings, I’m not sure I needed everyone to be happy. Earlier, I didn’t want Ye Xuan to suddenly fall in love with Xiao An, and I still didn’t need for them to have a happy ending with each other. But it’s nice that Ye Xuan was so persistent in seeing the good in her. It seems like he was the only one to give her that chance, and that’s what she needed.

Overall, this finale was a bit underwhelming because the focus was on everyone except Ai Sha, which was disappointing. Aviis Zhong’s performance as Ai Sha has really anchored the show, and without her, we were just left with some weak story and side acting from Xiao An. Why did she plan on injecting Fei Yang with the alcohol? Wouldn’t have pouring some into his coffee been less aggressive and more undetectable?

Unfortunately most of the side characters never got enough screen time to fully develop or capture my heart, but I have really enjoyed Gabriel Lan’s performance as Qi Zhen Kai and the way he manages to go from unhinged anger to dangerous smile all in the span of a moment.

Despite how little this episode added to the show, I’m glad that the drama got the two episode extension from 16 to 18 episodes. There’s enough room to wrap up the plot without feeling rushed, and we get some bonus happy ending content.


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