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Recap: Amensalism (Ep. 11)

The stakes get higher as everyone races to get control of the key new piece of evidence that is Xu Zhao De’s old scarf.


Li Yao Qing manages to snag Chairman Xu’s discarded tissue, but Secretary Zheng notices. He follows as Yao Qing leaves to meet Ke Wei, and takes a photo of the two meeting. Ke Wei gives Yao Qing the scarf, which he plans on taking abroad to get DNA tested.

Ming Fei runs into Secretary Zheng on her way into the office. He refers to her as the CEO, saying that he’s on her side, and says that very soon he’ll be showing Chairman Xu that Li Yao Qing isn’t fit to be CEO.

Zheng shows Xu the photo of Yao Qing and Ke Wei meeting up, but Xu tells him to delete the photo and mind his own business instead of being so concerned with Yao Qing. On his way out of Xu’s office, Zheng runs into Ming Fei again. She asks him what he meant earlier.

Ming Fei finds Ke Wei and warns her that her father knows that Yao Qing has the scarf. Yao Qing may be in danger.

You Kuan has had Ace follow Yao Qing for the past few days. Ace tells him about spotting Zheng also following Yao Qing earlier, and shows him the latest surveillance photos he’s captured of Yao Qing. You Kuan recognizes the outfit Yao Qing is wearing from his dream.

Ming Fei and Ke Wei hurry to go find Yao Qing, who is on the streets and has noticed someone following him. He picks up Ke Wei’s call, but cuts off in the middle when his tail grabs the phone out of his hand and throws it to the ground.

Ke Wei and Ming Fei split up to look for Yao Qing. Ke Wei spots two figures struggling in a dark alley. It’s Yao Qing with a shadowy figure’s hands around his neck, choking him. The assailant shows his face: it’s You Kuan.

Ke Wei guesses that You Kuan is here to steal the scarf, but doesn’t believe that You Kuan would hurt Yao Qing. You Kuan tells her that maybe he’s just a crazy person. He strikes Yao Qing at the base of his neck, grabs the bag, and flees. Ke Wei rushes to make sure Yao Qing is okay.

You Kuan dreams again. This time, an older man falls while exercising at a park. He wakes up in his car at the sound of a horn. Across from him, Xu gets out of his own car.

Earlier, Xu had demanded to meet and blackmailed You Kuan into retrieving the scarf for him. You Kuan didn’t want to, but then Xu threatened the lives of Ke Wei and his mother.

Now, You Kuan demands to know the importance of the scarf. Xu refuses to tell him and moves to take it, but You Kuan pulls it out of reach. He guesses that the scarf has Xu’s blood and is evidence of the murder he committed. What other pieces of evidence are still hidden out there, waiting to be found? Does Xu even know?

This riles Xu up and he shouts at You Kuan to shut up. You Kuan just smirks. How long can Xu keep this up? Xu is trying to project an image of being in control, but in reality, he’s the one who is trapped by his crime. These past nineteen years, his life has probably been a living hell. Xu calmly responds that the statute of limitations is almost expired. After that, there won’t be anymore suffering.

But the statute of limitations expiring won’t make You Kuan forget that Xu murdered his father and it won’t make Ke Wei forget about the accident. It won’t stop Xu from having a guilty conscience.

Xu tries to claim that he didn’t have a choice, but You Kuan calls him out on how much of a lie that is. The only people who didn’t have a choice in this matter were the families that were destroyed because of him. If Xu wants to avoid his problems, You Kuan is willing to sacrifice himself to make sure that Xu continues to live in his own personal hell.

You Kuan races off in his car with an angry rev of his engines. Xu looks disgruntled and then gets a text from Zheng, who apologizes for not having located the person he’s supposed to be following (Yao Qing?).

Ke Wei ponders You Kuan’s erratic behavior at her aunt’s house. It doesn’t sit right with her. The doorbell rings: it’s Ming Fei, who has come to check on Yao Qing, who has been hiding out with Ke Wei following the attack.

Yao Qing thinks You Kuan has most likely been threatened by Xu Zhao De, and that’s why he stole the scarf. Ke Wei asks for Ming Fei’s help in retrieving it. She can’t go back to her father’s house without arousing suspicion, but Ming Fei agrees to try looking around his office.

You Kuan starts sketching out the images from his dreams, trying to piece together what they’re trying to tell him. Lately, his dreams have been different, because the incidents no longer result in death. He thinks he has it figured out.

Ke Wei goes to SG to find You Kuan. She slaps him twice. The first is because he hit Yao Qing. No matter what, he shouldn’t have attacked his best friend. The second is for lying to her. She knows that Xu Zhao De is threatening him, but why didn’t he tell her about it? They could’ve figured out a solution together.

Instead of telling Ke Wei what he was threatened with, You Kuan takes her to a park. It’s the same park from his dream about the fallen man. You Kuan has realized that the only chance he has of saving someone from their fate is to act like he doesn’t know what will happen until the last moment.

You Kuan waits until the man starts jogging, then bursts into action. The man clutches his leg, starting to fall, but You Kuan runs over and steadies him. The man is saved, but then a yell comes from Ke Wei. She’s on the ground, rubbing her own leg. She had fallen over.

Ke Wei is glad that You Kuan was able to save the man and change his fate, but You Kuan says that he’s never been able to change fate. Instead, he’s only been able to exchange fate.

“Exchange with what?” Ke Wei asks.

“You,” he responds. The price of changing someone’s fate is to make Ke Wei the one who is put in harm’s way.

Ke Wei and You Kuan go to the coffee shop where they first met. You Kuan thinks that if they hadn’t met then, if he hadn’t dragged Ke Wei into his life, then maybe she would be better off. He tells her that he was the person responsible for her car accident. Nineteen years ago, he exchanged her name for his own life.

Ke Wei thinks that it’s just a coincidence, but You Kuan says there are no coincidences when it comes to fate. Everything is inevitable. He uses the Zhang Zhi Zhong incident as an example. After that, he realized that whenever her life was in jeopardy, his was too. Their lives are bound to each other’s. He’s known since he first met her, but is only telling her the truth now because Xu threatened him with her life.

Ke Wei stands up and turns away from him, angry. He’s willing to help Xu hide the truth because he doesn’t want her to die? Because he’s afraid that if she dies, he will too. He’s afraid of death, just like he was nineteen years ago.

You Kuan admits that it’s true. He starts to put a hand out to Ke Wei, then thinks better of it and turns and leaves instead.

Secretary Zheng catches Ming Fei rifling through her father’s office. She claims that she’s looking for a necklace. He offers to help and suggests that maybe she should try looking her father’s car. He drove it to take care of some personal matters yesterday — Zheng assumes it was to meet up with her.

Ming Fei looks through her father’s car, then finds something in the trunk.

Ke Wei looks to her aunt for comfort. She sobs that You Kuan did something unforgivable to her. She hurt him with her words, thinking it would make her feel better, but it hasn’t. Her aunt suggests that this is a sign that she truly loves him. But Ke Wei keeps crying. What use is loving him if they can never be together?

Yao Qing is followed again on his way home. This time, he notices. He turns around a corner and comes face to face with You Kuan. We see what really happened the night that You Kuan attacked him.

That night, You Kuan had told Yao Qing the truth about why he was following him. He admitted that Xu threatened him with his mother and Ke Wei’s lives in order to get him to steal the scarf. But You Kuan doesn’t plan on giving the scarf to Xu. Instead, he’s going to find a similar scarf, douse it in blood, in give the fake to Xu. Yao Qing can keep the real one to take out of the country for a DNA test. Xu has too much influence in Taiwan for them to sneak a DNA test past him here.

But then they heard Ming Fei and Ke Wei looking for Yao Qing. As they started to move away, You Kuan gets another sense of deja vu from his dream, and realizes that he is the one who attacks Yao Qing. When Ke Wei spots them, You Kuan apologizes to Yao Qing and asks him to put on a performance and not tell Ke Wei the truth.

Now, You Kuan tells Yao Qing that he dreamed of him. He had Ace follow him because he was worried that harm would come to him. The night he attacked Yao Qing, he was looking for the scarf and looking to make sure that Yao Qing wasn’t harmed. In the end, when he realized that he was the one who attacks Yao Qing, he had to make sure what happened in the dream came true.

You Kuan tells Yao Qing that he and Ke Wei broke up. Yao Qing is happy for Ke Wei, since he didn’t want her to date You Kuan in the first place, but is sad for You Kuan, as his friend.

You Kuan gives the scarf back to Yao Qing. The fake one is in Xu’s possession now. He hasn’t realized that it’s fake, but it probably won’t be long. Yao Qing knows they probably won’t have enough time to send the scarf to France. He plans on going to Singapore instead. You Kuan offers to give him a ride to and from the airport as protection.

When You Kuan returns to SG, Ming Fei also shows up, looking for him. She’s there to apologize for not recovering her missing memories earlier. But You Kuan is understanding. He calls Ming Fei jiejie (older sister) and says he knows how much she loves her father and craves his attention. Finding out she’s not his biological daughter doesn’t mean that the relationship they had for over thirty years was a lie. It’s enough that she was able to tell them about the scarf. She’s already done what she can, and she doesn’t need to get more involved. He’s worried she’ll regret it if she does.

Ming Fei admits that she is afraid of regret. She’s afraid it’s too late. She asks You Kuan if he really gave the scarf to her father. He lies and says he did. She says she looked for it, but didn’t find it. She doesn’t believe that You Kuan would give up so easily, but You Kuan responds that he lost badly. He just wants this to all be over with.

Ming Fei warns You Kuan to be careful. If her father is provoked enough, he’ll willing to do anything.

She hugs him and says, “Please don’t get hurt anymore.”

Ace is waiting for someone who is late when Xiao Mi and Chun Xiong show up. They’re salty that he’s the only person who has been running secret missions for You Kuan. They want to know what’s going on. Ace says that he doesn’t know what’s going on either, but tells them that he’s been in charge of watching over Yao Qing. He’s supposed to take Yao Qing to the airport, but he’s late. The three of them head toward Yao Qing’s house to investigate.

Xu Zhao De finds out that You Kuan tricked him with the scarf. He’s not happy about it.

You Kuan hears from Ace, who reports that Yao Qing is missing and his cell phone is turned off. He tells Ace and Xiao Mi to search the area while Chun Xiong does whatever he does with computers.

Yao Qing is unconscious, bound, and gagged in the back of a car, the scarf next to him.

Ke Wei is also worried about Yao Qing and prepares to head out to look for him. When she opens the front door, a gas technician wearing a yellow hard hat is outside, claiming that he’s here for an inspection. Ke Wei’s aunt is confused, because the appointment was scheduled for the day after tomorrow, but invites him in. Ke Wei seems to sense that something is off, but heads out anyway.

Mama Cheng volunteers with a community organization to help feed the homeless. She’s alarmed and uneasy when she sees her husband’s old dining chair in the garage of their first stop. She and her volunteer partner leave some food and head out after no one answers. Behind her, a man in a yellow hard hat follows them.

Ke Wei calls the gas company and finds out that no one was sent to her aunt’s house today. She turns to head back to her aunt’s house, but comes face-to-face with another man in a yellow hard hat, who knocks her phone out of her hand.

You Kuan tries calling Ke Wei. Xu Zhao De picks up. He tells You Kuan to bring him the scarf in thirty minutes, otherwise Ke Wei, his mother, and Ke Wei’s aunt will all disappear.

Chun Xiong manages to find Yao Qing’s location because his phone is still on, even though he’s not answering.

Xu Zhao De injects something into an IV bag that is attached to Ke Wei’s arm. He tells her that right now, her aunt is fine, but whether she continues to be fine depends on You Kuan.

You Kuan shows up, furious, and grabs Xu by the collar, demanding to know what he’s done to Ke Wei.

“Have you heard of euthanasia?” Xu responds.

Drama drama drama! The acting continues to make me wince, but the plot and drama continue to keep me watching.

The big question at the end of this episode is: who has Yao Qing? Obviously, it’s not Xu, who seems to think You Kuan has it and has no clue where Yao Qing is. The only two possible options are Ming Fei or Secretary Zheng.

Perhaps Zheng is suspicious of Xu and wants his own bargaining chip? He knows something is going on but doesn’t know what. He clearly resents Yao Qing and claims to be on Ming Fei’s side. Perhaps he’s hoping that holding Yao Qing hostage will give him some leverage?

And what about Ming Fei? She’s seemed earnest so far, giving Ke Wei and Yao Qing valuable information, but also, she may still be hiding something. It’s clear that You Kuan doesn’t fully trust her. He lied to her about the scarf. If she is the one who has abducted Yao Qing, what does she hope to gain by controlling him and the whereabouts of the scarf?

A third possibility is that it’s both Ming Fei and Zheng. Perhaps Ming Fei has taken Zheng on his word that he’s on her side, and enlisted his help in kidnapping Yao Qing?


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