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Recap: Skate Into Love (Ep. 7)

Yu Yan and Tang Xue’s relationship grows stronger as he repeatedly helps her out. Meanwhile, Yu Bing decides that maybe it’s time to let the past be the past.


Zhen Yu is so scared by Huan Huan’s prank in the science lab that he pees himself. Huan Huan finds this even more hilarious and jokes that she’ll start calling him Niao (pee) Zhen Yu.

Tang Xue brings out a birthday cake for Yu Yan. He seems to have never had a cake or candles before, because he doesn’t know to make a wish or blow out the candles. He starts to make his wish out loud and she has to tell him that it should be a secret. She also gets him a stuffed animal sheep as a present.

They plan on staying the night at the aquarium, but then Tang Xue gets a call from Yu Bing. He demands she fetch a package for him and appear before him in fifteen minutes, otherwise he’ll fine her.

It starts pouring right after Tang Xue gets the package. She sprints through the rain toward the sports center. Yu Bing looks outside at the rain and hopes that she wouldn’t be foolish enough to still come in the downpour.

But Tang Xue soon appears, sprinting up the staircase. She trips on the top step and falls. Yu Bing’s eyes widen and he leans forward. Why didn’t she carry an umbrella with her?

Yu Bing wonders if he’s been too hard on Tang Xue, but the petty, childish side of him (literally — his inner child physically manifests next to him) says of course not. Tang Xue is just getting what she deserves for treating them harshly when they were children. Adult Yu Bing thinks that maybe Tang Xue has changed for the better, but his inner child says that’s impossible. Even if she has, she still has to pay for her past wrongs.

But Yu Bing has matured. He’s realized that all his past grievances were nothing serious, and he realizes that she’s actually a good person. He remembers how, while they were training together, she once stopped to chat with a grandma sitting on the side of the road selling beanbags and ended up buying all the beanbags. She carried them all while running back to campus.

Child Yu Bing concedes that Tang Xue was the one who got him into skating. Without her, he would never have started playing ice hockey. He remembers how he naturally took the ice while Tang Xue would constantly fall, but always stand back up. Her father told them they would both be champions one day, and Tang Xue had embraced it wholeheartedly.

Yu Bing smiles at his inner child, who disappears, then grabs an umbrella.

Tang Xue sits in the pouring rain, vainly trying to shield her face with her backpack. Someone suddenly holds an umbrella over her and extends a hand. She accepts it and stands up. It’s Yu Yan.

Yu Bing runs downstairs and has just made it to the sports center doorway when he stops and sees Yu Yan and Tang Xue turning away.

Tang Xue is furious when she storms into the hockey team room, yelling Yu Bing’s name. He shows up shortly after her. She kicks his package over to him, then declares that she will return his money to him no matter what. After that, they’ll have nothing to do with each other.

Yu Bing apologizes, but Tang Xue doesn’t accept it. She thinks he’s just messing with her, and brushes by him roughly.

The next morning, Yu Bing calls Tang Xue, but Huan Huan is the one to pick up. She yells at Yu Bing for having the audacity to call Tang Xue. Because of him, she’s been in bed with a fever all night. And because of him, Tang Xue might fail Hawkeye’s class. She can’t afford to miss another lecture.

In class, Hawkeye takes attendance at random to save time. Huan Huan nervously counts down the names, hoping that Tang Xue won’t be called. But Tang Xue is called last. Huan Huan is about to answer for her when another high-pitched voice pipes up — it’s Yu Bing, wearing a pink hoodie and a hat. He nods at Huan Huan, then ducks his head and hunches over, trying to hide his face.

A few days later, Tang Xue is finally better. She starts to complain about Yu Bing over lunch. Huan Huan tells her that Yu Bing has been attending lecture in her place for the past few days and taking notes. But Tang Xue thinks he’s just messing with her and has something up his sleeve. She wants to pay back her debt as soon as possible and is willing to do anything, include selling her blood.

She suddenly gets a call from Yu Yan, who invites her out and hands her an envelope filled with fat stacks of cash. Tang Xue refuses the money and is worried he did something drastic or illegal to get it. Yu Yan finally explains that he’s not poor. The money is his prize money from skating. He’s eaten very little because his mother keeps him on a strict diet, and he never had a smartphone because he was worried it would distract him from his training.

Yu Yan finally convinces Tang Xue to take the money by asking if she’d rather owe him money or owe Yu Bing money. She says she’ll pick up a part-time job to pay him back as soon as possible, but he says there’s no rush. He doesn’t need the money; he just doesn’t want her to be Yu Bing’s assistant anymore.

Yu Bing’s teammates tease him about Tang Xue again and how he’s being paid to be with her. Tang Xue suddenly bursts into the locker room, again. But this time she just coldly hands over the money. He asks if she’s better, but she calls him out for not being this considerate when he messed around with her in the cold rain.

Yu Bing tries to hand the money back, saying he doesn’t want it, but she just says, “You’re still trying to mock me?” and leaves.

Tang Xue is overjoyed to finally be free of Yu Bing. There’s a first year party that Huan Huan wants to go to, but Tang Xue says she’s going to take advantage of her newfound free time to study instead. Huan Huan manages to convince Tang Xue to go by mentioning that all of her favorite foods will be there.

Jian Guo also wants to go to the party and hassles Yu Bing all night long, trying to convince him to go. It’s a first year-only party, but as the Ice God, Yu Bing can get him in.

When Tang Xue, Huan Huan, and Liu Ying arrive at the party, they’re disappointed to find that it’s not full of hot guys as promised. Liu Ying goes off to read her book in a corner, while Tang Xue spots a target: the snack table. Zhen Yu hides behind a column and spies on Huan Huan.

Jian Guo manages to convince Yu Bing to go to the party. Yu Bing sulks at a table while Jian Guo scans the room. He notices a couple of girls checking out Yu Bing, and tries to get Yu Bing to cheers him to show off that they’re friends and get the girls to put their attention on him.

Jian Guo suddenly spots a “goddess” — Zhou Ran walks down the stairs in a feathery white dress and has a Marilyn Monroe-esque moment. Yu Bing tries to turn away and avoid eye contact, but Zhou Ran spots him and comes over. He tries his best not to talk to her without being rude, and ends up excusing himself.

Zhou Ran tries to follow, but Jian Guo blocks her way and tries his best to flirt with her, but she’s not interested. Liu Ying spots Jian Guo trying to show off to Zhou Ran and immediately assesses that he doesn’t seem to know himself very well.

Huan Huan is not nearly as excited as Tang Xue about the snack table. A graduate student comes over and introduces himself to Huan Huan, trying to flirt. Tang Xue loses interest and heads to a different snack table. Zhen Yu eavesdrops on Huan Huan and her admirer, then quickly slides himself in between them, suggesting that Huan Huan is unavailable, much to her dismay.

Zhou Ran spots Tang Xue and uses her as an excuse to escape from Jian Guo. The cousins trade some barbed comments. Tang Xue tries to walk away. Zhou Ran reaches out to stop her, but accidentally rips Tang Xue’s dress. She loudly comments on the rip and Tang Xue quickly becomes the center of attention as she tries to hide her exposed skin.

“Let me through,” someone says. The crowd parts to reveal Yu Bing, who swoops in and dramatically spins his jacket around and over Tang Xue’s shoulders, covering the hole in her dress. The crowd titters and Tang Xue stares at him, stunned.

“Are you okay?” he asks her. She’s so shocked that she asks him if he’s okay in response. His lips twitch in a lopsided smile, and then he leaves as abruptly as he entered.

The crowd disperses now that Tang Xue’s wardrobe malfunction has been addressed. Huan Huan and Zhen Yu rush over to Tang Xue, having missed what happened, and ask if she’s okay. Zhou Ran inserts herself between them to make another snide comment toward Tang Xue about Yu Bing, Jian Guo poking his head in behind her.

She has one more thing to say to Tang Xue: Bian Cheng is coming to Lin Da. It’s probably been a while since Tang Xue has seen him, right? With that, she walks away. Tang Xue frowns.

Jian Guo rushes after Zhou Ran, knocking into Liu Ying in the process. She falls, dropping her book. Jian Guo tries to help her up, stepping on her book in the process, and she shoves him away, fretting over her book, which is an ARC. Then she yanks him back toward her when he tries to walk away, saying he lacks character. They bicker and she ends up hitting him with her book while he pulls up her glasses, then rushes off.

He manages to catch up to Zhou Ran and asks to exchange WeChat numbers. She finds out that Yu Bing has been sharing her breakfast with the team and does not look happy about it.

Yu Bing wonders to himself why he tried to protect Tang Xue in front of so many people. Could it be that he likes her? He shudders. No, that’s impossible.

We get our first glimpse of Bian Cheng, who meets with the dean at his current university.

Childhood Story: Yu Bing pouts after school, thinking to himself that he doesn’t want to play house with Tang Xue. A pair of bullies from his class suddenly confront him and demand his money. Before he hands it over, Tang Xue appears and beats up the bullies, saving Yu Bing.

(It’s all the more hilarious because Tang Xue and Yu Bing are the adult versions of themselves, dressed as kids, while the bullies are… actual kids.)

This drama is so cheesy. But it is cute.

Who is Bian Cheng? An old flame?

I like the opposite ways in which Tang Xue’s relationships with her two beaus are developing. The cracks of misunderstanding in her relationship with Yu Bing have widened into canyons, while she and Yu Yan seem to be stronger together than ever, with the misunderstanding about his financial status now cleared up. If Bian Cheng is an ex-boyfriend, it’ll be fun to see what happens with a third party thrown in the mix.

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