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Recap: Skate Into Love (Ep. 8)

Tang Xue’s old flame, Bian Cheng, shows up at Lin Da. Yu Bing decides to call truce with Tang Xue, but she’s not sure if she can trust him.


Bian Cheng (Vincent Wei), meets with the dean of the journalism school. He’s a journalism student with plans to report on Lin Da’s hockey team, and has his dean’s full support.

The hockey team trains for the upcoming match. Afterward, Coach Xu reminds Yu Bing to think about the bravest person he knows in order to get himself in the right mindset to play.

Coach Xu imagines himself romantically giving Chu Xia, the speed skating coach, some tea he brewed. He goes into the coach’s office to overhear Coach Jin rehearsing his own romantic proposition of soup. When they see each other, they each pretend that they brewed their respective hot beverages for their own students.

They start bickering over Coach Chu, who is the woman they have both been chasing forever. Coach Xu got the girl back then, but they married and then divorced. Now, Jin thinks it’s his chance.

Chu catches the two men bickering. When they notice her, they immediately both try to push their thermoses on her. Yue Wei bursts into the room, reporting that one of her teammates has fainted from low blood sugar, again. It’s well-timed that the two male coaches brought in their fortifying hot beverages. She grabs both thermoses and heads out.

Huan Huan and Tang Xue head back to their dorms after class. Huan Huan is envious of the way Yu Bing saved Tang Xue at the party the other night. Tang Xue is also confused, because she thought Yu Bing had come over to mock her. It would have been very moving, if she were any other girl.

When they get back to their dorm, Yu Bing is waiting. Huan Huan obediently excuses herself so the two can talk alone.

Yu Bing hands Tang Xue a new document to sign. This one will terminate the previous contract between them so she’ll finally be free. He also has a card with 50,000 yuan on it. He’s decided that he can forgive her for invading his privacy and doesn’t need the money.

Tang Xue hesitates, but signs, because now she will finally be free of Yu Bing. She’s ready to no longer have anything to do with him, but he stops her before she leaves and gives her a ticket to the hockey game tomorrow. He hopes she’ll be there. It’s the final game in the series.

Tang Xue and Huan Huan are worried that Yu Bing might still have an ulterior motive, but they don’t know what. Liu Ying analyzes the situation through a philosophical lens and concludes that Yu Bing probably likes Tang Xue.

At the hockey game the next day, Manager Ma shows Bian Cheng and his dean to some front-row seats at the rink, while explaining the state-of-the-art features of the sports center. The game is tight. Yu Bing notices that Tang Xue still hasn’t shown up at the beginning of the second quarter.

Tang Xue slips into the stands at the start of the second half. The game is tied. Yu Bing’s opponent trash talks him, trying to intimidate him, but Yu Bing remembers to “think of the bravest person.” Child Tang Xue pops up at his side. He scores. He spots Tang Xue in the stands and smiles.

The game ties again, but Yu Bing scores with a spin move in the last seconds to the win the game.

Bian Cheng sees Tang Xue in the stands. When she notices him, her smile fades and she quickly runs away, leaving behind a hat. Bian Cheng goes to pick up the hat, but Yu Bing grabs it before he can.

After the game, Bian Cheng and his professors meet with Yu Bing to interview him. They both silently wonder to themselves what relationship the other has with Tang Xue. Why did the other one want Tang Xue’s hat?

Yu Bing is distracted by thoughts of Tang Xue and Bian Cheng and barely pays attention as Bian Cheng asks him questions. Manager Ma ends up speaking for him.

Tang Xue broods by the school track. Seeing happy couples running together makes her sad and reminds her of Bian Cheng.

Yu Bing finds Tang Xue, having heard from Zhen Yu that she saw her first love again and is now out here. Tang Xue accidentally spills some of her drink on herself. Yu Bing makes a comment about how at least she’s the one responsible for washing her clothes this time, inadvertently confirming that he was the one who took care of her when she was drunk. He tries to wave it off as looking out for the image of the hockey team.

He offers her a listening ear if she wants to talk about her first love. Maybe he can help. Tang Xue doesn’t see how he can help her, but admits that it can’t be called a first love. It was more of a crush. She remembers him encompassing her whole youth. She liked him so much she dreamed of getting into the same university as him.

Yu Bing wonders if she also felt that way toward him, when she wanted to get into the same middle school as him. He asks her if Bian Cheng is the reason she quit skating.

Right before an important competition in Tang Xue’s skating career, she got a text from Bian Cheng, rejecting her feelings. He said he didn’t have time to date. She’d been so dejected that she got off to a slow start in her race, then lost concentration and wiped out. She took out a fellow competitor, whose blade went into her leg.

Her injury would take at least half a year to recover from, and doctors said that she would never recover to compete at the same level as before. Her injury might flare up again at any point in time. She wanted to skate, but her parents wanted her to be healthy and focus on her studies instead. If the blade had hit her a few inches differently, she could’ve died.

Now, Yu Bing asks if she hates Bian Cheng. But Tang Xue says she only hates herself. She should’ve gone back to skating when she recovered. She shouldn’t have let go of her dreams so easily.

Yu Bing returns her hat and says that she shouldn’t leave her things all over the place anymore. She accepts it with a smile and says that he’s changed. He used to be so scared of everything, but now he’s more open and mature. He smiles.

Childhood Story: Tang Xue and Yu Bing’s class go to a museum. The students are told to go around and act as tour guides for the other museum visitors in exchange for ticket stubs. If they collect enough ticket stubs, they can exchange them for flowers.

Tang Xue easily gathers a crowd of adults and woos them into giving her their ticket stubs. When her teacher asks one of the visitors what she talked about, they say she spun a story about how a Chinese legend once took place here. It was nonsense, but they thought she was adorable so they gave her their tickets.

Tang Xue spots Yu Bing competing with two other students for the attention of a female visitor. She immediately wins the woman over by calling her “sister” instead of “auntie,” helping Yu Bing get some tickets of his own.

Awww Yu Bing is winning me over. Often times male leads like him seem rude and undeserving of the female lead’s attention, but here I think Tang Xue is able to match him and they just complement each other so well! Plus it’s always nice when it’s the guy who has to really pursue the girl.

I don’t really find Bian Cheng interesting at all, other than how his presence may serve to push Yu Bing and Tang Xue closer together. He seems like a jerk and I’m glad that Tang Xue doesn’t hate him, because he doesn’t deserve that kind of attention. He knew she had a race that day. Why did he choose to text her then?


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