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Recap: Skate Into Love (Ep. 36)

Yu Bing continues to struggle with dizzy spells and other concerning symptoms that affect his playing ability, but he tries to ignore them, as well as the rumors that swirl around him on social media. Meanwhile, Tang Xue and Yue Wei are in the final days of training camp and nervously await the national team roster results.


Coach Xu finds Yu Bing brooding in the hallway and offers to chat. Yu Bing apologizes, blaming his own poor performance for the team’s loss. Coach Xu says that no one blames him, but Yu Bing doesn’t like seeing his teammates blame themselves. Xu tells him that there will always be the next game.

Zhou Ran meets with Bian Cheng and calls him out for spreading rumors about Yu Bing, as well as not even saying a word of apology to her uncle. How long does he insist on continuing like this? Bian Cheng says that he has to risk everything otherwise he’ll lose everything.

Coach Xu is unhappy with the gossipy, slanderous article about Yu Bing on the campus message boards that Bian Cheng anonymously wrote. Manager Ma is also upset, but the article has already gone viral.

Yu Bing thinks the best way to combat the article would be to win his next game, but Manager Ma warns him to keep a low profile. The president is already aware of the article and if more drama with Yu Bing pops up, he might be forbidden from playing, especially because of his recent poor performance. Ma tells Yu Bing to try harder, because otherwise the championship is lost.

Yu Bing puts in extra shooting practice but misses every shot. Da Jiang rushes to him as he takes off his glove and cradles his hand, seemingly in pain. He waves off Da Jiang’s concern and insists on practicing more.

The next day, the XDragons lose another game. Da Jiang tries to comfort Yu Bing afterward, telling him not to worry about what others think, but Yu Bing finds it hard to not be affected.

Rumors about Yu Bing continue to fly across social media, with people calling him “Sick God” instead of “Ice God”. Huan Huan is offended by all the internet comments. Liu Ying gets to work putting her internet skills to use by fighting against the trolls. A dramatic wuxia battle of keyboard warriors ensues. Liu Ying almost gets knocked back, but Jian Guo swoops in to back her up and together they defeat the troll commenters.

Huan Huan celebrates Liu Ying’s success and asks who helped her. Liu Ying just smiles and doesn’t respond. Later, she messages Jian Guo, saying he was very handsome today. He responds saying she was as beautiful as the moon.

Yu Bing runs into Xu Feng in the halls of the sports center. Xu Feng gives him a pep talk, which seems to get him out of his head and make him more optimistic.

Yu Yan’s mother and Coach Jin watch Yu Yan do a run-through of his program. They both applaud once he’s done. Coach Jin praises him, saying there’s more life in his performance now. Yu Yan’s mother is so moved she has tears in her eyes. She hugs him and tells him that he’s always done so well. He’s the best.

Manager Ma makes his rounds in the coaches’ office, handing out forms to apply for the annual Best Coach award. Coach Jin hands his back, saying he won’t participate this year. Coaches Xu and Chu overhear and ask him why he’s not participating — doesn’t he participate every year?

Jin says he feels like he doesn’t deserve it this year. He’s won the award so many times before, but this year he realized that there are things more important than winning awards.

Yu Yan asks Coach Jin why he didn’t enter the award contest this year. Is it because of him? Jin admits that it is because of Yu Yan, but not because he feels guilty. Yu Yan helped him realize that he had to give up the award in order to fully support all of his students. Only by doing that can he reach a level that is even higher than winning the Best Coach award.

The aspiring national team speed skaters are put through more tough training. During one footwork session, an athlete in front of Tang Xue collapses, exhausted. The coach tells her she can keep going or she can give up. The skater says she can’t continue. The coach asks if anyone else wants to give up, and another athlete raises her hand as well. She lets them rest, but it seems obvious that they’ll be cut. She reminds the rest of the athletes that they have to find fortitude within themselves, and that the national team roster will be finalized in a week.

Yu Bing finds out that he’s benched for the next game. Manager Ma claims it’s for his own good. The internet already has a negative opinion of him. If he does poorly, it’ll get even worse. Yu Bing pushes back, saying that’s exactly why he needs to play. He needs to prove himself.

Coach Xu says that he agrees with Manager Ma’s decision. He heard from the team doctor that Yu Bing isn’t in a good condition. He needs to prioritize his health.

Yu Bing continues to try and convince them that he needs to play for the team’s sake. Zhen Yu pokes his head into the office and they ask him for his opinion on Yu Bing’s health. Yu Bing gives him a look and reminds him that he’s just an intern. Zhen Yu stammers out something about Yu Bing probably just being tired. Manager Ma reluctantly gives the okay for Yu Bing to play.

Manager Ma holds Zhen Yu back to chat. Team Doctor Lin had a family emergency and will be on leave for two weeks. He wants Zhen Yu to be in charge of all the teams’ medical needs for the time being. Zhen Yu is intimidated, believing that he’s not qualified, but Ma gives him no choice. Ma also warns him that if anything happens to Yu Bing, it’s on him.

Yu Yan tells his mother that he wants to gift Coach Jin a pair of his old blades — the blades that he wore when he first won a championship — as a show of appreciation, because Jin withdrew from consideration for the Best Coach award.

Yu Bing pushes himself hard putting in more shooting practice. He gets a dizzy spell in the middle, but he pushes through and starts striking is targets with forceful accuracy. Coach Xu and Manager Ma watch him and nod approvingly.

Zhen Yu confides in Huan Huan his insecurities about being in charge of the hockey team for the upcoming game. She reassures him that he’ll be fine.

Jian Guo finds Liu Ying in the library and asks to sit next to her. They’re adorably shy and awkward with each other. Jian Guo insists on helping Liu Ying with every little thing — even to the point of offering to accompany her to the bathroom. She asks him what he wants. He says he owes her an apology for the way he treated her before.

Liu Ying accepts his apology, then shyly reintroduces herself to him. He also reintroduces himself to her, then offers to shake hands. Once he grabs onto her hand, he doesn’t let go.

Yu Yan and his mother gift Coach Jin the pair of old blades. He’s moved to tears. Yu Yan packs for his upcoming training trip and leaves behind the stuffed doll that represents Tang Xue. He hopes that when they next meet, they will all be better versions of themselves.

Tang Xue and Yue Wei nervously wait for the final roster to be announced. Tang Xue says she’s ready and warns Yue Wei to not try and comfort her or feel bad for her if she doesn’t make it. Yue Wei teasingly retorts that she only planned on laughing at her.

Yue Wei pulls out their phones — now that camp is over, they should return to the real world. She turns on her phone to find a series of messages from Da Jiang giving weather updates and reminding her to take care of herself, as well as other little things. She smiles.

Then she looks over at Tang Xue and notices that she hasn’t turned on her phone yet. She guesses that Tang Xue is afraid that she won’t see the message she wants from Yu Bing, but points out that if Yu Bing did try to reconcile, every second she delays looking is a second of delayed happiness.

Tang Xue finds her logic sound and turns on her phone. She sees the text from Yu Bing, apologizing for not trusting her and asking for another chance. Tang Xue starts rolling around giddily. Yue Wei tells her to hurry up and call Yu Bing.

Yu Bing stares at the pink tape on his hockey stick before his game, wishing Tang Xue were here.

Tang Xue calls Yu Bing, but it’s too late — the team has already left the locker room. She doesn’t have time to leave a message because Yue Wei rushes into their room, saying that the roster is going to be announced.

Yue Wei and Tang Xue both make the team. Tang Xue’s status is a bit more of a nail-biter because she was the last name on the list.

At the same time that Tang Xue is finding out about her national team status, Yu Bing is walking down toward the rink with his team. Bian Cheng spies on them from behind.

As the doors to the rink open, the bright light and loud noise trigger Yu Bing. He feels dizzy, then collapses.

Yu Bing is rushed to the hospital. Zhen Yu calls Tang Xue, who picks up and cheerfully reports that she made the team. But her face immediately falls when he tells her that Yu Bing is in the hospital. Behind him, Bian Cheng eavesdrops.

Yu Bing’s coach, friends, and family wait nervously outside the surgery room. Tang Xue and Yue Wei rush in, straight from Beijing. Zhen Yu updates them on Yu Bing’s condition: he’s been diagnosed with a subdural hematoma (essentially a brain hemorrhage). Tang Xue looks stunned, but all she ends up asking is if they have to open up his skull. Zhen Yu reassures her that medical technology is very advanced these days. He’ll be fine.

Yue Wei asks if Yu Bing suffered a head injury during today’s game. Da Jiang tells them that Yu Bing didn’t even play today. He suspects that Yu Bing’s condition is a result of being attacked earlier. He tells them about how Yu Bing rushed off the day they left for training camp, before the Black Scorpions game, thinking Tang Xue was hurt, and was attacked.

Tang Xue starts blaming herself for his injury — why did she turn off her phone?

Okay, so at least this issue is a head injury and not some random genetic illness that Yu Bing happens to have. But I don’t like that the injury is being attributed to the attack, as if all the hockey hits didn’t have an impact on him. (Though I hope they address it later because at this rate I have a proven track record of speaking too soon with this drama…) I’m being nitpicky and I know the reason why they’re avoiding connecting hockey with the head injury is because the whole point of the show is to encourage interest in hockey. But I think it would be much more productive and progressive to acknowledge injuries in the sport and work toward healthy portrayals of how to address them.


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