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Recap: Skate Into Love (Ep. 37)

Yu Bing’s surgery is successful, but it’s unclear how or when he will fully recover. Meanwhile, Manager Ma and Coach Xu are already under orders to replace him on the team, news that the team struggles to handle.


The surgeon reports to Yu Bing’s waiting family and friends that the surgery was successful. He explains why it wouldn’t have been discovered when Yu Bing first came in after passing out on the ice, then says that if Yu Bing had come in the first time he felt symptoms, they wouldn’t be in this emergency situation. Zhen Yu starts blaming himself for not pushing Yu Bing harder to get an examination. But Coach Xu jumps in, saying it’s his fault, and Manager Ma also tries to claim responsibility. Yu Bing’s father says no one is at fault.

Tang Xue asks if they can go see him. The surgeon suggests they go home and rest. Yu Bing is still under observation and they’ll be allowed to see him once he is released into a regular hospital room.

Manager Ma tells everyone that Yu Bing’s hospitalization is to be kept a secret. The president wants it to have as little impact on the XDragons’ reputation as possible. He and Da Jiang start arguing: Da Jiang questions his humanity and his priorities while Manager Ma calls him dumb. They’re pulled apart and Coach Xu encourages Manager Ma to leave.

Manager Ma gets a call from the president, telling him to start looking for Yu Bing’s replacement.

Yu Bing’s parents insist that everyone else go home and rest. Tang Xue reluctantly leaves. Back in her room, her roommates hug her and tell her that she can cry if she wants, but she doesn’t.

Da Jiang walks Yue Wei back to her dorm. She starts crying outside. He starts to put an arm around her, then hesitates and lets it drop, struggling over how to best comfort her. She ends up walking into her dorm without a word while he stares after her, looking pained.

At night, Tang Xue has a nightmare in which she faces Yu Bing, unable to speak no matter how hard she tries. Yu Bing silently says goodbye to her, then recedes into the mist.

Tang Xue rushes to the hospital the next morning, where she finds Yu Bing’s mother chatting with the doctor. Yu Bing has been released to a hospital room, but is still in a coma and hasn’t woken up.

Coach Xu clips Yu Bing’s nails and then tells him about how he had stopped wanting to coach, until he met Yu Bing. He had lost hope in the future of hockey, but Yu Bing gave him hope. Thanks to Yu Bing, the XDragons have had more success than he could imagine. He starts tearing up as he asks Yu Bing to wake up.

Tang Xue gets a chance to talk to Yu Bing alone. She again blames herself for turning off her phone, but then asks him why he went after her when they had already broken up.

“Because he really cares about you,” Da Jiang says. He and Jian Guo walk in, having overheard Tang Xue. He hands her his phone as evidence for how much Yu Bing cared.

Tang Xue looks at the screen: Da Jiang has pulled up Yu Bing’s secret blog. She smiles to herself as she scrolls through the posts, then starts crying. She takes his hand and starts chatting. She tells him that she’s still waiting for them to attend the Winter Olympics together. She dreamed that she won and then he proposed to her in front of everyone.

Tang Xue doesn’t notice that Yu Bing starts to show signs of waking up. She keeps talking, asking him how many kids he wants to have after they get married. She thinks two would be good: one can speed skate and one can play hockey. They’ll call them Egg and Second Egg.

She lays her head down on his chest and starts crying. Yu Bing wakes up fully and gently pats her on the head, saying that her naming skills have not improved at all these past years.

Tang Xue jolts upright and starts crying harder, then calls out to everyone else in the hallway that Yu Bing has woken up.

Da Jiang rallies the rest of the hockey team in going after the Black Scorpions for their suspicious role in Yu Bing’s attack. They grab their hockey sticks and are about to head out when they run into Coach Xu. He lectures them on trying to start a fight and orders them to get ready for practice. It takes a while, but Da Jiang slowly relents and turns back into the locker room; the rest of the team follow him.

Zhen Yu tells Huan Huan about how guilty he feels for not pushing Yu Bing to get his symptoms checked out earlier. She admires his newfound maturity. He reminds her to looked out for Tang Xue — she’s probably very vulnerable right now. Huan Huan reassures him that she and Liu Ying already have it figured out.

Coach Chu finds Coach Xu brooding in the coaches’ office. He’s reviewing the file of Yu Bing’s replacement — Song An Jie — and worried that Yu Bing won’t take the news very well. Chu reassures him that Yu Bing isn’t that weak — he’s his student after all. She also tells him that he needs to take care of himself in order to take care of his team. She personally made him and Yu Bing some chicken soup.

Xu is amazed; Chu has never made chicken soup before. And probably for good reason. It doesn’t taste good, but Xu downs the whole thing anyway. He’s surprised that Chu is suddenly treating him so well. They both agree to give their relationship a fresh start.

Tang Xue brings Yu Bing the soup and feeds him a few spoonfuls before he’s had enough. They apologize to each other at the same time. Tang Xue says that if they hadn’t broken up, none of this would have happened. They hug for a moment, then Yu Bing tells her to close her eyes. He puts the necklace back around her neck. She promises to never take it off again.

The hockey team suits up for practice. Jian Guo talks about how envious he is of Yu Bing and his relationship with Tang Xue. He found Tang Xue’s bedside confession incredibly romantic.

Coach Xu shows up to break some news to the team: they need to bring on a player to replace Yu Bing. The team starts protesting and asking him how he can bear to toss Yu Bing aside so ruthlessly. But Xu, who doesn’t like his options either, snaps back at them. The truth is that no one on the team has the ability to step up and take Yu Bing’s place, and they all know it. Da Jiang still isn’t happy about it.

After practice, Jian Guo and Da Jiang sit outside. Da Jiang broods about the situation while Jian Guo waxes poetic. He wonders if they should tell Yu Bing. Da Jiang says of course, but — he clears his throat — Jian Guo should be the one to tell him. Neither want to be the one who has to tell Yu Bing, and they’re both worried that he won’t handle the news well.

Zhou Ran and Tang Xue’s parents go to the hospital to visit Yu Bing. They didn’t even find out from Tang Xue herself, and her dad suspects that it’s because she was afraid he would force them to break up. Yu Bing acknowledges that everything Papa Tang said had come to pass. But to his surprise, Papa Tang repeats the words Yu Bing once told him, about why he needed to keep playing hockey.

Now, Papa Tang says that he will also support Yu Bing in his sports endeavors. They are one family.

Tang Xue’s parents and Zhou Ran run into Bian Cheng on their way out of the hospital. He tries to turn the moment he sees them, but it’s too late — he’s been spotted. He’s forced to have a conversation with Papa Tang, who is quick to forgive him, saying he’s allowed to make mistakes. The important part is that he be able to learn from his mistakes and change going forward.

Da Jiang catches Jian Guo studying up on love. Liu Ying suggested that he try to make his love lessons real. Da Jiang teases Jian Guo about Liu Ying, but he’s also envious that at least Jian Guo has a goal. He doesn’t know what lies ahead for him. Jian Guo says he’s confident Da Jiang will find a team that wants him, but Da Jiang doesn’t seem as sure.

Jian Guo heads off to find Liu Ying, leaving Da Jiang alone and feeling wistful.


I’m finding that I have less and less to say about this show as it goes on. It’s just so… nice. Everyone is so wholesome and nice and even the drama is barely drama because it all gets resolved so reasonably within the same episode, or in the first few minutes of the next one. It’s such an idealistic, perfect world that they live in, where you can make terrible choices but still be forgiven for your mistakes as long as you acknowledge them and promise to do better.


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