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Recap: Love and Redemption (Ep. 14)

Xuan Ji tries to find a way to free her friends from the Purple Fox demon and ends up running into an old friend who shows her that things with the fox demon are not as clear-cut as they seem.


Zi Hu, the Purple Fox demon, hates lovers the most. But instead of killing Si Feng and Xuan Ji, she decides to play a game. She’s going to make Si Feng forget all about Xuan Ji. Before either of them can do anything, Zi Hu binds Xuan Ji and throws her out of the hall. The doors slam shut in her face and she can’t get back in.

Ling Long and Yan Ran wander the mountain, trying to figure out where the others were taken. Ling Long pulls out her bell and manages to get in contact with Xuan Ji, who remembers enough of where they were taken to point Ling Long and Yan Ran to a creek that should lead to her location.

Xuan Ji explores and finds a hallway with paintings of the gods and a monkey statue wrapped in chains. She breaks one of the chains holding down the monkey statue. A panel opens in a nearby wall.

Min Yan, Si Feng, and Ruo Yu wake upon stone platforms, paralyzed. Zi Hu gloats as she floats between them. She recognizes Si Feng’s mask as the lovers’ curse mask. The three men purposely try to antagonize her. Annoyed that they refuse to eat or drink anything, she decides to toy with them and makes them each see the person they desire the most. Ruo Yu sees Yan Ran. Min Yan sees Ling Long. Si Feng sees Xuan Ji.

Xuan Ji finds a cavern with a pool of water inside, then runs into Ting Nu, the merman, again. Ting Nu seems disappointed that Xuan Ji hasn’t remembered anything new about herself, then explains that he used to be a healer in the heavenly realm before he was cast down to the mortal realm. Zi Hu captured him because she wanted to know about something that happened in the heavenly realm a thousand years ago, and didn’t believe him when said he didn’t know.

Xuan Ji asks what the heavenly realm was like. Ting Nu says that there once was a beautiful God of War who would talk with a garuda by a lotus pond every day. It was the most beautiful sight he had ever seen. Then he sighs, saying that even in the heavenly realm there are disputes.

Ting Nu changes the subject to the matter of Xuan Ji’s friends being captured by Zi Hu. Zi Hu can only be defeated if Xuan Ji finds her real body. Ting Nu can help Xuan Ji if she brings him along. He points to a wheelchair in a corner.

Ting Nu helps Xuan Ji lure out Zi Hu’s real body by playing a note on his conch shell. A fox statue rises, revealing a sleeping purple fox underneath. Xuan Ji is ready to destroy the fox, but Ting Nu stops her. Zi Hu isn’t evil by nature; Xuan Ji shouldn’t take away her life. If Xuan Ji threatens Zi Hu with her real body, then Zi Hu will let her friends go. But Xuan Ji isn’t willing to let Zi Hu go that easily, and says she must kill her.

Ting Nu sighs — Xuan Ji is still the same as she was before. He tells Xuan Ji that Zi Hu has never actually harmed anyone. She just got desperate and made a bad choice. Xuan Ji should give her a way out. Ting Nu can help Xuan Ji secure her friends’ safety by temporarily allowing her to possess Zi Hu’s real body.

Xuan Ji talks to Zi Hu through her real body, just in time to save Si Feng and the others from having their essences drained. Xuan Ji tries to cast a spell on Zi Hu’s real body, but gets repelled by an enchantment.

Si Feng, Ruo Yu, and Min Yan wake up, finally free of the fox demon’s enchantment. Si Feng and Min Yan both make the other and Ruo Yu promise not to tell anyone about what happened and who they saw. Then they go exploring the grounds, but keep wandering back to the same shrine with a painting of a woman. Si Feng senses a spell and manages to unlock the enchantment leading them in circles.

Ruo Yu wonders if Xuan Ji made it out. Maybe she’s waiting with Ling Long and Yan Ran in the city for them. But Si Feng knows that Xuan Ji is probably nearby, trying to figure out a way to get them out. They need to find her.

Ting Nu didn’t realize that Xuan Ji’s power is so weak in this world. He tells her she should run, since she already provoked Zi Hu, who is probably on her way over right now. But Xuan Ji won’t leave her friends behind. Ting Nu warns Xuan Ji that Zi Hu can’t be harmed by mortal fire. Xuan Ji doesn’t care — she’ll figure out some way to kill her. Ting Nu doesn’t like Xuan Ji’s can-kill attitude.

Zi Hu shows up and lies that she killed Xuan Ji’s friends, planting images of their gruesome deaths in her mind. She tells Xuan Ji that she can now join them in death. Xuan Ji gets provoked and tells Zi Hu that she can try dying instead. Her eyes glow blue and strikes Zi Hu with an immortal fire that burns her. Zi Hu runs away, but Xuan Ji strikes again, knocking her to the ground. She raises her hand for a killing blow. Zi Hu begs for her life, saying that she didn’t kill Xuan Ji’s friends. She asks Ting Nu to help save her. Ting Nu tries to reason with Xuan Ji, but it’s no use.

Si Feng grabs Xuan Ji’s hand before she can strike, breaking her out of her trance. “You’ll hurt yourself,” he says. Her eyes return to their normal brown. She doesn’t remember what just happened and doesn’t realize that she was about to use a skill she had never learned.

Ling Long and Yan Ran continue to bicker as they wander through the forest looking for the entrance to Zi Hu’s cave. They suddenly hear the sounds of yipping and see multiple foxes running away. They’ve found the entrance.

Xuan Ji still isn’t convinced that she should let Zi Hu go. Ting Nu implores Zi Hu to explain herself. She refuses to talk, so Ting Nu speaks for her instead and explains that Zi Hu never harmed any of the men she captured. She always only absorbed a little bit of their essence, to avoid killing them.

Zi Hu complains that she wouldn’t try to drink people’s essences if not for the fact that she was trying to rescue someone and that she’s supposed to protect the Dinghai iron chains. She thinks drinking essence is disgusting. Ruo Yu guesses that she’s trying to save her lover. Zi Hu acknowledges it — she’s waited a thousand years to try to save her stupid monkey lover.

Ting Nu frowns. When did Wu Zhi Qi ever say he loved her? But Zi Hu believes that Wu Zhi Qi will have no choice but to reciprocate once she saves him. She believes that Wu Zhi Qi is innocent — he was tricked into working for the demons.

Zi Hu takes the group to see the iron chain. There are four such chains, each rooted in a mountain. They go straight to the bottom level of Fenru City (the Burning City), where Wu Zhi Qi is imprisoned. Ruo Yu asks why Zi Hu is guarding the iron chain if it’s unbreakable. Zi Hu explains how the four spirit keys — protected by the Xuanyuan, Dianjing, Fuyu, and Lize sects — can be united to unlock the chains and free Wu Zhi Qi. She’s surprised that the disciples have never heard of the spirit keys. Thousands of years ago, the heavenly realm assigned each sect the mission of guarding the spirit keys. Now, the Tianxu demons are also after the keys.

Si Feng connects the dots and realizes that Zhu Shi must have given them the Xuanyuan spirit key. He glances at the bracelet on Xuan Ji’s wrist, with its mysterious extra bead.

Zi Hu says that the Tianxu demons want to free Wu Zhi Qi so he can help them revive Mosha Star. This is yet another new term to the disciples. Ting Nu explains that Mosha Star is a demon with the power to destroy the world. He nearly did several thousand years ago, until the God of War stopped him. But the Mosha Star is difficult to destroy and the Tianxu demons are trying to resurrect him so that they can overturn the three worlds.

Xuan Ji thinks they should go back immediately so she can warn her father, but Zi Hu says it’s too late. The Tianxu demons have already infiltrated the sects.

Ling Long and Yan Ran wander in circles around the complex, just like the men had done before them. They keep going back to the same shrine. Yan Ran tries to touch the painting and nearly gets sucked into a vortex. Ling Long rescues her. They notice that the kneeling cushion in front of the shrine hasn’t moved at all. Ling Long forces Yan Ran to try kneeling on it. The shrine suddenly glows and reveals a piece of the mirror inside, but Ling Long is unable to pull it out. They decide to go find Si Feng first instead.

Zi Hu has kept all the men she’s lured onto the mountain at a picturesque lodge by a lake, where they train in their spare time. When they see Zi Hu, they immediately perk up and flock toward her.

Ling Shi, who is kept prisoner at the lodge, coughs up blood and realizes that today is the day when he and everyone else at Xuanyuan will succumb to the poison. He takes advantage of the distraction provided by Zi Hu’s arrival to incapacitate his guard and free himself.

Zi Hu shows that she didn’t keep any of the men here by force. They’ve stayed of their own accord, because they truly believe she’s a goddess and will help them achieve immortality. Si Feng convinces her to tell them to go home. She does so, then says that because she freed them, now they should also let her go. She needs to find all the spirit keys before Tianxu does in order to save Wu Zhi Qi and prevent Tianxu from getting the object that Wu Zhi Qi possesses.

Two of Zi Hu’s men catch Ling Shi trying to escape and bring him over. Zi Hu won’t let the group take Ling Shi, since she hopes to use him to find the Xuanyuan spirit key. But Ling Shi identifies that the Tianji Pearl, Xuanyuan’s spirit key, is on Xuan Ji’s wrist. He explains how his sect is doomed because of his own greed for power and Tianxu Hall’s schemes. Everything he did with the blood fruit and controlling demons was to try and replicate the drug that Tianxu tricked his sect into depending on. He’s willing to kill more people if it means saving his own.

Min Yan and Xuan Ji disagree with his ways and shame him for it. Ling Shi coughs up more blood and tells them not to gloat — their sects are next.

Si Feng says that they should go to Fuyu Island. The Fuyu sect leader can notify the other sect leaders, but it’s unclear whether they’ll be able to save the Xuanyuan sect in time.


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